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Hope the kitty gets well soon... How'd he break his tail though?


We don't know for sure, he came home with a wonky tail after his usual hunting spree


Why they bein downvoted💀


outdoor cats live about 3 years on average indoor cats live 12


It's funny because in the UK mixed indoor outdoor cats live to 20




This is a big cultural difference between America and many other countries. In my country >90% of cats have outdoor access and they live long lives: https://www.vets-now.com/pet-care-advice/how-long-do-cats-live/ There's always an argument online but realistically our cultures just treat cats very differently and we can't change it.


My cat is on her fourth year, hopefully she’ll stay with us as long as possible, I usually let her outside around 7am but she spends most of the day inside by herself although I will officially make her come inside and close the door around 5pm, she goes to the vet, get treatments to prevent worms and is obviously sterilized. I just do as much as possible to make her happy while keeping her healthy. Where I live there is no wild animals, just some neighbors and nature.


>just some neighbors Biggest threat to an outdoor cat IMO.


Why? Isn't it like movimented streets with cars?


Neighbors have cars.


Yeah, the neighbors might offer more food, and now suddenly you're the neighbor.


Tons of people HATE cats, and poison them because of it. Or run them over. Or torture them. Edit: Sorry, it read sarcastically to me.


Oh trust me, I know. Was just making a joke.


Out mostly outdoor cat lived to be nearly 15.


lucky cat


Reddit scared of cats going outdoors because in America they can be carried off by eagles


Other way around, people are concerned with outdoor cats killing wildlife


Yup. I used to let mine out for an hour or two every now and then. Thought he wasn’t a very good hunter…at least he sure isn’t when we play indoors. Then one day he comes running in with a mf HUMMINGBIRD in his mouth. No more outdoor time for this guy.


One of mine brought a pidgeon in, a big fat fucking pidgeon, and hid it. We found it about a week after he brought it in, decomposing underneath a rarely used table, with lots of Casters(Maggot cases) around it. We undid a skirting board under a cupboard and because we couldnt see or get in well i sprayed it with insect killer, i swear to god 100s of flies came pouring out...that was my never again moment.


🤢 that is horrific.


I might get downvoted for that but it’s so sad to have a pet that just love to be outside just be trapped inside all the time, I have a cat in my mom’s house in Guadeloupe, where there is quite a lot of nature, and she is allowed to go outside during the day and then comes back during night to sleep inside, she gets so sad when she cannot go outside, once she broke her leg and had to stay a month and an half inside because of the plaster cast, and I had never seen my cat so depressed. She didn’t want to play anymore, gained weight at first and then lost quite a lot despite not doing a lot of exercise. Honestly I do prefer when she is at home because I know she is safe but at the same time I know it is in her nature to explore and hunt, and I’m not going to deprive her of that. She usually hunt small lizards here. I honestly cannot understand how people can just keep a pet trap like that. I live in Paris for my studies and I would obviously never get a cat there because there is no way I would have been able to let her out, and keeping a pet trapped in a small flat is just too sad for me.


You can generally leash train cats to allow them outside. Its a function of space too as you noted, cats need to have a territory and a studio apartment often won't cut it.


The issue is that cats get food from their owners, they don't need to hunt to survive. But they still will hunt. That means the balance is completely off and it screws with te ecosystem. This wouldn't be an issue if it was just one cat, but when it's a million or more cats it's a major issue.


I have a Siamese that thinks he’s a lizard hunter - but not frogs. One bit him on the nose and he’s avoided them ever since. But since he also doesn’t go outside unescorted and isn’t left unsupervised, any lizard he does manage to catch is promptly released. The orange tabby is only allowed outside under VERY close supervision - he’s more likely to jump the fence and his only hunting skills run towards computer cables, coat hangers, and shoelaces.


I'm with you. Cats adapt well to being inside, but once they get the taste of freedom there's no clawing it back. Plus I like that mine keep rodents off my property.




I’m not so sure about that, I once had to keep my sister’s cat in France (when I used to live in a bigger flat) because she had to leave for a while and although the cat had never been outside she kept looking outside of the window and glass door and just kept trying to leave. I had to watch him constantly when I wanted to let some air in in my house. My cousin’s cat does the same although she never went outside either. They are curious animals and just want to explore.




I mean I am just expressing my point of view. And I’m not disagreeing with the articles you sent because you can type « why is letting your cat go outside is good » and find articles that goes along this by pointing out the benefits of doing so, many articles also point out the good and the bad. In the end it is up to you to decide what you think is the best for your cat, I just don’t understand why people would get so mad when you say that you do indeed want to let your cat outside if you have the chance to be surrounded by nature like I do (in Guadeloupe) Obviously if you live near the street or in a big city my opinion is different on that, although I don’t think you should have a cat in the first place in that case although it is another subject.


>she kept looking outside of the window and glass door and just kept trying to leave. Perhaps there was more action outside than inside. Cats get bored easily when awake. Likely needed more play time than was receiving.


No there was nothing going on outside. And yes I know which is why I find sad that some people that live alone in a flat keep a cat trap inside all day while they are at work and the car is just alone by itself. My mom always told me. « Don’t have a pet if you can’t have a pet ». And I was playing with the cat a lot but he just wanted to go outside. There is a reason why you cannot train a cat to stay inside while the door is open compared to a dog.


And coyotes


… and chomped by mountain lions


He looks very polite




Poor baby. If the cone is a problem look into the inflatable donut.


Poor fella! But heckin handsome!


Dumb question : how can a cat break a tail ?


I think my wife has your cats fatter fluffier twin [Ninja](https://imgur.com/gallery/11f9pBS)




Ahhh yes the old cone of shame. Still handsome!


So cute




Probably closed in a door.


Poor fella! But heckin handsome!




Poor guy!


Poor Lil ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|cry)


Serious question: how can a cat break its tail? Is it a common thing?


Maybe something drove over its tail?


Ow! How did he manage to do that?


aww. poor buddy. Same thing happened to my cat. Same treatment too. It was all flippy floppy before treated right :( high likelyhood itll heal crooked, but it will heal.


Do you know what kind of cat he is? His coloring is extremely similar to my cat! The white mustache, splotch on the nose, white tummy and socks. And my cat has big round eyes like that too!!


Poor baby


Aww poor baby 😳😻💕


He's thinking "So... I'm the food bowl now? This doesn't seem so bad. Fill 'er up!"


Classy catto


Poor guy! Fabulous tuxedo markings, btw!




Rocking chair?


Mustache kitty


Handsome or Cute? Preference wise I'll see to know that


looks very cute


Get well soon


I sense a plot brewing.