The most defiant no I’ve seen


Even the yes at the end is spot on. Super well trained dog lol


I need to know how she does this, if you can consistently get accurate yes or no feedback you can actually create a comprehensive language akin to binary.


I think he just learned shake side to side for veggies, shake up and down for cheese slice. Then he get a treat, the cheese. Not really communicating "yes" & "no"


I’ve taught my two rotties to point with their nose for what they want. I figured it was food only until my youngest started pointing at toys that were hard to get or went under the furniture. Love these dogs.


We accidentally trained one of our cats to sit on the plastic bin his food is in when he wants food. The reminder to feed him is nice, him sitting on the lid and refusing to get off till he gets food is not.


We havea bell our kitty rings for food, it's the sweetest thing. Until he isn't satisfied with his dry food and just rings and rings and rings hoping for a wet food treat lol


Premium service fit for a premium cat.


you're probably right but it's only the first step. The potential remains.


You mean we can train dogs to talk to computers, or we can write code to talk to dogs?




You want broccoli?




How about cheese?


Wait. What if dogs are computers and computers are dogs??


Fuck that. I will write code on my dachshund/chihuahua. She will be the first dog to run doom


A Chiweenie? I got news for you: she's already running Doom.


haha what would you call the programming language? I have a suggestion: PawLang 🐾




Pawscal, surely? Edit: just realised that whatever language it may be, there'll be a branch the dog will not let go of


I mean, we could skip the computer part entirely no? It's not like a dog can keep up with a computer anyway, so we could just understand it as it goes. But I guess then you'd have to learn dogary, and who knows how complex that's going to get. So let's circle back around to the computer part 😅


I think we can get dogs to talk to computers but it might not be such a smooth process!


We already had that monkey play pong with his brain


We have the technology.


You’re missing the forest for the trees man. One day our computers will be able to tell us if they want broccoli or cheese with almost perfect accuracy


Can we train dogs to code computers?


The Rise of the Planet of the Dogs ![gif](giphy|aiE3JQU3vLqTK)


Well there are those doggy talk buttons these day. There seem to be some pretty successful dogs with them out there too


I really really reeeaaalllllllllyyyy want to believe those doggy talk buttons work the way we think they do, but I also have dogs, and I think they are quite smart dogs, but also I know a lot is interpreted (or translated?) by their owners, and we probably only get to see a biased curation of the best responses, I can't help but wonder how much is coincidental or a trained response rather than actual communication as we understand it.


Dude this is my degree! I majored in linguistics. Time to excited rant~ Factual language is just training. This is a ball. Walk means going outside. Yes means affirmation. No means denial. They already have ways of communicating this through body language and gestures. The buttons teach them how to do this in a way we understand. Basic stuff definitely works. The main difference between communication between people and communication between animals is people are able to communicate hypothetical things, like sci-fi stories, past and future events, religion, etc. Wants seem hypothetical, but if you want water, it’s a factual thing. You need water. It was thought that these things couldn’t be communicated between animals, but Tbf, we haven’t studied it very accurately until recently. The dog everyone is recommending, Bunny, is a participating in research right now. The dog in this video is probably trained to respond to a hand signal. In proper practice it could work if the trainer can read when the dog wants or doesn’t want something. However, if the dog does want something, and the owner is having him shake his head for the likes, he’s not gonna associate a head shake with “don’t want” or “don’t like”. ETA: bunny and her owner are working with real researchers. They’re the better ones to follow if you want info. Other button owners might not be so follow them with discretion.


One thing that drives me nuts is that people don’t think animals are more complex than we might’ve realized. I’m not saying they can think hypothetically but I have watched my dog make simple decisions. I’ve watched her decide what toy to play with, whether she can fit/squeeze through something, and attempt different methods (that were never demonstrated to her) at solving treat puzzles. But people still dismiss them as “just animals”


I bought the buttons from Bunny’s owner, and my super active, intelligent Dalmadoodle was interested and down af. But my partner’s lame dogs kept getting in the way and pressing random buttons just to get involved lol. Like one is blind; he just knew that button = attention lol. So yea it’s a bust for us. But I enjoy watching bunny! Her saying she wanted a bird to go in her tummy was amazing haha


When looking at anthropomorphized behaviors (like language recognition), the current standard among biologists is actually to assume similarity with human thought over dissimilarity. Parrots have shown the capacity for reflective thought and meaningful speech, it’s not a stretch to think dogs can understand a handful of words and remember which buttons make those sounds.


I mean if you have ever said the word walk near a dog and had them immediately run to the front door, but the same dog goes to the kitchen for food words then you've seen a dog at least vaugely understand words.


Do you have a source on that? I'd believe that it's something to evaluate but there's no way I'd believe it's the standard without some backing


not op but googled a couple things https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/09/science/parrots-selflessness-help.html https://lafeber.com/pet-birds/inside-pepperbergs-lab-do-grey-parrots-show-remorse/ there might be more concrete research available, but they're certainly not absent minded.


I’m pretty sure parrots don’t understand conversation. The entire first page of Google aside from an article in 2011 say they just mimic sounds that they hear perfectly, and don’t have complex conversations. The meaning of the sounds isn’t of their concern.


Most don’t, but they’ve been shown to be capable of learning in controlled experiments. https://www.thevintagenews.com/2016/11/27/alex-the-parrot-is-the-only-non-human-to-ask-the-existential-question-what-color-am-i-2/ > When asked about the shape, color or material of a certain object, Alex could give a precise description. After he had learned the name of a certain object, Alex’s understanding of that particular object was tested by being exposed to the same one but in different shapes and colors. > For example, when he was shown keys in different sizes, shapes, and colors, Alex had no problems with identifying the object. > When he was put in front of a mirror, Alex inquired the answer to the first existential question ever asked by an animal – “What color?” – referring to himself.


Yeh you should check out hunger4words, she's a speech pathologist and originator of the doggy talk buttons. I think her book is out too, haven't got to reading it, just been following her on social media for her doggo's behaviour


Check out bunny the talking dog on YouTube and insta. There's more going on than coincidence there, she asks questions!


>*Not really communicating "yes" & "no"* I wouldn't be so sure. Dogs are capable of having personal preferences - and making their likes and dislikes known. Body posture, along with head and body movement, are inherent methods of communication between dogs. Learning that a head shake represents a negative is not a big stretch.


Yes and no feedback isnt the useful when they cant understand the question


To eat cheese, or not to eat cheese? That is the question.


Sorry what was the question? I wasn't listening I was busy eating all the cheese. -a lab


which would probably only work for food


Rottweilers are ridiculously easy to train, at least in my experience. Took me one try to teach him how to get me beers from the fridge, but he refused to do it after he popped one and it scared him. Lost a bunch of baseballs in the woods behind my house, showed him the last ball, told him to go find the ones in the woods, he just understood that one. I swear they understand most language. Plus he knew all of his commands in Polish, English and hand signals. He would sometimes just refuse to do them and horse around though. He also hated fetch. He'd find and bring you stuff if you asked him for it, tv remote, inhaler, bottle of water, he knew the difference. But if you threw a ball he'd look at you like you were stupid and should get it yourself.


Rottweilers are Turing machines, connect enough of them together.. hmm


My dog will turn his head away when he doesn't want something but I've never seen such expressive pup


I'd be willing to be you could teach yes/no to dogs. First, teach the head movements along with a yes or no command. Then, teach "do you want this? YES!" with treats and toys, and "do you want this? NO!" with lemons and whatever else your dog clearly doesn't like. Your dog may be able to generalize this behavior to other things. There's a speech therapist that taught her dog to communicate using Mac buttons, and even though her dog's understanding is rudimentary compared to ours, it's evident that the dog understands lots of things. In fact, she has an anecdotal story about how her dog was taught to ask for water, but one day followed her around while she was watering her plants and then kept saying "water", as in "I see that's water" (not "I want water") Edit: https://www.hungerforwords.com/


I've seen a few clips about a poodle called bunny that communicates by using buttons on a floor Matt that has recorded answers. The button system has appeared a few times with different animals so maybe it's a new training thing?


Bro binary?? "Hey Ruffles, what's up" 🐕‍🦺🐕🐕🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺🐕🐕🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺🐕🐕🐕‍🦺🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕‍🦺🐕🐕🐕‍🦺🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕‍🦺🐕🐕🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺🐕🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺🐕🐕‍🦺🐕🐕‍🦺


It's an absolute "no" lol


No means no, human.


I don't consent to broccoli


Like Boa Hancock looking down on someone


>*'The most defiant no I've seen...*' __________ aww, human - Why you teasing me ?! I shake my head *defiantly!* you know the vegetables I hate - is for the Cheese i sit n wait... Upon the plate I see it there, but it's as if you do not Care! if Only you would Give me *CHEESE!* I'm being GOOD so C'mon, ...*please ??* ❤️


My dog does this, but instead of saying no he looks at it for a second then looks back to me with the most judgmental face. "Seriously? Do you even know me?"


I know that judgemental face! I bet your dog makes very direct eye contact when he's saying no. 🤣 I find it hilarious that dogs specifically use body language that their humans will understand. They wouldn't say no to other dogs with a judgemental "Do-you-even-know-me?" sort of stare or a comically vehement head shake.


Any idea what these little symbols next to your username is with the number? I just noticed that I have it and have no idea why.


They're the "achievements" you automatically get for participating in the sub. Apparently you are in the top 500 posters, a frequent commenter, and a generous upvoter.


Huh. Thanks for the response! I do almost always upvote things I read, so that makes sense. And... I do comment a lot all over! Lol. Thanks again!


My Dog saying no to other dogs: **toothy growl** My Dog saying no to me: **tilt head - raise eyebrows**


Perfect way to end the day Thank you Schnoodle!


It’s not husky levels of drama, but it’s pretty close


That's gonna be a no from me, dog


*Hard* pass


"You know damn well I don't want any broccoli!"


This is normally my dogs, except last night. Peeled some oranges for normal consumption activities, dogs were intensely up in my business during that exercise. So I sit down and start monching, and the dogs are just ultra intense with the staredowns. I told them in English that they wouldn't like these. Intense stares continued, so I fed my black Doberman one and she spit it out. The other one snapped it up, chewed like an idiot with her mouth wide open, but because of the rivalry between my blue and black dobermans, she wouldn't give it up. She was determined to swallow that thing in front of the other one. Shit you not. So fast forward a couple minutes, I had a few slices left, tried the black Doberman again and she too chewed like an idiot, but managed to get it down. Curious, I tried the blue Doberman one more time and she again chewed like an idiot but downed it. So TIL last night that both my Doberman either like oranges, or their rivalry is so strong they are willing to eat anything as long as it's in front of the other Doberman. Either way, found an effective vitamin C injection method.


>normal consumption activities The way you said this makes me think the oranges weren't actually for normal consumption activities.


I've got my secrets, OK?


Not if you keep drawing attention to them like that you won't


Hilarious story. Didn’t know dogs have so much rivalry on the line. My dummy shih tzu loves fruits veggies for some odd reason— oranges, carrots, celery... He was begging for my bokchoy during dinner tonight.


These two won't eat unless they can actively guard their food from each other. The blue one is the smart one, the black is dumb af but she's the stronger one by a good bit. It's not uncommon to find them screaming like they are killing each other only to find the black one holding the blue one on the ground by her neck. They've never actually broke skin or hurt each other, but if you weren't aware of the situation you'd definitely call the police after hearing how vicious it sounds. Neighbors probably think I have a dog fighting ring or something. But there isn't any other way. I tried separating them when they eat, no dice. Tried separating them with a fence, a baby gate, etc. Nothing works. They won't eat unless they can guard their food from the other.


Oranges are actually very bad for dogs - too acidic for their stomachs


A few slices shouldn't do much harm


Agreed, just shouldnt be a regular treat.


Give him a “quesadilla” and see the magic in his eyes. Edit: due to amazing response, here is tip for the next evolution of a quesadilla : add slice of ham . This is called “sincronizada”.


Give him a dang* quesadilla.






Don't be jealous that I've been home all date chatting with hot babes.


Way to stay home and eat all the chips Kip!


Remember to not put any chocolate in the quesadilla as it's toxic to dogs.


Who the hell would put chocolate in a quesadilla?


Mole sauce my dude. It's amazing.


Idk what it is about mole. I grew up in a mexican household and have hated that shit since the day i was born. It's just never sat right with me


Maybe it was shitty mole.


The same people who make Choco Tacos.




or Onions




Our dog, Poison


Remember to not put any poison in the quesadilla as it's toxic to dogs.




That dog has a strong no game


I wish I was that confident


I am a genie and I have granted you the confidence you need. Beware though, this spell is powered by your belief in its magic. As soon as your belief wanes, so does the magic. Should you ever find this has happened, it's easy to power back up; all you need to do is believe in it again!


Placebo Genie, I know all your tricks but it still works.


I agree with your dog. Cheese is life.


Right. I'm sitting here thinking that dog has some solid points.


And poops


If my dog eats too much cheese, his poops are anything but solid


I discovered through trial and error that dry dog biscuits help with that with my dog.


I just found out I am having cheese sticks tomorrow and I have been craving them non stop.


Charlie agrees


What a nice rotty. My husky will devour the whole plays, she dgaf


Lol mine will gobble my hand (gently lol)




Look mom I told you I don’t want no damn vegetables!


Alright, that's it, young man! No Bible stories for you tonight!


*The dog then runs off whining*


i undertood that reference !


holy crap thats a well behaved doggo.


Rottweilers are actually one of the smarter breeds. People often think of them as meatheads, but they're very smart and trainable. They're great dogs. They do tend to have domineering personalities though, which require experienced owners.


My sister is about to get a puppy, and she’s never had a dog. I tried to warn her but she’s not the kind to listen. Any advice?


What is the origin of the accent you think? Eastern europe? Sounds like my grandpa's neighbor.


Yeah definitely something Slavic, polish or Russian something like that is my guess.


I get all confused with people not liking the combination of broccoli and cheddar (or other similar cheeses). I feel like the dog is missing out on a great experience. Go figure, I just made myself hungry.


What respectable dog eats veggies...😄😄😄


My dog! He loves broccoli and cauliflower. Also cheese


My dog loves broccoli and lettuce!


Yea mine *loves* lettuce & carrots although sometimes she just shreds the carrot up without actually eating it.


Mine loves lettuce but only the hard crunchy part, she refuses to eat the more leafy stuff


My dog digs carrots but not much else but by sister's dog is obsessed with broccoli and will try to hide it for later. It's very funny because we'll pretty much give him infinite broccoli so I'm not sure why he's so set on hiding it!


You should write a children's book about the dog and title it _Infinite Broccoli_.


And and the sequel, *Infinite Broccoli 2: Cauliflower Boogaloo*


Agreed my dog loves veggies and fruit.


My dog used to love veggies when he was younger. He was oddly picky about it too. He didn’t love carrot shavings, or baby carrots, or carrot wedges, he only like cross sectional (circle) carrots slices. He also used to eat broccoli. But now he doesn’t unless they are grilled, and overall just prefers meat. I think he still likes sweet potatoes (cross section) though


Inpawssible sir. Need proof !


I will get a pic when I get home


Made a video post on this sub ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|smile)


My dog lives jicama, pumpkin, and carrots


My dog loves carrots. She likes bananas too, and air popped popcorn.


Mine loves carrots, but she really adores apples. I don't know a single dog that doesn't like popcorn.


[Two dogs, one carrot](https://v.redd.it/psch7qzlf6e11)


I actually laughed out loud to this. Audibly.


I have a yorkie and a yorkie poodle mix. The yorkie/poodle LOVES popcorn. The only way the yorkie will begrudgingly eat it is if she realizes there are no other snacks and I point out her uneaten popcorn to the other dog. Then she eats it just so her sister won't get it. But she really dislikes popcorn 🤷‍♀️


My old Boston Terrier **loved** granny Smith apples, my JRT mix won't touch them unless they're cooked. Carrots he'll eat either way. For fruit it's melons, **frozen** berries, **dried** banana and mango.


I had my dog at my parents house and my mom mentioned making popcorn. My dogs head swung around so fast and my mom could not stop laughing cause she didn’t know until that moment my dog knew that word.


Our shepherd, the living vacuum cleaner: "all of it. Yes to all of it." He like carrots, bananas, popcorn, cheese, lint, the tantalizing smell of my peppermint bubblegum that I just won't share, cheetos crumbs that fall off my lap, our goats poop, our goats feed, our goats bedding, our parakeets food. You leave it for him to reach, he'll eat it, lol.


My dog hasn’t turned down food yet. She loves broccoli, carrots, apples with or without peanut butter, and dill pickles. She only gets a little bite, but she likes it. I keep a website bookmarked on my phone to see what you can and can’t feed a dog.


Same with ours. We like to slice cucumbers and freeze them and give them to ours as treats.


If you have an Echo there’s a skill for Dr Pooch. You can just ask if “x” is safe for dogs and she’ll tell ya!


My dog used to eat the asparagus from the garden. There’s only a handful of veggies he won’t eat.


The only things I’ve seen him reject is basic ass lettuce and a piece of raw onion we dropped on the floor (which is good since onions are toxic). Everything else he smashes down with glee


My schnauzer absolutely loves broccoli, carrots, and Brussels sprouts. He refuses to eat cauliflower though.


Don't dogs eat everything?


My dober will inhale my salad if I leave it within his reach and blink lol




Frozen broccoli is both my dogs favorite snack. Frozen green beans too!


My dog eats veggies, just not leafy greens.


My dog goes crazy about carrots and apples. He eats carrots mixed with his kibble and gets apples as extra sweet treats from time to time.


I mean, most labs would have eaten everything on the plate before they even realized that vegetables were involved.


I had a dog that loved eating so much that he'd take bites from plants that we passed on walks. Any veggie you gave him he'd immediately devour.


My best friends dog loooooves cucumbers


My dog once are a whole cauliflower that I was growing in my yard


what respectable dog owner gives their dog raw vegetables


Mine, and she's part rottie. Ok, sometimes she couldn't eat the kale or spinach we drop.


My mom’s dog likes to crunch baby carrots very obviously and loudly to show off that she has “people food”. Everything else she chews with a closed mouth over a plate with her back to us.


My dogs like carrots quite a bit.


Yeah that’s what I was thinking. Mine eat carrots like they’re dog treats. Even raw, they crawnch em all up.


What about the bread????


I see the owner has trained them not to eat carrots and broccoli, by rewarding them with cheese... Yeah that's a good idea...


There's a good chance the owner just trained the dog to do the Yes and No movements and is signaling the dog with hand gestures. They could train this behavior using any rewards. When we trained our dogs, we accompanied every command with a hand gesture and after a while the dogs will respond to either the verbal command or the gestures.


> When we trained our dogs, we accompanied every command with a hand gesture I learned using hand gestures and vocal commands long ago, its how my grandfather trained our dog. I had the habit of doing that, it paid off when my last Lab went deaf later in life, we still communicated.


Lots of parents do the same thing, by not compelling their children to eat their veggies but allowing them to eat cheese. Forms life long dietary habits that are a bitch to get away from. Ask me how I know.


How do you know?!?


I am this dog.


huh, small world, I was the cheese


Now you're my poop. So I get to eat you again. What else is a dog to do?


Rata…no. Stop it.


If you have ever owned a dog you would know that "no, stop it" has *zero* effectivity when they are trying to consume something disgusting. It just causes them to hoover faster.


Case in point: that post earlier where a dog's owner throws a pill on the ground and tells the dog "NO!" To get it to eat it.


Lol this made me laugh way too hard. You got a link to that?


I will never not love this video


My Black Lab loves broccoli, this Rotti’s just picky!!


what about bread!?!!?! I need to know!


Dogs love cheese


Damn most dogs like carrots


That's my experience. I know of a couple that like broccoli too.


My parents Jack Russell LOVES carrots and oranges. Any other non meat stuff well she is just like this pup!


What you got there is an American Rottweiler. Owners taught him well.


Think that’s a German one. American have much lighter markings.


Oh no it’s American because it likes cheese more than vegetables. Can confirm. Am American.


Lol Whoosh, I get it


TIL my 4yo is a Rottweiler.


My spirit animal


Love how they shake their head no at the veggies.




What about the bread? This cliff hanger is killing me!


All that cheese.... The future of this good boy is being in a recently evacuated room.


Ugh. This is so cheesy.


Why do people film me without my consent?


That’s a fur babe that knows what he or she wants!


It knows what it likes and let’s you know


I am rottweiler.


"You want broccoli smothered in cheese?" *Dog's mind is blown.*


spirit animal x10000000000000000


Rotties are my favorite. Mines name is theodore :)


This is basically my last SO. Beautiful, opinionated, super attractive on all levels. Hated veg.