Future dance star right there

Future dance star right there

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What impresses me more is that he memorized the whole choreography


And he probably cant even count :O


You underestimate asian parents. This kid probably has 2 degrees already.


That kid is going places.


I bet his father or mother is a dancer too. Because the dance moves is running through his veins


Yeah, I have to assume that either one of his parents is involved with this dance group, or an older sibling is.


That kid future starts Now.


No hes not. He's mostly just dancing on one spot.


And now the red spot from me slapping my forehead after reading that is going to last all day. Thanks for that.


Yeah, back to college until he has another degree.


Unless it’s a doctor, he’s a failure.


I mean really is that comment even necessary 🤷🏽‍♀️


That's DR. kid


That is to start with. When I was 30, I had a folder full of certificates. Most of half year, one year courses gets obsolete in few years. Only the proper masters degree from good universities stay for good. Education is a big business here in asia.


Fuck everything else I said. Watch this from John Oliver. https://youtu.be/29lXsOYBaow You don't even have to be like me and actively discuss with people. I just ask that you stop reinforcing stereotypes.


I mean, it is kinda true that asian parents are super strict about education. I had a buddy in school that got grounded for getting 87% on a test.


Yeah one buddy, and you don't have any Euro-American buddies with similarly strict parents?


Nah it wasn't just "one buddy" that was just an example. My friendship group has always been very diverse in terms of races. Literally every asian kid I knew growing up would complain about their parents pushing them too hard, not letting them come and do things unless they had super high marks at school etc. Even the Asian kids themselves all meme about it because it is such a typical part of many, many kids lives growing up in an Asian household.


Asian household, so I am assuming this is first generation families? And first generation families have what, one opportunity to make it in the US or they fail? If their kid doesn't make it, it will be minimal wage job, no generational wealth, no health insurance, and possibly homelessness? This being said, just Asians? Or is it all immigrant families that work to try to make it in life? And you know what, all that being said, maybe Asian ethnic immigrants work really hard sure. And it's like that for 3rd, 4th, 5th gen Asian Americans too? There is always a reason why. Why do Asian ethnic families push their kids so hard, sure. And you don't think upper middle to upper class Euro Americans push their kids just as hard if not more?


You are acting like it is a bad thing dude. My most successful friends from growing up are my two best mates and both are Asian. Its just a cultural thing. And no, from my experience in the UK, white British families don't push their kids anywhere near as hard.


What do you mean by Asian culture? There are a number of different Asian countries and they do not all share the same culture. A lot of people from these countries, in my own experience, do not like to be lumped together under the umbrella of Asian, and also don't like to be mistaken for being from a country they aren't from. There are some really complicated relationships between countries and it can be a sensitive area for some people. You also have to remember that in the UK, a white British family will have privileges that immigrants do not, so there isn't the same pressure on them that there may be on children from an immigrant family.


Let me ask you. Do you not think upper middle or upper class Europeans / Euro-Americans do the same thing? This isn't exclusively Asian thing, and many Asian families aren't even like this, but there is a stereotype it is. But there isn't a stereotype for wealthy Europeans? That's what's messed up


Some of the pressure on the children to do well comes from peer pressure within the group of *parents*. I'd hear some of the Indian moms at our kids' school talking about the grades their kids had and where they were in the class. Also, most of the couples had at least one doctor, so they very much wanted the same for their children (both boys and girls).


I totally agree with this.


My wife is Asian (Chinese), moved here from China 15 years ago. She will even say that the "stereotype" of Asian (especially Chinese from her experience) parents are by and large strict on education, push their kids very hard to do well in school. This is not just an opinion from an outsider, or a bad stereotype- it is the truth, from someone who grew up in China and can speak for how things are there, and in turn, how things are for many of those who have since moved here to the west.


So let me ask you this question. Why are the Chinese people so heavily focused on their children's education? I'm not talking about Asian Americans, talking Asians in Asia. Have you given this much thought?


It seems pretty obvious- they want their kids to achieve what is best in life as far as success, comfort, money, etc- and that is best achieved through a very good education. They believe doing the absolute best in K-high school sets the student up then to get into the best college to study whatever it is that would be best for the child in achieving that success. Education= a more successful life for the most part Not my opinion, but this is how my wife has described it from her experience growing up there, and from what was commonly heard really from all parents back there.


Yes, but it's the culture that was grown from a countries torn from war & was catching up to the wealthier western countries that gained their wealth from generations of (sorry no better way to put it) exploiting and stealing resources from their colonies around the world. This underlying disparity between the countries wealth for the past 300 years might have to do with the culture of studying hard to get ahead.


that's not reinforcing a stereotype, that's making a joke. reinforcing a stereotype would be if the kid actually already had 2 degrees. asian person here, i think it's hilarious. if you aren't asian you should probably keep your mouth shut about what offends me or what doesn't.


You remind me of Kanye West when he said "slavery was a choice" to African Americans. There are explicit racists who threaten to harm me. There are ignorant racists who say stupid shit. And then there are people like you, who are willfully ignorant and blind. You god damn weak link. Who are you? You're an Asian? What the fuck does that even mean? Are you Asian or Asian American? Did you grow up in LA where you never faced real systematic racism because everyone around you were also Asian American? Or did you grow up in Asia. Whatever the case, don't worry about it. I'm not being "offended" for you, but you need to shut the fuck up and not try to undermine my pursuit of liberty, happiness and freedom of being humanized. You don't want to be humanized you fucking weak link? Good for you, then get the fuck out of the conversation. People are either fighting for representation and humanization or are against it. You already explained where you stand. Good for you, you live your own life. Let me live mine without worrying about being stabbed for being an Asian ethnic. What does your statement add to the conversation? What are you trying to achieve?


i was born in asia and grew up in rural wisconsin. think i didn't experience any racism in a predominantly white area? >And then there are people like you, who are willfully ignorant and blind. nope. there are bigger issues facing the asian community. this isn't one of them. neither is the "rise" in anti asian crime. there is no rise, just the media is starting to pretend to care about asians and treat them as minorities again. if i were to go on a politically charged race based rant though i would say something to the likes of: this is how you white people do it. you think you're better than everyone and therefore must stand up for us. thank you so much white knight. thank you for thinking we are down trodden and incapable of speaking for ourselves and taking the high road and assuming we are offended by a harmless joke. thank you so much. i've been so oppressed i can't do that for myself. just like all through history where you've gone and helped elevate all the other civilizations and cultures around the world and imposed the white, better culture on them, thank you soooooo much.


While I understand this is meant to be tongue-in-cheek and a light hearted joke... it's a racial stereo-type we should try to avoid using.


God damn it dude... Why the fuck do you have to dehumanize Asian ethnics like that. You don't think Euro American parents encourage their kids to be active? Haven't you heard of soccer moms? Child star moms?


John Oliver did a good segment [on this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29lXsOYBaow). The stereotype *is* harmful. Stereotypes are harmful, because people are individuals. [This](https://youtu.be/29lXsOYBaow?t=1500) is a good clip.


Oh relax, Richard.


You: "degrade and dehumanize my existence" Me: "get offended" You: "chill out dude, it's just a joke" I'm sure your joke is funny and all of your buddies at the Klan meetings laugh their asses off. My safety has been threatened for my ethnicity, but it's micro-racisms like yours that poisons and suffocates me from inside out.


I better let my Korean son know about my racism. 😂😂


Korean son? What defines a "Korean" son? Does he speak native level Korean? Does he have Korean culture? Does he have Korean grandparents to practice Korean traditions? Does he have Korean mannerisms? Does he understand Korean modern slang? Does he understand the implicit Korean social structures? If he doesn't have any of the above, is he Korean? Or instead is he Korean/Asian Ethnic American, because he would be as Asian as Euro Americans are European.


As in.... Literally born in South Korea to Korean parents. You need to relax.






Also working on a paper to finally validate String Theory.


He's got a PhD and master's indeed !


His sibling is probably part of the group and he's seen it a million times.


Lil homie here prolly doesn't know what left or right is, but has better memory than me to memorize all the dance moves


And his timing is great!


He's following a child's basic instinct of copying everything. It's definitely not his first time doing the dance, either. You can teach a child a lot this way, just by letting them copy you and having them repeat it until they get it right.




I bet his mom taught him that to tire him out and keep him quiet


Little did she know this builds up his stamina and the chaos will eventually be eternal


OMG he almost got the beat!


beat it! beat it! that kid was the reincarnation of MJ.


I go through this dilemma with my dog. Have to take him for long walks to make him tired...it is only making him stronger...


Whatever works works


What do you mean 'future' he's doing it now


His one of internet sensation now. Proud of you kid!


That kid is tuned to the rhythm of the music on his dance moves. Adorable!


The future is now, old man


Now ? But I'm not even dressed yet !


I am a pediatric physical therapist who works with 9 and 10 year olds who can't skip or do jumping jacks despite really good effort. Sometimes I see things like this and it just blows my mind. We are all so very different in our abilities and skill sets, it is so damn cool to me. This kid is a beast!


🙋🏻‍♀️ my eldest son couldn't skip or do jumping jacks either. He's almost 12 and just started skipping a little but still cannot do jumping jacks. I never knew why though, he just couldn't


Can he ride a bike? Not comparing however My 10 year old is still with trainers. Scooters, no problem. Just can’t get the bike concept. Skipping? Not even on the horizon. Yet he’s skipped a grade already. Not going to be an easy path for this one.


Kid only just learned to walk like last week and he's already dancing like a pro.


Nope, he not following- he got hiz own moves


Kid's the lead, green shirts are his backup dancers...


Cute and adorable!


That age on that moves? I thinks it's Awesome.


Well duh, he cant become a doctor at 5 years old if he doesnt know how to walk!


Kid aside (and he's adorable) that actually looks really fun


This is great, the kid knows all the moves. Then I became mesmerized by watching the lady's ponytail.


As I read that I immediately looked back up to the video and there was the pony tail in all its glory and I couldn’t stop watching it for a whole minute


y’all are silly


Going back now to see for myself…..


5 hours later, they're still watching the ponytail...


Yeah, but which one?!!


You SOMBITCH. couldn't just let us go on living without too being mesmerized by the ponytail of hypnosis.




Damn you


I rewatched it 3 times for that.




I'm so glad I wasn't the only one that kept getting distracted by the ponytail


Definitely more coordinated than I have ever been!


I mean seriously, he doesn’t even have to look at the others for the moves. I suspect they all look to him to see what comes next!


Exactly so maybe the one that made the doctor comment is a failure a failure at having COMMON SENSE


I didn't know I was going to envy the rhythm of a toddler today


Probably the child or sibling to somebody in the group, and learned right along with them ever day when they practiced.


This exactly! Kid has probably been dragged to practice every day for a couple months and just leaned it by being there!


Man he's going to be a blast at parties


I need to get in shape. All I could think of is wow that looks fun, but I'd probably have a fucking heart attack :D <3


Is this a exercise group at a park? Sometimes I wish they had stuff like this here. They don’t judge, you participate at your own pace and eventually you’ll be able to do that.


It looks like China, where a lot of outdoor group exercise is regularly encouraged (partly as an after effect of early communist era mandatory morning exercises, iirc). But usually I just saw older people doing tai chi in the parks, not this.


This is more like a flash mob, as it is definitely choreographed and memorized by the group.


No, that’s how these exercise groups work. They’ll learn a couple routines but it isn’t a dance lesson, it’s a workout


No doubt. I could either swing my ponytail, move my feet or move my arms, but it would take weeks of practice with each element before I could possibly do all three. And that would require an instructor, a tutor and hours of practice. I have absolutely no rythm. Lucky boy!


Kid has more coordination at 3 than I have at 30


This kid goes to jazzercise A LOT with his mom.


Is this the same dance from that Chinese high school principal who taught and performed daily with his school for exercise?


it looks like it to me too!


Is [this](https://youtu.be/oOYkMQOUk3c) the same little chap?


Could be!


Is this China?


Most likely. It could be guangchangwu (广场舞) (Chinese square dancing)


Lol thats like flowy middle aged/elderly woman dancing. Literally means park dance. This looks like some sort of simplified edm shuffle.


I've seen these groups a lot around the Beijing National Stadium - dance or tai chi or similar large sports groups, just out on the street going at it. Is that like a normal hobby in China, group-street-dancing?


Yes. Lots of (usually old) people will go out and do group dance/stretching/tai chi in parks. Interesting cultural dynamic but tbh very annoying if they crank the music and you live nearby.


What gets really annoying is rival karaoke crews in close proximity to each other. Wife's parents life close to a popular karaoke park area type thing, sometimes it's just a sea of noise. Old chinese songs blasted over shitty speakers while singers somehow produce even worse sounds vaguely related to it.


That's so cool, thanks for the context!


They always crank the music. And there's four different groups all playing different music and one of them has like DMX samples in it. We cranked our music and they called the police. Lol.


Noise-cancelling headphones are your friend. Source: Am a Former Beijinger


I wonder if it's done for exercise. It's pretty normal to see large groups of people Asian people doing Tai Chi in parks. EDIT: I just realized I have no idea how to spell exercise, i had to look it up. exersize, exorcise, exercize, exesice...


I definitely saw a ton of women getting together in the afternoons in Cambodia for group dancing like this. Looked fun!


It looks suspiciously like the Melbourne Shuffle


Yeah it has simplified Chinese on the back.


What I really like about this is that he's on the beat quite well. So many "cute dancing kid" videos have a kid gyrating around off the beat. I never find that impressive.


Wow I can barely walk


Very funny, Xavier


Meanwhile I can either move my hands or my feet, never both at the same time


That is AWWsome.


Stole the show!


For some reason the kid reminds me of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2


He isn’t following them, they are following him!


Forget the regular dance and fitness instructors. I want to take all my instruction from this little guy!


Great. One more person to remind me how I bad I am at dancing.


The dancing baby grew up.


That’s the dance he does before stealing your girl


Awesome little guy 🥰


hes better than all the other dancers, change my mind


His angle was off when they were going sideways. He didn’t spin correctly, if at all. He isn’t in the correct uniform. He’s not really spaced correctly either, but his legs are like half the size. You need higher expectations if you wanna raise child prodigies. You need to drive all the passion out of them! (Slight sarcasm in this comment) I am actually really amazed how close he gets! Did he just watch them over a period of days or is he a relation to one of the dancers?


Kids learn fast, but not THAT fast. He probably watched someone practice daily for a month


Did not miss a step!


He's got the beat!❤


I hate this dance.


Why? No hate meant I'm just curious


I hate repeating actions. Dripping water, repeating body gestures and words drives me crazy. This dance is repetitive and it drives me crazy to call it a dance. A Dance follows the feeling of a song, this is just exercising.


I always found large scale grid dancing to be creepy. Like if one person trips the whole hoard will start ripping the deviants limbs off then just start dancing again.


I don’t want to sound ignorant, but do most Chinese (?) people know this workout dance? It feels like the same dance in various videos.


Future hero of the party




If that’s your takeaway from this video, you got problems


bad day, huh?


Ew a child


Look in a mirror, I bet you will say we again


nice dance moves, put some dnb music and shuffle!


Looks like a CCP ritual


Gzus that kid be on POINT!


That is adorable and amazing!!


Every day he's shufflin'


Kids got moves!


This is awesome and I can’t stop watching


wow so cool!!


I just love their vibe dancin


Mommy doth practice too much


This kid is more coordinated than I will ever be...


"Mom, when I'm grown up, I wanna ba a background dancer!" - “Why wait?!"


unbelievably adorable, his motor skills are probably better than mine tbh


Whaaat 😭😭🥴


That looks like fun! That little guy is adorable!


What is that kid made of!!??




This kids gonna have ripped calves when he grows up


I tripped in my living room over nothing




I think asia is a simulation


These kind of things make me want to believe in reincarnation...


he got some moves


Wow this actually looks so fun!!


That toddler's got better moves than I ever could


Me, a teenager: no skills and pathetic This kid: perfectly nails a dance.


This kid has more swag in his what 6 years? than I do in 45...


Someone has been going to practice with mum or dad and has cracked this dancing malarkey


Hes even on a higher fps than the others lol


Love the baldy toddlers 🥺


He practices with mom! Awww


I’m impressed. I have two left feet. Kudos to that kid memorizing and then executing this dance! It’s no easy feat and this was a long routine for a kid that long. Im guessing he kept going the whole time.


I can't believe he knows the whole routine. So precious!


I just see a kid passionate about dance having fun.


He killin it for real


This kid will be a star in whatever he puts his mind to. His fine motor skills are beyond at least 90% of adults, and he's what? Maybe 3?


Get it, little dude!


That’s incredible.


Damn homie finna bust a move


For cripessake get that kid a uniform!


Plot twist, that’s the instructor.