Kitty knows the drill..

Kitty knows the drill..

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If that's all you have to go through for that then that cat needs some huge rewards.


or a little salami


cats can have little a salami


As a treat.


But not too much...


Smash-cut to my cat: Ass hanging out of the grocery bag digging for the cold cuts.


A lot of salami? No, just a little.


IKR! At least pet the cat afterwards. r/petthedamncat


This. That cat needs some serious pets. Thats also the first time in 25+ years of the internet that i've seen a cat behave like that. Like ever.


Not sure if this was cooperation or flashbacks.


[hello darkness my old friend..](https://i.imgur.com/x3dY9zz.jpg)




(◉ )  _  ( ◉)


Username checks out


It's flashbacks. This is how cats try to get rid of things inside their mouths. No cooperation at all besides staying still haha. Gravity is the one cooperating.


Nah, the one with the white stuff is loxicom i think, and cats love that stuff. When i get that stuff for my cat he will make it clear: he WANTS his stuff now!


Why do you think that? I've seen gabapentin come in liquid like that as well, which is a pain killer, and my cat absolutely knows what it is and love it as well lol.


Probably the same way we light a smoke or pour a drink after work. We know how it's going to make us feel, just give it me now please.


The PTSD got to him. Poor fella.


>*'Not sure if this was cooperation or flashbacks...*' ---- the human with *the meds* approach - is then the *memories* encroach... am lie so still upon the bed but *suddenly* i spy the med... ^:{ am *flashingback!* i start the lick (all ready I can Taste the *ICK* !) 'Cooperate...' but have no doubt - when human leaves i'll *spit it out...* 🖤


you can make even the most random videos into the cutest poems


Shweet schnoodle🤍


Pavlov would be proud




That’s amazing!! My cat turns into the Tasmanian devil when I come at him with a syringe of meds.


The best part of having a blind cat is that she can't see me coming with the meds


My cat has one eye, so it just depends on the angle of approach.


I had a crested duck that looked like he was wearing a beret. It would scare the shit out of him if you walked up on that side.


Duck tax


I don't know if i have any of that guy. Here is a pic of a pekin I was given. Left leg is injured. Standing on one leg eating. Pictured with a wild mallard who shows up for food. https://imgur.com/a/ThMmJWk


So cute


Duck Tax! Whoo-ooo!


You had a 🦆?


Do you got any grapes?


This was way funnier than it was meant to be, I just imagine you trying to stay in the cats blindspot and it's too funny


We're going to see you and your cat in a don't breathe esque mews story aren't we?


😂 Kinda sinister.




I wouldn't call it running. She "ferrets" is a more accurate description


My old dog had an astonishing ability to wolf down a whole bowl of dog food in about 30 seconds flat, polish the bowl to a mirror like shine with her tongue, but leave the one pill we hid in there sitting directly in the middle of the bowl completely clean.


Yeah, we had to start putting our dog's pills in a piece of a cheese stick, that was the only way they'd get it into their system.


Hot dogs work great. Give them a piece with no pills then one with but have another piece in your other hand so they are focusing on the next piece. They will swallow that piece without even thinking.


THIS! This is the trick - have another snack waiting so they’ll wolf down the one with the pill in anticipation of the next snack. Works like a charm!


I've never had an issue doing it this way and that's even with massive pills that the hot dog can barely contain. I've folded bologna around pills like this and it works just the same.


My dog would find it in a bowl of anything. After the meal, the pill would be sitting there. Unless I basically break it up into powder, she won't eat it. Her flea pills are huge, so I I usually just get a spoonful of peanut butter and put the pill in there, then cram it to her mouth at the back of her tongue. But now she (a lab that eats anything) won't eat anything with peanut butter in it because she thinks its a trap.


Our cat had to have meds everyday after dental surgery, which he was cranky about anyway, so I had to sneak the pills into treats. The problem is he’s smart as hell, so he figured out my game the very first night, and would refuse to accept any treats from me. The only way I could get him to take anything was to melt a tiny bit of cheddar cheese, wrap it around the pill creating kind of a seal so that the smell wouldn’t come out, and then roll the whole thing in those dried fish flakes. It worked, but I feel like he was getting over the novelty of having his two favorite things combined into one treat right there at the end. Like a month later he was still very suspicious of anything I offered him and would run whenever my husband and I both walked toward him at the same time.


This is the best thing I have read for weeks


He’s a bastard, but I love him.


...said every cat owner everywhere for all of history


Mine is like this, smart as hell, he just *knows*. I'm still not sure what I do to give shit away, but the second I think about or start about doing something he's not gonna like he parks himself on the couch and will roundly ignore anything short of physically moving him.


Ours is a runner. Somehow he always knows when he’s going to the vet, or needs medicine, or anything he’s not going to like, and he’s just gone. He’s an old man now, buts he’s still just as fast as he was when he was younger.


we hide pills in some cream cheese that's rolled up into a tube of turkey lunch meat... long skinny things get gulped down really fast... plus we treat both dogs even if only one dog is getting a pill... it helps with the illusion


However he would see me grab the meds and would jump on the counter on his own.


I gave my dog crunchy peanut butter one time and he left all the peanut bits behind because he thought it was a trap.


My husband's grandmother had a black poodle mix who had epilepsy. She kept Velveeta in the fridge so she could put the dog's Dilantin in it. After Grandmother died, her best friend took the dog and kept caring for him the same way. That sweet little dog lived to be 18.


[Hide it in a piece of cheese.](https://youtu.be/FMhXOOuoVR4)


I now have to give my 14 yr old dog a daily pill for her arthritis. It is flavored! She loves it! It is glorious :)


You are a very excited person! I love it! Let’s get ice cream!


What?!?!? Ice cream?!?!?!? I'm game!


when the fuck did we get ice cream???




our one cat would cough up the pill.


Relevant. https://www.allfelinehospital.com/pilling-humor.pml


Even more [relevant](https://i.imgur.com/RIDhNtk.gifv)


Of course a Husky would manage that.


There's also that vid of a Australian Cattle Dog puppy, though sometimes the race is also known as blue heeler, spitting out a pill at the vet. Only link i could find quickly was on FB...


>sometimes the race Do you mean breed? Not that I am opposed to a race of humanoid dogs. I welcome our new overlords with open paws.


that's amazing thank you for sharing


I just finished giving my sweet old boy cat a course of antibiotic pills and all that is way too true. And he's the EASY one to pill!


My mother's cat would fight like hell, draw blood, and spit it out. In despair one day, my mother wearily left the pill on the kitchen counter while she tried to think of a new method. And that was when the cat jumped up and happily ate the pill. It's not that he didn't like the pill--he just didn't like being told what to eat.


my dog will take the cheese and STILL spit out the damn pill lol


>*'My old dog had an astonishing ability to wolf down a whole bowl of dog food in about 30 seconds flat, polish the bowl to a mirror like shine with her tongue, but leave the one pill we hid in there sitting directly in the middle of the bowl completely clean.*' ---- oh, Good - my Food! is dinner, right ? nope, i don't see no 'pill' in sight... You wouldn't *drug me* in my food ? *'Oh, NO...'* you say - '*ThAt wOuLd Be RUDE...!*' ok, I eat - i trust you, friend ^:@) but when i get down to the end aHA ! Well... What is THIS I find ?! again, the pill I leave behind.... ❤️


I had to get my cat up on the counter and basically put him in a choke hold. I'd immediately feed him afterward. Over a couple days he relaxed, but I'd still have to hold him still. However he would see me grab the meds and would jump on the counter on his own. Of course it helps that they were just pain meds (post-neutering).


My vet didn't give us pain medication for our neuter.... 5 days in and he's not happy


Same, though I wonder if age has anything to do with it. Our little boy cat came home from the vet and immediately started running around and tackling his sisters. Have you talked with your vet? By 5 days out I'd assume your little guy should be fine so good to get that checked out. But I only know how it is for young cats.


5 days from a neuter is a lot. Did he chew or ~~kick~~ lick anything excessively? E* words ..But also, *did* he kick anything excessively?


Thank you for being responsible and getting your cat neutered.


Mine learned very quickly that struggling makes thing WAY more uncomfortable. I just keep tightening my grip until he can't squirm anymore, so now he just gives me the stink eye until I'm done :P


I've had some people think cats are dumb because they can't teach them anything. No, cats are incredibly willful and they know what battles they can win.


My cat was afraid of the squirt bottle at first, until he realized it doesn't actually hurt him. He doesn't care about it anymore.


Mine would climb the curtains and look back at me to make sure I saw and was going to squirt him with the water bottle


This must be why my cats act defiant. I've lunged one too many times with no follow through. They're onto me that I'm all bark and no bite when they misbehave.


Yep. A cat can learn whatever it wants. But does it want to? No, the cat wants to be a cat. Anything else is offensive to the very core of its being.


Wrap him in a towel. We had to force feed our cat for a bit and that was the easiest way we found.


r/purrito for further instructions.


I call it a grrito when the purrito filling is angry.


I call it a spicy purrito


Smart tip I will have to try that


Taken 8 years but my Violet finally realized that if she just lets me cut her damn nails, its over faster. She still howls and screams like I am killing her while I am getting her into position, but she doesn't growl and hiss at me anymore.


*Ball of knives mode activated*


I burrito mine in a towel. She hates towels now. Poor girl is 15


Yep, my old girl, it took two of us and a beach towel, to get a tiny little pill into her.


If we could somehow harness the energy of my cat trying to escape her ear medicine, we could solve the world energy problems.


My cat becomes the most elusive animal alive when he sees me coming with his meds: dude can jump, climb, and stiff arm. He once took the car keys and drove off.


My old cat was like that when he first got his inhaler (he somehow had COPD). But eventually he realized it helped and would come find us when it was time for his next dose.


so your cat know when it time to take his med


I have to give my cat thyroid meds twice a day. Pills did not work, he did spit them out. Vet gave me the liquid version and I sprinkle it on mortadella. It is childs play now. I actually get yelled at by him at when I forget it.


“ohhhh fine just do it quick” -that cat probably


If that was vitamins it's good for her/him, if that was a medicine. Get well soon! I'm surely sure your hooman will fully take care of you. Cutie kitty..


Judging from the dosages, colours, and order of administration - I think the cat is being given either a pepcid or sucralfate suspension (the pink coloured liquid) and then possibly prednisolone. In cats, prednisolone can help act as an anti-inflammatory, but sometimes comes at the cost of digestive upset and potential diarrhea. Stomach ulcers can also occur, so to prevent these side-effects, the pink substance is given first. Although, this is just a guess.


Well heck if that's a guess, it's the textbook definition of an educated guess. Points for the sloth.


Well it was a good guess but as a reddit vet i can say with certainty that it was liquid molly... That cat is about to roll its ass off at a cat night club, leaving his wife to wonder if hes cheating on her.. Hes not, hes just out with the boys having fun. After a night of fun he will come home and have breakfast with his kittens. Hes a good dad, just likes to get wild once a month


Woah that sounds crazy, why is it being given?


to help the PTSD it got from nam


You are never too young to have vietnam flashback.


I had a holiday there just three years ago. Still have flashbacks.


Umm... for a night of wild fun to blow off steam... are you even paying attention?


So he can get wild once a month


Where does one obtain liquid Molly? Asking for my cat of course.


I was going to guess meloxicam (Yellowish white stuff) and amoxicillin drops (pink stuff)!


The smaller one could be a barbiturate. My cat takes about that dosage and it's color is the same. I know it gives him tummy issues.


The pink also looks like azithromycin! The dose and color for a normal sized cat is usually that size. Source: am pharmacist and also cat owner.


I mean prednisolone does that regardless of species. Its sterioid which is almost by definition anti inflammatory


Yes, however some species are predisposed to complications when given prednisolone and prednisone. For example, extreme caution is used when administering such to birds because it can make them much more susceptible to fungal infections. In ferrets, it is common to use for the exclusive treatment of insulsinoma a result of their body not producing enough of its own glucocorticoid. While it can be used to treat IBS and other health issues, there are increased complications with prolonged treatment that can outweigh the benefits as an anti-inflammatory if not used correctly. As a sloth, I'm not familiar with the use cases across all species.


Smaller syringe, amount, color and consistency of the medicine reminds me of the pain medication we gave to our cat after surgery and to the other cat when he was old and had chronic pains.


First time I had to give my kitten medicine and she did just that I was horrified. I thought I broke her. Thanks for the adorable confirmation that my kitten is fine!


We brought home a kitten from the shelter that had an upper-respiratory infection, so the shelter sent us home with some pills. My wife held him while I shoved the pills down his throat. That was close to 15 years ago now and that little bastard has still never forgiven me.


Tried shoving a pill down my cats throat once and got a back tooth through my thumb nail. Never again.


This makes me realize how much my cat loves me and doesn't want to hurt me from my adventure shoving pain pills down his UTI having throat last month and being unharmed.


>shoving pain pills down his UTI I got stuck here too long before I continued reading.


Probably because I'd expect it to be hyphenated "shove it down his UTI-having throat" but even then I'm not quite sure that's right.


When your eyes record-scratch while reading


Having had a UTI before, when I read that I stopped and clenched. "You did *WHAT?!?!*"


when you accidently a word




Aw ❤️ He probably realised it made him feel better. I'm excited for my medicine time too for that exact reason lol


My sister's cat was similar about getting patched up. He liked fighting...other cats, and God knows what else. I had the interesting time of patching him up shortly after my sister died. He'd messed with something that got some scratches in and was hiding under a bed. My brother-in-law was afraid to touch him since the cat had a low growl going. "He'll bite you." My response was like hell he will. I reached under the bed, whipped the cat out and took him to the bathroom. The cat sat perfectly still, but sounding off considerably, while I disinfected the wounds and then skedaddled after I finished and opened the door. Five minutes later, the cat thanked me by rubbing around my ankles and took off again.


Same with our cat. We use the little pill pockets that you shove the pill into and the cat eats up. It used to work, and then the cat got clever and pick out the pill and spat it on the floor and ate the treat. Now we break the pill and give half at breakfast and then again at dinner.


Mine used to do that so I used to actually rip the pill pocket into 2, and wrap it around the pill so tight she had no choice but to eat it all lol


What a sweet story!


Cats can appear chaotic most of the time but their brains are hardwired to establish routines, even around negative things. Your kitty like the one in the OP most likely had just become accustomed to medicine process and probably even derived some comfort from it.


Yeah, never pooh pooh the effectiveness of a routine. We had two cats, one on a diet, the other not. Fat cat would scarf down his food then hover/bully the other. We had those automatic feeders, where you needed a tag on the collar to open the feeder, and he still got into her food. We tried everything, down to sitting on the floor and hand feeding Skinny cat while pushing Fat cat away. But once we started feeding him at set times, he stopped bullying. Amazed as shit. We are free-freeding the other because she's too skinny and needs all the food she can get, so we were happy to see this work. It is embarrassing to have one cat too skinny and the other too fat. People would just think, well feed one, diet the other, duh. But we *were* trying and fighting it. Hopefully this change will keep people from thinking we're mishandling our cats.


Some say that cat is still mleming to this day.


Mlemmy is a great name for cat. Maybe Mlembo Slice


John Mlemnon!


Mlembo Number 5


To mlems you say?


And his wife?


When just the thought of the medicine makes you taste it and gag


Nom, Nom, nom, nom, nom........


We have to wear Kevlar gloves to give our cat his meds.


Plus we have to hog tie her almost 🩹🩹🩹


I sit him on my knee facing out while he bites the shit out of my gloves and my partner gives him his meds. Prior to getting the gloves we’d have to attempt to wrap him up in a towel and he’s bite me down to the bone on my fingers... those gloves are a life (finger) saver!


I'm glad I'm not the only one who goes thru this. Some times it takes 3 of us. And the towel doesn't work at all


You’re not alone! Every other night know that some Reddit user is getting her fingers eaten by a semi-feral cat all because we’re trying to get a chemo pill down his throat. Fun times!


The cat just needs some blood to wash it down probably


My method is to sit cross legged on the floor and put the cat in the gap between my armpit and leg while holding his upper chest/neck area with that hand or hold open his mouth. I'll use the hand on the other side to get the pill in. the cat doesn't have enough room to back up or try to run away and your hands are out of tooth and claw range for the most part! I haven't gotten bit yet, but I may just be lucky


Our vet said to try and give it to him on a table, because it’s higher up he may not try to run away as much... this worked for us... I have him on my knee while my foot is on a chair. I pick him up from our kitchen table. We watched a ton of YouTube videos and this method worked the best for this cat. The other cat we just put her in our lap and get the syringe opening in between her teeth and squirt.


I got to the point I wrapped my cat in a purrito, then crouched down on the edges of the blanket, then I gotta hold the scruff


I have to pin my boy down on the counter top and press the pill into the side of his mouth until he opens up and then shove it down, hold his mouth shut, and stroke his throat and even then it's a 50/50 chance whether he's swallowed or will spit it out. And he's the EASY one to pill! My old girl (RIP) was such a terror with pills that we gave up and only gave her liquid medications and even then about half of it wound up on the floor, us, the ceiling ...


Seriously, why can’t we just have a blow-gun type of medicine dart for our pets?


Knows the best way to get down that stuff down.


Found a way to chew liquid.


I have to hold my baby in a fuzzy sack so she can't claw the shit out of me when I give her her antibiotics.


growing up my mother, an RN for atleast 20+ years has told me, "you should go in the medical field youre so caring you'd do great" BUT ---- every pet ive ever had to do anything like this to i do choking back tears cuz im afraid im hurting my furbaby and im afraid they will no longer love me and grow to resent me. i am a 30 year old man with a wife and kid.


Giving medicine to humans and giving medicine to your baby and two totally different thing.


We had to give one of our cats subcutaneous fluids every other day. I felt horrible every time. I got real good at it really fast, because I didn’t want him to suffer more than he had to. I felt really bad any time I had to restick him or move the needle. He was such a good boy though. He hated it but he didn’t take it out on us.


What a good kitty!


How? Sometimes we need 3 ppl to give my cat some medication.


Depends on the cat and the medicine. I had a cat that HATED her anti-inflammatory medicine but was cool with her anti-itch medicine, presumably because one tasted a lot better than the other. I currently have a cat that’s on a painkiller and while she doesn’t like the taste, she likes getting treats afterwards and has figured out that the medicine makes her feel better, so she went from hiding and fighting to accepting of it with minimal complaints.


I would pay good money to understand what's going on in that cats head at that exact moment. Someone invent a cat thought to human speech machine please.


Pavlov's cat.


Fofinha! 🥰


What language is she speaking? It feels like I should know it (I speak Italian as a second language, and can grasp some Spanish), but it just feels off somehow. Am I having a stroke or something?


Brazilian Portuguese


How do I keep forgetting that Portuguese exists??


Have you considered selling your soul to the Duolingo owl?


Come to Brazil


Vc é Brasileiro?


Deve ser


They are saying: "Time to take your medicine. That's it. Very good! And now the other one. Very good. Cutie (fofinha means cute little fluffy creature, but can also be used towards kids)


Or fat ones


How do you pronounce fofinha?




"fofinho/fofinha" are the diminutive forms of "fofo/fofa" meaning "cute" btw


I read this comment after watching the video with sound off, and could not stop laughing. thought you were talking about the cat.


I understood 90% of what she said, so since I speak French, had to be Portugese.


I do believe that's Portuguese.


I had a diabetic cat who passed in 2019. I used to put him on my coffee table and give him a teaspoon of wet food to distract him while I gave him his insulin. He learned immediately that when I got out the syringes, he was getting wet food, so he’d run to the coffee table and wait for me. <3


My oldest cat (going on 17) has always had a very distinct attitude. Without any malice, he will make it very clear with bites and scratches if you try anything he doesn't like. He's a sweetie, and loves every human, but don't cross him. He went into kidney failure a year ago but thanks to giving him Sub-Q fluids every three days, he's still with us. The first six months were a horror. I had to armor myself with multiple jackets, including a hood protecting my ears after one bloody bit of cat revenge, while my SO (he's a nurse) injected the fluids. And then he just calmed the heck down and let us do it. One day, total evil...the next, calm cat.


Better than my cat! Liquid or pills even with copious amounts of treats, he spits meds everywhere!


I've never seen a cat this well behaved!


Translation: Let's take the meds? *Purr* Good! Let's take the meds? Hmm? This one... Well done! Now the other one. Well done! Cutie!


Oh shit, here we go again


🎶Going down the only road I've ever known🎶


Hello darkness my old friend...


I had a cat that would take a pill without a problem. You would just put it down in front of him or in your hand and he'd take it without issue. Only cat I've ever seen so this consistently. Unfortunately he died very young with FIP.


That is not a cat. It may look like a cat, but that is not a cat. I should upload a video what it takes to give my cat meds. The first thing I'm carrying is an emergency supply of my own blood, and that's just for starters as those terrifying claws cut through chain mail like it was made of paper. This after chasing the basterd around the house for 30 minutes, finding spots I didn't know we had in the house. Tuna flavor my ass.


If you look closely, the guy (or someone else) appears to be rubbing the cat's "licking spot" prior to giving it medicine. At the base of some cats' tails is a super sensitive spot that, when rubbed, causes them to start licking and meowing uncontrollably. Not all cats respond in this way or even react at all.


The cat didn't even start making faces until the moment his butt was out of frame. The cat isn't reacting to sight of the medicine at all. Like you said this is a common reaction cats have for getting scratches near the base of their tail.


What a cooperative kitty! Mine tries to run and hide every time I ask my daughter hold her so I can “dose” her. She pathetically creeps under the bed or heads for the basement door. She definitely knows when it’s coming! She’s not impressed by the chicken flavor they add.


Had a diabetic kitty who would run to the kitchen when you said "medicine time" and he'd crouch down for his injection. Of course he got a treat afterwards. Same when I checked his glucose level. Just sat there purring away as I poked at his ear. He never gave me any trouble with any kind of medicine, right up to the end. I miss that dude so much.


Of course he is happy, all she does is say "let's do drugs?" . . . On a loose translation


remédio traduzido diretamente para drogas é meio forçação de barra né brother


I have to wrap my cat in a blanket and sit with my legs around him on the floor to give him meds. And he’s a lap cat who loves cuddles. But not when there’s meds involved!


My cat had to get a pain medicine via syringe. The first 2 he was not happy. 3&4 he knew what was up and was kinda looking at me like. Hey how bout some more of that feel good juice.


when I was watching my moms puppy she was on like a pill for something at the time (I don’t remember what, an antibiotic I think?) she told me to wrap it in cheese to trick her to eat it When I was preparing it I dropped it on the floor on accident and she just licked it up..... Then the next day I just went up to her and put the pill on the ground and she vacuumed it up.....


as someone that needs to deliver liquid gabapentin to their cat every night, this is absolutely incredible.


My cat needs pills often and she's learned that that pill is going in no matter what, so she might as well just eat it.