Toronto police dismantling a homeless camp

Toronto police dismantling a homeless camp

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I am stunned by this.


Thanks for the clarification. I live In Austin where we just re-banned camping in public places and stuff like this is starting to happen again. They were given 2 months of warnings and options to move to shelters and many just stayed so this is the result.


Holy sheeeit you actually got some information and not just PoLiCe BaD.


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Growing up there was a homeless man sleeping in our neighborhood. He swept the street, said good morning, and collected cans to buy himself food. Also dismantled just tent every morning so it wouldn't block the sidewalk. He was there for years and years. No one made an issue because he was peaceful and often helpful.


We have a local homeless guy where I live. He is a disorganised schizophrenic and he's completely harmless. The residents of the suburb look after him cause no matter how many times we've tried to get him admitted to hospital and in treatment he always ends up back here a week or so later. So we just feed him and make sure he has warm clothes. Him being here doesn't impact us negatively at all. He's never stolen or broken anything so we've just kinda adopted him.


This reminded me of the sweetest panhandler that ever lived. He had schizophrenia and substance issues but he was so kind and also completely harmless. My entire city felt his loss when he passed away. He actually looked younger than he was but still died too young. RIP Ondrej


There were homeless like that in my college town. One guy, Jay Warren, only ever asked for money to get a cab downtown to be able to collect cans. He was always polite and kept to himself. I hope he's doing well.


That’s real world Linus from Stardew Valley.


I love Linus, berry man


I always think Linus looks like Robin Williams in the "what year is this" meme.


>He swept the street, he's better organized than my ex roommate


That’s a nice story. The first homeless guy I saw was naked from the waist down with diarrhea. Gross.


The ones here have been throwing rocks at cars on the freeway. 200 occurrences!


If that’s the one near me the news updated this morning to include bricks, rebar, and propane tanks to the list of items being thrown at cars.






Why do they do that? Any thoughts? I caught a displaced person throwing giant rocks at cars on the freeway; it was just an old lady. I yelled at her to knock it off or I’d call the cops, but I’ll never understand why she’d do that. Edit: I’m in CA, by the way.


Mental issues and drug use.


I guess I should consider myself fortunate that I don’t understand.


I think its easy to forget were all just animals at the end of the day, and the social construct is one of the few things that keeps us cooperating. Once thats gone, theres just not much left to lose...


You have a car and they live in a tent so fuck you!


Friend of mine in Seattle got hit by a rock whilst driving at 65mph. Had it on dash cam. It's been all over the Washington state news.


i90 in seattle?


Yeah it's like people who don't have their shit together, don't have their shit together. (Yes, I know some people can be down on their luck but I deal with the chronically homeless enough to realize the majority are not ok)


The media is a tool that is used to instill emotions in the common folk, be it indignation, hate, appeasement or fear.


They're out to make money. They know how to get to the truth, but controversy sells better than boring truth.


Similar thing happenned here in the UK. During lockdown all people sleeping rough were given a hotel room for the rest off lockdown and would be moved to more permanent housing. They wripped teles of walls, threw furniture out windows, painted the walls with shit. It pissed me off so much as the kicked everyone out right when i became homeless and was sleeping rough! I owned my own home before lockdown


I remember tent city not too long ago just in Vancouver, east van still is a terrible place to walk around


Vancouver here, and you could pretty much say the exact same thing about the problem here.


Victoria has such a problem with no end game… it’s sad


Same shit in LA


They all moved back after they shipped them away for the Olympics




PDX. Though I’ve slowly started to see some camps disappear, at least in certain areas. Some bums were leaving hand written cardboard signs posted at corners in the vicinity of the larger camps vaguely threatening passers by that if they don’t “help them get well,” that they were then giving permission to be robbed and/or raped. There was one such camp on the sidewalk of a fucking elementary school by my gym that finally got razed.


Los Ángeles here. Many of us stopped caring and want them shipped out to the middle of Slab city, located in the literal middle of nowhere.




They ruined the island. Several murders and countless dumpster fires. Not to mention they just roam the street stealing anything not nailed down.


I work EMS, granted in the US. I personally had a knife pulled on me in one of these camps. These places are not where someone who wants to be safe go to. It's not where people just happen to live go. I PROMISE you they will never fully clean these areas from the needles/drugs/literal shit. Reddit loves to defend homeless people and get up on their high worse in the white knight armor but once you explain to them how almost every homeless women has been raped atleaat 5 times by other homeless people and that these camps are where people die. If these camps didn't cause fires, or deaths they'd be left alone. But here we are. Also they give them a week notice to leave


Thank you for being informed, have an upvote


Thank you for thanking them, have an upvote.


Thank you for an upvote, have an thank.


When did they rape the girl? Jesus christ how horrible.


this was about a year ago because the area was soo bad. it must of been 4 ish months into the pandemic? the park was immediately fenced and shut down for "sod rejuvenation" we all knew why the park was actually closed but the city had to put a nice spin on it.


Sod renovation during a pandemic you know


Actually makes sense though, no? You know there won’t be a lot of people wanting to walk on it so it seems like a great time to do it.




Portland has crazy homeless problems. Last time I was home, I saw several people with machetes and openly using drugs. While we should help the homeless, I also think we need to draw a line that can’t be crossed because the camps have gotten out of hand.


Portland is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. I was just up there a last week and it honestly looks like a war zone in some places. There's quite literally a tend surrounded by garbage on any piece of grass that isn't a park and therefore patrolled. ​ You can't walk on the sidewalks downtown in many places because there's quite literally a huge pile of trash just blocking it, and sliding out into the street. The entire downtown smells like urine and shit, and the homeless will just walk out into the street in front of you to take a shit. I was stopped just off Hawthorne because some homeless lady decided it was time to do a number 2, holding up traffic. ​ I don't know how or why people of Portland let it get that bad, but the probably hit a point by now it's too big to deal with.


an inch becomes a mile..


Agreed, idk why the city puts up with that shit. If they want to camp, they should have designated places that are patrolled like other place. If they cause problems, the resources need to be there to help the community at that person find solutions. We can’t have people running around causing problems just because they know there are no consequences. I don’t see why Portland refuses to help anyone. The city has a solid tax base and the government has let everything go to shit, especially downtown. It’s not fair that good people have to deal with their years of ineptitude.


This is the story pretty much all over the west coast in the US too. I live in Portland and large parts towards the city core are absolutely disgusting.




There was just an article posted here a few weeks ago that literally details how it's literally impossible to rent an apartment for a family (2br) on minimum wage only using 30% of your take home pay. It's possible to rent a studio apartment on the same income and ratio ***in ONLY 26 counties in the entire US.*** So yes, there is a big crisis going on, but it's specific to the housing market and being able to pay for a roof over your head, not specific to homeless camps. Homeless camps are only going to get worse now.


>a lot of these people are vagrants by choice This might surprise you but generally, mentally ill people don't make healthy decisions.


People are down for the desperate homeless people until they do desperate homeless people shit.




The same thing literally happened in my town (far northern Ca.). They gave the people in the tent city weeks to clean up their garbage and move somewhere else, as they were camped in a marsh area right behind the shopping mall. Occupants of the tents filled jugs with pee and poop, knowing that when an officer picked it up to move it they’d be splashed by it. So nasty and disrespectful. I don’t care if people have to live in a tent, but I can’t stand people camping out right behind the mall to leave needles in the parking lot and steal, not to mention leave big giant piles of trash that float into our bay.


Ahhh a fellow Chico resident then? Hello neighbor


Lower Bidwell, right?


That’s what I was thinking




I agree. Looks how terrible Los Angeles and San Francisco had became. The local governments are pretty useless.


A lot of major cities including Seattle.


We now have people throwing rocks onto I-90. That's a fun new development.


Dude Ballard has gotten so fucked ever since they doubled my rent all at once and I had to move out a few years ago. Kind of glad I did now. Place turned into a shite hole.


Tacoma in that orbit. It's not just a little tent on the grassy median between sidewalk and street. It's a tent, usually a junk car (smashed windscreen, crunched panels, hood open) and a forty foot ring of garbage. Bottles, food wrappers, boxes, empty propane cylinders, cigarette buts, plastic bags, broken electronics, tarps, compostable waste rotting. I don't not have compassion for people without a roof over their head but this is not a thing that's nice, safe, or tolerable


Crazy how universal this description is. It doesn’t seem to be people who fell behind economically and who are trying to live with dignity and being forced to live on the street. It’s… whatever this is.


I’ve lived in Portland, SF and now LA. They all have become overrun with tent cities. It’s very sad. On one hand, I feel awful for unhoused people and the lack of affordable housing. On the other hand, the tent cities are unsafe and unsanitary for people living around them.


Easy to complain about, a lot harder to suggest a practical solution that can be put in place.


I was homeless in a tent city in San Diego. Hepatitis outbreak so removing the tent cities. I got the f out of there right away but many mofos wouldn't leave and comeback the second the police leave. We called them the cockroaches. I don't know why some were so militant to stay there. I packed up my tent and went a few blocks north. Still shake my head


Why is it that they don’t leave or seem to want to leave? Genuinely curious


I'm not sure that people in this thread understand how vague of a solution "get them to leave" is. It doesn't really solve any problems. It sort of just looks nice the day or week after.


Honestly, it's gets really sketchy and people r literally shitting everywhere. It sucks for both sides but I do see the point of the public here.




Afraid to walk after dark? We have a sudden increase in the homeless people hanging out a block from my house. At first it didn’t bother me (I mind my own business if you mind yours), until I had one stalk me for an entire week, my neighbor had a knife pulled on him, and one tried to lure my dog away. I am afraid to walk my dogs on my own. When I let them out to use the bathroom I feel like I have to have my head on a swivel at all times. We have caught junkies shooting up next to our garage. They go through my trash can and rip open bags leaving trash, including raw chicken, all over our driveway to rot in the sun. I WISH the police would relocate these camps. Sure I have some sympathy… but talk to me when you have to worry about your dog stepping on heroin needles after spending half a million on a beautiful townhome.


Yeah can we stop pretending homeless people are saints? I'm sure some are. But there are many dangerous ones too that I wouldn't want in my area. I lived in an area with a lot of homeless people. They often harassed me. Followed me, and sometimes threatened me when I didn't give them money.


The people who feel bad for them don’t live in Toronto


The people that feel bad for them demand everybody else should pay to house them, and not actually suggest they themselves donate to a cause.


They're the people growing up in suburbs who never had one homeless in their backyard that are so willing to call someone a NIMBY. It's ironic


When I grew up in the suburbs we had homeless and now that I live in the city we have homeless. In the suburbs they think it should be the city’s problem and in the city they want to push them out to the suburbs. It’s assholes all the way down.


In my countries capital state, we have a lot of left winged people, that think they have other rights than the average citizen. Years ago they squaded a whole complex and have since not payed a cent rent. The owner wanted them out, but could not, due to laws. Took him years to get the house cleared from these people. They trashed the place, lived like rats and on the day of the police raid, bunch of left/Antifa people came, to protest and attack the police. Some of the people in the interview admitted they don't want to pay for rent and the dude who owns the complex is rich anyways. Gotta love these people. Want free stuff, but don't want to give back


That's total bullshit. What do you mean "everyone else"? People demand the government funds proper care for the homeless. Who pays the government? Those very same people. Donating a few bucks a month is great but the serious change happens by fighting for government help.


Even the comments are awful. What the fuck is wrong with you?






You can’t help those that don’t want to be helped. That’s the first rule


I was a functional alcoholic for around 14 years. Then that changed and I became a barely functional alcoholic. It took my health failing so bad that I *COULDN'T* drink to finally get sober. I didn't care if I died, but I had gotten pancreatitis 3 times and was bordering on the edge of chronic pancreatitis. That combined with my kidneys being extremely weak made it hard for me to drink. Things got so painful and the threat of dialysis and permanent pain were the beginning of the motivation. A new set of mood stabilizers made it possible. But at my worst I absolutely would have preferred to live on the street and stay drunk all the time than be forced sober to stay in a hotel room. The need to escape myself was far more important than taking care of myself.


I'm curious, so I hope you don't mind my asking. What precipitated the change from a functional to a nonfunctional addict?


Living alone and working from home. Before I was doing that I'd get drunk every night but I'd only be drinking from 6pm until 12am. Working from home I could drink all day. I was within walking distance of a convenience store so I was always able to stock back up. But because I was always too fucked up to drive I mostly stopped eating. My electrolytes were so low I was having all sorts of problems. I was malnourished. My kidneys and pancreas started giving out which put me in worse shape. It got to the point where I could only socialize if I was half in the bag, I'd only be interested in sex if I was ripshit drunk. Got called out on the phone with work a few times for slurring. Strangely enough that was the highest point for my life career/money wise. I had a nice place, a brand new car, plenty of savings even though I was spending $750 a month on alcohol. I should have been thrilled/happy to be doing that well but I had no problems, no goals. I had everything that a person could want and was still miserable, and that made me hopeless about ever being happy. Now I'm broke, live in a bus, and have to worry about where I'm even going to sleep most nights. But I'm happy and sober!


It must have been difficult for you, sorry you had to go through that. Hopefully your sister pulls her head out or they figure out something to permanently nuke people's reaction to it.




Yeah if they are offered help and they don't take it they should be moved forcibly




Can you please link, I never heard about that one either


Why are there so many homeless in the city? I mean, every city has homeless, but this seems like an epidemic. There has to be a reason so many are mentally ill, down on luck, etc


Idk about other cities but where I live, southern Cali, we have homeless people come from all over the place because of the relatively nice weather here and the fact that a lot of them are druggies and can get their stuff quick and easy. I’d say a good 30-40% of homeless here are not originally from here.


They are literally shipped into California by other states. The whole west coast is victim to that process. I always thought it was a rumor, but I looked into it and it's a well recognized practice that they are trying to prevent, but it's not illegal to do yet. States convince their local homeless that the west coast is more sympathetic and has more money and resources to take care of them, then buy them a bus ticket out. 50% of the nations homeless live in California. 50%! California now has a program called "homeward bound" where they try and connect homeless people with a relative or friend in their home state and ship them back.


That makes sense. My flyover state city has a pretty bad crime rate but homeless isn’t so bad. There are plenty, but nothing like west coast and east coast cities




Visited for work in like 2018 after you all had passed something that said homeless could stay/sleep literally anywhere I believe... what a shithole your beautiful downtown area became. I was walking Austin's downtown streets on a Sunday afternoon in broad daylight and saw 2 guys fighting and about 5 homeless people just passed out on the sidewalks outside of nice looking businesses and restaurants, empty bottles and needles nearby. Deterred me from checking those spots out. What a waste. Posted this in another thread but the Chicago homeless problem here is becoming a real issue as some slowly start returning back to their office buildings. Homeless guy stabbed a 31 year old woman to death and had been wanted for attacking 2 women the week before. Homeless guy OD'ed outside of my office building last week. Homeless guy literally pissing in the street as a tourist family with children were walking by. I'm liberal but the homeless issue is out of control. Give them shelter resources and get them the fuck out of city parks/downtown working areas.


It's infuriating that people are hell-bent on giving the homeless free reign to commit any sort of crime.


Every time I drive to work I used to hit this one red light on the outskirts of Austin and every time the same homeless guy is panhandling. This guy has very serious mental health problems or drug problems from the way he’ll always be shifting and looking around really quickly. More than once I’ve seen him throw rocks at cars driving by, so now I take another road to work to avoid getting my windows smashed in by a rock.


*California enters the chat*




How about Portland first.


Hell don’t forget little old Eugene!


Just got back from Austin today. I couldn't believe the amount of homeless and tent camps.


Y'all all for the homeless until you step in human shit on the sidewalk


I can be not for the homeless all I want, they still exist. Unless someone here is going to suggest turning them into food or something, no one has any answers.




Sometimes I feel like there is no solution for a certain percentage of the homeless population. There’s a certain number who just can’t stand to live by even the most basic rules, for whatever reason — addiction or mental health issues or both. Toronto has a pretty robust system in place to help the homeless. Is it perfect? Of course not. But the solution is not to let homeless people set up camps where inevitably, trash begins to accumulate, including, at times, human feces. Fires break out, sometimes people die. The fires put other people and property around them at risk. It’s not a tenable situation. And I don’t blame them as individuals, I don’t. I think addiction is an illness. But letting them live in tents in parks is not the solution. And those cops who have to relocate them? They’re people too. Not animals. They get spit on and abused, and they’re just doing their job. It wouldn’t look like this if hundreds of well-fed activists didn’t show up to make things difficult.


Some are definitely beyond help. I do security work downtown in my city and we have several repeat customers that honestly probably belong in institutions. We have one guy that will strip naked next to a busy street and then shit on the sidewalk. We’ve talked to the police about getting him some help through an outreach program but they say this guy has already burned all his bridges and none of the housing programs will take him due to previous destructive behavior. There’s another guy who’s a Vietnam vet who actually has a home and access to meds but won’t take them. His family still comes out to check on him occasionally and we’ve spoken to them. He owns a house that his kids live in and they say he’s welcome but he’s got severe psychological issues and even when he’s on meds, he’s afraid he’ll have an episode and physically harm his family. He chooses to live on the streets instead. Normally he keeps to himself but sometimes at night he’ll have an episode and start screaming threats and having heated arguments with imaginary enemies.




There have been really good discussions about this on /r/Toronto. It sucks for both sides that this is happening. The issue is so much more complicated than just choosing whatever side makes you feel best.


I’m afraid I live on the internet, and therefore my feelings come down to whatever I hear first. ^/s


> Shows up > Says both sides are wrong > Refuses to elaborate > Leaves


I'd reckon they're going to do this in California soon. To say the tent cities have gotten out of hand there would be a complete understatement. Folks are outright putting their homes up for sale and moving out in droves. Not to mention the spike in overall crime because of the homeless epidemic.


They already have, they took down the tent city in Echo park a little while back. Its a good thing that they did too, the place was becoming a small city for prostitution, drug abuse, and other criminal activities. The homeless there were offered time to move out and other aid as well, they just chose to stay. What pisses me off isn’t these police officers, it’s these pathetic virtue signaling protestors who come from areas that don’t have to deal with the homeless crisis and get in the way.


When the homeless move into your area and start throwing needles over your fence into your backyard like diseased lawn darts, you fast lose all compassion for anyone that refuses the help that’s available to them.






Same shit happening all over California. Unfortunately there still so many of these camps that despite whatever advocates say, these camps bring so much crime and destruction to public areas. And yes there are so many resources out here for them.


Good. Fuck them. I don’t care where they go I’m just tired of this exact shit in my town and the local government (who prefers handing out tents, grills, food, and other amenities) do NOTHING but support them. You don’t solve a problem by supporting it’s continuance. I’d buy every single one of the cops a drink if they did that in my town. So tired of the drugs, violence, mental illness, and human excrement.


Hopefully Seattle does the same soon to every meth cooking park shitting tweaker dump site.


Amen I live down in Tacoma and it's been getting so bad in Seattle and it's been moving down here


Yo, op. Did you research the story before posting, or is it simply an upvote grab against police?


It’s sooo awful …..unless it’s on their front lawn, then they would all be frantically calling the cops…..


My friends neighbor has a guy with a van who is camped out on the side yard. Dosen't sound that bad right? This fucker is breaking beer bottles in the street and throwing trash all over his yard!!!! What's worse? Cops wont do anything about it. Gotta love portland.


You can literally see the residential homes in the background of the video. It’s pretty close to their front yard.


There is a growing crowd of homeless people moving down the street from my house. They’re the really dirty kind. I though of calling the police because they’re blocking the side walk, but really, what is that going to do? They just come back, or they go some where else. They’re still going to be homeless. This can only be solved by our government and it’s up to Us to make sure that we’re putting the right people in charge.


Posting my comment here from the other post that got deleted: I don't see an issue here. They were offered help, support and places to stay, there are a lot of resources out there offered to them. Some won't take them and continue the lifestyle and the cops have to clear out the parks, sorry but you can't just have them take over major public parks, they do become crime-infested shit holes. The same thing happens in my city, they move in, it becomes a hotbed for crime, ODs, sexual exploitation and violence. These stupid morons who join hands and try to interfere with police are just immature little dweebs with nothing better to do, they would most likely get stabbed or robbed walking through that encampment on a Saturday night, the irony is fucking hilarious. Good on the officers and the folks who took the help offered to them.


This is what should be happening.


GOOD! Get that shit outta there. These people shouldnt be allowed to camp wherever they please.


This should have been posted in r/upliftingnews


Jesus Christ, can Los Angeles import some of these Canadian cops to do the same thing?


I live on Vancouver island and we get a lot of tent cities popping up. At first people were very sympathetic but after all the break ins, thefts and drugs people stop being less so. One mans dog even walked into one of these tent cities and was stabbed and killed.. the dog. So yea, I've got no sympathy for them especially with the context that other redditors have provided about this.


now do this in LA




I think reddit should use this comment as their official description.


ok but in Toronto being homeless is very much like an option, we got literal hotels here that would give you a job interview after your night, there is literally no reason for you to camp, the only reason I see people not take those government benefits are that they wanna go do drugs, get drunk or just straight up don't like being under the rule.


Denver here. I’m a bleeding heart but I’m over this bullshit. The grass had to be replaced at the park across from the capital and at the capitol because they shit and pissed on it and pitched their tents on it. Denver smells like urine and pot now. They bring trash with them and throw it on the ground openly. And yet people still follow the narrative that they just need housing and a job. Some of them do. Most of them would fuck up any free housing given to them and they don’t want to work.






Good ... You want that in your neighborhood?? Every lil cry baby who is distraught over this doesn’t live near it or doesn’t even do anything themselves to help the problem ... it’s drugs and violence and disease why would you want that hahaha


I just gotta say, the human chain they used was absolutely pathetic lol








Bingo - these are activists/advocates for the homeless who for some reason feel like the tents are fine. Hint: It's because they don't live nearby. I am pro-everyone housed, and Toronto has definitely upped its game in this regard. There are options for the people in these tents and I guarantee they were offered well before the cops moved in.


You can't just take over public property. Now they getting evicted


It’s such a mixed situation with homeless people here in us, they are struggling in their life, and need help for sure, but they making so many dangerous and uncomfortable situations. I witness one homeless guy taking dump at the morning in front of my apartment complex. Had several times the get almost under the wheels of my car, usually if you passing by this tent camps they just running on a drive way with out checking surrounding. One of that guys run and get almost hit, I literally stoped in front of him he get so upset that starts yelling and throwing all his garbage on a car. One time I parked in down town stoped for 2 hours for a work, there were some tents in the area, when I came out, saw homeless that was trying to open door of my car. But not all of them crazy some of them just poor people. But this tent camps are pretty dangerous places even if you just passing by in the car.


This is pseudo activism at its finest. Stand arms linked in solidarity so you can get a photo op and feel good about yourself. Homeless people aren't just innocent sweet hearts. They bring drugs, sexual assaults, needles, and noise pollution into these environments.


i live in ballard which is barely 10min outside of dt seattle and we have a RAMPANT homeless/tent city problem. it’s terrifying, disgusting and a once-beautiful park where I’d walk my dog and watch people skate and hang is now literally a homeless “district 9” that I won’t go within 50ft of after dark. seattle parks has come through, offering food & shelter and other various resources to help get them off the street but they don’t give a shit and generally terrorize the area, bump music at all hours of the day & night, leave garbage & feces everywhere.. i don’t feel bad ONE bit seeing videos like this. i absolutely understand homelessness is a crisis and a lot of people need help, but the VAST majority of them have had it offered and refuse… clear em out.


Seems like a lot of people have actually never dealt with a large homeless population issue and just watch the video feeling offended.


But they have healthcare! That’s all that matters, according to Reddit.


They need to do this in Seattle.


Why is this so upvoted??? Nothing about this is awful this is an extremely good thing?? OP is a karma farming misinformer.


Pretty satisfying to watch


See this is the nice way of doing it. I would just have taken a flame thrower to the whole area. That will get people moving quickly.


OP must be upset their post didn’t cause comment section to blow up with “police bad, crime good”


Hahaha! Fucking good. Nobody wants a metric fuckton of homeless junkies in their neighborhood. Clear that bullshit out.


Tbh as someone whose worked alongside homeless camps and grew up in an area where there are many: TC is totally right. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked up and offered a job or help to find one and I’ve been told no. Can’t tell you how many times me and people I know have been cussed out by homeless for being unable to give them money


This makes me happy! They need to do this to the entire west coast.


Bro props to those cops for that team push, that shit was kinda cool


This is fantastic news!


This isn't awful whatsoever


So long slackers


California, take note.


# Hey Op you fucking house them then. Some of us are tired of the human waste, trash, vandalism, and crime these camps bring to our neighborhoods where WE, the actual law abiding and tax paying citizens are trying to live peacefully. No OP, get your fucking bleeding heart shit out of here or house some.


I actually like this. It’s not awful at all.




And why is this so awful?


I don’t really understand why it ever became acceptable to live where ever they wanted in tents anyways. I can appreciate the challenges of homelessness, but that doesn’t mean they can just set up shop wherever because it’s convenient.


Good fucking parasites.




Op doesnt do his research




More low income housing could help with this. And help lower the cost of housing in general. That said, while I don’t condone some of the excessive force…..the city is in a tough spot. They can’t just allow this to go on. Eventually a full blown shanty town will build up.


yeah iirc toronto now has the highest rent prices of any city in north america. this combined with progressive cuts to mental health spending since the 90s and increased funding to police and voila, you have this video


I came here to make a joke about the cops all wearing bike helmets that's why they must be assholes. But after reading the comments I think I'll refrain from the quick judgement lol






I live 500 metres from the site of this video at king and Dufferin. This homeless camp was beside a giant homeless shelter, like this is literally the grass beside a shelter.


Can they come to Columbus next?