Antivax psycho fakes covid vaccine convulsion symptoms.

Antivax psycho fakes covid vaccine convulsion symptoms.

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Someone please put this to disco music. Bee Gees maybe...?


Staying Alive?


Stayin Diseased


Down with Disease- Phish


At first I was afraid, I was petrified ...


Here ya go: https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/kxlcgo/that_lady_faking_convulsions_after_getting/


Paul Wall baby




For some reason this hit me out of nowhere. My fucking sides.


Sittin side sideways boys in a daze


Started editing this before even seeing this comment, so it’s not disco unfortunately, but I think it still works... https://imgur.com/a/VKQsRtz


Absolutely beautiful


Very good music choice. And very sneaky


"Shake the disease" by depeche mode definitely


Remember this other nutcase https://youtu.be/Mb8dCzaT21A


[5 minutes on iMovie](https://youtu.be/hOS5FeWYVSM) not my best work.


Am I the only one who started rocking to this? Lol


Tragedy. It has to be Tragedy. Make it so.


Looks like she’s trying to dance


Audio was off, honestly thought she was doin some kind of rap and dance thing...


Just turned the audio off and watched the video again. Hilarious! It does look like she’s trying to rap lol


Towards the end it definitely turns more into a dance than a twitch lol


She looks like she’s trying to mimic those inflatable [tube guys](https://giphy.com/explore/inflatable-arm-flailing-wacky-tube-man) that you see at car dealerships


Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing antivaxxer! Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing antivaxxer! Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing antivaxxer!


Like Elaine Benes.


If someone doesn’t make this into a tik tok dance I will be sorely disappointed in the internet


Mute the video and play Hypnotize by The Notorious B.I.G. . Trust me


If you watch it without sound it looks exactly like someone vibing out to some music on the sofa.


You can see her "spasms" getting slower the longer this goes on as she is getting tired kek


Yeah she'd be in much better shape if she actually was moving like this even involuntarily all the time.


Probably the first ab work-out shes gotten in recent memory.


Most exercise she’s gotten in 30 years


Yeah and her hand when fixing her hairs is steady


Remember this nutcasery didn’t start yesterday. Remember [this woman who started walking backwards after taking flu shot](https://youtu.be/Mb8dCzaT21A) Then it changed her accent as well


I don't get what's the point, that's some fake ass propaganda, if the vaccin doesn't do whatever side effect you think it does, then stfu I don't get it why they spend so much energy on dumb shit like that






Good job she can still adjust her hair to while having a seizure. Gotta look good for the EMT am I right


It takes too much energy to move my legs like this. So, just pay attention to my arms. Okay?


Also, conveniently able to stop the spasms for long enough to brush her hair back behind her ear several times throughout the course of the video


What a despicable liar she is


I was just gonna say. The fuck her spasms getting tired for lmao. It's sad though because people will fucking believe her. Don't doubt I will probably be getting sent this by some dumb fuck family member.


There's so much consistency and then it stops happening. It's so fake its funny. And convulsions are not funny. Her voice never wavers once.


Is she trying to fake a convulsion?? Is it even possible to have a seizure while being conscious and talking?? I know there are a lot of different types of seizures, that's why I'm asking. I mean, I'm epileptic and when I have a seizure I lose consciousness completely lol.


I don’t think seizures and convulsions are the same thing, I have spasms in my hands while fully awake/aware. There’s a few disorders that involve convulsions, and those people can be fully aware. I’m not a dr so don’t listen to me tho Edit: I think that seizures are a type of convulsion, but not all convulsions are seizures? Idk man medical stuff is confusing


When my friend has seizures she gets stick rigid and super still and her eyes usually remain open but she is very much unconscious. It’s terrifying. When I worked in life skills 2 kids regularly had violent seizures with convulsions and one little 100 pound girl once broke her aids arm and had no memory of it. Neither looked that this dance craze up above.


Uncontrollable convulsions Has no problem keeping hair out of face


It would be that style of haircut as well...


And her feet flat on the ground


Yet she seems to control her hands just fine each of the many times she brushes her hair out of her face or straightens her shirt. 😂 Wouldn’t a CNA he able to fake convulsions better than that?)


Might not be a very good CNA.


Could someone explain what CNA is other than cunt n arse?


Certified nursing assistant. Bottom level nurse. Takes 12 hours to get certified. They have to work under a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse.


More like 4-12 hours.


My mistake. The girl I knew said that but only went one day a week for an hour. 4-12 weeks is a bit misleading. I'll change it.


Certified nursing assistant


If you’re a CNA for 20+ years chances are you aren’t very good


How is her jaw not clenching shut occasionally, stopping her from talking? And why does there not seem to be a single muscle spasm in her legs? Clearly her full body spams are more interested in making her dance like a wacky waving inflatable tube man.


Yeah. There’s muscles in your throat and neck that should also be twitching. The larynx is a muscle, yet her voice is rock steady. You'd expect her voice to change. Even if the larynx wasn't effective, I'd expect her jaw to spasm. Like how if you get cold enough to get whole body shivers, the muscles in your jaw twitch and make your teeth chatter together. You can’t talk normally if you have full body shivers. I think that if this was a real complication that the shakes would be more similar to the ones you get with hypothermia. Or even more like Tardive Dyskinesia. I saw another video of her walking from the bathroom to her bed in a hospital, and her shakes were more vertical in that one. If she was really sick, I don’t think she would have been allowed to go home. Her doctors would have given her meds to stop the shakes or at least given her something to sedate her so she can rest. If she were truly doing this 24/7, I think she'd be in danger of collapsing and dying.




Not to mention how perfect her speech is, in spite of her "tongue convulsions".


These movements are very real. They're called the pee-pee dance


As someone who suffers from seizures, I really want to punch her. If you can brush your hair out of your face, you're not convulsing.. if you can talk without your jaw seizing up or your words getting mixed up, you're full of shit and still not convulsing. It's hard enough being disabled without all the fakers out there. - "No no, Fluffy really is my service chihuahua! He's just growling cause he's hungry" - "No no, I have a condition where I can't wear a mask; one that TOTALLY wouldn't be made worse by catching COVID" - "No no, I totally need this scooter cause I'm disabled, not because I'm lazy" - "No no, I have a severe gluten allergy, so no gluten can touch it or I'll be violently ill. Can that salad have have panko chicken instead of grilled chicken? Grilled is so bland and I love panko" Edit: removed overweight. My family members that were using the scooters unethically used overweight and lazy as an excuse, even though they were fully capable of walking; but it's not fair to blanket everyone in that.


I don't normally like to offer help to disabled people without them asking as i don't want to offend them. However if you'd like to go for some sort of master blaster situation here I'll allow you to use my body to punch her into the shadow realm.


The offer is really sweet, but I could never hurt anyone who didn't deserve it. (You've also reminded me that I really need to finish my Harpie Lady cosplay.)


That's the beauty of this plan, I have no such moral hang ups. Think of it this way, the state she claims to be in this will practically be a mercy killing.


My brain read your original comment wrong, and thought you'd be taking the punch... and you definitely don't deserve it! She, however, does. If you ever encounter her, be my guest!


This is painfully real. I have asthma and I wear my fucking annoying mask. Stop with the excuses already! You get COVID and your “illness” will be exponentially worse ya dumb shits! And everyone jumping on the gluten free bandwagon, get da fuck outta here! I had a reaction (similar to what she is faking) to cortisone and the jaw clenched is real. I was having trouble getting my kids to understand I needed help, and never noticed if my hair was in my face. Trust me, I cannot STAND my hair in my face. Plus, who styled it, as she is “convulsing” too much to get that top portion pulled back, and the sides blown out without burning her cheeks.


Hey, I'm proud of you for still wearing a mask. It's not easy and proves your strength; both physically and emotionally. You rock.


That Bob looks really straight and freshly cut, too. I agree that her jaw should be clenching shut. If she could still talk, you'd think she'd be chattering like someone with hypothermia. I have heart problems and also wear my mask. Even when my heart rate rises and makes breathing more difficult (I start to hyperventilate because my heart is beating too fast to get enough oxygen my brain, but my brain's response is to try to get me to hyperventilate. What I really need is deep slow breaths.) I have done a lot of curbside pickups this year, and I also just take breathers and go outside to where I can take my mask off for a few minutes. Going mask less isn't an option because I don't want to suffer and die from Covid. The type of mask definitely makes a big difference. My first one was knit and had no gap between the mask and my mouth and nose. My body did not like that one. My heart rate was 120 at rest, and I felt awful. So I got different masks that worked much better.


Thank you for sharing your medical issues that you manage and still wearing a mask. I’ve found chewing strong mint gum, oddly enough, helps my mind calm down. I don’t have any medical issues but once that panic sets in about breathing it is hard to shake. At this point in the game my brain just says “Hey it’s hot in here!” And in goes a piece of gum and I know it’s time to wrap up whatever I’m doing. Again thank you for sharing, please stay safe and well.


THANK YOU this is really such a fuck you to people that actually have seizure disorders


I suffered from asthma when I was younger and my mam has it still. I hate this fucking "except" from a mask thing. There are legitimate concerns over masks constricting breathing for those who have severe breathing problems already. But someone who is in that condition would literally be putting their life in their hands going outside so I doubt would be venturing out without a mask to get a fucking latte. Being on a constant ventilator or nebuliser isn't any fun. It's also funny that the people who have "medical exemption" also seem to be the people are disagree with masks on a moral or political level. Do you disagree with masks or are you medically not able to wear one? If you were so strongly against it and fighting for your rights you should say that if you're so commited to it and shouldn't have to fake an illness to make it easier for you.


I thought her shirt said PISSMOM


I think it's a Pepto Bismol sweater


Aside from the fact that this is obviously fake, can we talk about how she says she's a CNA and "loves all of her patients," but still decided to go to work when she was experiencing "flu like symptoms?" Of all people, during this global pandemic, shouldn't a CNA realize you shouldn't be going to work with flu-like symptoms?




Did she get tested for... DANCE FEVER?!??!


This made me laugh so hard


Bravo!!! We have a winner


"ive even taken two valiums" Well at least the whole video wasnt a lie.


Luckily someone did the Lord's work and puts it to music: https://www.reddit.com/r/Cringetopia/comments/kxcn77/woman_pretends_to_have_side_effects_of_covid/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


Finally. The deed has been done.


I came here to ask for this, and you have delivered, friend. Not disappointed.


I needed that shit! My god I’m crying.


Can anyone explain psychologically why the hell she would spew and believe the horseshit coming out of her own mouth? What compels someone to go out of their way to lie and be such a jackass?


Attention. Not wanting to adult. Wanting money. Or she might just be a lying liar that lies. Edit: after some thought. She said she was a CNA. She was probably against getting the vaccine and it was a job requirement. She probably figured I'll show them.


She’s after money. She’s got a gofundme that’s already raised $1445.00. Hard times flush the chumps...


Urgh attention, but it also makes them feel a part of something. Lot of people with lonely lives gravitate to this sort of crazy because it’s all inclusive.


Keep in mind, she recorded this, watched it, and posted it anyway


This woman is almost as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside. Listening to her speak, she’s not very intelligent either.


redneck waifu material?


Even if it was real... I wouldn't believe her because of that fucking haircut.


If it was real her voice would also be shaking because of the unexpected movements happening all the time


[Just gonna leave this here..](https://streamable.com/jmtrsk)


This was the best song for this. Her movements almost look like she's in synch with the song.


Fucking legend! I was waiting for something like this


I’m a spy for chuckles on the app telegraph being used by Qanons & Trump Supporters. You should see the serious discussions about this video and how bill gates wants to control population. It get deeeep.


Just reading this makes me feel like im stuck in some paranoid psychedelic rabbit hole and i need to flush my brain out....




She's probably not lying, prayer is the only thing she's got going for her. And that means jack diddly


I've been around several people with either involuntary spasms or seizures, and this ain't it chief. If ya gonna try and fake something, at least try and make it look believable and don't give your full name to the internet. Disgusting bitch. I'm not advocating for anyone doing anything to her, but I sure wouldn't be upset. Lmao


I've also been around people who had involuntary spasms for different reasons, and none of them were anything like this. I've actually had occasional spasms from two meds that I took (Lyrica and Cymbalta(, and it was a random jerk from time to time. Sometimes they woke me up. So I stopped taking the meds, and they went away. If this were legitimate, she'd be hospitalized for exhaustion and would probably also have rhabdomyolysis from the muscle tissue breaking down too quickly to get flushed out by her kidneys. She might even need dyalysis. You'd think a CNA would be able to get some of the medical conditions right.


She's vibing tho


FUCK HER.....there are people who genuinely suffer from convulsions. (Completely unrelated to Covid vaccine)


I'm having uncontrollable full body spasms but I can speak perfectly fine with no issue...


That’s the most awful attempt to twerking I’ve ever seen


She's antivax there is no way in hell she would ever take the vaccine in the first place "I know these vaccines harm/kill us so I'l take one... oh no its harming and killing me!" Really?


Worst. TikTok Dance. Ever.


All waking hours? Well it sure is handy that it stops when you go to sleep.


God is good


Oh right of course. She’s a Christian so God will bless her with custom made diseases.


I hope she loses her job and rots tbh


Convulsions with this range of movement would be way more violent and sudden than this, being at at least some risk to hitting yourself or something else accidentally. Her movements are too controlled and safe to be involuntary. TBF my only resource is my experience with a negative reaction to a medication (not a vaccine)


I had weird muscle jerks when I was on Lyrica years ago then more recently on Cymbalta, and they'd be so violent that my laptop would get thrown off my lap or I'd smack myself in my sleep hard enough to wake me up.


This bitch is so stupid that she cant even fake her cunvulsions and finish the sentence at the same time


I saw someone on my Instagram share this to show how “bad the vaccine is”. Most awful thing here is that people actually believe this and will use it as an excuse to not get the vaccine


She mentions her tongue was spas-ing out but it sounds like it’s working perfectly fine to me.


has she not watched the video before uploading it?


What a total cunt, I personally hope she contracts ebola


Jesus, are Moderna putting Rhythm in their vaccine?


Just wandering if it would be consistent for an actual person starting having convulsions like that to spend time online like this instead of running at the hospital as soon as possible hahaha


I saw another video of her in what looked like a hospital bathroom that was connected to a patient room. Some ERs have rooms like that. I really doubt that doctors would let someone go home in that state. That much physical exercise would break down muscle tissue so fast that her kidneys wouldn't be able to flush it out, so she'd have rhabdomyolysis and might even need dialysis. So I think if this was legit she'd be sedated to let her body rest.


I'm not as expert as you seem to be in this kind of subject, but i can feel that something is not ok with her being so easy at home hahaha thanks for your clarification anyway, i didn't think that kidneys could be involved in such a disease. Real symptoms must be so bad i can hardly imagine 😔


She'd better be a former CNA. Hope her work sees this shit.


I feel like at this point with these people that believe all this antivax, anti mask, anti science bullshit. People like this should face criminal charges for purposely misleading people


Lets all appreciate the Karen haircut


Antivaxxers are talking about how dangerous vaccines are yet they have to fake videos about non existing symptoms CURIOUS


Such a good actress


antivaxers can't pronounce the ingredients on chip bags but are somehow smarter than all medical professionals


She looks so fucking stupid lmao


This new version of the macarena sucks.


Wow she’s a better actor than Adam Sandler


She must be a HORRIBLE cna to think that's what a seizure looks like.


"Don't go full retard. You never go full retard. " kirk lazarus


I do not understand what makes people act this insane. Like seriously she got the vaccine and started faking symptoms wtf


speaking as someone who’s suffered with pretty severe spasms, she’s way off


That’s the most exercise she’s gotten in years.


She's the type of Karen that "speaks in tongues" and flails at church for attention. Bad Karen


"I didnt know what else to do but come on live" bitch how about go see doc. I know its fake im just pointing out that its so many peoples first instinct is to hop online in times of need instead of getting help.


Her speech stays normal? Karma would be: if you act like this for 60 seconds, and your faking it, you stay that way forever


It’s amazing how all the old people at nursing homes are clamoring to get this vaccine and have no reported side effects. It seems to be only middle aged white women who are reporting such symptoms as this woman is claiming. What a coincidence!


Mentally ill. Let’s move on.


Just so you know she dances just like this Sad


[Y’all are welcome! ](https://www.reddit.com/r/CovIdiots/comments/ky20f0/i_had_to_make_this_post_by_u1994californication_a/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


If antivaxxers had done some research they would not be antivaxxers and this dumbass will actually know how convulsions look.


Even if this was real...and this one person, or maybe even a couple people had this side effect, the vaccine is still worth it for the greater good. I don’t understand how this could change someone’s mind about the vaccine.


Anyone got the sequel how the next day she's walking around town just fine?


Can’t wait for this as well


Fuck sake


Well at least she’s getting some exercise now


As somone who has seizures and shit this makes me pissed off. The vaccine won't do that to you, this person needs to pull their head out their arse and grow up


She looks like she is doing the peepee dance. As someone who works with people with actual tics and seizures....this ain't it.


Has anyone found out who she is yet and fucked her social media up?


She says her name in the beginning so I searched on FB. People are buying it.


I don't understand why anyone would do this. And I guess I'm glad I don't because that woman has a mental problem.


She even has a Karen cut


Somebody has to get some footage of this lady grocery shopping or something, just to really out her as a lying jerk


If her body was doing that all day she sure as hell wouldn’t be that fat by now


my favourite part is seeing her realised she hasn't moved a specific body part in a while, then overcompensating immediately


Imagine being this ridiculous of a person.


I have to admire this woman's level of dedication. Suppose she gets famous for this bullshit. Gets called for a TV show interview in an auditorium, for example. Then she has to twerk like that, live on screen, for a whole hour. Then her face gets recognizable on the streets. She goes to a restaurant and dance-eats her meal, but she can't forget to have her spasms. It's a lot of hard work just to prove you're dumb.


As an epileptic fuck this piece of shit


The haircut says it all


When you start your first sentences with "Hi I'm real, and this is also real" you're going to put up more red flags than someone posting in r/relationships


That's probably the most workout she's done in the last 5 years


If you are going to video yourself doing fake convulsions....maybe watch a video of someone with real convulsions first.


Mental illness is a hell of a drug.


Don’t give Drake any new dance ideas


Wow.. these people exist


Throw on some old school Depeche Mode on that girl


Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man


This is so stupid that I'm pretty sure the only people who will fall for this are people who are already bewitched by anti-vax lies


It looks like she's attempting to do the robot and fucking it up


Reminds me of this: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1G2hi6ODac](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1G2hi6ODac)


It’s pretty frightening that this person works in healthcare and it probably spreading so much misinformation. Maybe she’s hoping for a disability pension or something? I’m real confused


I've seen porn with better acting than this


She can’t even fake it well.


Well, that's all the proof I need. No vaccine for me. -my entire family


So.... now that she's filmed this, and I assume posted it under her own name, does she realise that she's pretty much committed herself to this act forever? The minute she stops she proves she was full of shit. So technically yeah, I guess she does have constant 'seizures' now...




Fucking oxygen thief


I left the sound off and started beatboxing. It made me feel good about my terrible, terrible beatboxing.


She doing the vaccine boogie.


I thought she was doing a new Tik Tok dance


Cunvulsion Karen..


This is actually cringe lol.


Isn't this a crime?


This is super cringe.


Looks like she’s tryna dance lmaooo


Best cardio she’s done in years, toning those arms!!!


Odd that her feet stay rooted to the ground, perfectly still.


Without sound it just looks like she is a shitty dancer.


This is why some of us fear some white people. I'd be shocked if her name wasn't Karen.


This is hilarious. As someone who has had akathisia and dyskinesia it’s super obvious she’s faking it and if she only knew what it was truly like to live with the involuntary spastic movements that blight you when you have these conditions she wouldn’t take the piss.


Disgusting. Some people are just disgusting.


As someone who has really bad tics, this is hard to watch in that it's so terribly fake. Plus if it was a symptom would It really be constant? I dunno that's a legitimate question.


When you're not quite sure what the word convulsion means so you dance badly instead