I wonder how much of the delay is because w Covid and stuff the guys finally got a taste of being at home, still being rich, and being able to be at stuff with their families and just wanna continue doing that


This is what I’ve always thought. Nothing wrong with it because it’s their lives, but I think they are just taking full advantage of COVID and the luxury of having money and not having to do any real work while being with family and vacationing. Can’t say I blame them but it does sucks for fans.


Well I mean there's also the "M. Shadows having cancer'' thing




He didnt have cancer. He had a cyst on his vocal chords.


Just given the sheer amount of time that people have had to wait, it's really difficult to know if it will live up to everyone's expectations. And also the fact that it sounds like it will be a much more experimental sound according to the reports, it could go either way for them. I will listen with an open mind but I'm going to sample it before I buy it.


If syn aint beat boxing on the album then it wasnt worth the wait


In terms of quality, I’m obviously not expecting it to be as good as the 2003-2010 run (favourite music from my favourite band, a high bar, lol), but we never know until we get to hear it. One thing I’m hoping for with them finally getting this album out is something a hit of the reset button. Matt mentionned that things will happen much quicker once things get going (unless that was another thing that Matt said that they won’t follow through with, 😭) and with how nonexistant the band have been the last few years, I would really love that.


What Matt was referring to was the fact that after this album, they will no longer have (by choice) a record label. If they write and record two songs on a Sunday afternoon, they can release them within a few weeks and call it good. They will no longer be constrained by what a label tells them is an acceptable entry towards their contract, because there will be no contract. With lots of folks in and out of the industry proclaiming the long-play album format largely dead, bands can be freed to release what they want, when they want to, without that concern. Personally, I'm an album guy, but I'm also a dinosaur (early 50s) and I know it. I've always listened to entire albums rather than playlists (mixtapes) or even a bunch of CDs on shuffle. So it will be an adjustment for me, but it is what it is. So, it's POSSIBLE this will be the last full-length album by the band - they may do shorter releases more frequently, or even do maxi-singles here and there (one "single" track with two or three bonus tracks - live tracks, covers, etc) going forward. They may also do things in EP format: 20-30 minutes of 4-6 songs. The door is wide open after the current contract is fulfilled with the release of the next album.


I remember reading a Dave Mustaine interview several years ago where he lamented having to write a full album for the record company, knowing that only 2-3 songs would be singles and the rest would be ignored. I'm open to shorter releases. One of my favorite A7X songs is "Not Ready to Die" and that was just a one off release that tied to a video game. I can see where they might have an interesting idea, but if it didn't fit into the theme of an album, they'd cut it and bury it as a b-side. If they just release shorter EPs or even just singles, it opens them to releasing more interesting one off material.


Bro I'm 27 and my room and car are FULL of CDs. I've only recently started getting into playlists because of Spotify, but a few years ago you would've caught me just listening to nothing but full albums from my favorite artists.


Most likely no 7 years doesn not equate to 7 years of work and planning.


The amount of time spent on something doesn’t exactly correlate to how good or bad it turns out to be.


Exactly, however a lot of people believe so. So that time between artist or series releases is filled with nothing but anticipation and speculation. And the longer without a release, the more both grow and the higher the bar goes. Basically Half Life 3-itis


I have been listening to other bands and have no expectations, so yes it will be worth it to me. You guys are ruining it with your own hype lol


Unless the album is a undeniable masterpiece, I think it’s gonna get a lot of hate because of how long it has taken and all the NFT stuff. Not saying that is right or fair, but that’s what will happen.


Matt has said in discord with this being their last album with a record label, they’ll be able to freely release music when they like. In the future it might like singles here and there and eventually be released as an LP but I personally think since they don’t have to have the mindset of “we need X amount of songs to make a record” they’ll release new music if and when they feel like it in little tidbits moving forward


Since this is exactly what Matt had stated. I can only hope that they will stop doing the greatest hits set lists they did for years, and start touring with deep cuts. If the album is as good as I hope, then fine. But I just want to see them start touring again. The lifers have wanted some much-needed throwback content for a long time. If it continues to be afterlife, hail to the king, bat country and unholy confessions every show. It'll be a huge disappointment. They randomly whipped out MIA for a couple of shows right before Matt got injured. That was a step in the right direction, in my opinion. I don't even care about the new album. It's been 7 years. I just want to hear shit like Trashed and Scattered, I won't see you tonight on the sets.


I wish I'd seen this before I posted my response. You said the same thing with fewer words. Thanks.


I do think it'll be worth it


Probably. I think that because Avenged tends to do something a little different every album that their music stays high quality and relatively fresh, while many other bands after a long career tend to get stale and/or lazy after writing the same kind of music over a long period of time. We'll see what happens whenever they put out the first new single though.


Call me just a hopeful fan, but I really think this is just going to kick off a new era and Avenged are coming back to the top to stay awhile


Na they arent, bands like BMTH and Ice Nine Kills are who are gonna be at the top, while A7X are going for a very experimental new sound and they're gonna be doing whatever the fuck they want, but theyre not gonna reach that same mainstream success that they had way back then. I can see A7X are gonna be a niche band going forward.


It fucking better be




They can’t release a Kanye inspired album until he’s been hospitalized or it’s not longer the top story. We’ll wait 6 more months I think.


My entire music taste has shifted between the time the stage came out and now, from stuff like this to hip hop and r&b. I’ll still give the album a listen but the wait has kinda killed a lot of my consistent passion for the band tbh. I can’t imagine being apart of a fan base for musicians that release once every like 10-15 years lmao


Crazy how we would actually be getting the SECOND follow-up to The Stage by now, had it not been for Matt's throat problem and the Panini.


If we get more than 3 ballads, i will be upset but im preparing for it anyway


If we get less than 10 ballads, i will be upset


I’m personally excited for the new album and looking forward to it. I haven’t really experienced a song from them that I haven’t enjoyed including experimenting like the stage or httk, their Metallica rip off album. I think if you’re a diehard you’ll likely enjoy any music that they put out just because you support the band. If you’re only a fan because you enjoy a certain aesthetic, I feel like you may be out of luck because it seems like the band wants to flesh out their sound. I like bands that put out consistent genre music, but after a while everything sounds the same and the songs become less original. They begin ripping off their own music. I feel like bands like A7x that are putting out albums with their own sound are more likely to reach out to newer audiences because they have a little something for everybody and you won’t grow tired of the same noise.


If you haven’t seen them live, this might be the last big tour they do. Or the very least the last ones that are album themed shows. Go see them.


Yes it’s 100% going to be worth the wait. They deliver a masterpiece every time


90% no. feel like i personally won’t like the direction they’re going to take with it. from the rumors i’ve heard, it sound like they’re taking a dark, progressive sound - like a blend between HTTK and Stage. some people will like it and some people won’t.


Not comparing bands, but ever heard of Tool?


I honestly think the next album will have their Grammy winning song. I'll still always be confused how Run beat The Stage. No disrespect to The Foo, but the two songs are just leaps and bounds different, and The Stage is a musical masterpiece. So yes, I think it'll live up to the hype. Remember who Brian's father is, and Brian himself is becoming better and better every single album.


Was just thinking about this yesterday. Avenged Sevenfold has peaked, and clearly has not been remotely the same since the Rev passed, he wrote a lot of their music and gave them their unique sound. HTTK is controversially their least liked album, and The Stage brought a whole new outlook to the band. Don't get me wrong I love both of those albums, I'm just trying to explain how different they have become. I do believe we are on the end stretch, especially because of how long it is taking for them to release another album. I will always love this band, it will always be number 1, I cherish my deathbat tattoo on my arm. That being said, I'm excited as fuck to see what this next album entails and I hope it isn't their last, but it sure looks like it might be. Love to hear your thoughts


Certainly don’t think it’ll be their last. Think they’ve enjoyed a break with their families and done some stuff on the side. All the background work they’ve put into the band (like it or not) hints at continuation for many, many years. This will be another huge step from the albums you’ve mentioned, but that’s cool. It’s good to be challenged musically. HTTK might be universally the one people talk most smack on, but it’s commercially their most successful, so 🤷🏻‍♂️ Enjoy the next few months, spring will soon be here and with it a new album (all being well)


Good point, they have invested a lot of side projects into their brand which does make sense if they were to continue to make music. I didn't look at it like that before. I'm hyped for this next release, and hopefully they will go on tour again. I saw them once in 2012 when I was 15, and was going to see them again in 2018 but they canceled 2 days before because that's when Matt burst the blood vessel in his throat. :( I was so heartbroken, and they haven't came around my area since.


Absolutely not, I love them but the hype is fucking dead outside of the fanbase. I mean look at Slipknot, 2 days after their newest album came out everyone forgot about it. Hell even I forgot about it and it was on my table. Plus who knows how much longer they got


That album was bad honestly so if a7x album is really a hit it will stick.


Yeah that's cause it wasn't very memorable. It was average. But when they came back with WANYK it was talked about forever and well liked. Same with Tool. I feel like if it's good, it will be well respected and remembered, even after a long hiatus.


>But when they came back with WANYK it was talked about forever and well liked It probably helps that WANYK had way more marketing (Jimmy Kimmel show, Solway Firth crossover with The Boys), a bigger build-up to release (All out Life releasing more than a year before WANYK despite not being part of the album except in Japan) and of course a better mix of good songs (Unsainted, Nero Forte, Solway Firth, Orphan, Not long for this World). The End, So Far isn't a bad album but it seems like Slipknot themselves weren't even excited about releasing it compared to WANYK.


I’ve honestly just moved on from the band


I really do hope so, but my expectations are set way low. They really haven’t been the same since Jimmy died, and it’s starting to show.


For me? No, absolutely not. If they returned to the style of Nightmare then yes I would be fine with the wait, but they just want to keep experimenting.


See, I’m in the same boat. I loved COE, the self titled is OK, not great. Loved NIGHTMARE, and thought HTTK was like a 8/10 I wasn’t really a fan of the earlier albums super scream heavy vocals


Unless it's a double album, almost definitely not.


It’s probably gonna be chock full of ballads. 🤢


Was it Matt that said they drew inspiration from Kanye west? Aged like milk.


Not really, Kanye may have developed into the biggest piece of shit walking the earth in the past couple years, but his music is still genius and groundbreaking. I think it’s ok to be inspired by the sound he created, it says nothing about you as a person


It's some people's opinion that Kanye's music is "genius" and "groundbreaking". I, for one, do not want my favorite metal band to be influenced in any way by an overrated Nazi rapper.


No but i think it will be good


I would say probably not. The amount of time also builds the amount of expectation. I think it also depends on your relationship to the band. Like if you only listen to avenged sevenfold, you probably have extremely high expectations. If they’re just a band in rotation, you might have somewhat higher expectations just because it’s been so long but if it’s not a mind blowing album you probably won’t care that much because you have other stuff to listen to.


I really hope so. I don't really care about the whole NFT deal, but I did find the fact that they talked about it constantly a big aggravating. So if the albums not good, then for me it'll seem like they've stopped focusing on the music


I have a good feeling about it somehow. Not like something that will instantly become my favorite by them, but an album that is interesting and fun to listen to and will become even better with time. Don't have any evidence for that, but that's what my intuition tells me will happen and that's also what I'm hoping for


Honestly after the stage, I think it’ll be another album that will take some warming up to. Sure it’ll have hits, but I’m expecting some “weird” sounding stuff that may take a few listens to like. So to answer the question, initially no but I think it’ll be a good album regardless.


well, atleast i hope so


with matt’s voice status hard to say. the stage was kinda rough hopefully he’s had time to heal


It will be solid. But people will always complain




No, I think their focus has been lost, and I think Matt’s voice just won’t be the same. Not worth the 7 year wait


I don't think any album could really be worth a 7 year wait. But I'm trying to keep my expectations reasonable. As long as I can place it in my top 3 avenged albums I think I'll be pretty happy with it, if it's lower than that I'll probably be disappointed, but like I said, I don't think any album could truly be worth 7 years.




When it will release by the way?


Spring 2023


Thanks man!