Should I move to Australia?

Should I move to Australia?


We're closed................. literally.


https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/working-in-australia would be your starting point. Review the eligibility criteria and restrictions. Be aware that due to Covid-19, Australia is basically closed to non-citizens who don't have other appropriate category visas. Working holiday visas are not included in that exception. Expect maybe a year or so before things get up and running. As for your original question, there's a difference between visiting Australia and moving there. Chances of a 21 year-old moving to Australia without any specific skills or other reason (such as a spouse or direct family member) is pretty much zero. However, on a working holiday visa you could potentially find a job that could be permanent and the employer could sponsor you for PR...but you'd need to have something that Australian citizens may not. Good luck.


Australia is the best country in the world. So, fuck yea! Come and live here. Though being a Sydney sider what I have seen when young people on working holiday visas is sometimes sad. Coming here with the best intentions of mixing work and travel but finding themselves stuck working for minimum wages with high expenses meaning travel plans go down the toilet. My advice would be to come here with plenty of cash that will allow you to enjoy your self. Find skilled work that pays well even if that means doing short courses or what have you and live somewhere that won't burn your pay check. Allow yourself some freedom without getting stuck in the rat race that often comes with living in the big cities. Also, Vegemite is best at about a 70/30% ratio, butter/Vegemite on toast. Your welcome.


I'm upvoting this primarily for the vegemite advice. New vegemite eaters need to understand this. Painting that shit on is not the way to go unless you're experienced.


100%. It's a delicate process. Novices should tread lightly


people seem to think it's like nutella


Lol! If Nutella had a polar opposite. Pretty sure it's Vegemite


>My advice would be to come here with plenty of cash that will allow you to enjoy your self. its usually yanks with no/little money that are blindly interested in moving to somewhere they've never been before


Yep. The path is rough for those who come here with fuck-all. If ya can't afford it stay home until you can


Right now if you can even get a flight there you have to quarantine for two weeks. My son moved from US to Oz 10 years ago and never came back. He loves it there.


Even that's not possible for now


Yes, but move to Melbourne as you will meet more people and make friends easier than Sydney


Especially during a lockdown when they decide to travel all over the place.


Melbourne people are way more introverted and standoffish to strangers than people in Sydney in my experience


Perhaps it’s a personal thing. Melbourne seems slightly cheaper and more social things to do. Sydney is better looking and has better nature parks.


The amount of things to do and night life in Melbourne is pretty incredible. There is an incredible amount of music and things can stay open much later than Sydney. Rent is slightly cheaper too I suspect.


Australia and America are very similar culturally.


No noooo nooooo noooooooo noooooooooooooooooo


I mean, we're getting there. Skomo doing his bit making friends with Qanon, I guess 🤷‍♂️


In some aspects yes, but there are other aspects that we're *very* different.


Tall poppy mentality is a big one. Here, cutting down your mates and bagging them out is a friendly gesture. In the US, them's fighting words Disclaimer: I actually have no idea


I used to live in CA and australia is very americanised, weve always been a couple years behind on a lot of things.


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