They commented on it once in one of the podcasts. Netflix wouldn’t renew for season two for a few metrics that the show didn’t meet. Viewers Rewatching and finishing the series were two they mentioned.


No rewatching? That comes as a surprise to me. I can understand if the comedy is a bit too niche for a general audience so people don't finish it, but in my opinion this sketch format is perfect for rewatching. I never rewatch series, but I binge BOHOF and I Think You Should Leave every now and then.


Fr I honestly can't remember how many nights I've gotten buzzed and decided to rewatch all of BOHOF in one sitting


I have forced so many people to watch their videos.


Same, I've probably rewatched it about 5 times while tripping lol


Ahh that sounds dope! I've listened to some of my favorite podcast eps while on acid, but putting on BOHOF never crossed my mind:) Which is almost a little strange considering I discovered AD through the show at around the same time I discovered acid


Oh man, next time then!! I always like to put it on when coming down from the peak, in that stage where everything is still really abstract but you can actually pay attention to visual media without rolling on the floor and getting caught in patterns lmao.


I think the issue was that it wasn’t rewatched often enough to hit some threshold for renewal. I agree though, it’s a great format for rewatching. I’ve put morning brown on many many times!


I understand, but I assumed a series like this would actually be rewatched a lot compared to other series. Perhaps it's a specific metric for this kind of content.


I think for me, since it's separate sketches, I never feel much of a need to go back and rewatch a full episode, I just watch a few specific sketches.


Plus many of the skits are on YouTube, so Netflix won't see any metrics from those views.


It's coffee you fuck!


Every once in a while my buddy and I will get drunk and put on an episode, and before we know it we've seen it all.


Yeah I can get people not finishing - they watch the first episode or even just part of it and decide it's not their thing - but I feel like it's really rewatchable if you like it. I've seen it like 6 times.


It's a bold move to have the first few lines of your show be: "I just did a cum!"


Was this on a Patreon episode? I’ve never heard them discuss this on the regular podcast…


I /think/ I've listened to every podcast (including all the Patreon ones) and I don't recall them ever having mentioned it.


iirc Netflix are pretty secretive with their metrics, so I doubt they’d want the boys talking about stuff like that. /u/siphonica do you have a timestamp?


Wasn’t a patreon as I don’t have their patreon. It was said very briefly by Broden in answer to a question they’d received. I can look through the podcasts and try to find it again if you like.


Currently rewatching for the 5 or 6th time. Sadness


That’s so relatable!


Ha ha ha hahaha ha ha!


source plz the people are waiting




That’s interesting because I’m 99% sure there was an ad on Netflix for a few days a few months ago saying there were new episodes coming soon…If it was on Netflix I don’t get why they’d advertise new episodes when they very much knew they weren’t renewing the show But then again it’s Netflix so who really knows what their strategies are


Who knows? Maybe the Aunty Donna boys lied to us and it is renewed! That’s the perils of getting your information from comedians I guess!


which podcast?


I'm curious about this too. I've probably done 2 or 3 re-listens of the podcast and I can't remember them ever commenting on these specifics.


I think you might be remembering the time they appeared on The Weekly Planet podcast (Mr. Sunday Movies). They went into great detail about the entire Netflix / Los Angeles process.


those dumb mother fuckers


I've done my part


I think I've rewatched this series more than any Netflix show. It's very easy to put on because it's relatively short.


Man that sucks. I rewatched the show 2x and still watch clips from it on YouTube on the reg. Netflix is full of cunts.


I understand it's not for everyone. But for my house, we have rewatched the show somewhere in the double digits.


I just found out about them a couple months back. God if I knew about them when the show dropped I'd have added my several rewatches to that metric :(


There is so much on YouTube though if that’s any comfort


> Netflix wouldn’t renew for season two Bbbboooooo.


It was badly marketed in my opinion. I didn't know them before this show, but at first when I saw the ads for it I wasn't really interested. They put Ed Helms in the promo frames, and I mostly can't stand him so I skipped it. Then a few months later a good friend told me to watch this show, and fuck I'm glad I did, it's amazing. It's a shame we won't see season 2. I don't really care for their podcast, but the random videos I see on Facebook of them are always so good. Would love to see another "official" show by them.


That ed helms picture is exactly why i skipped the show for so long.


Egg Helms?


Same shit happened to Stella on comedy central way back. Their shorts from the early 2000s are some of my favorite sketch comedy




They mentioned it was only meant for one season, but there is more Netflix content on the way.


Yeah, the show drew from years of content and shows, so they mentioned it would take a while to develop all new content for another season.


Blame egg helms! Was he even a fan or did Netflix just force him in to give it 'star power'?


A fan according to the boys


He was the executive producer lol. They pitched the show to him and he helped them make it. No Egg = No BOHOF.


They are putting together a new series locally at the moment. It may be through their Grouse Hose channel though I am unsure of the finer points.


Pretty sure they needed like a billion views to meet reqs and I don't think that ended up happening. Netflix is kind of taking a dive so hopefully it opens up some bigger doors for them!


I don't want to be negative because I love aunty Donna and maybe it's just personal taste but I kinda get why BOHOF wasn't renewed. I've been into AD since like 2015 or something and I was big into their YouTube, live shows and podcasts before they released BOHOF but for me BOHOF just doesn't do much. It's not bad but it's their weakest work and if it was my introduction to AD I don't know I would have delved into their back catalogue. I can't help but wonder how 1999 or trendy would have been perceived had that been released on Netflix instead


I never heard of AD before the Netflix show, avoided it a few times, and when I did try it found it a bit of a challenge initially. I then found their clips on youtube and did a deep dive and about two weeks later I became a patreon supporter. I think the Netflix show is their most polished work, but that may be an actual negative. The shambolic podcast degeneration into insanity is enticing and engaging. The Netflix show just kinda drops you into the deep end, and it doesn’t have that progression of crazy. I wonder if they were given 12 episodes and allowed to draw it out a little if it would be an easier sell.


I think it was neat as a high production value recreation of their bits. It got a lot of new fans onboard too. But now that they've used moogie and ellen what's even left for season 2 (I'm like 70% joking) But yeah glad it got made, understand why it's not renewed




Well as a non fan before, the show turned me into one


Same, Homelander getting put down, the South African Sams, the barbershop, Pausey Pete and the fact all of those things are drums - [thought it was incredible. The only dips tended to be where they brought in Americans that weren't quite on the same wavelength](https://imgur.com/a/Tm5DuOk)


Blair Buoyant the Clairvoyant is not on the best tier therefore this list is invalid sorry


The Egg Helms bit was mildly amusing. I'm also constantly quoting "This is going to be huge for the community"


Yeah, I was introduced to them through the Netflix series, but really enjoyed getting to know them through the podcasts.


I had heard of their live shows, but hadn't watched any of them and didn't even know they were on YouTube. After I saw the Netflix series I went down a rabbit hole of discovering all their YouTube stuff.


The show is what introduced me to them


That anecdotal evidence is doing a bit of heavy lifting there, no? I was a fan before the show, and enjoyed the show too. I know at least two people who weren't fans before who got into them because of the show, so I guess I could make a general statement about the consensus too! [Or maybe...](https://www.rottentomatoes.com/tv/aunty_donnas_big_ol_house_of_fun)


Yeah this dude just sounds like he's being one of those fucking "oh their old material was so much better" hipsters. I've been a die-hard for like 8 years, seen them live twice, fucking love BOHOF. I don't understand how anyone could call themselves a fan and say the show was shit.


From my world, I bring you greetings. It's so hard to tame them. It will be so hard to prove them wrong. I believe we'll lose our world for them. I believe we'd throw up arms before them. And bore them. So call it home.


yeah na wrong


I liked a lot of the show original sketches but I wasn't a fan of how they rejigged a lot of stuff they'd already done in videos or live shows. The original videos/shows are funny because they feel improvised but in the show they just used the originals as a script so it felt less organic.


Yeah I thought the general consensus was that the show was a bit flat.


I had never heard of Aunty Donna before the Netflix show, and it turned me into a fan. There are some low points in the show for sure, but it's still a really solid sketch comedy show. If Monty Python's Flying Circus weren't on Netflix, BOHOF would be my favorite sketch comedy show on the platform. Flying Circus only beats it for me because of the sheer amount of genius content that show had over the course of its run. BOHOF is more consistently funny over the course of an episode, but there's also dramatically less of them they had to fill.


why would you think that was the general consensus ?unless you are a generally confused person