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man Attack on Titan has the potential to be a Cosmic Horror Story like Dead Space, Humanity pretty much exists for no reason other than to be food to the Titans and The Necromorphs


As a kid AOT always scared the living shit out of me whenever it came on the tv


Are you like a kid and a half now?




I really like the artist's take on the [cyclical the nature of titan powers](https://www.artstation.com/artwork/lRe4mY).


Wow I hadn't considered non human titans. That's so cool


The dinosaurs in the s2 opening finally make sense


godzilla is canon confirmed ​ fucking nuts toho did a crossover with eva but not aot


Given the fact that we don’t really know the history of the world before Ymir and the >!extra Manga pages of Beren!< this could be a valid interpretation


Neat take


Is this hell?


It’s where hell gets it’s nightmares from


Or maybe something beyond hell, propably another hell


I wonder if this is in-line with what Isayama meant when he said he “wanted the series to be more gory and violent, but couldn’t because of censoring and not wanting to get cancelled.”


That one titan next to the collapsing watch tower has been seeing the Three Fingers.


That one in front of the giant deformed head looks like Eren. Is it?


Looks like falco on the left, but this piece is really good!


i hope the Anime plays into the horror aspect of the rumbling i was overly obsessed with those "attack on titan rumbling in real life" videos Kane Pixel made, actual nightmare fuel


I loved how creepy it was and damn AOT really could be scary as all hell if it really wanted to and i’m kinda upset it isng


yeah its so obvious Isayama was afraid of getting censored and having the series cancelled in the early chapters ​ the final few chapters have millions getting crushed, babies dying, kids getting flattened, eugenics. he clearly didnt care as much by the end which is probably why its the more scary gruesome part of the story


Reminds me of Dante’s inferno


Tbh I came into the series during Season 1 and was expecting more of these. We didn’t get more eating and gore but I was really fine with what was happening. Heck, I was initially bored during the Kenny episodes because there weren’t no titans but I changed my mind at some point and realized that I really loved all the character interactions and developments between themselves. Then Shiganshina arc happened and I forgot about the gore and eating I wanted. This was the series’ peak IMO. Then Marley came out, it blew my mind, until I just didn’t like what was happening anymore before and when it ended. I didn’t hate it, I just don’t wanna come back and rewatch or reread them anymore. Seeing this art somehow lit up something in me and I dunno what it is.


So we have Falco to the left and Long-Haired Pieck to the right with various Erens in the middle


This looks like some doom concept art


Fine work of art if I say so myself


[the first thing I thought seeing this](https://imgflip.com/i/73u80c)


This reminds me of [Bosch’s](https://www.wikiart.org/en/hieronymus-bosch) paintings


i see the over the top terrifying fast as hell one in the bottom right from levi's sadness OVA