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No. She probably understood the gravity of what had been lost


Before I read any replies I know there are only going to be two answers.....


What's the two answers


1) I really want to fuck 2) Hitch from attack on Titan


I really want to fuck Hitch from Attack on Titan


Tremendous, now take your 💊


Cuz she hates seeing Levi loose his shit. She really admired his ability to remain calm during times of crisis.


We were yet to see Levi lose his shit 💀


Little did we know what the blood god had in store before Sheeeek blew him up.


She wanted to be choked by Levi like that


The right answer


Who doesn’t?




Bro, learn to take a joke




You don’t have to be in anyone’s head, you just understand that what they say is satire or a joke


Oh stop you logical person


I love that this has tree panels




As someone who to.this day still ships Levi and Petra I always saw it as her feeling Levi's frustrations or maybe even feeling bad her captain had to do what he was doing. It always seemed in the anime that she was trying to be a little extra nice to Levi compared to everyone else, like bringing him tea, defending his positions, or just smiling more so this could be seen as a sign of that connection for us shippers. Or sue just feels bad about the situation regardless of who she likes... That could be it as well.


Can someone please remind me the context of the screenshots?


I think it’s the “actually, titans don’t defecate, they have no digestive systems” . The one in the notebook OVA


Hange almost got Olou killed and Levi is chewing her out.


It's when the talking titan was killed.


No i think she was more thinking about what happened to Levi's comrades and felt bad for him, knowing the hell he was put through. She was also probably jealous that Hanji was being man handled and not her.


She was jealous cuz she liked levi






Now I'm interested in what their comment was


He disagreed with what I and the other person said


Levi is no soyboy.


She wants to be Hanji


I feel bad for Hange and Levi for how much WIT altered their characters. Isayama's Hange isn't this reckless and she was careful during this survey. Please don't take this scene seriously. It's anime-only.


Wasn't Isayama heavily involved with the Anime, saying WIT is the one that altered their characters might not exactly be the most accurate thing


You say that wit altered both of their characters and yet you only give an example pf hange. How did they alter levi?


I'm not going to spoil everything on a spoilerless sub when nobody asked lol. Since Hange wasn't reckless, Levi had absolutely no reason to be violent to her. If you want to know more, I can explain with the spoiler tag.


Why couldn’t you just explain more in spoiler tags from the start


Manga OVA happens just like this but you are absolutely right. Hange was highly altered in the anime and Levi as well. So sad because Isayama portrayed them more realistic in the manga and their connection was more notable. As for Petra, I see her ashamed for the situation and how Levi reacted.


She’s probably jealous Levi didn’t pick her up like that


Is this an OVA


Yes. It's one of the very best AOT episodes too and the only OVA that uses actual manga content, so it's canon. It's also the first time we see a titan talk and the first time we hear the name "Ymir" in the story, so when the scout Ymir's name was later revealed it was a huge shock.


Alright bruv we get it, you're a Petra and Levi shipper.>! Too bad she dies...!<


I do ship them but it's not why I asked, It was confusing to me why they focused on her expression, I thought I missed something. Turns out that means nothing. Besides, what are the problems with shipping them? I never said it was going to happen nor did I say it was canon, I simply ship them because it looks cute. Everybody is allowed to ship what they want to ship


When you have a crush on someone, you will get jealous whenever your crush interacts with anyone. Doesn't matter what kind of conversation, it perhaps hurts a little bit to see you are not the one who is having a conversation with your crush