'Criticisms of my religion just strengths my faith' makes as much sense as me saying 'criticism of Hitler makes me even sure Hitler was right'

'Criticisms of my religion just strengths my faith' makes as much sense as me saying 'criticism of Hitler makes me even sure Hitler was right'


The main difference between a "scientific person" and a "dogmatic person" (not just religious people, it also works for those who believe in astrology etc) is that the first recognises they'll change their mind if given proof. The second will never admit they might possibly be wrong


I mean, this is true of all humans. We all have built-in defenses to protect our firmly-held beliefs. For some that is religion, others politics, etc. Being challenged or criticized usually makes us double down.


Their point in saying something like that is usually that the Bible and other similar (works of fiction) often point out how people are going to criticize them. So in their eyes this is another prophecy coming true. Like as if Hitler said that people will criticize him and when they do his followers could go ahead and say "oh but he was right, they did criticize him" ignoring that this element changes nothing.


Translation: The more facts against my religion you give me, the more it makes me believe my religion.


Never forget to remind christians that christmas as we know it today got lifted from the Roman holiday of Saturnalia. Like most of the major iconography comes from that tradition and has nothing to do with Jeebus. The bible says Chesus was born during the Roman census and tax collection, so that puts his supposed birth date in March. So, go ahead and launch a war on christmas since it has very little to do with Chrust.


It is common to force new/weak members of the cult to encounter people negative to, or even directly hostile to, their belief. It is part of a brain washing technique called door-to-door evangelizing. The primary goal is not to convert the person being visited. The goal is to expose the weak believer to rude heathens. And then provide comfort and support from the cult, creating a dependency and strengthen belief and trust.


This is known as the cognitive bias of [backfire effect.](https://youarenotsosmart.com/2011/06/10/the-backfire-effect/)


Some times Godwin's Law happens fast


Since when do muslims have a persecution complex?


They said "some", which means they probably got to know some specific people with said "complex", idk