Angry Christian Mom Boycotts Drug Company Whose Products Help Trans People

Angry Christian Mom Boycotts Drug Company Whose Products Help Trans People


"One Million Moms" is not a group, it's astroturf. It's literally just a Facebook page run by American Family Association – which isn't an association of families either. Even the name "Million Moms" was simply stolen from the entirely unrelated anti-gun "Million Mom March". AFA is really a media company that owns American Family Radio, a network of Christian-Right radio stations. They've been announcing fake boycotts since the 1980's. It's just about manufacturing controversy so they have something to shout about on AM radio.


I've learned over the years and especially after becoming a dad that groups espousing 'Family Values' are completely full of shit. It's always aggressively attacking everything that isn't Mom&Dad w/2-3 kids, rather than championing paid family leave, child care, proactive new parent support, etc. You know. Things that are valuable to families. Fucking Christianity ruins everything. I'd rather have a polytheistic circus like in ancient times than this nonsense.


> Fucking Christianity ruins everything. I'd rather have a polytheistic circus like in ancient times than this nonsense. Me too. That sounds like a colorful scene out of a fantasy novel, instead of the horseshit coming from the Christian right.


Rome for example had a bunch of whacky and wasteful religious traditions, but didn't tell people that they're horrible garbage and to ignore all things that make them human in order to please the gods.


Yeah. I blame Constantine, that fucker.


Blame Paul, he built the church and invented the Christian”persecution” complex that persists until today, those early christians forced Constantine’s hand by being the first terrorists.


If only we'd kept feeding them to the lions, we wouldn't be in this mess.


We would have actually needed to havestarted to make that story true, irony eh?


Yeah! What a dick!


Keanu or Matt Ryan? /s


> the horseshit coming from the Christian right. That would be your basic dystopian novel there.


Them going on about family is like the Nazis going on about Volk.




The Nazis weren't socialists, and they were a predominantly Christian movement. Are you genuinely ignorant of history or are you just lying?


> The Nazis weren't socialists The only socialists among the nazis were the Strausserites, who were murdered during the Night of the Long Knives by the rest of the party. There's a reason the famous quote starts with "First they came for the socialists".


> Nazis are socialists Is that why in 1934, the Strasserites were murdered by their own party? If the nazis were socialists, why did they kill the actual socialist wing of their own party? Also, saying the nazis were socialists because they named the party that is the equivalent of believing that North Korea is democratic, a republic and of the people.


A few things that are true: God isn’t real. The Nazis weren’t socialists. Telling someone to ‘buy a vowel’ in 2021 is more than a bit bewildering.


Good synopsis. Hate will only cause a further decline in religion. I can't wait!


But, at the same time, hate brings vulnerable (religious) people together and the US seems to be very good at producing vulnerable people.


We’ll know they are Christians by their hate, by their hate...


I used to sing it like that when I was in Seminary whenever that hymn was played. Hell, I think half of us did


“You will know them by their fruits.”


Quit picking on poor old Ted Haggard. He's completely heterosexual now.


Best part of the article: >She made me sympathize with a pharmaceutical company. Eli Lilly has some of the most used diabetic medications and chemotherapy agents and they have an annual of over $20 billion. These kooks won't be missed. Just another Astroturfed phony outrage stunt to keep their idiot followers in hysterics.


Especially when we're talking about an industry that routinely kills its own customers and considers the corpses "acceptable losses."


Probably the beginning of a campaign to get republican state lawmakers to pass laws that make it illegal for insurance companies to cover these drugs. Never put down to stupidity what is probably malice with these “christians”


Yes, I believe that will be their next step. They want to make it so we are so miserable we cannot survive this culture. They want us to disappear.


Seriously, what is up with the obsession Christians have with gays and trans people?


They're different and that's terrifying.


My genitals are more exciting than anything going on in their life, I suppose.


They've pretty much given up most of their eternal war against sex in general because most people like sex and they've won so many battles already. These days they're focusing on the smaller demographics filled with people who we're supposed to find "icky" and are doing the sex wrong. Note carefully that their obsession with trans people really started up around the time that people in general were becoming more accepting of gay people. They'll be on about asexuals next I figure.


They can't own slaves anymore. Then they took away the ability to openly hate the people they enslaved. Now they have to oppress people that look like them but are still DIFFERENT.


There is nothing interesting going on in their own bedrooms, so they become preoccupied with what others are doing in theirs.


The anger from people like this woman is funny because the more they complain, the more it tells everyone they know they've lost the culture war. Companies by their very nature are conservative but for years they've been making ads that celebrate things that go directly against bible teachings.


"Those who don't hate what I hate are *haters*!"


My Angelic Christian Aunt once accused me of being "intolerant of \[my\] intolerance!" I had no words.


Not surprising. That's what their "freedom of religion" howls generally boil down to. Remind them that tolerance is only for harmless things. Tolerating the intolerant simply doesn't make the list.


I hope they have an exclusive drug that she’ll need later, and they tell her no.


Cmon were not Christians to do such a despicable thing


Kinda proves my point that religions purpose is to control people.


I mean, people should be free to boycott companies for any reason they see fit....I sure hope she doesn't need any of the other drugs the company makes. Note: I think the reasoning is dumb as fuck, but it is a right to be a fucking moron.


Wait until she hits menopause and needs hormone replacement therapy. Virtually every pharmaceutical company does both for menopause and transgender people


Considering conservative "logic" on trans people, if she isn't making her own estrogen within the normal range of cisgender women, she's not a woman. I guess we'll welcome her into the fold. :/


Ahhh......26 Moms is at it again.


She seems like a “my body my choice” person but only when it benefits her or her ideals


These people love to dehumanize


I’m always disappointed at how much people want to fuck with things that effect them in zero ways.


"I won't be buying your products"... unless there's a drug I need to cure some kind of disease, that is.


How many moms does One Million Moms really have. Just one. Monica Cole (assuming she is a mom). It is a [scam run](https://www.glaad.org/blog/its-not-one-million-its-one-meddling-mom) to elicit donations...lovely tax free donations, nothing more. She has about as much influence on society as a pet rock, although occasional a corporation will fall for the BS for a while).


Grifters for Jesus


"Love one another as I have loved you" Jesus something something A.D.


Good thing for Eli Lilly "One Million Moms" isn't anywhere close to that number. They might stand to lose $3 on their quarterly earnings. Shareholders must be trembling.


Ah, she's one of those dreadful people who is never pleased unless they can find *something* nebulous to be angry at.


No one will miss you, bitch.


And nothing of value was lost lmao


Pink capitalism. No but really, I'm glad Eli Lily is catering to those who need it. But their price gouging and marketing tactics always anger me.


Kind of like how the whole for profit health care system angers the rest of the Damn world. You’re allowing this to be done to you.


"We all know children imitate what they see and repeat what they hear...." Good I hope kids see this commercial and repeat it, there's nothing wrong with the message in their commercial. Oh what demons they are helping EVERYONE... Oh no they told the truth that medicine doesn't see race or gender, that it helps the rich as much as the poor, OH man these monsters need to be stopped! To be honest it's a commercial about medicine the first time most kids hear medicine their brains would switch off and go, commercial isn't for me.


She looks like a fucking lifeless vampire cunt.


You don't have to go full on misogyny here.


So she's cancelling. Can't call it that though, cuz that's supposed to be a wOkE lEfT thing, and it would be so hypocritical if she were caught doing that.


Astro-turfing at its worst.


"I like your Jesus. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Jesus." -Mahatma Gandhi Who was also no saint.


Let them fight.


For a religion supposedly about love, Christianity is much more obsessed with hate. All I ever see about them are protests and shit like that about people they hate for no good reason, most sermons about hatred for other people. They spend far more time hating than they do loving.


Oh no, what is this company going to do without the tens of dollars they could’ve made from stay-at-home Christian moms whose only source of independent income is pyramid schemes?


Angry Christian mom needs a bronzer.


Or a good shag. We've got enough orange people running loose.


Right? She looks like a satanist 😂


And we should care, why?


Huh. Found the deeply repressed FTM trans man.




Not everyone thinks the Earth is round either. There is no accounting for stupidity.


Suck my dick


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What if she's wearing a nice skirt with a matching top? Does that pass your fashion test Mr. Spankwell?




"Man" has a lot of definitions. For example, I feel that your transphobia is a pretty good argument against any claim you might make towards "manhood." Grow up son. It's a big world out there and not everyone is Just Like You.




So birth defects shouldn't be corrected? People should just learn to live with the hand that genetics and fate dealt them?


Christians are doing to trans people now what they did to gay people 20 years ago. jk, Christians are still doing it to gay people.