It's not the fact that someone is gay or enjoys a latex fetish that's the problem, it's the hypocrisy of people who also condemn those who do.


Wait, who has a latex fetish other than me?


I hear the gimp suit business is thriving.


Hey, it's totally for protection against coronavirus! It's legitimate PP protection.. I mean PPE, yes that's it, PPE! I wear it *in public* for protection, that's the only reason. And that guy that's next to me holding a leash, that's just to ensure adequate social distancing, obviously. Nothing weird here at all, I swear!






Zed's dead, baby.


Some people say baby powder, but I'm a firm believer in corn starch.


And the cornstarch business to get into the gimp suit.


Is there and investment ETF for that? I'm always looking to make a good investment.


He should develop a nitrile fetish before he develops a latex allergy.


There are dozens of us! *DOZEEEEEEENS!*


I think you just found common ground with a republican.




Yeah. Lady G


Milo Yiannopoulos.


Uncle Thomas


Uncle Lindsay?


Having a Wide Stance.


Oh God, PLEASE tell me he doesn't have a latex fetish. That's my favorite one, and I don't think I could do it again if I knew Graham was into it 😢


Just imagine one of the pictures you were furiously masturbating to was actually Lady G in a full gimp suit... you're welcome.


Dude, that ain't right...


You sir/madam are a horrible person. Good work.


Then you need to reevaluate yourself. If some other person you don't like does something you do like, why would you allow that to affect you in any way at all? I bet he drinks water, and coffee, and eats foods you like. Would you stop those things because he's a piece of shit?


Thanks, i hate coffee now


Um can I just point out that, with all due respect, if you spend your time on the internets giving life tips to someone called u/turbo-cunt because they don't want to imagine Lindsay Graham in a gimp suit. You might need to reevaluate yourself.


>The right-wing crazies will dump him You seem to forget they were going to elect Roy Moore, a pedophile, over a Democrat. They would elect a Gay Republican before a Liberal, atheist or just about anyone. ​ Thing is, most people probably know, they just love him because he's Republican. They have no qualms about voting for him, even if he IS outed, because Tribalism.


100%, But they will primary him.


Too late for them to put together a successful campaign with someone new


Roy Moore raped little *girls*. The saying is "a boy or a dead girl" for a reason.


Also, that does show that homosexuality isn't a bright line to the right any longer...if it plays out that way. Thats progress I suppose. But first, let's wait to watch the Gay Lindsay show.


> The right-wing crazies will dump him Some percentage, sure. But another probably larger percentage will continue to vote for him and point to him as proof that they're not bigots, while secretly finding him disgusting and perverted and referring to him as "that queer" in private. A gay Republican is better in their eyes than a straight Democrat.


They’ll start dildo-ing their buttholes to “own the libs”


You mean "A lying gay Republican is better in their eyes than an straight Democrat."


God forbid its a gay, honest Democrat.


At least [Log Cabin Republicans](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Log_Cabin_Republicans) are out about their sexuality and know that they are in a party that works against them in that regard (which is what they're trying to change from within). If Lindsey is in the closet but routinely votes against LGBTQ interests then it is an issue because he's harming the rights of other people because he feels he needs to stay in the closet.


> (which is what they're trying to change from within). Then maybe they shouldn't have [endorsed Trump.](https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/457680-log-cabin-republicans-endorse-trump)


Should that be surprising? He has the required (R) after his name and [pandered to them just enough](https://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/presidential-races/288807-trump-to-appeal-to-lgbt-community-in-convention-speech) during the campaign.


I'm not sure how you're trying to change things if you endorse the status quo.


I don't get it either. Some part of their identity aligns them personally with the GOP, could be family tradition or something, and the pull from that puts them on track for the Sisyphean task of getting the Republican party to back LBGTQ rights.


They wouldn't vote for a gay man, but they'd vote for a current gay Republican Senator who supports Trump. Some would simply assume the media was lying about the gay thing even if there was a clear video.


Lets be honest not that I want to claim him or anything but Trump is very likely closer to being an atheist then the Christian he claims as evidenced by his poorly done lip service. Really wish we as a nation could just get past the need of pretending to be religious in this country to get elected.


Trump believes he is a god.


Trump's a narcissist. That doesn't leave much room for any other kind of -ist.


Sexist, rapist, racist.... I believe he has access to all the -ist’s


All of those are just symptoms of his narcissism though. They're small, ugly parts of a bigger, uglier whole.


He could pick them up in a gay bar, take them home and have sex with them, and they'd probably still justify that he's somehow "not as gay as all those libruls!" or something. I mean anybody who can consider Trump a "good, christian man" after all the stuff he has publicly admitted to on video can rationalise absolutely anything.


Looks like a close race, so any loss of support would hurt


Exactly. It's their opportunity to show how accepting they are. They'll despise him but it wins them equality points as long as he remains Trump's lapdog


Never about him being gay. It's about the shity fake hypocritical douchebag he is. Everyone that sees them knows that he and Pence both are, but hide deep in the closet with their fetishes. They screwed up, the left wouldn't care. Instead they went the series hating route.


Agreed. The problem isn’t that he’s gay, it’s that he’s one of if not thee most homophobic Senator in US history whose voting record has done so much harm to the homosexual community. Here’s hoping Jaime Harrison is SCs newest Senator come November.


I fucking care if he's gay or not. He's a powerful public figure who built a power base of supporters based on hate, and he uses it to attack and threaten the security of racial minorities, sexual minorities, immigrants, the poorest classes, and anyone else his rabid supporters decided to hate. If it turns out this entire structure of hate rests upon a massive hypocritical homophobic lie, it would make the entire circumstances of his career so much more virulent. And it would be especially terrible if his shift from "never-Trump" to lap dog was due to blackmail. How far can you push a lie due to internalized shame before you've stoked hatred against too many people? It's not wrong to say this culture of hate gets people killed.


I don’t care if someone smokes pot and snorts coke all day, until they start advocating that people who do drugs need to go to jail.


So maybe he can find peace if he stops living a lie where he’s actively hurting others (and the planet). Not going to loose sleep over republican politicians that loose their power. They all should, for the bettermeant of everything.


And to be honest I’m fine with that. He is an awful politician and I hope he is done with politics.


I would consider it a win if he was exposed and it caused his base to rethink their stance on homosexuality. I would prefer the right seriously consider that gays are real people with rights and privileges like that everybody else than that they shun Lindsey Graham. And I don’t think we can get both at once.


I mean, Lindsey Graham being gay has been a open secret forever Dude. Nothing new. But yeah, it should have long since stopped being a open secret, and just be open. It is beyond absurd at this point.


How has it been an open secret?


[For one thing, he had to issue a denial in 2018.](https://people.com/politics/lindsey-graham-denies-being-gay-after-chelsea-handler-trolls-him/)


Ooooh lol




Soulless fucking skin tag.


Lol, "never believe anything until it's been officially denied"


I reeeally don’t like this man. But I got to hand it to him. He responded to the comments gracefully.


If only he had the same attitude during Kavanaugh’s hearings, maybe he would’ve come across as semi-human instead of a straight up sycophant.


The difference is he can take time and reflect and then say the best things. He’s a smart man, you have to be in order to succeed as he did. His baser instincts are vile, though.


Pretty much known in SC political circles for a long time.


I've lived in SC. Everyone there knows and has for as long as I can remember.


He is an unmarried bachelor at 65 with no girlfriend or partner tends to be seen as an indication that he is playing with the home team.


Isn’t it obvious


C'mon man. You and I both know that talking like that doesn't make someone gay.


Yeah, the dick in the mouth you have to talk around makes you gay.


It's obvious for other reasons...


but there are a lot of naive Americans who think you can't be Republican and gay. Him coming out, or being outted, could have serious political implications for him.


I mean, you really shouldn’t be Republican and gay. Look at how they’ve historically treated LGBT folks. Look at their choice of VP. Look at the legislation they’re currently working on - including allowing adoption agencies to bar gay couples for adopting, because ??? Edit: but in case you’re wondering what that kind of cognitive dissonance looks like, there’s /r/RightwingLGBT. Please do not brigade, just passively observe.


The only way 2020 could get weirder is if Mike pence finally comes out. I wonder what sort of mental gymnastics the right would have to work through to vote for trump then.


"He's still better than a baby-killing, MS13-loving, immigrant-job-giving white-hating Dem!"


"He still did his Godly duty and took a wife and had kids!"


Yeah I think it'd be this one


Woah, fuck you for making me look at that. People are fucking nuts yo. Difference of opinion is ok, but when talking points revolve around demonizing others and praising Carl Tucker, that crosses a line.


Ugh! Top post has a bunch of comments talking about "black on black" crime and that "black people are just more violent in whatever country they live" and "maybe they have different brain chemistry from other races". Fucking seriously? Right wingers are trash.


The irony is that they don’t awe that other right wingers say the same thing about the LGBT community.


I saw a video of Trump talking about his superior genes. He believes his "great genes" allow him to treat people like trash. And make money on it. Conservatives really believe this shit. It's fucking painful to know they "lead" our nation.


Yeah but how many of the toothless people who vote for him in SC are aware of what’s whispered about his sexuality in DC?


[https://twitter.com/sexlocke/status/1268714366179987456](https://twitter.com/sexlocke/status/1268714366179987456) >Lady G is a very open secret here in DC. There are a number of Republicans that are known by the party but as long as they vote and direct support and money the right way it is unnoticed. Have you ever been near a GOP convention and checked the hookup sites, apps? Sean Harding's response: >I know when Republicans have conventions gay escorts make BANK. Man, these Republicans who are doing a poor job of being in the closet while passing / attempting to pass legislation that hurts the LGBT community must be f'ing miserable. Not being true to yourself can make you miserable in a way that nothing else can.


>must be f'ing miserable Have you looked at them? They look like walking corpses most of them. Hatred does weird things to your body. Graham looks ok but look at most of them. They look like a fucking leper colony.


I mean they’re all in their 70s to be fair. Most people aren’t sexy in that decade. But to your point I always see then as sith lords, twisted and gnarled by their own evil inside


It's really no wonder so many of them are utterly reprehensible cunts.


This could be the compromising information that Russia has on the Republican Party


I would like to see some of these escorts coming forward.


Escorts rely on being discrete. If they came forward, they would probably have to find a new line of work. I still think they should do it, but I'm guessing that's why they don't.


Yeah, that's my thinking, too. I'm sure it's even harder than being a whistle-blower coming forward. At least they have may have some structured protection.


What I really want to see is some photo and/or video evidence that explains why LG stands for "Lady G".


I'm friends with a woman who runs housekeeping at a major hotel/convention center that's known for holding political events. She says when the Republicans are in town, the sheets are so glazed with cum and lube they can be cracked into pieces and thrown into the trash like broken glass. There's a visual for you. Filthy animals. Oh, and there's pretty much a revolving door for whores, male and female. Some of them actually book rooms IN the hotel when the conventions are in town.




This is what happens where you grow up in a culture that vilifies certain groups of people, it puts you in a really awkward position when you turn out to be one of those people.


It's perfectly acceptable to out politicians and preachers that screech anti-LGBT propaganda.


The fact he is gay shouldn't matter (assuming he is). The hypocrisy of him supporting anti LGBTQ+ laws definitely should, however. But I suspect Republicans would still vote for him even if his Democrat rival was Jesus himself. After all, according to the Bible Jesus never said a word against abortion, or gays.


It's also very worthy of concern if a sitting senator is engaging in prostitution. (but good luck finding a dozen who aren't) I'm personally in favor of legalizing and regulating the sex industry to make it safer for everybody. But at the moment, prostitution is illegal and if he's breaking the law, aside from the hypocrisy of a lawmaker breaking the law, he's putting himself in a situation where he can be blackmailed.


> Jesus never said a word against abortion, or gays Numbers has literal instructions on how to perform an abortion.


Numbers ≠ Jesus


Still in the book they so desperately try to use to say abortions are bad.


Don't forget Exodus 21:22,23 which literally treats accidentally causing a miscarriage as very different than accidentally killing an adult. A lot of modern translations suggest that it's talking about premature birth rather than miscarriage. What they don't get is that there were no ICUs 3000 years ago. Premature birth *was* miscarriage.


I’ve given my last fuck about lady g, although the thought of lady g requiring NDAs from prostitutes and expecting them to be enforceable is just too delicious. Expect photo ops of him rubbing up against large breasted women to follow closely if this pans out.


He's going to be taking a trip up Pennsylvania Ave to get some advice on how to grab a pussy.


I would normally disagree with Outing someone, but when that someone has spread so much hate, and is part of a group that attacks LGBTQ rights all the time I think there's some justice here behind the hypocrisy


Agreed, it’s everyone’s own experience, but you’ve actively inhibited our progress for your own immoral and selfish gain. It’s hypocrisy


This is about hypocrisy not homosexuality. Hope karma comes for him.


For me, I believe that it's about kompromat. The dude did a complete 180 on Trump and won't explain why. Blackmail is something that Russia is very, very good at.


Could be, but there's much simpler explanation. Some people will shift into any shape to keep power or obtain more of it. Trump's current press secretary is an example of this. She used to criticise Trump until someone told her that her career would go nowhere if she did not embrace him and now look at where she is. Graham and Ted Cruz are prime examples of this. If Trump said the things he said to any non-sociapathic normal person they would battle him until the end. Not these two. They understand going against him gains them nothing and loses them everything and that is more important to them than pride.


His supporters won’t care. I suspect that many who vote for Graham, will justify that vote as a vote to support gay rights, in the same way many racists say “I’m not racist, I have a black friend...he’s one of the good ones”.


I assume that's how another South Carolina asshole, Tim Scott, got elected.


I don’t care if he’s exposed as being gay. He’s already been exposed as a spineless asshole, and that’s what he needs to be ashamed of. Not his sexuality.


It's not about his sexuality, it's about his hypocrisy.


Anyone have any idea what this website is? Doesn’t seem very credible.


~~From another thread (can’t find the original comment atm but have it from when I sent it to someone)~~ [heres the original thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/OutOfTheLoop/comments/gxkkhf/whats_going_on_with_lindsay_graham_being_dubbed/) Answer: So this is one of those weird stories that -- as yet at least -- is entirely unsubstantiated. As such, you should put a big ol' *allegedly* in front of pretty much everything that follows, at least until we have more information. As it stands, though... Gay adult film star Sean Harding tweeted the following on June 4th. >There is a homophobic republican senator who is no better than Trump who keeps passing legislation that is damaging to the lgbt and minority communities. Every sex worker I know has been hired by this man. Wondering if enough of us spoke out if that could get him out of office? >[I cannot do this alone. If you’d be willing to stand with me against LG please let me know.](https://twitter.com/SeanHardingXXX/status/1268672970265964547) (I cannot stress how much you should avoid his Twitter if you're at work. He's a gay adult film star, and his Twitter feed is *not* shy about the fact.) There is only one current Senator with the initials LG: [Lindsey Graham](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lindsey_Graham), Junior Senator from South Carolina and Chief of the Judiciary Committee. Graham was also a candidate for President in 2016, but dropped out before the primaries started due to lack of support. (He was famously critical of Donald Trump on the campaign trail and beyond, but has in recent years been one of Trump's staunchest allies.) Graham's voting record on LGBT issues [has *not* been favourable](https://www.ontheissues.org/Domestic/Lindsey_Graham_Civil_Rights.htm): he's historically been in favour of a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, he voted to ban gay adoptions, he co-sponsored a constitutional amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman, and he's been given a 0% rating by the Human Rights Council, indicating a distinctly anti-LGBT stance. (There are suggestions he might have softened slightly in recent years; he defended [Pete Buttigieg when Rush Limbaugh suggested that Pete kissing his husband was 'confusing for children'](https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2020/02/14/anti-lgbt-republican-lindsey-graham-rush-limbaugh-pete-buttigieg-attacks/), and has noted that gay marriage is a settled issue, but you'd still hardly call him an ally of the cause.) So, why is this a big deal now? Well, Graham's sexual orientation has been the subject of speculation for a long time, largely due to being unmarried and having no children, but also due to a [perceived](https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/jun/22/brian-schweitzer-gaydar-southern-men) [effiminacy](https://slate.com/human-interest/2015/06/lindsey-graham-gay-rumors-are-they-hurting-his-presidential-chances.html). The difference is that this time people are claiming that [there are NDAs in place](https://twitter.com/TomDangora/status/1268916033890516995): >The gay internet is exploding over #LindseyGraham today. An Army of gay escorts are claiming, Lindsay has used their services for years and are trying to figure out how to get around the NDA he has them all sign. It is rumored that DC male escorts now Senator Graham as "Lady G" As such, 'Lady G' is rapidly trending all over the internet. Now, there are a couple of things to note here. Firstly, as yet this is all speculation; there's no -- for want of a better phrase -- smoking gun. Secondly, these are NDAs regarding sex work, which (as I understand it at least) is an illegal activity in most of the US, which would make any NDA legally unenforceable; if these escorts exist, the rumoured NDAs would not necessarily be enough to protect this particular secret. Thirdly, however, is the fact that this would come under the category of ['outing'](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outing) -- announcing someone's LGBT status to the world before they're ready and with their permission -- which is considered a real dick move by most of the LGBT community. For some people, even Graham (despite his anti-LGBT history) deserves better than this; for others, his harmful votes and use of his voice against the LGBT community has made it an acceptable course of action. Comedian Fortune Feimster, herself a lesbian, tweeted: >I don’t believe in outing anyone. It’s that person’s journey and they should get to decide when to share that information or not. However, if you’ve spent your career actively fighting against the rights of gay people, you forgo the right to keep that secret to yourself. [#LadyG](https://twitter.com/fortunefunny/status/1269075845257277440) https://www.reddit.com/r/OutOfTheLoop/comments/gxkkhf/whats_going_on_with_lindsay_graham_being_dubbed/ft2b87w


I can think of a few ways to get around this (the NDA issue). First is the use of video to record the act. If all parties are following the rules for production, then an NDA would be entirely enforceable as they would not be acting as an escort but rather an "adult film performer" for a "private collection".


Never heard of the website before, but this is all over reddit and twitter if you care to check it out.


Now I know why Lindsey Graham is back-and-forth and when he says and when he does his behavior doing Brett Kavanaugh‘s hearing was belligerent and vile. Graham has been being blackmailed for more than 3 years now.


I'm going to call it now, Lindsey Graham's drag name is "Teddy Graham". 'Cuz he's secretly a Bear. Other acceptable answers are "Honey Graham" and "Graham Cracker".


Who wants a bet Trump knew and used it to get Lindsey to vote how he wanted.


Look at all the top GOP people and how they acted before the convention in 2016 and then after. It's like Trump did what he always does and collect blackmail.


You’ve seen guys like Lindsey and Ted to name a few that used to grow a set and then soon after, fall back in line for Donny.


I find it odd that someone would be so willing to hide what he is that he consistently votes against the interests of people similar to him. Why does he hate himself so much?


Probably because he grew up in a very religious and intolerant home, most likely during the civil rights era or right after it. His parents most likely constantly said the gays are bad, the gays are evil, all kinds of shit. Growing up hearing that, and then being gay yourself makes you hate yourself, and it makes you want to punish those who can be happy about being gay.


Sounds too good, like Jerry Falwell Jr.'s Pool Boy. This'd be so delicious because he is such repugnant toad, and you could really see him being an old queen that hires young gay prostitute but works against LGBTQ people every day & spits venom about them. I am against outing people in general, but these stereotypical right wing closet cases don't have my empathy. And the bad, wrong headed thing I have happening now is "..Oh doesn't he just look like that guy".


But admit it, it wouldnt be suprising if it were true.


It's too obvious. Feels like stereotyping shithead southern gay men.


Lindsey Graham is so far in the closet he has a fort built out of all the missing left socks.


Comes in timely with the current administration wanting the Supreme Court to rule against adoption by gay parents.


I'm sure Graham has paid for all of the sex in the only state where it's legal.


This year is turning into an acid trip


It's like one giant fucked up monty python skit


Honestly I figured Epstein had some dirt on him & someone else owns that now. He turned into a real obedient puppet. Whatever it is,it would have been less damaging to just come out with it rather than going along with this clown show as he has. Probably explains a lot of them.


Lady G🤣


If Trump and or Putin have something to blackmail LG; it pales in comparison to the "Pee-Pee" tapes!


No problem with his preferences but his hypocrisy and voting record,trump sycophantic behavior, that I have a problem with


Yeah, Lindsey Graham’s latest campaign ad isn’t fooling anyone. Acting like he has been serious about the covid19 all along. Go hop back on Trumps orange lil’ smoky and come up with some better lie. We aight buying it in SC.


As someone who hates Lindsey Graham: I don't care if he is gay. He can be the gayest person to ever be gay and it doesn't change my opinion of him. He sucks for reasons other than if he sucks dick.


Yep. Being gay isn’t an issue. Shaming people, lying, being a shill are just a start to my issues with this piece of shit.


He sucks worse if he’s a horrible hypocrite on this issue though


He is the most obviously closeted member of the party of closeted people.


Cool. Someone out Pence next.


You mean he's not out? I just seems so obvious.


Most folks never heard about Jeff Gannon during Bush's presidency. Its pretty messed up and the press in the states just about didn't cover it. After initially reporting on it, this thing just went away. Note: this isn't some kind of Pizzaria Pedophile story -- it actually happened. The only mainstream source that really covered it, however, was The Daily Show. The short story -- a completely unqualified reporter that was not able to get press clearance for Capitol Hill somehow gets clearance for the White House Press Pool. Proceeds to lob softballs at Bush every press conference. Reporter looks into him and finds out the reporter is a Gay Male Prostitute in Washington DC. [https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/white-houses-loyal-reporter-once-worked-as-gay-hooker-12006.html](https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/white-houses-loyal-reporter-once-worked-as-gay-hooker-12006.html) [https://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL0502/S00178.htm](https://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL0502/S00178.htm) [https://www.thenation.com/article/archive/bizarre-gannon-affair/](https://www.thenation.com/article/archive/bizarre-gannon-affair/) [https://www.nytimes.com/2005/02/20/washington/arts/the-white-house-stages-its-daily-show.html](https://www.nytimes.com/2005/02/20/washington/arts/the-white-house-stages-its-daily-show.html)


At this point, getting caught having sex with men is an anti-gay republican rite of passage


Expose the hypocrisy


Pretty sure everyone in South Carolina "knows" he's gay.


Odds of Trump blackmailing him? I mean, Graham has done a 180. Yeah. He's political scum but I think there might something else at play. I'm going with 2:1 odds that the WH has threatened to out him.


The real issue here kompromat. If someone is trying to get a security clearance, they are vetted for many things that might be used as leverage against them by outside parties. Debt, marital infidelity, criminal history, etc., can be used to blackmail someone to reveal classified information or to engage in activities contrary to our national interests. I support people's right to be whoever they want to be in their personal relationships, but when someone's public persona is a lie, and their behavior suggests that they may be currently manipulated by blackmail, that is a huge problem. Look at some of LG's early statements about Trump; pretty negative. Then, one day, like a switch flipped, he is out playing golf with him, and all in on his agenda. Seems pretty suspicious.


Graham has to be a switch judging by the way he went from a Never Trumper to a lackey the way he did.


Should of come out long ago.


*Should have --> Should've


Can we create a bot to do this for us on every subreddit?


preferably one that sends out and actual bot that slaps people that say that


You never can tell w some of the older generation, been pretending that they aren’t for so long they can’t come out


Okay, so I initially read this as "Lindsay Lohan" and couldn't for the life of me figure out why this was posted here and not in r/savedyouaclick.


The senator may well need to lose his position because of his politics and policies, but not because of gay accusations. Gay rights apply to political enemies too.


It's not about gay rights, it's about hypocrisy. No one here is saying he should be thrown out of office because he's gay.


Only because it outs him as a liar. Who fucking cares if he is gay?


A lot of people care because, again, it shows he's a massive hypocrite.


I agree 8) - it's the lying, not the gay.


he has been a disgusting anti LGBTQ+ voice for so many years, exposing his hypocrisy would be an excellent way to fight his disgusting bigotry.


Lindsey Graham might be gay??? Noooo what a shocker...


What is fits news? I clicked a link and ended up on another article: >This news site is pro-life.  Adamantly.  We always have been, and we always will be. Uhhh, you probably shouldn't be running a news site then lol


[Like Alec Baldwin said in The Departed.](https://youtu.be/rAReS2JnJ18) "Marriage is an important part of getting ahead. Lets people know you're not a homo"


why is this posted on r/atheism?


Oh.. I saw that in a meme.. it's a real issue? That's hilarious. I always love it when the guys that are the loudest voice against a vice turn out to be elbow deep in it behind closed doors.


On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most surprised I could be, I am a negative 5


We’ve all known Graham is gay for the last 10 years. Lol


the same problem people in Kentucky have known about Turtle Man, aka McConnell for decades. It does not seem to matter when power and control are on the line. gay is so easy to ignore, it seems.


I am torn. Outing people without their consent is fucked up. Being closeted and fucking up life for the rest of us, far more fucked up. Where is the line? Where does it fall? Should all gsm people in government positions who actively gatekeep and make life harder for everyone else in the gsm community be outed? Do we condemn those who haven't outed them yet or continue to stay in a relationship with this type of person? Do we celebrate those who come forward with the truth? I don't have the answers to these questions.


He gay as fuck. Just needs to own it and come clean.


Lindsey is trustworthy. He never leaves his buddy's behind.


Question, why is this in r/atheism? Not defending Graham, but isn’t about religion.


Read the FAQ and your question will be answered.


I hope so, can't stand the hypocrite.


Imagine choosing to keep your donors happy over yourself. Never felt bad for him before now. Lived his whole life hiding who he is


He's been voting against LGBTQ people for years. I don't feel bad for him at all. I hope his self-loathing is massive.


oh God don't feel bad for him. he's a hypocrite. Voting against lgbt for years


Lindsey is a man's name? I was so confused.


You wouldn't have Fleetwood Mac without Lindsey Buckingham. So yes.


About to expose Lady Gaga?


Please, please, please, let that be true. It would be the sweetest news I have read in a really long time.


Lindsay Graham sucked my dick and balls and ate my cum.


Dude! Mine too! Lets get t-shirts made!!!


Not that LG is a tower of masculine heterosexuality or anything but this really seems like a fishing expedition. If LG is hooking up on the downlow he must be doing a good job of hiding it because nobody has ever got a picture of him in the company of a man or a woman in his entire lifetime.


Read it as "fistnews" 🙄


when i saw lady g i thought lady gaga and i was like wait she already came out as bi


Pleaaase happen


Interesting thought, is it hypocrisy if he is gay and supports anti-gay legislation but also willingly lives within the restrictions of the legislation. I'm not speaking to whether the legislation itself is right or wrong, this is just concerning Lady G's possible hypocrisy.


Just asking Is there any openly gay Republican senotor or anyone in Republican party level


Not a chance. The Republican Party is 70 years behind the times