Shrinkflation through the years

Shrinkflation through the years




Just as good for shaving too!


Better, I dare to say.


Definitely gonna make daddy look delicious


Put it on your balls.


That one no neck dude from TLC would love this.


Big Egg


am i thinking of a different TLC? as in the group from the 90s? i dont remember a dude in that group?


He's busy chasing waterfalls.


Probably the TV channel. They have some fucked up shows on there.


Ahhh OK. Didn't even think of tv channels.


Ed? Is that you?


For your BLT at lunch and your hair at night


Duke's Mayo is best Mayo.


Alton Brown approves.


I live in a metric country. Is 32 ounces the size of a mop bucket? Because it sounds like it.


Kenny boy?


The 10oz is $1.49 at Walmart near my house today.


At CVS here in NY the Barbasol is $2.99 - man I miss when it was 99cents


You might just live in a more affluent area. The same grocery stores will have different prices on some items if you drive across town.


Not in new york, unless you get out of the city.


Same in san francisco.


Higher operation costs + higher consumer taxes = higher product price.


True. I live with my parents and they're in an upper middle class to upper class suburb outside a city. You drive 10 min East and the Walmart you come across has most things for at least $.50 cheaper often more than the one in the town my parents live in.


“But shit it was 99 cents!...”


Should have stocked up and hoarded like those coupon hunters on TV. Too bad I didn’t look ahead.


Everything is more expensive at CVS where I live. Could be different in NY though.


Same here in a midsize town in Texas


CVS prices are triple the normal grocery store price for everything. $3 for a 32 ounce Gatorade? Suck my dick and balls, they’re 82 cents ice cold at Walmart.


CVS? CVS and Walgreens have the highest prices on pretty much every product out there. Is that the only store near you?


Not only is it more expensive at CVS, but it's a smaller size. I'm not even kidding, go look. CVS sells smaller sizes of almost everything so that you think you're not getting ripped off as much as you actually are.


Hah! It's $1.47 at the one near me.


could be a deal, my dude. all of these are from the same Safeway store, over three years


Safeway has always been more expensive than other stores.


I’m a tiny bit suspicious that the aloe variety might be more expensive and skewing the results.


The aloe ones are the same price as the regular at our Walmart. I obviously can't speak for OP's specific Safeway.


It may be the same price, but as you can see they use the same bottle but put less in there.


It's not the same bottle size


The green is probably as soothing as the old original and the new original is less soothing than them all. The soothing level is shrinking too.


1 .79 in my parts live in Cali too btw


$1.47 near me


I may be off base, but isn’t it a little disingenuous to compare the prices of two different varieties of the same product? They may be a product of shrinkflation, but they may have also just been priced higher anyway. I may be wrong here, please be kind.


The math is wrong as well. The middle can is 7oz not 7.5oz. Making it 28 cents per oz. so it is the same cost as the larger “value” bottle per oz.


Yeah the aloe ones cost more than the original. Notice that the second can is the same price but has less in it? More expensive per ounce because of the aloe. The last can also has aloe and so it has to cost more than original. Essentially, you arent getting value from the amount, just through the quality. Not really ass hole designs, just basic economics and advertising. Even if they got one over on you, it is $1 more... Like big fucking deal lol


>Yeah the aloe ones cost more than the original. No, they don't. >Even if they got one over on you, it is $1 more... Like big fucking deal lol $1 more is a 50% price increase. That is a big deal.


Nah like look at the picture again. The original barbasol has 10 oz and cost $1.99. The aloe barbasol also cost $1.99, but you get less of it, as it is 7.5 oz. If, for whatever reason, there was a 10 oz aloe barbasol, it would cost $2.60, as it is .26 cents per oz. It is just that the value of the aloe increases the price to the point where the manufacturer reduced the volume to match the prices, but if they were equal in oz the aloe would be more expensive.


Your conclusion is based on the assumption that the aloe variety must be more expensive than the original, when I can tell you for a fact that they cost the same in equal amounts. [Original, 7 oz: $1.99](https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/barbasol-thick-%26-rich-original-shaving-cream/ID=prod6395424-product) [Aloe, 7 oz: $1.99](https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/barbasol-thick--rich-soothing-aloe-shaving-cream/ID=prod6395427-product?ext=gooKBM_PLA+-+)


The official Barbasol website is selling a 6 pack of 7 oz original and aloe version for $19.99. They’re the same price. I’m only really chiming in to say you’re absolutely right. In fact all versions of the shaving cream are the same price, amount per can, and pack size; original, aloe, caffeine/menthol, extra moisturizing, and sensitive skin.


Does r/usernamechecksout for you and this photo? Or economics class? Or something? Cause that's not how the prices are one bit. I can almost guarantee every shaving cream brand prices all their creams the same, no matter the variety. If they didn't, they simply wouldn't sell nearly as much of the more expensive ones, as shaving cream isn't an item that you really need different varieties of. It's just a nicety. So having it the same prices gives more options. So the different prices/sizes shown (also note the different years) in fact DO show the garbage inflation of prices they're doing


That’s not true. The aloe and the original, (or any of the other ‘flavors’ of Barbasol) are always the same relative price.


That's not what im saying. Im saying that the prices are relatovely the same, but in actuality the aloe ones probably always have less by total volume. It is more expensive just cuz you pay more for less, likely as a result of the added ingredient of aloe being both more costly to produce, but more sought after by consumers. Essentially, this woulda been better if the comparison was between three original orc three aloe.


Which one is from Jurassic park?


I was just gonna say - you’re getting fucking dinosaur embryos - 2.99 is a steal.


*none of them*, ‘that’ can hatched into baby dinosaurs after Newman was attacked and couldn’t deliver the mail to that boat.


Lol I love that even though he is in another movie, he's still "Newman." Haha I told my wife that Newman is in Toy Story 2 and she just about lost it with disbelief


I've read the book and seen the movie each a million times and I didn't even catch on that he called him Newman until you pointed it out. Poor guy will always be Newman.


I don't understand the reference. Could you explain it?


Newman is a character from Seinfeld. He's so iconic that even when the actor is in other movies, you can just refer to him as Newman.


Yep, he is one of 3 actors that I know who will be known more by their character rather than their actual name. Newman Harry Potter And Wolverine.


They wouldn't hatch, just rot when the cooling ran out.


I swear the bulk of marketing is just fooling people without overtly lying to them. If people bought with their brains instead of knee-jerk reactions (like, reading the amount of usable product instead of lazily judging by the size), things like this wouldn't work. But they do work. They work well.


>the bulk of marketing is just fooling people without overtly lying to them True. Chicken packaging be like: NO ADDED HORMONES OR STEROIDS* Fine print on the back: *adding hormones or steroids is illegal as fuck I would love to know what marketing team decided to advertise the fact that their company doesn’t break the law, because it works wonders and those guys are geniuses


It's like that joke about the gluten free bacon


I kid you not, I have seen gluten free water.


Yeah well I sell asbestos free medical grade ketchup✨


Where can I buy some?






Oh no. I remember last time I went to that site.


Egg cartons that have "Warning: contain eggs", milk cartons that have more than one "Warning: Contain milk"


The ingredients on those cartons are also laughable. Milk, ingredients: Milk. Like yeah duh


Ah, but have you heard of dehydrated water? Comes in a nice flat pouch, just add water! GMO free! Organic! No additives!


I laugh everytime I see a can of sparkling water say "Whole 30 approved!"


> I kid you not, I have seen gluten free water. Water: Gluten free, vegan, low carb, 0% fat, lactose free, GMO free, soy free, organic! May contain nuts.


I made fun of gluten free hams at work and was corrected. The feed/intestine contents can contaminate meat during butchering. Sounds legit I guess but fecal contamination would concern me more than gluten contamination.


So if I'm buying gluten-free meat does that mean it has less fecal contamination or...?


Just that the pig / cow / chicken / goat / person’s diet didn’t have any gluten.


So normal amount of fecal contamination then. Got it.


Hol up... Person's?


Long pig.


Yep! Still potentially poopy. Butchers used to stand around and munch on raw ground beef. They don’t do that now at least at my job. I see way too many tumors to consider it. Used to be rare but seems like every other piece has something off.


Facts like these really make me consider going plant based.


You could also support local small farmers who are likely both high quality and more sustainable. Factory farming means weight is considered over all other matters, tumors included. Ive stopped buying many brands of chicken because they all got woody breast syndrome and it grosses me the fuck out, but no small time farmer would allow such genetic disease to spread through his flock.


Or sparkling water with 0 calories


i love those. HEY OUR PRODUCT IS GLUTEN FREE. Its tuna. i fucking hope it is.


I've actually seen places advertising gluten-free steak. It's kind of sad that I don't know if that's a joke or not anymore


Apparently other comments say that this means the animals are not fed gluten. The meat can be contaminated by feces in the animal causing gluten contamination if the animal had gluten in its diet.


I bought a pack of microwave popcorn that said in big letters on the front "MADE WITH WHOLE GRAINS!" No shit Sherlock, it's literally corn kernels, which are a grain.


Like 8 years ago I was at a friend's house and his mom gave me some fancy bottle of water that said "Imported from Earth". I can't believe I haven't seen this tagline on more stuff yet.


Don't forget plant based beer


I know that sounds silly, but some beers are made using isinglass to promote clarity. Isinglass is made from fish swim bladders.


One of the few Mad Men bits I remember was when they were working on a campaign for a cigarette company. It had just come out that cigarettes were, in fact, bad for you, so they decided to advertise that their tobacco was *toasted*. It didn't matter that every cigarette manufacturer processed their tobacco in the exact same way, including a toasting process. They just drew attention to the fact, and it worked to distract people from the part about being deadly.


If I found out that toasted coconut was deadly, I'd still eat it.


Coconut Vs tobacco, I choose coconut


Samoas are god-tier cookies


I work in collision. All body shops advertise "free estimates"...well guess what, in the majority of US states it's illegal to charge for estimates. Lots of our customers even ask if estimates are free. We all say it because so many people don't know. Even with chicken. With all the GMO talk, most average folk don't know the difference between hormones and GMO or just plain "additives".


What really sucks is that those swearing off GMOs have no idea what that even means. They just think GMO bad


I mean, even selective breeding, something that was done for (tens of) thousands of years can still be considered genetic modification (albeit extremely slow and much more random)


People don't even believe that's real. There are people who believe chickens as they are now and pugs were just made by God that way


I have to point that out to way too many customers who insist the chickens must have been given hormones and steroids. I work in an affluent area. The blank look I get after explaining it’s genetic modification through breeding…I know they have a way better education than I have. Make 2 large birds bone and the chick is big.


What these people don't know is that it's not illegal to add antibiotics, and antibiotics are driving the ever larger sizes of chickens. Also, by the way, more and more fibrous chicken breasts. So the customers are double ignorant. They wrongly assume it's hormones or steroids, while also not realizing that the industry is getting away with a decent chunk of our antibiotic resistance problem.


Still baffles me how feeding people-food animals huge amounts of antibiotics is still legal Edit: I had a brain fart, leaving it as is.


[Classic XKCD](https://xkcd.com/641/)


May be relevant, but has anyone actually found one of those comics funny? Or do people just enjoy them? I always thought they were supposed to funny but maybe not.


Personally I find them funny in a dry humor/on-the-nose sort of way. They aren’t hilarious or anything but they usually make me go “heh, they’ve got a point there”


The main thing is that they're relevant, but personally I find them funny.


Reminds me of the other day when my sister was looking at the ingredients on some cereal and said "hey, there isn't any wheat in this, it seems to be gluten free" and I just assumed that was wrong because surely they would have advertised that on the box.


Yeah I dunno man, I'm not on board with you judging people as "lazy" over this. First of all, you can't reasonably expect people to track "price per weight" of every product they buy over time (and switch to a different brand, for example). Second, shops may not have both versions (the regular and the "50% more!") at the same time for people to compare the relative value. Third - in the UK supermarkets will literally put "price per 100g" on the shelf price label so that people can easily compare products. Do they do this in the US, land of "fuck you, calculate your own tax"? Fourth - companies pump billions of dollars into consumer psychology research. Humans do not make decisions rationally most of the time - that's just how we work. Companies exploit this. If "Jessica, minimum wage stressed mom of 3 just trying to get her weekly shopping done with a toddler on her hip" can't compete with the deliberately researched tactics of a billion-dollar company, is she really lazy? Or dumb? Or is she just trying to get on with her life and buy some shaving cream between sorting out nappies and dinner, even if it's ~~$0.10~~ $0.02 (!!) more expensive than the smaller can? My point being - you sitting here in your leisure time, looking at an easily labelled product comparison (done by someone *else*) doesn't make you smarter, superior, or less gullible than someone who "falls" for a carefully researched and proven marketing tactic while going about their hectic daily life that's composed of hundreds of other micro decisions just like this one.


I lazily judge by the price per oz typically listed on the store tag.


I always check the various sizes for sale too - sometimes the “double pack” is more than double the price - but I also often find that the larger or bonus sizes list the price per unit in a different unit than the smaller one, so the small package is .17/oz and the large package is 1.35/lb. Really grinds my gears but i’m persistent and I do the damn math.


I'm the same way. If anything, I'm more likely to do the math if two unit prices are using different units, because I feel like something fishy might be going on. And one time I noticed that the unit prices of several toilet paper products were just straight up incorrect.


Ouch, doing that in freedom units would be tricky.


it’s fucking horrible! So i first convert to metric, then the math is easy! 😂


That’s exactly what it is. Problem is consumers are fucking stupid and need to be lied to. J.C. Penney’s got a new ceo some years ago who was like “yo so we’re not going to lie to you anymore. We won’t jack up the prices and then give you 40% off, we’ll just set the prices to their fair value.” Yeah then sales plummeted.


It's not so much that they're stupid so they need to be lied to, it's just that they're stupid enough that they're so used to being lied to - and the market is so used to lying to them - that it's hard to go back.


it's easy to judge most foods with a price by weight (except for shellfish with shell and meat with a lot of bones etc), but I have absolutely no idea about how much volume is occupied by shaving cream per weight nor how many uses I can get out of that


Walmart literally has the oz by cent tag on its price. It’s literally impossible to be scammed if you take a second to just compare prices.


Usually when shrinkflation rolls in, they remove the old product from the shelves to prevent discovery moments in the customer. The only way to really know if they've shrunk a product is to either write it down or retain the old packaging. They do not advertise when they shrink. But they DO announce the NEW, MORE CONVENIENT (for them) packaging!


There's also ways to invisibly shrinkflate. Whipping some air into mayo is reducing the volume of mayo but the jar is the same size. Or bottoms of packages that are pushed in. Granted, this is also for structural integrity of the bottle/can/etc, but then why not make it taller? $$$


You are still getting scammed, you are just getting scammed by everyone at the same time. You think it's just a coincidence that all ice cream containers from all companies changed from 1/2 gallon to 1.75 quarts over night and now 1.5 quarts?


It isn’t a scam. It’s called inflation…


Inflation *is* a scam. Our cash is worth less because of selfish billionaires hoarding so much money.


Then the price would go up, not the size of the product down. Especially not both


price labels here in austria show the kilo or liter price of products. For laundry stuff it breaks down how much it costs per wash. Pretty handy


What a waste of plastic and packaging materials


At the same time, when buying for a family of four, you might not have the time to check every little claim for every single product. Otherwise you will spend 4 hours at the groceries, which not everyone has the luxury to do. Or the will.


The middle can is 7 oz, not 7.5 oz.


OP is making shit up, including prices. \[10 ounce can - $1.79\](https://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/barbasol-reg-10-oz-original-thick-and-rich-shaving-cream/1012714785?skuId=12714785&mcid=OS\_googlepla) \[7 ounce can - $1.49\](https://www.riteaid.com/shop/barbasol-original-thick-rich-shaving-cream-7-oz-8023886?gclid=Cj0KCQjw8IaGBhCHARIsAGIRRYrmoA6C\_C\_OEQY7ujASNOMskqUDkDYgI6pD2MN3oxtmLo9yixYGY8MaAllSEALw\_wcB) \[10.5 ounce can - $1.69\](https://www.target.com/p/barbasol-shaving-cream-original-10-5oz/-/A-80133220)


The problem is you're looking at 3 different retailers. E.g. Someone else posted a link to the 7oz can at $1.99. So straight up a 50c difference to the 7oz can you found. The only fair comparison would be one retailer that stocks all 3.


So it’s not shrinkflation then. It’s different retailers pricing it differently.




How is the third can only half an ounce more than the first can?


First can is wider, last can is taller. Also categorizes it more-so as an ‘asshole design’ - because the average American consumer will go ‘OoO tall can = bigger can’


Where’s that meme about conservation of mass/volume by mr. lovestein?


Here’s a [photo](https://imgur.com/gallery/lJEV7zj) of the difference in diameter & manufacturer’s date


That reminds me of a video i saw where young children, age 3 or 4 i think, were given the choice between a drink in a wide, squat glass or the same amount of beverage in a tall slim glass. Invariably the kids chose the taller glass.




[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d\_trtZ5Xkp4](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_trtZ5Xkp4) I'm assuming this is what he meant that they can't tell the amount correctly and they don't choose the taller one they choose the wider one when asked which has more water despite them having the same amount.


I assumed a new, less efficient propellant


Inverse square law baby


I think your decimal places are off. A 10oz can for .19¢ an ounce would be 1.9¢, not $1.99.


Yea. Op made a mistake. I think he meant 19¢/oz. Even that is wrong though. It should be 19.9¢/oz or $0.199/oz


Maybe OP used to handle billing at Verizon.


I don't see how this is asshole design.


And yet any of these 3 cans will still obliterate your hooves in the shower.


The real asshole design is all the extra packaging that goes in the landfill Or if I'm Bill Burr Straight to the fuckin ocean


Ol' Billy Plastic balls


.28 cents? That's a hell of a deal Edit: Funny story about Verizon and math: http://verizonmath.blogspot.com/2006/12/verizon-doesnt-know-dollars-from-cents.html?m=1


You can't compare original to aloe. It's like... Comparing plain oatmeal to strawberry oatmeal. Or y'know an F-150 to an F-150 King Ranch Or like.. An apple to an orange.


This doesn’t really display and aspect of aholedesign in my opinion- - The 50% more doesn’t mean double the amount, as some people think. Multiple the base amount times 1.5 to get a 50% increase. 7oz (the middle can) X 1.5 = 10.5 ozs = the last can. So the “bonus 50%” statement is accurate. - as for the shrinkflation, that’s not really a aholedesign aspect. It’s doesn’t say 50% more free- it’s that you are getting more in a can (think bulk). Take $1.99 x 1.50 = $2.98 =~ the current price of $2.99. So you are getting the same amount for ~ same price from 2019-2020. As for the previous year (the signings by decrease in size)- I would wager that this has to do with the changing price in Aluminum. Since it’s an aluminum can. [Aluminum here](https://www.statista.com/statistics/276643/aluminum-prices-since-2003/). I’m guessing the expensive part is the can, not the product. Price per metric ton of aluminum: 2020 1,704 2019 1,794 2018 2,108 2017 1,968 2016 1,604 2015 1,665 2014 1,867 2013 1,847 2012 2,023 There was a huge spike in prices between 2017-2018. (And a decrease over the 2019/2020 because of the pandemic. The price went up 7% from 2017-2018. But look at the surge in freight pricing during this time [Nealry a 11% increase during this same time frame](https://www.logisticsmgmt.com/article/price_trends). So rising costs in raw goods + rising freight = lower margin. Customers of shaving cream are price sensitive (as shown by this post) thus, elasticity of demand is probably high. This means that for ever dollar the price is raised (or %) demand increases some large amount. So, higher raw material + higher transport = lower margin at $1.99. They hesitate to change the sell price because a drastic change would mean a drastic sales volume decrease. So, they decrease the amount in the can to stay below the $1.99 price point, or in this last case, increase the price but add more product to somewhat justify the price increase. Even as aluminum went down in 2019/2020, I’m betting [the surge in ocean / rail freight](https://www.economist.com/graphic-detail/2021/02/11/container-shipping-costs-have-surged-in-recent-months) and general transport costs is the driver for the 2020-21 increase. That’s why they made a larger can. They increased the price finally to account for the lower margin, but added 50% product more than the previous year to the product without using 50% more space. So yes, shirnkflation sucks, but there is logic behind it. Not necessarily greed. It’s just regular market forces at work and the reality of materials and logistics that are not immediately visible to the final customer. Anyways, that’s my guess... Not meant to be misleading design- or punitive or whatever, it just is a real sales/marketing tactic to get around the increased price of production and transport in a palatable way. Also, I would guess that demand for shaving products dropped a lot during COVID because people weren’t going into the office = less need to shave. Also, the middle can and last big can may be considered a premium product in many cases, as it comes with Aloe. Sometimes there is a slight price premium for this- even if op didn’t happen to pay it on this specific purchase/day.


I work in the personal care/beauty industry as a package developer...this is the answer. We're seeing unprecedented supply chain disruption and raw material price increases that we unfortunately can no longer absorb and have to pass onto the consumer. The price of steel (material of the can) shot up, the lead time on that actuator is probably 20 weeks (up from 6-8). It's been a rough 2021 trying to fill customer commitments.




I just bought the far left can last week for $1.47 though [Here](https://www.walmart.com/ip/Barbasol-Original-Thick-Rich-Shaving-Cream-for-Men-10-oz/17619759)


Yeah, OP is lying.


I mean, yeah, thats assholeish but its still a good price... consider inflation


50% for 2 years?






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Something that I’ve noticed along these lines is when you’re making a recipe that might be 10 years old or older is that it’ll call for something like a 16oz can of something, but now the standard size of that can is 15oz or 14oz. Now imagine if that recipe calls for 3 of those cans. Who needs the extra math and wasted food.


It doesn’t really matter. If you’re making Hamburger Helper, are you really weighing out 16 oz. from the 1.15# package you bought?


It’s because you’re getting the aloe bro, that shit costs more


Don't know if you are serious, but they are the same price as the regular stuff online. https://www.reddit.com/r/assholedesign/comments/nwx4id/shrinkflation\_through\_the\_years/h1d4eop/?utm\_source=reddit&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3


Why did you have a can of Barbasol from 2019?


Good question; I do not have to shave a lot. I have a travel bag I used all the time, pre-pandemic. I was cleaning it out recently, when I found this can. After a year; I had just replaced the middle can with the taller can.


I see.


I’m still using mine from 2019 lol


I recently finished a can sold by a store that went out of business 10 years ago. 2019 seems like yesterday I don't think that's super unusual.


I mean why is it a surprise that things get more expensive with time? None of us are paying 5 cents a gallon for gas, houses aren’t 20,000 anymore, and wages have gone up over time. It’s not asshole behavior, it’s just economics.


The amount of inflation that has happened in the United States is not normal, good, or fair to most people, since the wages of most have not gone up as much as inflation has.


Still a bargain compared to meat. Meat just tastes better.


I don't use shaving cream, just water.


My marketing manager referred to this as “Mars Bar marketing”. They were the first to pioneer this approach. She explained that it’s difficult to do much with a mature product like a Mars bar without changing the formula. You can’t do a “New! improved!” on it either. Do they came up with the idea of exactly what shown in this post. Over several months, change the size by making it 25% larger “for free”, then increase the price, then return it to its normal size but leave the increased price. Consumers never noticed. In Australia in the 90s the wine industry did a similar thing. 750 ml standard size bottles of wine all changed to 700ml for the same price and nobody noticed. That equated to the equivalent of increasing the price by uh quite a bit.


"Value size" my ass!


Shaving cream is a scam anyways. Just use water. I’ve been shaving for 15 years and have never once used shaving cream or cut myself. Just soak the area with water and be careful when you shave.


I agree that shaving cream is a scam, but I use soap, otherwise shaving can irritate my skin, as the blade doesn’t slide very smoothly.


One is original and the other is soothing aloe


the only can I held onto for two years was the red one. In any store, they are always the same price.


Who actually shaves with this shit? It does nothing that it's supposed to do for shaving, it's basically just a wad of tiny bubbles. Dove soap does better than this crap, use Cremo combined with dove soap for a great smooth lather that actually does what it's supposed to.


I like Proraso. Comes in a toothpaste kind of tube, and you use the tiniest bit and get so much lubrication out of it. I think noobs just like the idea of spraying expanding foam out of a canister and think it's the shit, like it's got electrolytes or something.


Honestly lol. Barbasol is terrible for actual shaving.


There is this yoghurt in my country that has an ad that says it is still cost x, but 10 years ago it weighted 500g and now it is just 30g.


> but 10 years ago it weighted 500g and now it is just 30g. Is there a typo in here somewhere? I feel like no one on Earth is selling a 30g pack of yogurt. That's like one spoonful.


Was somebody saving these over 3 years just for this?


My husband taught me to always check the price per oz. on everything I buy. It’s been really eye opening.


Used to be a dollar


But they’re not the same product, the green has aloe in it


You should’ve used original for all three. Don’t they charge a premium for aloe and other blends?


Whenever a company make a major change: Consumer Packaging, 180°on marketing, Cellular Plans its not always doing it for the customer. Companies are For Profit they don't just.give product away. It must work cuz we seem to buy into it..... great post thanks for sharing.


Think of all the dinosaur eggs you can fit in it now!


The "50% more" is the real kicker. Nothing about the product is actually 50% more, not the contents nor the container. I guess it's just the price that's 50% more. Value size.


The second and third cans are shave cream with aloe. The first one is shave cream with no aloe. When comparing the second and third it makes sense, but putting the first into the comparison is disingenuous because it's essentially a different product. The third can does in fact have \~50% more than the second can and they're the only ones that should be getting compared.


inflation is 3% a year so makes sense, this is quite a bit more than 3% but its not that crazy


Apples to oranges...


Bought cereal for the first time in many years. The boxes are about two fingers thick, just over 10oz in them. I remember them being like 3" thick and I'm guessing 20oz or so... Price is definitely higher.


…please don’t get me started on cereal 💔


At “.28¢/oz,” that’s just under four ounces per penny, so a 16oz can for under a nickel still seems pretty affordable.


OP you're just a terrible shopper. You can easily find any of these cans for around $1.50 at any retailer like Rite Aid, Walmart, or even Bed Bath and Beyond. You're just making up content for karma. \[10 ounce can - $1.79\](https://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/barbasol-reg-10-oz-original-thick-and-rich-shaving-cream/1012714785?skuId=12714785&mcid=OS\_googlepla) \[7 ounce can - $1.49\](https://www.riteaid.com/shop/barbasol-original-thick-rich-shaving-cream-7-oz-8023886?gclid=Cj0KCQjw8IaGBhCHARIsAGIRRYrmoA6C\_C\_OEQY7ujASNOMskqUDkDYgI6pD2MN3oxtmLo9yixYGY8MaAllSEALw\_wcB) \[10.5 ounce can - $1.69\](https://www.target.com/p/barbasol-shaving-cream-original-10-5oz/-/A-80133220)


they’re literally two different products