An entire set of beautiful covers ruined by a fake sticker that can’t be removed.

An entire set of beautiful covers ruined by a fake sticker that can’t be removed.




It is even worse when the original book cover art is replaced by the movie poster.


It especially egregious when it's a shit movie. Looking at you, World War Z.


You mean World War PG?


That was hands down the worst book to movie translation I have ever seen. They literally only used the title. They had nothing else in common!


First thing I'm doing when I win the lottery is buying the rights for a miniseries because I'm so pissed about how botched that was. Take the audiobook, add visuals. Audiovisualbook. It would have been that easy. It's already written - just record interviews with some cuts to 'stock' footage. Ken Burns style. Actually, fuck it, Ken Burns can direct it. That's what the fans wanted this whole time.


Ken burns world war z would be amazing!


I enjoyed the movie. Then read the book. I'm glad i did it in that order. However, perhaps you haven't seen Eragon. That is still my reigning champion for worst book to movie.


This. The only movie poster I've ever liked as a book cover has been The Book Thief. But to be fair, I already owned copies of that book before the movie, so I didn't have to deal with it as my primary/only option.


I own both copies too, and I completely agree with you. It's the only occasion I can think of, but the movie poster works.


Agree, I’ve heard of a LOT of authors (and of course readers) say the same thing. The reason they do it is simple though: data shows it sells more copies.


I don't trust that they control for the effect of it being a recent movie versus having the movie poster on the cover. I suspect like a lot of marketing doctrine they do it because that's what they've always done.


For real. Even though the movie adaptation is well acclaimed, I would like to have the edition of Perks of Being a Wallflower without the actors' faces. But I can't find it anywhere


This was on ‘DUNE’ book I bought recently


they’re stuck in the 90’s when people bought books at the grocery store nobody is looking at your books on a store shelf anymore, they’re almost all gone.


I buy my physical copies in person... If I really want the book I get it on my eReader but I buy physical copies when I see them in the shop.


Do you buy them as an afterthought on your way to ring up your groceries because you saw a big red sticker that said Current Movie/TV? That’s what it’s designed for, not for people who go to buy books on purpose. I could be wrong, maybe that market still exists, but I can’t recall the last time I saw a store like that trying to cash in on the latest film releases with some flashy paperbacks. I remember reading an article recently about how the 90’s were the heyday of book adaptations (not that these are that, just being advertised the same)


One day Netflix will be gone and only these will remain.


Yup. The other day I noticed Twitter and Facebook icons and @usernames in the back of a book, and thought this same thing.


check us at myspace.com/theband


AOL keywords


I mean if you bought a first edition book from 1900 there is every chance the publisher no longer exists or has at least moved so their address in the book is no longer accurate.




Mind you, historians love that shit. Little things like that can be a great source of information for little things that are sometimes surprisingly difficult to find info on through other means.


I'm not a historian, but I'm fascinated by first-hand sources like that! One of my favorite things about old books is the publishing date and the price format. You can observe political and economic trends based just on those 2 factors. Story lines, context, vocabulary choices, introductions in later editions- it's all a part of the book and makes the reading experience even more intimate for me. However, I find books that have been annotated by previous readers to be unreadable.


They prob still exist but bought out by another publisher hurrah monopolies


Oh it gets worse with the usernames. The reason those usernames are there is because publishers have started paying larger advances to those who choose to play the social media game and have a large following. Not enough, mind you, to offset the hassle and to be honest BIG RISK of running a successful social media presence, but they pay more for higher numbers anyway (and I’ve recently seen calls for unagented stories/illustrations with a follower requirement, which I find absolutely ridiculous)


Why do you say that? They're no different from the traditional networks these days, and those have been around for decades. Unless you mean it like "one day, an intrepid alien explorer will sift through the ruins of our world and discover these books" sort of thing, which would be a pretty lucky find for said alien because these books probably aren't apocalypse-proof.


Did you know it's on Netflix?


^Btw, ^it's ^on ^Netflix


Always has been


You forgot to pay your monthly subscription of netflix.


Darn, gonna miss all those 2 shows I watch now.


Did you know people are watching Old Guard? Old Guard is really popular right now. Also trending is Old Guard. And based on your viewing history, we recommend you watch Old Guard. Charlize Theron is in it, if you're into that.


wait where is it? where can I watch it?




These covers will be very silly when it is inevitably dropped




Yeah the pro-strat is to play it on Netflix but with subtitles on so you can read them instead.


I second this. I hate it so much.


Gosh is the worst! I’m so irritated right now. My fault for not checking Google for the cover. Lesson learned.


Sounds to me like it's time to return the item for a refund, send an email to the publisher, and wait for the publisher to fix their stupid mistake. I wouldn't advocate that when just buying a book, but you literally bought the boxed set with the box. The aesthetics are an important part of that, and they know it.


> The aesthetics are an important part of that ^ this exactly. I’ve seen these fake stickers on many random paperback books I’ve purchased over the years. Kind of annoying, but what can you do? However, if I’m buying a fancy boxed set of anything I would expect it to not have crap like this slapped on the cover. Personally I would buy something like this *because* it looks nice, not because it’s functionally any better than a random mismatched/beat up set you bought at a used book store for 20$. That publishers think this is normal is crazy to me.


They were paid to put that on there. So your options are to return it or hope enough people do so that the cost will out weigh the money they were paid to put it on in the first place.


Yeah, sad to say they'll respond: oh if you want the deluxe edition hardcover set, it's $300, and it doesn't include the sticker.


well that's their choice up to you whether you buy it or not


> but what can you do? STOP buying them! There is such a thing as a library. You can still read the book and tell the publisher they’re assholes for fucking the customer AND the cover artist with the ugly ass fake sticker. As long as people keep buying this shit, they’ll keep doing it. It really is that simple.


Publisher probably won't want to part ways with the Netflix money though


I mean, look at the side of the box in the picture. It also has the "Now on NETFLIX" ad. Kind of a warning sign if you ask me, but maybe they assumed it could be removed. Still, I loathe the "movie ad" book releases and will always ask if a bookstore has a version without the ads if I find a book I like with one.


Precisely. She didn't only buy the story, she bought the cover and every physical page within. I'd definitely demand a refund


I don't think you'd have known even from that. It would look like a removable sticker. It's so frustrating. Those covers are so nice too! I was lucky when I bought a couple of those books. They were a whole different style and no fake sticker, but I do have my share of fake sticker covers. Uggh.


> Those covers are so nice too! I was lucky when I bought a couple of those books. They were a whole different style and no fake sticker, but I do have my share of fake sticker covers. Uggh. Oh don't worry, I can vouch that the previous printing [had its own version of asshole design](https://i.imgur.com/8N2gJO3.png).


Omg nooooooooo


That looks like the trade paperback version, while the rest are mass market. I'm guessing you got it in an airport, maybe? Pretty much every book has a mass market and trade edition.


I got them all from Amazon. Looking at their store pages now, it seems like it defaults to mass market when that size is available, but the later books (from 2 onwards) don't have a mass market option. So if you aren't paying attention, like I apparently didn't, you'll get an uneven collection.


Random question, is the books timing written like the show. At times I didn’t enjoy the jumping and wondered if it was like that in book form


The books are chronological, and the first one is a set of short stories.


No it isn’t.


The TV series crams two book series together. It makes for uncomfortable plot structure


That would annoy the hell out of me everytime i look at my shelf, that is why I have them all on kindle so they just look like my kindle. Also after you move cross country a few time you realize how much physical collections suck.


u can def return em and get ur money back


I paid $30 for import fees, and if I return then I need to pay for shipping from Canada to the UK. I won’t be buying sets from Book Depository again. Especially since they didn’t show the actual cover with the sticker. It didn’t occur to me that I’d get huge Netflix stamps on every single book. 👀


Well. Not for nothing. At least now you know, definitively, that the Witcher series is on Netflix. So, there is that...


Leave terrible reviews of this set on all platforms that sell it, to protect others from making the same mistake that you did. Use all caps in the title. Include photos if you can. If you can't get a refund, you can at least have your petty revenge by convincing at least a few other people not to buy it. Edit: by->buy


It's about sending a message.


You can always claim fraud and dispute it with a cc company. If what was pictured doesn’t match what they sent you you’ll likely at least win a refund.


This! I bought another copy of the Bell Jar just for the artwork and it had a crappy ‘readers choice award’ badge on it 🤬


Oh man.. was it all huge too? I have a book somewhere that the badge thing intruded hugely into the design. So. Friggen. Mad.




I've at least judged the publishers by it, for allowing the red monstrosity. Haha You got a laugh out of me tho.


Well.. That is what is for....


Why I stopped buying physical books as it’s become so common. I’ve even seen smaller versions on the spine


Regardless if the stickers are fake or not, stickers on a book when it is in mint condition sucks.


Also there shouldnt be a fucking ad ON the product you payed for.


We lost the war of where ads should and shouldn't be a long time ago. Just enjoy the privacy of your own head while you still can lol. You know as soon as they can broadcast ads to your brain they will.


Hey guy, what’s the McDonald’s slogan?


Fuck you. Also, point taken, you're right.


Or when they use popular songs on the radio in the background of an ad then when you hear the song its basically advertising for the product.


Here in the UK some of us grew up with an advert for oranges that was based on *In the Summertime*. I went to a gig once where Ray Dorset of Mungo Jerry was playing. He started playing *In the Summertime* but then when he sang, it was the advert jingle.


No joke, I cannot for the life of me remember the McDonalds slogan right now. I guess they haven't won yet.


So you're not lovin' it?


The only thing I remembered was the ba da pu du paaa. But now I want French fries so it still worked.


Always fresh! Never frozen!


You really just wanna Have It Your Way don’t you? You always have to Just Do It. You need to Have a Break. Also fuck nestle


Hey now settle down friend! You're not you when You're hungry.


I flew recently domestically and I for real got bummed when on every flight the attendants read ads over the intercom. Then they handed out applications for a credit card.






Samsung has entered the chat


*Every "smart" TV


I was so happy when after having to replace my traditional TV with a "smart" one that I didn't have to register it to a WiFi network or use any of the dumb bullshit it comes with. Straight HDMI2, baby.


Same here. I use zero of the “smart” features of my LG TV’s.


I just continue to use an ancient 1080p Sharp 55" TV in the living room. It's just a display, never need to worry about ads. I look at the thing from 10 feet away so the low resolution hardly matters. I fear that by the time it breaks I'll have to buy a TV that won't even function without an internet connection.


That's how I felt about my slide-up Samsung Ericsson phone 10 years ago. And I dread every time I need to get a new phone. She said on reddit via her smart phone.


I love getting ads on the Samsung apps I can't uninstall on the phone I dropped an arm and a leg on


*Your phone is running low on storage space. You should delete some of... Well, I guess you can't, can you? Anyway, mandatory update! Install it or we'll install it for you!*


I bought some episodes of Archer online, they had ads for other FX shows in the actual video so you couldn't just hit a skip button. You had to manually move the cursor to find the start of the episode.


They pull this anti consumer shit and wonder why people pirate everything


Not only that, I bet the pirated versions have it released in original version and without the ads.


This kind of BS is the reason to pirate, even if you can and want to buy the product. Hell. Buy it, don’t download it, pirate it.


That's what I've done with games since it was possible. I still have stuff like GTAIV in the closet, unopened. Don't have to deal with the bullshit Home button being permanently mapped to Social club, or changing the radio stations, etc. All of the BR's I've ever bought are unopened. All my CDs are opened though, because I want FLAC, not shitty 256k CBR mp3s, that used to be even shittier 128k CBR.


Plastic based stickers tho...


Yeah just have a very light adhesive with a strong sticker. No tears and easy cleanup


Too bad most product makers seem to prefer flimsy stickers and strong adhesives. Surely inspired by actual cancer.




Goo gone.


[It's so smooth](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GkCJmzXyJA)


For some reason I never expect it to be Gus, and I'm always pleasantly surprised when it is.


Well in this case real stickers would have been way better so you just peel them. Stickers like on text books come right off no residue.


That is truly terrible. I specifically go out of my way to purchase the covers of pre-tv and movie releases but this is just rude. No way to tell they were gonna be like that.


I specifically went out of my way to avoid the covers with the TV show photographs and game art. Joke’s on me 😆


Conspiracy theory maybe the book nerds at the publishing companies WANT the book to be ruined. "You're a pleb who only likes the books because they got popular. Meanwhile, me, a sophisticated human, was with Geralt on day ONE. DAY ONE!"


Especially since the books are not on Netflix. The show is based on them, but not a direct adaptation of any of them afaik.


The first season follows The Last Wish quite closely, but I’ve not read the rest. I will say after reading the book the show is almost like satire. I’d recommend watching then reading. The show was amazing before reading the book.


I've heard the books really vary in "quality". Still want to read them all though. Maybe i'll wait for atleast one more season though.


The books are split between two (or maybe three actually) short story collections and a series of about five books. I’ve only read the short stories and enjoyed them, but I’m unsure on which is considered better. When I asked around on Reddit some people said the short stories were the heart of the Witcher and it’s peak, while others said it gets so much better.


I think this is one of those things where nobody is "right" about one being "better" it's just two different styles that appeal to different types of people. Some people find the short fairy tale deconstructions more interesting, some people prefer the battles and political intrigue of an epic saga. I personally enjoyed them both about equally in different ways.


Thanks for your insights. Yeah, there doesn’t seem to be a consensus and it’s probably based on what elements of the series people prefer. I think the short stories are more what I wanted, but your description makes me want to give the main series another shot.


The books really does justice to the characters and the descriptions don't leave an iota of doubt. The book also follows a forwards backwards approach, I liked it very much. I've only begun the last wish chapter though. You don't realize how much the tv series shrunk until you read The Edge of the World. Torque and the elves are much more different in it and the whole village has a setting in Dol Blathanna. Also how Dandelion and Geralt are spared by elves make much more sense.


Bounds of Reason (the one about the dragon hunt, which is in the second book) lost a ton in the adaptation as well. I get it, sort of. Even if they gave a full-length episode for each story, the adaptation from book to video is never going to retain the full context. But then the show loses a lot more because Geralt only gets a third of the screen time, compared to 100% of these short stories being his perspective. The extra time introducing Yen and Ciri might pay off by season 3 of the show, when it gets into the events of the novels where they have a bigger role, but for these short story adaptations it means they've got less than half an hour to tell some stories that had far too many characters and details to put them all on screen.


I just read the last wish. I’ll say the content is very entertaining and the word build is wonderful. However the writing itself isn’t that great. The translation into English is clunky at times like whoever translated it thumbed through a thesaurus. But I would still recommend the books if you liked the show.


The next one (sword of destiny) is even better IMO. Another short story collection but with a little more continuity. I agree on the writing/translation.


It doesn't. What seems like minor changes now, completely derails the story later.


This is the best example of asshole design I've seen on this sub




They have replaced the cover every time a new game launched aswell


Yes! I hate myself for buying all Witcher books with CDPR Witcher 2 covers, it looks so bad...


It's kinda ironic because that means that the publisher has to pay royalties to CDPR with which they can pay their royalties for the writer from the game licenses. I prefer the original covers but it's a simple fact that the game & Netflix covers boost the sales due to a larger exposed audience.


CDPR doesn't have to pay royalties to anybody. They own the series.


Bonus points when the book's pretty good but the movie is utter dogshit *stares at my copy of Eragon in disgust*


But Dragon never got a movie and you can't convince me otherwise


Neither did Aragon, Bragon and Cragon. They didn't even get the books!


First thing that came to my mind as well!


[it can always be worse](http://i.imgur.com/oFBvTvt.jpg)


It’s not the authors or artist who designed the covers fault, they had no choice in the matter, it’s all the publisher.


Yeah, so it's asshole design on their part


Yup, and it’s sad to say that it’s common practice now with all publishing companies.


I guess I paid $130 to advertise for Netflix. ffs


Like when car dealerships put their sticker on the cars they sell


Mine wasn't even so kind, they put this giant adhesive-backed badge on it that I had to remove with fishing line and a hair dryer


Just refuse to take delivery until they remove it. Generally it’s the underlings that make a fuss, the managers don’t give a shit


> “I’d like for the dealership branding to be removed from the car please.” Met with a puzzled face, the salesman looks at me and asks why. Likely having never been asked it before. > “Well unless you’re going to pay me to advertise your business, which I highly suspect you won’t, I don’t want the advertising on my car. And I honestly think dealers doing this is tacky.” Salesman goes on to say I lose some car wash benefit I couldn’t care less about. As if it’s hard for me to wash my own car... > “Look man, all I’m saying is you either pay me for the advertising, on what is to be my private property, or you take it off. It’s a simple request. Someone here put it on it. They can take it off. If you don’t want to, I’ll just go somewhere else. There are plenty of other places I can get this car. I’ve selected your dealership as it’s just a convenient location.” The badge was removed. And before I left I removed the plate frames, front and rear, with dealer branding as well. Handed it to the salesman and said I just saved the company some money. Another car they get won’t need to have a purchased set. It’s advertising and they know. It’s the intent. Most people don’t care so it’s free to them. Don’t be rude or hateful. Just ask. If they refuse you can take your business elsewhere. I don’t own heat gun. I suspect many people don’t either. It’s easier to ask the dealer to remove it.


I’ve bought a few new cars, and I tell them I don’t want any dealership branding on it. I’ve never once gotten pushback.


I really guess it depends on the dealership. The area I bought it from tacks on perks to the badging and *every* dealer in the area does it.


And when I ask them to remove that sticker from my car or give me money for advertising on behalf of them, they got angry. Like they said I was first person said like that. So I go back and print out my company sticker and put up in their store wall.


Where I live some dealers with specific brands hardly make any profit, they only make it by offering some minor stuff like interior packages and extras. I'm not sure how they keep their businesses running though..


They make most of their money from the mechanics department. People who trust the dealership for repairs more than other places


You must admit, someone with zero experience, knowledge, or interest in cars past getting from A to B, they aren't going to be too interested in taking their car anywhere other than the place they bought it. I've got a local mechanic that I trust, he runs a great business, he's got an autoelectrician in the building, a panel beater round the back, and he's just put up a tyre franchise next door, so he is one of the very few places in my city that does everything. He's even got a young engineer working for him that machines parts like roll bars, cup holders, storage racks, that kind of stuff. I regularly recommend my friends take their cars there, because he's very open about the repairs he does, never recommends unnecessary work, will send you footage of problem areas during the repair process, will give solid advice, and he does car purchase checks for his regulars free of charge. Why the fuck would I let Honda put their wiper blades on my car for triple the price this guy can put better quality Bosch blades on?


who is this magic man


> I'm not sure how they keep their businesses running though.. Because they are making a lot of money through internal mechanisms you arent aware of. Manufacturers offer all sorts of incentives to move inventory, so even if a dealer claims they are "selling at a loss / under invoice" they're still making profit.


> [business] hardly make any profit, they only make ... Enough to stay alive Whenever you hear this about any business ask yourself this; is the owner poor and what kind of house/car do they have? Then you can tell how well or bad the business is doing. If the owner isn't putting the revenue back into the business to make it better then why should the customers keep it alive. Today's business fashion is only to start a business. Once it gains a little traction you hike up the pricing and let it run itself. Cut out the expensive employees you used to build it, hire ones you can teach some menial tasks to be completed and collect as much $$ as possible while putting the minimum back into the business. Make up random "projections" and if the company isn't performing by the projections they scream "we're losing profits".. because to them those projections were what was supposed to happen, but if it doesn't then it's the customers' faults for not keeping the business running😩


Return them. There has to be other versions


Just think, in 30 years when Netflix likely no longer exists, you can remember fondly every time you look at these books that way back when it was on Netflix.


Like having a Zune sticker on your vinyl collection.


Return them and tell them to send you a copy without the shitty graphic.


This trend of shoehorning advertising into every square inch of empty space has gotten on my nerves something fierce. Advertisers have absolutely no respect for anything, and will gladly put their mushroom stamps on anything that allows them to. I knew it had gone too far when they started putting ads in fucking fortune cookies. I would gladly pay 10-15% more for *everything* if it meant the world was devoid of advertising.


Dude, get a refund on that.


you can fix it by adding a sticker of your own and write "F?CK YOU" on it. So it becomes "F?CK YOU NETFLIX", on each book. Post it on twitter and tag netflix.


You might be on to something! Get Witcher medallion stickers to put over them! [Something like this.](https://www.etsy.com/listing/752817246/the-witcher-medallion-sticker-vid?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=Witcher+medallion+sticker&ref=sr_gallery-1-1&organic_search_click=1&frs=1)


excellent idea. only downside is, the sticker doesn't say "F?CK YOU NETFLIX". but that's okay


If it’s any consolation, I own that exact book series and made the exact same mistake you did - you’ve got company!


Yup, I'm in the same boat. Best idea I've seen when they were published is to buy additional witcher themed stickers to cover it. This is such a dumb descission, I even remember thinking it might only be on the first book, but nooo, it's on all of them. Fuck the dude that greenlit this.


130 dollars? That's double what I paid. Did you buy two sets? EDIT: NM, yours actually came in a box. Mine got shipped in some flimsy paper. Wtf is this company doing?


Stick better stickers that make you happy over them and screw the man! Edit: Better yet, get yourself a mother effing wax seal and class that sticker up into a dire wolf or something.


Like the wax idea, but then they likely won’t fit back into the sleeve together.




Can you return it?


Probably, but it’s a hassle and I’ve already paid import fees to Canada. I’ll only see the spine on my shelf it’s worth keeping them to read them.


Returning it is worth eating the cost. That would drive me insane!


I’ve been watching YouTube videos, for a while now, about converting soft covers into hard covers and I think this set will make the cut once I acquire all the tools. and supplies.


Don't waste your time on YouTube. Go to Netflix and watch the Witcher!!


Oh, is it on there?


That is return for refund and complain to the publisher worthy.


They did the same with A Song of Ice and Fire when Game of Thrones started to get more popular, but I bought all mine second hand so although they're not a matching box set, they don't have printed HBO advertisements on them.


If the other two books ever come out (lol) I bet it'll be impossible to find them without HBO ads.


I dunno, the TV show is kind of old news by now, it could be another 10 years or more before the last books get published so I can't see them still advertising the show by then.


If this is what I get with a collection of books with advertising on it then I’m just gonna go one book at a time and find one without the stupid stickers, buy it, read it, then go on to the next book. If it means to never see those again then I’m willing to do it.


If this was all I could find I would go get them at a used bookstore. No reason to reward the publisher with more profit for this crud (if you can tell it's there before buying).


I wonder how much cash traded hands just for those "stickers" to be there pushing folks to hop onto Net... A permanent ad basically.


Make stickers that cover the fake sticker with the exact background the fake stickers are covering


Yep I feel this. I went to buy these from a book store myself but ended up walking away because of that big red blob. What a terrible idea.


Why the fuck!


Man I'd be so annoyed. I'd return these


I think it is especially useful to do on a series of books like this, because you’ll remember on Book 1 that it’s now a show on Netflix, but when you’re reading Book 2 will you remember that it’s now a show on Netflix? You’ve already committed to buying a set of 8 books, but by the time you get to Book 8 it’s really helpful of them to remind you for the 8th time: it’s now a show on Netflix.


This is for other people that see you read the book at an airport or whatever, this way you can promote their ad...


We've gone too far with ads, now books are coming with them?


Send it back?


This kinda shit is so annoying. Hyrule Historia would be so much fucking cooler to have if there wasn't a tiny tm after the word Zelda on the book cover.


The sticker just screams "*Why read a book when you could just watch Netflix???*"


Vote with your pocketbook. Return it.


Yeah it’s like the shadow and boone books most of my collection of the og series (shadow and bone, siege and storm, ruin and rising) is of before the Netflix series and now o need the last book but because i like physical buying i can only find the ones with the “Netflix original series” watermark on them and it’s just the last book i need out pisses me off so much


Return it


scan it, Photoshop it, professinally print it, glue it be happy with it


At least it's not hardcovers


This makes me happy that I couldn't find the English translated set in hardcover. lol, thanks!


I have some cool Wolf School medalian stickers. If you can find something like that you might as well just put your own stickers to cover them up.


Oh that’s such a good idea! I love that! Do you have any shops you’d recommend for such stickers?


Sadly no. I think they just came with one of the Witcher books I bought.


Oh god… so tacky. The lit’ral worst 💙