That’ll be $5.......................99

That’ll be $5.......................99




Taco Bell sends each store 2 signs. One has the National pricing, in this case $5. But they also send you another sign with a blank price and you price it how you want. This store in the post either lost the other sign, the other sign was damaged and they’re waiting on a new one to be sent (unlikely because they pretty much overnight ship those), the manager is incompetent (most likely scenario), or they’re trying to be shady (not likely - while a manager cares about profit, dealing with complaining customers about incorrect signage all the time is a nightmare). Source: former Taco Bell GM for a franchise


Gotta update that POP baby! Currently work at a Taco Bell and have to manually update prices many times.


> they’re trying to be shady Reminds me of a trip to Taco Bell a few years ago. My order was maybe $10. When I got to the window to pay, they said Taco Bell was doing surveys (the ones printed on the receipt that many companies do) and if I took it right then and gave them favorable answers, I'd get my meal for free. Felt pretty shady.


Did ya do it


That's 100% shady as fuck. How are you supposed to favorably rate the location if you haven't even eaten your food? With how stale I've had some Taco Bells have the audacity to serve, I wouldn't take them up on that offer period.


Take the survey and in the write-in part, tell them they were doing that. Chances are, the random employee isn't gonna read it and it'll reach Corporate's ears. Worst case, they don't get their survey and you get your free meal.


Years ago I was traveling to work (2009ish), grabbed some breakfast at a McDonalds. My coworker ordered before me and his order came to an even dollar amount, I thought it was odd but otherwise didn't take notice. I ordered and it came to an even dollar amount, lets say $12.00. So I handed the guy a $20 and noticed he never opened the register and just made change from his pocket. I'm not 100% sure what was going on but it was shady and I'm relatively certain off the books.


on the receipt for the order you didn't pay for yet? ​ its a believable scenario, i wonder why they wouldn't just have an employee buy 99c cinnamon twists or something if they were so desperate. seems better than giving a free $10 meal away.


Should have done it bro lol. Surveys are a joke. Seeing the other side anything not absolutely perfect 10/10 might as well say 1/10 absolutely terrible in the eyes of corpo-rats. Leading desperate stores to do stuff like that. Free meal's a free meal. Randy's done more for less, 10 bucks or six dairy queen coupons!


If they’re that desperate for good surveys something has probably gone horribly wrong. Like someone found rat meat in their taco but they had specifically requested no “beef”


Not really, my store gets mad at us for getting anything like less than 75% of surveys completed and most people aren't going to care that much to go fill out their taco bell receipt survey


Managers? Incompetent? How dare thee?! Anyone who attains a management position is clearly superior to the rest of us mere plebians.


What's the difference between this triple double crunchwrap and say a double crunchwrap or even a regular crunchwrap supreme?


Don’t care, triple double Crunchwrap?!? Crunchwrap supreme is my kryptonite


Recently found out that they are crazy easy to make at home. You should try it. Assemble the layers then fold then toss in a skillet and flatten out a bit with a spatula.


Did this and it's 100x better tasting, more filling, and cheaper.. especially for feeding a family.


what are in the layers? I don't have taco bell where I live


Typically, seasoned ground beef, nacho cheese, a tostada shell, then lettuce tomato and cheese. But if you make them at home you totally switch it up with some steak, guacamole, hot sauce, and other goodies or whatever you have laying around.


Hmm. Good call friend. I might try adding this into my meals.


They are perfect for in the go because it's all wrapped up nice and tidy. Plus like tacos 6ou can set them all up and let people design their own and you just fold it up and heat it up. We have 4 kids so it's perfect.


[Here's a copycat recipe for details](https://life-in-the-lofthouse.com/taco-bell-crunchwrap-supreme-copycat/)




I got fuckin excited when I saw this!


I like to believe its my constant adding extra meat and cheese they decided to add it to the menu


Hate to break it to you, but I don't think it is currently available.


My wife is pregnant and I didn’t even realize what sub I’m on, don’t give a fuck about the extra 99¢, happy pregnant wife happy life


What about when she realizes that it isn't currently available because this is most likely an old picture that got reposted?


Don’t you put that hate on me Ricky Bobby


Just went to their website, my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined...




They were better when spicy chicken was an option


Yeah. If you do that, you might get my 99 cents but I'm never coming back.


I think I might actually cancel my order. I rarely do that but in this case...yeah I might.


Only time I cancelled my order of some food was in a restaurant where they had this lovely picture of a prawn cocktail for £6 this thing had like 12 big juicy prawns in the picture and when they brought it out there were....3. When I asked the waitress about it she said the picture was of the large one which was £12.99 which was printed on the other column of the menu not even under the picture. Fuck that sent it back got a refund after a heated discussion with the manager, downed my pint and left.


They played you like a prawn.


Is that a saying? Lol


It is now


Well slap my arse and call me Susan


Don’t threaten me with a good time


Don't time me with a good threaten


The establishment did try to [come the raw prawn](https://thebeast.com.au/other/dont-come-the-raw-prawn-or-shrimp-with-me/#) with the Crusader...


That's fair enough too I think. Straight up false advertising.


Expensive too, I mean £6 seemed a good deal but for 3 bloody prawns that's highway robbery.


Yes. I was in China and ordered something similar - a bowl of cooked prawns. When it came out ...they still had the shells on them. I'm not kidding. These asses had taken a handful of dried prawns, then heated them and served. Fresh prawns are expensive. Dried prawns are worth nothing. At the time they wanted to charge me 60rmb for this pile of crap. It was an expensive restaurant too. Never went back.




I’m sure they’ll miss you


Yeah because $6 is too much for two tacos a crunchwrap and a soda. /s


Could've spent it on tendies


If y’all trippin over 99 cents just say you’re broke


I’m pretty sure it’s the principle and not the 99 cents.


That’s fkn bullshit. It’s supposed to be $5 and that particular store added the 99 so they could charge more. Dicks.


Dicks is a sporting goods store. I think it’s a taco bell.


Sir, this is Wendy's




Wendy's sell dick meat now?


Always has been.


Sir, this is an Arby’s


Wendy's got that grade A American beef.


Do you like Wendy’s? ........when dees nuts hit your chin?


Dicks is also hamburgers in seattle. But this isn’t one of them.


Member when dicks was called Gallions?


Welcome to owning your own store part of a franchise. You can do what you want within reason.


You can do whatever you want within the terms of the franchise agreement. This may not be. We'd have to have the actual agreement to know.


"Price and participation may vary". It's shitty signage, but probably within their rights


I think the issue corporate might have isn’t the price variation but how it’s clearly being hidden in misleading advertising. I could see counsel having heartburn over that display opening them up to pointless liability and wanting that location to alter the signage.


It is really a failure on corporate's part if they didn't have signs that allow for different price points as it is their job to provide the signs for franchises.


They definitely have variable signage to accommodate different pricing.




Then that franchise screwed up. There’s always a version of the LTO sign that has no price plastered to it and instead has the standard pricing window most the rest of the menu uses to accomodate variable numbers.


A [commenter above ](https://www.reddit.com/r/assholedesign/comments/nt5n1y/thatll_be_599/h0r0ggo) noted that they would have definitely been given the alternate signage for this, or at least were supposed to have gotten it


Thanks for pointing out the obvious


I'm sorry. But after your comment, I felt the obvious needed to be said.


Yeah for example my local taco bell franchisee charges 75 cents more for everything *and* hires incompetent apes who fuck up every order on top of it Place had 45 minute drive thru times during the pandemic and almost no one goes there anymore. It's fine though. Taco Bell was already grade F mexican food and them gutting the menu because their garbage employees can't make anything that doesn't use the same 3 ingredients in everything was the cherry on the shit sundae.


I remember when a single McDonalds franchise decided to give out iPhones to new hires and the liberal crowd on reddit shat on the entire company as a whole for the seemingly abhorrent offer. "What were the executives thinking, REEEE?!" People dont understand how franchises work.


They shit on the company as a whole for not offering livable wages you jabroni.


But the franchise owner chooses the wages, you boot licker.


Oh ok you're a downvote farmer. I admit, you got me.


A local taco bell took the dollar menu and made it the 1.99 and up menu. Some items are 3-4 bucks.


That fine text in commercial and ads? *Price and participation may vary*


May be they were paying their employees more


This is just a guess, but I bet if you reported that to Taco Bell corporate, they wouldn't be happy about it.


Corporate is the one that fucked up and didn't leave space for the franchise to adjust the price, prices vary geographically. Not to mention franchises tend to have higher prices due to higher operating costs via corporate getting deals for forcing their franchises to adopt new tech/products which they get a discount.


...because they're not supposed to adjust the price.


🙄 The franchise contract allows them to set whatever price they want, they're licensing the name and products. Prices sent with products are suggestions, they could order a custom sticker that says $6 if they want.


Unless you can provide the contract that Taco Bell gives to their franchisees, you have no way of knowing what the contract is. I can tell you that it's pretty clear though that the signage in this post was provided by corporate and clearly meant for everything to be set at a set specific price. I brought up the corporate might not be happy because other companies do something similar. Arizona Tea will refuse to sell to certain places if they increase the price of their product over the price that is already on the can.


Its at the bottom of ever page on taco bell's website(screenshot below) . Its like that with a big chunk of chain restaurants advertised prices. You will see a disclaimer or hear one that says prices and participation may vary. The taco bell sub has that conversation frequently when people talk prices and options. http://imgur.com/a/sRNDoMQ


But if they arent a participating location, they shouldn't display the promo


If that's the case, then this is definitely asshole design because Taco Bell should be providing alternative signage for those price variances.


Coming from a worker at a fast food chain, you're just wrong. Franchises literally get to set their own prices. My local Taco Bells have the boxes set at $5.99, as I live in California, but in other states, they may be able to afford keeping the normal prices. Depends on so many factors, but its mostly due to location. Franchises can do this because otherwise they may just straight up lose money with default/corporate prices in somewhere like LA or NYC, so franchises have wiggle room to adjust the price as to prevent them from losing money from factors out of their control.


Its on the bottom of most ads and it looks like every page on their website. I would be surprised if other similar chain style Fast food/chain restaurants arent all the same.nI know from job experience at least 3 other international level chains slap that on a most of their posters and advertising and coupons they send out. It was a big issue at one place I worked at because travellers would bring coupons from nearby cities and they weren't the same as what our franchise sent out. I guess they missed the whole " *prices and participation may vary by location " on advertising for FF and various other chain/franchise places. Probably an easy detail to miss. http://imgur.com/a/sRNDoMQ


Franchise is often get to set their own prices, but within a range. Seeing as how Taco Bell doesn't apply the same policies as Arizona Tea, this definitely qualifies as asshole design because Taco Bell corporate should be providing signage that has variable pricing on it and not something like this.




Then they shouldn't use the signage that doesn't reflect their actual local price...?


They are perfectly allowed to, if you look online process vary depending on location. Like prices in California on average are higher than other states, and so on.


Or airports and other captive audience locations.


The main taco bell website small print at the bottom says otherwise. Like many other national/international level chains. Prices and participation may vary.


They 100% are allowed to adjust whatever price they want.


My local Taco Bell adjusts their prices like ass holes. The $5 boxes are always $6.


As someone who lives in a region that commonly has higher prices on LTOs, Taco Bell corporate definitely makes variations of signage to accommodate different prices for those markets.


Corporate didn’t fuck up. They send stores 2 of the same sign, one with the National $5 pricing and one with a blank spot to price it themselves. This is just an incompetent store manager.


Hope you do well!


These are the franchise stores and can charge more sadly.


Don’t forget the plus tax clause


And service fee, and tip and government pandemic fee… Of course Taco Bell doesn’t have these, but if you look at all the fees that come with practically everything, it’s crazy.


It does if you want your taco bell delivered lol.




I do it occasionally cause I don't drive but I make sure I'm getting stuff for everyone so the fees don't feel so awful(also the 15 minimum). They still are but feels less. I've never gotten comfortable driving but if I did I would never use them. I have noticed though that pizza delivery fees are starting to get much higher now too. I try to stop on the way home and get carryout when I can though. Covid closing lobbies of lots of places put a damper on that til really recently. I think for enough people they either are in my position or the fees out weigh the effort. The worst part about the uber prices is you get Luke warm food especially if its not a drive thru or quick service type place. If they have to go inside a sit down place it is guaranteed to be gross and not worth it no matter how much money you have to spare. .


Here in australia something costs $5, you hand over $5 and get your shit American prices are ridiculous. Oh just add 8.133% and then don't forget to tip because the business wants to pay people like they live in a fucking 3rd world nation, your $5 shit isn't even close to $5


Blew my fucking mind when I visited Hawaii. I can’t wrap my head around why 7-11 advertises $1 items when your $1 cannot be exchanged for that item. I had $10 on me and saw that beers at this pub were advertised as being $8.50. I genuinely didn’t know if I was okay to exchange my $10 for this $8.50 beer because does it include tax? It doesn’t include tip? So how much money do I need to fucking have to purchase this $8.50 item? In what universe is this defensible?


Well, America doesn’t pay shit for its labor. We are basically slaves and so in bars, they kept the “cultural suggestion” that you tip your servers, cuz that’s what they used to do because the bars didn’t used to pay black folks for their labor. Hell of a country we have. Fuck ya, FREEDOM! /s




Or if you live in the civilised world, all of that shit is legally required to be included in the advertised price. Except for the tip part. That crap can fuck right off completely.


Still a good deal




Thanks for stealing my picture. You could have at least come up with a new joke.


Sneaky sneaky


Still a pretty great deal..


You should see how they do us in Hawaii! It's all lies! Five dollar foot long ...more like nine dollar footlong. You grow up so excited to see a deal on a commercial/advertisement only to be told you were once again lied to by big business...lies!


Is there anywhere in the USA this isn’t the same though? This was my experience visiting Hawaii and thought it was dumb as fuck, I don’t understand how every American isn’t a mathematical genius


Alaska has the same thing. Almost every ad you see will have somewhere in the fine print or said very quickly "for the continental united states." I've seen some crazy things about how prices work in the great white north.


Most people don't bother doing the precise math, they just figure the final price will be a few dollars on top of what the signage say and accept whatever it says on the receipt.


What happened to $0.59…$0.79….$0.99?




Hold up, triple crunch wrap


Yeah but that’s still the best 6 dollar meal on the market


Taco bell has been down hill since '94. Stopped going since. Also, I stopped going to Del Taco ever since they deleted the 3 tacos and a quesadilla combo.


‘93 the heyday of Taco Bell.


Oh shit are all taco Bell's doing the boxes? The $5 box at my taco bell locations are all the crappy nacho boxes. The crunchwrap is my favorite item.


What the fuck is this about? Edit: there is a little 99 there. Is that really it? is that what reddit has come to? You are all fucking shit




What even is that? I don’t have Taco Bell near me but I don’t know what that is. A giant mexi-dumpling? A fried taco sandwich? How does Mexico feel about this?


a regular crunchwrap would be akin to if a quesadilla had the fillings of a taco. Think of this as the big mac of crunchwraps.


It also has a crunchy layer added.


Mexican here. Any Mexican that hates on Taco Bell is full of shit.


But not for long


That was genuinely funny have an upvote


Thanks for telling us


It's a flour tortilla, then a corn tortilla with meat and what not, and then again! And then more stuff! Then the top and bottom are put into a tortilla press of sorts. It's the absolute best junk, garbage, nonsense money can buy even if it's a monstrosity


[For some reason the way you described that reminded me of this SNL sketch](https://youtu.be/evUWersr7pc)


I mean, I don't really care, food like art can be changed, remixed etc. My problem comes when they start selling tostadas but bending them to call them tacos, those aren't tacos! those are tostadas shaped as tacos!


I mean....if .99 is a deal breaker, you shouldn't be eating take out homie. That's just my 2 ce......^(whoops.)


it's deceiving someone into spending 20% more for something


How dumb do you have to be for that to be your takeaway from this post?




Okay... let's talk about drive through menu prices for a second. At Wendy's I look at the prices for an order of fries. The smallest one is $1.09. Great. I tell them I want a small fry. When it comes time to pay, they ask for too much money. How can this be? Turns out that the smallest size fries is called a "Jr. Fries", not "Small Fries". That shit is infuriating. Why does there need to be **four sizes of fries** anyway?!


Jr fry is for little boys and girls


Because if there were 3 sizes, someone else would be complaining that there needs to be 4. You can't please everybody.


Because America is full of fat fucks


Lol, that only happens in countries with weak laws protecting the consumer. This is honestly illegal here.


Pretty much every post I see in here is because America just sucks when it comes to consumer protection. Australia is a broken ass country but it seems centuries ahead of the USA.




Bring. Back. Nacho. Fries!


I would get the 3.69 taco


LOL I saw how they actually make these things on YouTube and it’s a pitiful amount of meat on them.... the picture they use on the menu is hilarious. In real life they just get a shit smear of meat and cheese


I wonder if the FTC would be like "yo what the fuck"


This is literally every single item on sale in America because you have to add on tax and tips. I don’t understand how all Americans aren’t mathematicians. In Australia, if I have $1 in my pocket and see something, **anything**, on sale for $1, I know with complete confidence I can walk in and exchange my $1 for that item. In America? Nope! Dumbest fuckin country.


Confirmed asshole design, the first thing I thought when I saw the .99 was "assholes"


WAIT! Is the triple double back on the menu?!


#That will be $5 ^...99


With cheese squidward…


So does this mean I can get a single double crunchwrap for $2?


9 T 9


May be they were paying their employees more


The thing that bothers me the most about this is now i want to try it


That's slick. Lol


The Trickster.


Inflation strikes again


A dollar


You should do gas stations next.




After the Mexican Pizza, if there is any justice in this world.


If you're really concerned about 99 cents you shouldn't be eating fast food.


If they had just made it $6 then 'triple double' would have made more sense 3x2 (I know nothing about spors, but I know it's a sports reference)


It’s a dollar, not a big deal lol


Someone threw away the wrong POP! I’ve had to get it out of the trash to be up to standard for corporate.


I feel like what happened is there was a price change and whoever was in charge of changing the sign didn't want to cover the letters but also only had black numbers so had to utilize the white background.. but yeah they should've just printed out a "$5.99" sign and put it over the original 5.


All fuckery aside is that actually back? I’ve been waiting for that sucker to come back to the menu for two years now and I’d just about gladly pay the extra due to my withdrawals






I thought this was inside the store and I was so confused about [this part](https://i.imgur.com/1XT8y1X.jpg) and then I realized this is outside and I need to sober up.


Am I fucking stupid? Triple double is the name of this? Why isn’t it just double?


I can imagine it would be more than $5.99 when taxes are added onto the final amount. Be something around $6.00 or slightly more.


These don't feel like a bargain at $5 lol