In order to unsubscribe from Nextdoor emails, you need to diable every single possible 'type' of notification they might send you.

yes, each one of these categories has multiple sub-categories. no, there is not an 'unsubscribe from all' option.


I just marked it as Spam and Gmail unsubscribed me


Same and i think this is proper use of spam. Spam is for senders who don't make it easy to stop them, not just emails you don't like


i think ill have to do that!


Thank you. I keep getting non-spam work related mailing lists in my spam box because some colleagues clearly are marking it spam rather than unsubscribing.


The cool thing is that when enough people do this the domain because auto flogged as spam for all users


I think you're looking for the word "flagged". "Flogged" has a very different meaning, even if I do support it for spammers.


bahahahah very true. That's what I get typing on my phone late at night using browser web app. (I refuse to install the Reddit app after they killed all 3rd party apps).


That only works if they have something called a feedback loop setup; if they don’t they will keep coming but get sent to spam folder. It’s pretty annoying. :(


Every few months they invent more “categories” of spam mail that you have to go back to unsubscribe from.


oh god thats so annoying 🙄


Ok, that explains some things.


Nextdoor is social media for boomers—and is designed to rope them in for hours a day. It’s probably the worst social network ever created.


Unless you are trying to reunite lost pers with their owners. But otherwise, yes it is.


this is why i downloaded it. lost pets & crime stuff (sincr i recently moved) but now I keep getting notifications every time sharon has a rude waiter at waffle house


Downloaded it to find out about a new area we moved to in CA. Lasted about a week then deleted the app because the fucker wouldn't shut the fuck up all god damn day and night with its nonstop bullshit.


i had a similar thing, i thought it would be a good saftey tool since i moved in to a new area. i didn't know it would mean id be getting 10+ emails a day


Check out areavibes, neighborhoodscout, and homefacts websites.


My favorite post was when Shoprite (grocery store) went to all self checkouts. Over 200 comments on one post.


Does your city have a facebook page?


> Nextdoor is social media no need to say for boomers, because like all social media regardless of the demographic it is trying to target sucks. And should be avoided.


I’m convinced websites like this intentionally make it difficult because they want your eyeballs, and they want it to be such a pain in the ass for you that you finally just say “to hell with it”.


nice insight. i was thinking they did it because they genuinely thought it was good design. but your theory makes more sense


Different options to suit your preferences is nice, but a “unsubscribe all” would be useful


They were being sarcastic, btw


Developers are very intelligent people, such a common-sense thing definitely wont pass over them. At least they are getting many complaints because of this.


This is a hurtful stereotype. I’m a software developer and I’m an idiot, cut me some slack


Sorry. Didn’t mean to go all Captain Obvious. It was just a thought.


not a worry, i meant it as a gentle ribbing


No shit


I got banned for criticizing the building of a new Costco development in the suburbs. You could try speaking out against some corporate action to get off their lists.


I recall hearing the same for another social media platform that used to have the words face and book in its name. It's easier to get your account closed by banning than to go through the proper channels. Just stay talking flat earth and stolen elections.


speaking of nextdoor, your feed by default is set to popularity. Its dumb. You CAN set it to "most recent"... but it automatically goes back to popularity in 2 months.


so annoying!


I just uninstalled the app, no real value and pretty annoying notifications


I “unsubscribed” from next door over a year ago. I still get “you have 20 unread notifications” every single week.


The company I work for has an “advisor” who used to have a high level position at Nextdoor. Had to smile through a presentation by them on how they got Nextdoor to be so successful. The app is garbage and has the worst people hanging out on it, but we have to play pretend and pay this person god knows how much for a pointless hour of yakking.


This is LinkedIn, too. Every now and again I have to sign in and dig into a bunch of categories and subcategories and uncheck everything again. I'm trapped into this thing because everybody is using it but next time I'll just be marking it as spam I don't care anymore.


Hold my Classmates.com...


I am always shocked that people use this. Nextdoor is not "nextdoor", it is yet another shitty anti privacy social media corp. They have clever marketing I will give them that. Make a neighbor feel self important and they do the recruiting.


I had joined it so i could see crime updates since i moved to a new place, and instead its just spam from random people about random gas stations they dont like.


I did all of that but I was still getting emails I had to block and send to spam folder And unsubscribe through outlook Insane!!!


I closed my Nextdoor account over a year ago and I didn't miss it even a little.


I don't see the problem: uninstall the app and mark the email as spam. If everyone does this their marketing manager gets fired for single-handedly killing the app. So many alternatives to NextDoor.


ND is the worst. Even after disabling everything they still send cheeky silent notifications and I don't know whether I should attribute it to incompetence or just gross negligence of user preferences.


that's crazy. I'm going to guess it's a little bit of both!


Took me forever to finally figure this out, the worst app ever


at first, i kept unsubscribing and being really confused why i kept getting emails, until i realized i needed to disable 30+ toggle buttons. so annoying.


**Disable not diable idk how to fix the title


you can't change titles, sorry


Next door is exactly what I want out of social media. It had the potential to be a very useful neighborhood networking tool, instead I got to learn all of my neighbors political views.


it's really such a shame because i thought it would actually be a useful tool to get to know my area and get safety updates. but it's really just people complaining about non issues.


I deleted my account over this


These companies are so craving for "user engagement" they come up with a new type of notifications every couple of weeks - I'm also looking at you FB, instagram, and linkedin.


On the other hand, it's a nice way to regulate the kind of technical messaging you receive.


i can see how this system could be nice, but without a 'disable all' button, it is unbelievably annoying


I wonder of it would be easier to create a throwaway email account and then switch your email on the nextdoor account to it?


Exact same as Yahoo Fantasy app notifications.


Are you talking about Quora, lol. I wonder why Gmail doesn't consider them as spam when they clearly are.


It would be interesting what will happen if I tried to register using /r/SimpleLogin email. Or Apple's Hide My Email


Sorry, what's Simple Login? Im super curious


Simple explanation: Both services have same basic idea (Apple's one is Apple-devices-integrated and with some apple's "we know how to do it better"). You have "basic" email(it could be more than one basic one). Every service/app who says they really needs your e-mail - gets unique one. E-mails send to unique one gets re-send to your "real" one. You also could just...turn off email for specific service so it wont be sent anymore. Also, because every service does have unique e-mail - if you start getting something...unrelated on this e-mail it means that either it was sold (of course you agreed to this in ToS) or service got hacked. There are a lot of options like different domains, ability to use your own custom domains and so on. Some apps/services try to detect usage of such tools and get "real" address. This could usually be worked around (check SimpleLogin's subreddit). Also, most services doesn't try to work around Apple's. Apple's one is usually paid (included in iCloud's subscription). Simplelogin is paid subscription with free plan. They also put their software stack on github. They are owned by Proton (of ProtonMail) now. I personally use SimpleLogin with paid subscription on my domains. I generate new alias addresses either via SL's chrome extension or via their android app.