Timett, son of Timett is the heir to the Vale




The theory is he is the son of the daughter of Alys Arryn (Jon's sister) who was carried off by the Burned Men


Ahh I see. But wouldn't he still likely be a bastard?


Step 1: Timmet is legitimised by royal decree Step 2: ??? Step 3: Profit


Maybe they got married according to the Mountain Clans custom. I mean its headcanon! But I like it too


Depends. Was she married in a formal ceremony? Would that ceremony be recognised in the Vale/Seven Kingdoms? Likely not but could make that claim legitimate.


It might be similar to Northern ceremonies minus the Weirwoods


Depends. Do the Hill Tribes have their own marriage custom?


They likely do, they are First Men that haven't assimilated to the Andal lifestyle after all


Now that's just a fact


The old black cat that roams around the Red Keep is actually the kitten of Princess Rhaenys named Balerion.


This cat turns up so much! I just noticed on my recent reread that Arya is frightened by a black cat with a torn-off ear as she’s escaping from the Red Keep


There's a theory that Brynden Rivers AKA Bloodraven AKA the three-eyed-crow is warging into Balerion to keep watch on kings landing.


Martin almost confirmed it.


Robb warging into Grey Wind before he dies at the Twins


And then he dies a second death. Poor Robb


He deserved better fr


I'm still of the head canon that they didn't get grey wind. Because his head was way too big to be sewn onto robbs shoulders.


I'd love more than anything for Greywind to still be alive


Legit agree with you, Grey Wind could not be tamed so they found another.


Here's some tinfoil for ya. Robb was about to permanentely warg, as in his consciousness completely leaving his body n its entire like it happened with Varamyr Sixskins in the prologue of ADWD. Except Raynard Westerling stands in the way, so Robb accidentally wargs into him. Hence why it's reported that Ser Raynard suddenly attacked the soldiers trying to murder Greywind. His body has never been recovered from the Trident so he might still be roaming around somewhere :)


I need to know one thing. How the hell do you remember such details accurately 💀💀 I didn't even remember about Robb's near-warging 💀


I saw a post sometime about missing characters and Ser Raynard was mentioned, and when I re-read ADWD and realized that wargs/skinchangers (if there's a difference at all) can literally send their spirits into other beings when dying instead of the instant connection they apparently have otherwise, it just sorta clicked into place. Where fRaynard/UnRobb might be though, I have no clue. Maybe he wandered around until he arrived at Greywater Watch, maybe he's on his way back to the Crag, half crazed and flipflopping between both inhabitants. If my theory is indeed correct and I'd have to place him somewhere I'd pick the Hooded Man just to add another possible identity, purely for funsies. Also, that spirit abandonment would also explain how Jon knows he's being stabbed at the end of ADWD, despite lying face down in the snow and not actually feeling anything but the cold. I also wonder if something similar caused Bran's coma at the beginning of AGOT, if he sorta automatically escaped upwards into the air waaaayyyyy up into outer space, hence why he can see so the whole world, but luckily had his legs to break the fall. I guess if he hadn't found his body (or another) he would've eventually dissolved. But that is honestly more speculation than theorizing at this point lmao


“Had his legs to break his fall”, I just SPAT


holy me


Jon would have done it, his last words were "ghost" that's were winds of winter would start for Jon's character.


After Robert's rebellions I think Robert's intentions were never to marry and have Stannis be his heir. I remember in a Ned chapter he said he never wanted to marry after Lyannas death and Jon Arryn pushed to him to marry Cersei. It would explain why he gave Stannis dragonstone instead of letting him keep storms end. It would also let Robert abdicate whenever he wanted to. Obviously there is not enough to support this and I'm not even sure if the timeline works out.


Oh I like this very much. And it surprising makes sense. Robert rules until Stannis has a legitimate heir and spare then fucks off for good.


I really like the idea of Bobby B just chilling over in Essos watching Westeros get turned to shit because the Lannisters are pissed at Stannis or whatever. Meanwhile the dude just spends his days getting shit faced on wine and resizing people's chest cavities.


It’s what he would want. And if Stannis sent word that there was war afoot, Robert would sail right back with an army and cause mayhem just for the hell of it.


I want someone to write a sellsword king fanfic of Robert in Essos in the same style as the Dunk and Egg novellas.


I like that idea! Robert the sellsword king, what a story that would be! Edit: Although technically I guess he would have to be a sellhammer 🤔


Sellhammer, I like that!


I wanna be your sellhammer Why don't you call my name? (BOB) Ah oh, let me be your sellhammer This will be my testimony Yeah (yeah)


But then he'd have to stay in shape. Or I guess he could meet half way a be like a Strong Belwas type.


If he were constantly fighting im sure Robert would have been in great shape. He drank, ate, and whored plenty before he was king. He just was always fighting


He didn't just give Stannis Dragonstone. In the Targ days Dragonstone was just the seat of the crown prince, it wasn't hereditary as other strongholds but rather appointed by each king to their heirs. Robert, however, created a formal house, House Baratheon of Dragonstone. The reason Stannis resents Robert is that he is the second son, yet became a cadet branch to Renly, who inherited Storm's End.


At the same time if Stannis inherited Storms End, and Renly was given Dragonstone, Stannis would probably complain that Renly was given Dragonstone lol


*teeth start grinding*


Idk tho. Storms end was Stannis’ home, dragonstone the home of his enemies. His claim to fame came from holding storms end during the siege as well, which is why I felt like he thought he deserved it.


Dragonstone being the seat of the heir works when none of the Royal family are landed nobility in their own right. Really the right choice should have been: -Stannis inherits Storm's End. -As heir, Stannis also holds Dragonstone until Robert has a child come of age. -Have Renly be Castellan of Storm's End while Stannis is either on Dragonstone or at court in the Red Keep as a member of the small council.


I mean, Stannis was making very little money off of Drangstone, while Renly had a lot more land and resources, especially for war. Stannis may hold a grudge over small things but he's not stupid.




Tyrion didn't actually do a somersault/gymnastics move at Winterfell when he met Jon. Both him and Jon were shit faced drunk. Tyrion busts his ass, hits a board on the way down causing him to flip around and then tries to recover gracefully to save face. Jon is pretty young and drunk and so he thinks it looks cool. Tyrion is really drunk so he doesn't realize how badly he fucked himself up on the fall. There's probably a couple stable hands a few meters away that are like "holy fuck that dwarf just ate shit lmao," and Jon and Tyrion, in normal drunk person fashion are like, "bro that was fucking sick did you see that lmao."


I love this! No relevance to the story but hilarious 😂


If I could like this comment twice lmfao


I don't think the gravedigger will ever be confirmed or denied to be the Hound. I think, contrast to the show, he will live out the rest of his days in obscurity, maybe redemption, but whatever happens to him will be off-page.


Euron has actually been to Valyria via warging unfortunate thralls he sends on one-way trips.


Euron would definitely do fucked up shit like warging into the dusky woman when victarion is plowing her


Euron warging the Dusky Woman is my favorite twisted theory. Euron's gifts are poisoned... and yet Victarion takes each and every one.


Can’t lie I was so disappointed when we didn’t get more of Euron and none of Victorian at all


The show's interpretation of him as a crass evil Jack Sparrow was so disappointing. I wanted to see a dude wearing Valyrian steel armor, performing blood magic rituals, and drinking shade of the evening like its water.


Ned is missing some vital info about the Starks connection to the WW that has been passed from Lord to heir for 8k years . brandon died before telling Ned why there must be a Stark in WF


It seems that he would be something he told Benjen before leaving. As he would have been the only living true born stark in winter fell.


Yes! That would explain why the Others are stirring themselves now. They are confused that the pact (assuming you are thinking along those lines) has not been honored for the last couple of years.


But didn’t they start “stirring” even while there were half a dozen or so Starks at Winterfell? Prologue of AGOT, I mean Meanwhile there were others times with presumably no Starks in Winterfell, like Robert’s Rebellion or when Cregan Stark basically took over the Crown for a bit.


Wasn't Benjen in WF during robert's rebellion though? And during Cregan Stark's day there were stark uncles who could have been in Winterfell. And possibly other unnamed Starks (we simply don't know enough.


Maybe it's not the Stark in Winterfell thing per se, but something else that is connected to it, something that particular Stark has to do while in Winterfell. And we only now get reports of Others, but they might have moved mich earlier without anyone knowing, as they are from the far north


Benjen was the Stark in Winterfell during Robert's Rebellion. I assume there was someone there during the hour of the wolf as well. I think the presence of fire magic in Westeros was the breech. Aegon arriving with dragons may have started it all, which is hilarious because his prophecy of the Others is why he conquered. In fact if you follow the logic, dragon dreams are consequences for missteps, warnings of doom. By remarrying and having a son, Viserys ensured that his son would sit on the throne, and war would come. By trying to hatch dragons, Jahaerys doomed most of his family at Summerhall. And, by pursuing a third child, Rhaegar killed his first two.


If it was the case that Brandon knew, wouldn't that be knowledge of such import that abstaining from telling at least one other person alive makes you an absolute liability?


Mushroom actually has a small member.


i actually subscribe to the theory that Mushroom has the biggest cock out of every single ASOIAF character ever. The only part of his account that's true is his massive penis.


Ramsay's mom poisoned Domeric not Ramsay himself.


It's been a while since I read that part, could you elaborate?


Well the idea is that Domeric goes to connect with his only brother and dies shortly afterward from what Roose thinks is poison. I've always thought this was too subtle for Ramsay himself, who is cunning but very impulsive. Ramsay's mother is a strange character. She should be terrified of Roose but seems to defy him on every occasion. First by showing up at the Dreadfort and demanding he take care of his son, and later by constantly reminding Ramsay of his "rights" against Roose's orders. She then demands Roose provide a servant for him, etc. Anyway poison being described as a woman's weapon, I've always felt she'd be the one to do the deed to help her sons station once again.


Good call on the seeming lack of fear that Ramsay's mother had of Roose, it's very odd.


I honestly think it's more odd that Roose didn't get mildly irritated at it and make her into a coat.




Yeah, Roose is just a lil stinker at the end of the day. He likes shenanigans


Is there any evidence that Roose himself flays people? Maybe Ramsey picked up a history book and decided that it would be just something for him


I mean, Roose did seem quite familiar with the properties of human skin as clothing. >Human skin is not as tough as cowhide and will not wear as well.


I could have told you that. It's one of those odd facts that people remember when they hear it.


I mean, true, but the fact that that was his response to Ramsay threatening to skin one of their allies without a trace of surprise or moral judgement is kind of a point in and of itself. There's no real evidence that Roose flays people, but if it were revealed he did, I don't think anyone would be remotely surprised.


Interesting and sound reasoning! I think you might be on to something.


I'm a big fan of the fairly well-known theory that Oberyn (who notably trained at the citadel and has a reputation for using poisons) poisoned Tywin with *widow's blood* at some point in King's Landing before his duel with The Mountain.


To me, this is really the ideal ASOIAF fan theory: It's completely speculative, adds an unneeded layer of complexity, explains something for which there is already a plausible explanation and effectively cannot be proven nor disproven, freeing the theory's proponents from the need to actually engage in defending or advancing it. What more could a theorycrafter ask for?


C’mon, man, you’re telling me that you think Tywin Lannister would have such undisciplined bowels that he would need to take a shit in the middle of the night without being poisoned?


There's no time travelling fetus, so *yawn*


You're also leaving out how the biggest piece of 'evidence' for it is wondering at how much his corpse stank afterwards, which manages to completely ignore both the symbolic value of that image (that Tywin's legacy, all of the atrocious things he's done in the name of 'family', has now utterly gone to shit and does not even have him around anymore to keep it together) and the practical, gritty reality that *of course* a human body smells really bad if there's a massive hole exposing the gut and bowels to the open air.


Going to add my own brand of brain damage to this: Oberyn died on purpose. He had already killed both Tywin and Gregor with poison, both were just lingering. His death would secure Tyrion's death, leaving the Lannisters lead by Cersei the Moron. His death would galvanize the Dornish against the rest of the seven kingdoms meaning there will be no resistance from them to Quentyn and Daenerys. Also it just fits the line "If you die without saying her name I will haunt you through all seven hells" and fits his theme of complete dedication to vengeance.


I can get behind all of this. It adds on to the list of characters who hate Tyrion as a Lannister. This goes against his high opinion of himself and balances him out more.


is that the one that constipates you to death? and why when they removed the crossbow bolt from his bowels that his body smelled unnaturally heinous?


Oh yes, I'm a big fan of that one as well!


The rituals done by Mirri Maz Duur and Daenerys bonded three human souls into Dany's dragons. Khal Drogo's went into Drogon, Rhaego's went into Viserion, and Mirri's went into Rhaegal.


Oh damn! Why do you think that?


There's a write up that goes into way better detail than I could, not sure where, but the idea is a spin-off of the "only death may pay for life" idea. Each of the dragons has specific behavioral characteristics, which could just be natural, but synch up nicely to the three souls who died via rituals. Drogon is clearly the most dominant, Viserion is stated to be the most childish/naive, and Rhaegal is described more than once as greedily gripping things like an d woman, while also sitting some in the middle of the aggression scale. If the death payment is more of a transfusion rather than a transaction, it could follow that absorbing each relevant soul is the reason for these differences.


Interesting theory! That would mean that all the dragons that have been hatched in the past had to have human sacrifices as well. Could put a dark spin on the Tragedy at Summerhall if that was known. Maybe that was the intent of the rituals there and someone (read: Dunk) found out and put a stop to it, making sure nobody with that knowledge would survive. Kind of mirroring Jaime and King's Landing. I could definitely see Dunk sacrifice himself for the greater good Edit: typos


I hope Dunk gave Egg a clout around the ear as his dying act


It's a bit tricky, because I think dragon eggs can hatch naturally, since they appear in the wild. So I don't know if a human sacrifice was needed for every hatching, but that it can be utilized. Totally agree that it was the source of the problem at Summerhall, and yeah Dunk stopping it seems very probable.


I believe human sacrifice would have been needed to wake Dany's eggs because they were, as Illyrio said, "petrified." They were dead, fossilized, stone eggs until a combination of Daenerys's presence and three deaths paid for their lives. Normal, recently born dragon eggs could ostensibly hatch on their own of course (provided they were sufficiently hot I assume.)


Yeah, that splits the difference nicely. Obviously we don't know when an egg would transition from viable to fossilized, but your reasoning has extra weight given how often we're seeing eggs kept in hot containers in HOTD.


I always liked the idea that Rhaegos soul split into three.


That's very interesting as well, each dragon getting one part of who he would have been.


Why not Rhaego -> Rhaegal though? And having Mirris soul as one of her 'kids' is a bit weird lol


Personality differences, Viserion is described as the most childish/naive of the dragons, whereas Rhaegal is more aggressive (though not as dominant as Drogon). And yeah, it's an odd one admittedly.


Rhaego is Drogo's child, supposed to be the stallion that mounts the world. Makes sense he'd have that grabby, aggressive personality while still deferring to Drogon.


Mirri Maz Duur actually did not intend to cause any harm despite her personal feelings. She tried to help Drogo/Dany but it didn’t work out purely because they didn’t follow her instructions. Her response to Dany after all was said and done is not meant to confirm that she enacted vengeance but rather that she believes her procedures went bad because her god willed it so as punishment to the Dothraki.


This one could possibly factor into the three betrayals. Dany just assumes Mirri was the first betrayal for blood, and if this is true than Dany assumed wrong. This could lead to Dany dropping her guard, only to get blindsided by a unexpected ‘fourth’ betrayal.


The blood magic Visenya was rumoured to have done to conceive Maegor did happen. It summoned the last Targaryen heir backwards in time into her womb, ensuring the line would never truly die out. Maegor is time travelling fetus Rhaego. (I’M JOKING.) My real head canon is that fAegon is Aerion Brightflames descendant. IIRC he’s mentioned before the Blackfyres in the books, he did get exiled to the free cities for some time, and he was Egg’s older brother; his descendants would have a decent claim. The Blackfyres are red herrings. But my real evidence for this theory is that the original Aegons father, according to the wiki, was called… Aerion. I lie awake at night thinking about this can you tell.


Lmao to the first one. Interesting theory for the second one! George elaborating hard on the Blackfyres only to pull a Brightflame out of his hat. Definitely sounds like something he would do lol. That is if we ever get to know fAegons true parentage (assuming he's not the real deal).


I like the Brightfyre theory. Aegon is both Brightflame and Blackfyre. Illyrio is a Blackfyre descendant, Serra (his wife) is a Brightflame descendant and fAegon is their son. George himself [said](https://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/Many_Questions/) Aerion might have fathered some children in Lys. Also it's worth noting the part in Moqorro's prophecy in ADWD that says "Dragons old and young, true and false, **bright** and dark". I bet it will be important.


Very good catch on the "bright and Dark " part it is the hardest evidence of this theory.


Asshai and the Shadowlands are EXACTLY as described in the world book. Shadowbinders, bloodmages, wonders and terrors beyond imagining. Please and thank you.


Personally I enjoy the theory that the reason no visitors see any children at Asshai is cause they have child labour laws and the docks are too dangerous for kids and they're all at school


Well if a lot of mages ended up meeting in some place it would end up being quite a strange area


Just ask new students at the unseen university


Stannis, hearing about what happened to Aegon and Rhaenys, took pity upon Dany and Viserys and let them flee


By letting Dany get away he could've made it possible to fulfill Melisandre's prophecy about waking dragons from stone.


Wow, didn't actually think about that. It could be why Melisandre is so insistent he's the Prince when it's actually because he paid a part in getting the prophecy to happen


Yes! I always knew Stannis made it possible for dragons to return


I like this theory. It might better explain why the Velaryons, Celtigars, Masseys, and other houses sworn to Dragonstone actually stayed loyal to him.


I read this theory a while ago The tourney at Harrenhall was just a pretext. The actual reason was to call a great council. Rhaegar saw his father was going insane and wanted to dispose him. He got the Vale, North, Stormlands, Riverlands, and Dorne on his side. But something along the way broke down negotiations.


it's canon. what ruined the plan was Aerys himself showing up at Harrenhall.


its more than that - the theory is that the lords of the realm were already planning a rebellion, not just to support rhaegar, but to overthrow all targs - rhaegar found out about this hence why he gave lyanna the rose, to nod he no longer was going to be using harrenhal to depose his father https://www.reddit.com/r/asoiaf/comments/4x2d9j/spoilers_everything_the_harrenhal_conspiracy_part/


There's good evidence for this as Aerys wasn't invited to the tourney and just showed up because of his paranoia. The problem was that Rhaegar was kind of an idiot and crowned Lyanna instead of Elia because of "muh song of ice and fire" and fucked everything up


No the theory is that giving the crown to Lyanna was Rhaegar reneging on the deal. Which is why Brandon raged while Robert (who didn’t know) laughed


Jojen Paste.


yeah, well, where the hell *is* Jojen, now? He might just be out taking a piss or something, but if he never comes back, then what else do we have?


This seems like it has to be addressed whenever Bran gets another chapter. Either Jojen is alive or he isn't.


That the words of House Tarageryon “Fire and Blood” is the formula to hatch dragon eggs.


**Holy shit**


This I believe as fact. 💯


Gerion Lannister found the Valyrian sword ages ago and just decided not to come back because he was sick of Tywin's shit. He's chilling on a beach somewhere laughing his ass off every time news arrive from King's Landing.


That Varys is a mermaid. It’s a weird one, and I definitely don’t think that anything will become of it, but it’s fun to read the books with that theory in mind lol


Worship of the Drowned God is common amongst smallfolk on the Westerosi western coast and in the Riverlands.


I would be surprised if Harren The Black and his line didn’t leave some trace of worship of the Drowned God in the Riverlands - they were there for three generations.


I think that’s the origin of the Tully’s funeral traditions


I share this headcanon! They’re sent downriver and then burned on a boat. Meaning their body is sent towards the sea, and their ashes eventually reach the Narrow Sea at the Saltpans. Definitely seems like something the Ironborn ruling the Riverlands would do. Use a boat on a river because a march to the coast every time someone died would be tedious. Burn the boat and the body because otherwise someone down river might loot it, and it simulates a proper death on a raid amidst fire and smoke.


Brandon and Rhaegar agreed on a Trial by 7 combat after the tourney but something happened and it did not occur . Rhaegar had 6 friends and Ned had 6 with him at TOJ so do the math


Bolt-On. I doubt GRRM is ever going to use that, but I also don't think anything's going to contradict it, so I'm just going to keep on believing it.


Probably one of my favorite tinfoil theories, even though it's the tinfoiliest of tinfoils


One of my favorites. Imagining Bolton as a tired and jaded immortal who just might hang around for another generation after all.


Daeron II is the son of Aemon the Dragonknight. Aegon IV had all those bastards who caused loads of problems, but never actually furthered his families line.


With HOTD's success I wouldn't be so sure we don't get a similar style of show leading up to the first Blackfyre rebellion. If so, I could see this theory getting confirmed/ denied at some point.


I do hope with all my heart we get a a Blackfyre prequel, Aegon 4 has all the debauchery to make for good tv and there’s enough incest to interest people as well, it the only element that it won’t have is the flashy dragons


I'm actually right there with you. I had this realization semi-recently that the events that caused the First Blackfyre Rebellion look awfully similar to those that caused the Wot5K, but from an outsider perspective. Which then made me wonder that if the Aegon is a Blackfyre theory is true, does that mean Varys and Illyrio's big master plan is just "We figured out the proper line of succession and we're putting the right one on the throne"?


theon killed his sons


This is one of those ideas that does not literally have to be true. The point is that he should suspect it might be true.


Theon was 19 in AGOT and if the oldest one was supposed to be Bran’s age, which is 9, he’d have to have been 10 when he impregnated the miller’s wife… there’s no way.


Maegor only became "the Cruel"because of the head wound he took in the Trial of Seven.


Aegon is really Aegon


There was once a land bridge that connected Essos and Westeros off the edge of the map. George says that are not connected but to my knowledge he never says they weren't formerly connected. That would be why Essos has a structure similar to The Wall in The Five Forts. Humans barricaded the Others in between two massive military structures. That is why Essos and Westeros have the same legend of the long night with the same hero in Azor Ahai and The Last Hero That is why Dany's prophecy says that to go West she must go East. If she actually went far enough East it could wrap around and she would end up in the Land of Always Winter North of The Wall.


I loved AWOIAF but damn did it stir me up knowing we'll never get more details about those teases of the far east and south. Also just casually dropping a whole other continent (or at least significant landmass) beyond Asshai in Ulthos that doesn't seem to have a real world parallel


So that land bridge was destroyed by a similar event to the hammer of waters that destroyed the Arm of Dorne and was supposed to destroy the Neck? Interesting theory, although that would have had to been huge, as eastern Essos looks massive


I am a firm believer that Aegon (young Griff) is a Blackfyre but I have a feeling that we'll never get a confirmation. The series would end and we'll still be debating whether he is actually a Targaryen or a Blackfyre


Let me ask you something, if (f?)Aegon was actually the true son of Rhaegar and ostensible heir to the iron throne, and Varys and Illyrio had been in support of him the entire time, then why would those three dragon eggs have been gifted to Daenerys? I mean, whether they thought the eggs would hatch or not, they were heirlooms of house Targaryen, and you'd think they'd have saved them for not only the person they considered the rightful king, but the person who was less likely to have them stolen by some warring khal.


I agree. If true, hints will be dropped but it won't ever be confirmed


Rhaegar was expecting help from Tywin at the Trident


Love the Tormund and Maege theory, also the one where Tormund is secretly an Umber (forgetting most the smaller details but it comes from the Giants babe story)


Rhaenys was a warg and after the Mountain killed her she lived her second life as the black tomcat that lives in the red keep and constantly fucks with the Lannister’s


I’m liking the current Joe Magician theory that Larys is warging into all those rats we keep seeing on HotD. House Strong follows the Old Gods so I could see how it could be a thing. My other current waiting to see if I’m right theory is that Robert’s rebellion is what woke the others up and got them started moving towards the wall.


Euron is a former student of Bloodraven who went rogue on him and wants to destroy the world rather than help save it. We know Bloodraven has had many students before Bran who failed and died. Maybe Euron was one that survived . There’s a lot more info pointing to this like Euron having similar dreams to Bran of flying, obsession with magic and glass candles etc. I just think it’s a cool theory and would make his seemingly apocalyptic plans more credible.


I don’t think he was fully trained by Bloodraven; I think he had a similar dream to Bran III, but when he saw the heart of winter and all that, he lost his mind and is now trying to jumpstart the apocalypse. We don’t know that his powers are all that more advanced than Bran’s, but he’s probably a lot more willing to do terrible things with them.


Isn't there a section where Euron says someone promised him he could fly, but that they lied? It uses almost the same wording that Bran uses in AGOT when he's subject to Bloodraven's dreams. I'm pretty convinced this is true.


““When I was a boy, I dreamt that I could fly,” he announced. “When I woke, I couldn’t … or so the maester said. But what if he lied?” Euron turned to face him, his bruised blue lips curled in a half smile. “Perhaps we can fly. All of us. How will we ever know unless we leap from some tall tower?” The wind came gusting through the window and stirred his sable cloak. There was something obscene and disturbing about his nakedness. “No man ever truly knows what he can do unless he dares to leap.” This is from one of Victarian’s chapter from AFFC (thanks for correction). There’s a proper theory explaining all this I just always liked it and thought it was a good one to add here.


Or Euron simply went mad because of something he saw and is trying to prevent it in his own way. Or profit from it, who knows. But I like that!


I believe that between the core books and the World of Ice and Fire, GRRM is clearly saying that Cersei and Jaime are Aerys's bastards. Facts: Joanna was Aerys's mistress prior to her marriage. Aerys crossed the line with something that he did with her at her bedding ceremony. She visited King's Landing occasionally during her marriage before the twins were born. When they were born, Aerys sent her their weight in gold as a gift and asked her to bring them to King's Landing for him to see as soon as she could. When she arrived at court with the twins, Aerys asked her if her boobs were all droopy now, and then she cried. The twins were super incestuous, and used to tell themselves that it's okay because Targaryens did it so it's not that bad. It would be really poetic if the child that Tywin suspected might not be his (Tyrion) was actually his only child. Also, that would mean that both Tyrion and Jaime killed their own fathers. I don't think that that's ever going to be addressed in the books or confirmed, but there's enough evidence that I firmly believe that it is true.




I really hate the theory that Tyrion is a Targaryen bastard for this very reason. It'd be so poetic for him to be Tywin's true son.


aegon V had dreams of dany and tried to recreate (or create before it even happened) her funeral pyre at summer hall to awaken dragons from stone.


Varys is the Merling King


My theory is that (f)Aegon isn't *just* a Blackfyre, but a carefully crafted tool made by combing as many bastard or disinherited Targaeryan bloodlines together as possible. His mother Saerra was the last female Blackfyre, Illyrio was a descendant of Bittersteel, somewhere up in his family tree is either one of Aerion Brightflame's bastards or his son Maegor. You could even throw in some of Aegon IV Essosi bastards like his daughters with the Black Pearl in there too if you deem them important enough. Essentially this makes Young Griff more than just another Blackfyre, but rather a weapon carrying with him all the generational hatred and anger at the Targaeryan family his ancestors felt so that he may one day fulfill their ambitions to sit the Iron Throne.


Don't forgot that Seara Targaryen had 3 sons that showed up at the Great council of 101. Their descendants are probably around somewhere. The young Baratheon brother (Orryn?) that was exiled for 10 years by Jaehaerys had a son, that's "technically" a Targaryen descended line.


I like the theory that Serra is named for her many-times great-grandmother Saerra Targaryen, the daughter of Jaehaerys who became a whore in Essoss and canonically had multiple children. We know about her sons, but she may have had daughters who stayed in the profession, much like the Black Pearls did. And one of those daughters may have caught the eye of a Blackfyre.


Ned named Jon after Jon Arryn as a sort of last line of defense in case Robert ever found out the truthm


I always kinda thought that was the case and not really a theory. Makes sense that having viewed Jon Arryn as an 'adopted father' of sorts, his bastard 'son' being so close to Stark family life would then be like an 'adopted' son in a way. Is there another Jon he could be named after or is the conventional explanation just that it was a random name given?


I think it's a clue to Jon's real parentage, that is for sure. I guess my theory is that Ned picked the name under the idea that Robert would have to get past the idea that he was murdering Lyanna's son, Ned's nephew, and then Jon Arryn's namesake to kill him. Or Ned thought maybe Jon Arryn would want to give him some mercy if he was sort of a "godfather" to him


I like that idea. I also always thought it was meant to be telling of Robert's disinterest in his children and lax parenting. Ned named a "son" Jon, Jon named a son Robert, and Robert could/should have completed the cycle and named his son Ned. But he didn't, he let Cercei choose all the names which is symbolic of his disinterest in his children and his utter lack of guidance contributing to Joffrey ending up such a monster.


Ned also named a son after Robert, so that is his two first sons he named after his adoptive family.


Quaithe is Elissa Farman.


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bolt-On.


The faceless men originating in the mines of Valyria because the Valyrian blood mages were resurrecting slaves over and over (similar to Rh'lorr's fire magic) until the faceless men found a way to give them a permanent death by taking their faces - this will forever be in my head canon


Daemon never died after the Battle Above the God’s Eye, swam ashore & left to Essos to live peacefully with his daughter (Nettles). Years later around the age of 65, he returned to pass on Dark Sister to Aemon the Dragonknight & disappeared again.


The idea of Daemon surviving a fight between two dragons the size of Megazords after giving his nephew lasik surgery and being like "phew that was close one" is hilarious


Gets up, dusts himself off, and wipes sweat off his brow. "Golly gee, that silly one-eye almost got me. Anyways fuck this im outta here"


*climbs out of the lake* “agh my favorite coat got wet.”


"Are you kidding me Aemond, this was Myrish silk, do you know how many dragons I paid for this!?!?"


Climbs back into the TARDIS disguised as a tree in the kingswood and stops dyeing his hair blonde


Even funnier to me is the idea that he entirely missed and plummetted to his death, but somehow Aemond later on tripped and impaled himself in the eye, and everyone decided to cover it up with the awesome skydiving story because it was such a lame ending for both of them lol


Wasn't Dark sister found still stuck in Aemond's skull at the bottom of the lake years later?


“Dear Mr. Dragonknight You’ll find a gift at the bottom of God’s Eye Love ur secret admirer”


>left to Essos to live peacefully with his daughter (Nettles). But what about the crazy fire lady the burned men worshipped in the Vale? I'm like 100% convinced that was Nettles.


But Nettles was in the Mountains of The Moon being worshipped by the Burnt Men.


Dark Knight Rises vibes of Daemon at a restaurant in Essos and Corlys giving him a wink.


The silent sisters who took care of Tywin were the Tarbeck women he forced into sisterhood, and they took their revenge by making him smell like shit


>The **woman had a terrible temper, and she put up quite the fight when I laid hands on her. It was all I could do to carry her home and get her out o' them furs,** but when I did, oh, she was hotter even than I remembered, and we had a fine old time, and then I went to sleep. Next morning when I woke the snow had stopped and the sun was shining, but I was in no fit state to enjoy it. **All ripped and torn I was, and half me member bit right off,** and there on me floor was a she-bear's pelt." Tormund seems to have described his rape of that she bear.


I actually prefer the literal telling where tormund actually sleeeps with a bear


My theory is that we won't have a proper end. I mean, the story itself. The Others will never be defeated, but we will see someone (Dany maybe?) _dreaming with spring_ as she dies, while the Others crown Bran as king of winter or whatever. We will understand that it is a prophetic dream, and thus we will know that the world will survive, but that's it. Open, bittersweet ending and Bran as king, as GRRM promised.


Yeah, I agree that we will not get a textbook happy ending. I could imagine some sort of pact being made between humans and Others, that will likely be forgotten over the centuries and the cycle continues, just like it did after that last Long Night


There is so much symbolism linking Bran with summer that him being a winter king is unfathomable


Copied from a comment I made a week or two ago: I just had a thought, not sure if it's been mentioned before. He (Jon) goes north with the Wildlings at the end. What originally kept the Wildlings from going past the pole? White Walkers/NK. What if Jon and the Wildlings begin to venture out into their new lands, crossing over the North Pole and keeping west (East once you turn the globe, think going up through Canada/Alaska and coming down the eastern coast of Asia) to settle in less cold climates.... Geographically, that would be what's west of Westeros, and where Arya is heading. She's the one who goes and finds (stubles upon) Jon.


Stannis is asexual and only ever had sex out of obligation to create heirs and, in the case of Melisandre, to get Renly out of the way and fulfill his own duty as heir to the throne.


The Maesters deliberately suppress technology to keep Westeros in stasis and it's why nobody's tried inventing muskets or pistols yet


The Cannibal is a wyvern, it's a very silly idea but I noticed that they never actually breathe fire in the books. Dragon eggs need a blood sacrifice to hatch, and miscarriages count.


Lyanna Stark was the Knight of the Laughing Tree at the Tourney of Harrenhal.


Jon would have had to be killed for desertion after ADWD if he wasn’t murdered by his brothers first.


Basilisk blood was used in the storming of the dragonpit. Nettles is Daemons daughter. Varys is a woman.


I like the last one lol


Sweetrobin/Robert Arryn is actually Lysa's son by Petyr Baelish, not Jon Arryn. Robert has the look of neither of his supposed parent's Houses despite both being apparently reasonably strong in ASOIAF terms, instead being a slight and dark haired which are traits shared with Petyr Baelish. Likewise we're told in Clash of Kings that Baelish was brought to King's Landing and appointed to the Small Council "within three years" of his Gulltown appointment in 289 AC. Robert Arryn was born in 292 AC and almost certainly conceived in King's Landing rather than the Vale and we know Lysa and Petyr maintained a relationship during that period. George repeatedly cast Lysa Tully/Arryn as a tragic character. She doted on her son to the extreme but equally desperately wanted another child with Baelish to replace the one taken by "tansy". Her mind was obviously not sound from all that she'd been forced through/endured over the years so it's understandable that she wouldn't make the connection herself unless it were specifically pointed it out to her using Maester Mellon's Book of Lineages. Likewise it adds an additional layer of contrast/tragedy for Jon Arryn, he saw that Robert had been cuckholded by Cersei but missed that Lysa had done likewise to Jon himself, Lysa being responsible for Baelish's initial ascent in Gulltown and likely later pushing for him to be brought to King's Landing in a similar manner to Cersei pushing Jaime to join the Kingsguard so they'd remain closeby. There's also Baelish's seeming intent to have Robert killed to advance his goals, and while I doubt Baelish would be personally troubled by the idea of killing his bastard son it will make him a kinslayer and IIRC the first confirmed father killing his son either directly or indirectly. If successful in killing Robert this could signal the beginning of Baelish's fall given kinslayers are supposedly abhorred and cursed by all factions and gods.