Been on HRT a bit over 4 years. I didn't even get breast buds until 12 months, and the majority of my breast growth (current bra size: 44D/46C) didn't take place until between years 3-4, so...have patience!


What you described is just putting on fat, some of which will inevitably to to your breasts. But you're 5 months in. The very beginning of your transition. Being patient is all you can do, it will take years for them to reach their full size. They won't grow massively overnight, no matter what you do to try and make it happen. Give it time ☺️


Age? For some people it's not the first year, or sometimes not even the second year when their breasts do their most obvious growing.


I’m 18, so I’ve still got plenty of time


Unsure about speeding it up. I have seen data that indicates regular massage of the area increases blood flow and increases size in Men. It was a study of Brittish soldiers that regularly pressed their riffles against their right pectoral region when doing drills. People were developing single sided gynecomastia. Take that data and apply it to Women and I can't see that hurting. In any event, it can feel quite nice!


Wait. Most breast development happens between 1 and 2 YEARS on HRT. (Obligatory note: Everyone develops at their own pace this is just an average.) Nothing you can do NOW is going to make that point come any faster.


The best advice I got is to just stay healthy. Literally just stay healthy, don’t overeat, exercise and listen to your body for your first 2 years. If you want to min/max you shouldn’t do it at the start of transition. Your body is getting heavily taxed by the hormone change. You’re still early. Wait a bit.


Gain fat you’ll usually gain breasr fat as well, if you’re very skinny don’t expect large breast overnight. I eventually after a few year went the surgical route and got a pair of implanta, while i had quite decent natural growth, it was very proportional to my body


Frankly, not really, because I'm pretty sure what you're asking about is proportionality--making them look bigger relative to the rest of you. You can put on some weight, sure, but that'll increase your size some everywhere. It may even make what you have look smaller. It's all time, genetics, and luck. The only thing you can do to take control of it is top surgery.


Like my therapist said to me it’s not going to happen over night or within a couple months it’s an actual journey so just sit back and enjoy the ride. Besides they will be super sore while growing. There are days I wish the soreness would calm the heck down.


For real i am developing very protective tendencies over my boobs. Even bumping into things with my prosthetics on top squishes them which can hurt.


Yeah the soreness can be pretty intense. However, when it subsides I get like “nooo girls, don’t stop growing, keep it up” because I worry them not being sore means they are hibernating and not growing anymore.


Noogleberry pumps are an option, now. And use coco butter to make your skin more elastic, or you'll get stretch marks. At the 9 month HRT point, they can start you on progesterone. This develops the latter stages 4 and 5 of breast growth. Just have patience, because if you go too fast, you will get stretch mark scars for the rest of your life.


Good hydration and adequate nutrition are vital for healthy breast growth. You might look into massage to promote blood flow that can help breast growth. You should ensure that you have proper levels of estrogen and testosterone for feminization.


I've never been satisfied with hrt timelines, so I'm going the top surgery route.


What r ur levels and or meds and dosages


Next time you're at your doctors, ask about getting on progesterone. That will definitely help the development!


Last I heard about this is that progesterone stunts breast growth if taken too early. Please correct me if im wrong though


There isn’t really enough evidence to be conclusive either way, but current best practice seems to be not to start progesterone until at least a year on estrogen for that exact reason.


No one really knows, but it mostly comes down to genetics and timing of starting HRT (the sooner, the better). I recently induced lactation to cause more boob drop hopefully (plus wanting the experience of lactation), but that's not a common practice. Been on progesterone for a bit over a year also.


Not much really. It all depends on genetics. You'll wanna make sure your levels are high enough. Don't be afraid to gain weight. Remember your body needs fat for it t redistribute fat. (Like, I gained 25 lbs post bottom surgery due to recovery, and also gained a full cup size)


I’m curious if after losing that weight you’re breasts got smaller?


A small bit. . But they are till noticeably bigger than before. 🙂


Gotcha! Thank you so much for the information!


Only adjusted hormone levels and the general stuff for puberty, as in some exercise if possible, eating healthy, vitamins, good sleep, reduce stress and all that, otherwise some anecdotal experiences say orchiectomy or changing hrt intake method has helped but its not reliable for all, 4/5 months is not much honestly so even for the lucky genes wise its better to wait.


Breast size is determined by your genetic material and the amount of fat your body has. There's no secret trick to making your breasts larger than your genetic material says they're supposed to be. The only thing you can do short of getting breast augmentation is ensure you're maintaining adequate hormone levels and eating a healthy diet with adequate vitamins and minerals. You also need to be patient. Rome was not built in a day. My breasts are on the larger end of the spectrum but they didn't start really taking off until like 7 years on HRT.


Make sure u get plenty of sleep too


At five months, you're at the developmental stage of about an 11- or 12-year-old cisgender girl. Cis girls that age are rarely developed. You have to put yourself in the mindset of being a cis girl going through puberty. You're not going to be at the same developmental stage as someone your age, or often even years younger because they started puberty long before you did meaning they have a massive head start. You have to look at your pubertal journey in comparison to people who are at a similar stage of puberty. That means very early pubescent cis girls. Breasts take a long time to develop.


I seem to be having a lot of good early growth (Just recently passed the 6 month mark! IM Injection once weekly no blockers) and to curb my optimism a bit I mostly just say "it's cause you're 260lbs lmao the titty gonna look bigger" but truth be told my "man tits" started looking a lot more like...well just tits after 2-3 months. Though my perception of this waxed and waned with...my mood lmao. But I will say that you should aim to put on a little weight starting at the 3 month mark probably. Like just eat a little extra so that you can start gaining fat at like a rate of a pound every week or so. As the fat distribution effects set in this will start filling you out a bit more over time...in theory at least. The other thing I've heard is that breast massages are good for growth - though idk if there's like a study on the effects or if it's just anecdotal. One person said on reddit that they specifically did the ol' titty rub 50 times a day on one side and 60 times a day on the other. (I assume she meant like...circles, if that makes any sense) and found that one of those titties was a bit bigger than the other and it was the one she did 60 times a day. Idk if there's a specific technique involved - and I don't do this as much as I probably should be doing it so I can't really speak to it's efficacy but that's one angle to go.


> anything In general having a number of values tested may be recommendable. [Here](https://www.reddit.com/r/Trans_Resources/wiki/hormones/transfeminine/index#wiki_testing) may be more. And [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/DrWillPowers/comments/z317tl/im_fairly_confident_at_this_point_that_diet_and/) might also be a discussion. Additionally [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/bt7g5v/17_years_on_hormones_and_nothing_im_losing_hope/epyppx6/) might be a number of things that could be used regularly for motivation, there are hints there concerning presentation in case, and there are also hints there concerning looking for support. *hugs*


pueraria mirifica supplement. You’ll grow a cup size in less than a month. You can get it on Amazon or eBay trust meeeee it works!! But you have to be consistent


There are breast enlargement herbs and some people say they’ve had success with them. Such as bovine grandular


Make sure any herbal shit you take doesnt interact with your other meds though.


This is not necessary and dangerous if you are on a feminizing hormone protocol. People will get more consistent results with estradiol and an androgen antagonist or no testicles and estradiol.


I’d Highly recommend it for minors that have no other option. Bovine grandular is powerful stuff and can easily be bought online secretly. but I would agree that it could possibly interfere with someone’s HRT


For those who want breast growth before going on a feminizing hormone protocol there are herbs and other options to use where the potency will vary but give some people what they desire. https://www.breastnexus.com/ is a good place to find some information about that. If you are on a feminizing hormone protocol don't use any other options except perhaps suction and just get your levels dialed in by your medical professionals.iy can be dangerous to use a feminizing hormone protocol and other options besides suction.