What do u guys think about body hair?

What do u guys think about body hair?


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It’s all about preference. Personally I think body hair is attractive and it doesn’t bug me at all. Except if it grows in an odd way lmao


I mean true but also I find being shaved makes me feel more confident!


For me being hairy makes me.more confident tbh.


Fair man! Like I find being shaved makes me feel more happy when I shower at my gym plus when I workout in a tank top


I work out in a t shirt, and i dont shower at the gym, not comfertable enough with myself for that, but if i did i would still prefer being hairy.


Speaking of hair growing in an odd way. Butthole hair, does anyone else get tired of that wild hair that keeps going up in there?


Lowkey yes but idk how to get rid of it properly


Every once in a while I just shave it n thee shower using some weird squat technique, it takes a long time but is worth it.


Yes, I fucking hate ass hair its the most annoying thing in the world.




I’d love to be smooth, but I’m a hairy ass dude, I can’t rly secretively get rid of the hair


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Bro I love being smooth! Like I shave everything and feel so much better!


Feeling smooth sounds awesome but it just wouldn’t last long for me before I’d get those weird little spike hairs after like 3 days of shaving. I’d rather be hairy than spiky.


Same, my hair gets spiky as hell after shave, really annoying especially trying to keep away the pedo-stache


This is exactly my problem. Shaving wouldn’t even last more than a few hours, and there’s just so much hair everywhere already


Tbh bro I find being shaved makes me so much more confident I shave regularly and hated when I got hair


I dislike it. I don’t grow hair to crazily and my body hair is half blonde half black so it’s not to noticeable.


Nah im hairy and i love being hairy, id never shave my body ever, imma stay hairy untill the day i die, nit gonna shave anything, arms, legs, chest, stomach nor armpits.


Fair bro! Tbh I love having a shaved body plus i think I look better


For me its the oposite, i hate being shaven and i think it looks worse.


I feel like I wouldn’t want my legs to be bare, nor my arms, I love my forearm hair. Armpits and downstairs are always shaved. Also shave my mustache and the lower part of my sideburns


Depends how much armpit hair, if it's a huge massive fucking jungle than just no lol but as long as it's not stinking and sticking out loads, it looks fine


I am neutral abt it, but my girl has a thing for it so..


ass hair sucks


Agreed, they're the worst


No, let me regress to being a hairy as can be primate. I don't mine body hair on anybody.


I'm a really hairy guy and I hate it. I wanna shave my body but I don't know how and I'm scared I'll hurt myself but I'm also too nervous to ask anyone Edit: forgot the letter y exists apparently


I don’t think this is the best option but u can get a regular razor, wet the area u wanna shave and then just shave but there’s probs somein wrong with this


That's because you said to wet if you have shaving cream that should help just do the lather too much it's not a mustache or partial beard.


Really, we can apply shaving cream anywhere?


I mean you could not sure if you want to though.


I am gonna try it tomorrow


I think people should just do what they need to to be comfortable in their bodys, if that means growing your armpit hair out than hell yea man, also if shaving everything is what you want then thats cool too


Armpit hair can fuck the hell off. It’s weird and gross and I don’t like it. Same goes for hair down... there. I’m all for leg hair and facial hair tho Edit: arm hair is also kinda cool too, it’d be weird if that wasn’t a thing


Agreed! I’m shaved now (by my gf) and never wnana be hairy


No. No i don't.


Let's hope a certain girl doesn't show up here, if you know you know




Basically some girl came here the other day and called guys nasty names for preferring girls who are shaved, she was a special case


She probably got banned.


If you know you know


idk what yall wanna do, but i ain't shaving my pits or balls or legs or arms.


What body hair? 16 and still very little..I love being naturally smooth!


🤬Hate it


I mean I only have body hair on my face and no no zone, so idk how it’s like on my chest or armpits, which is really weird considering I’m 16


I fuckin hate shaving, I got more hair then the entirety of my mother's side of the family


I’m Indian so I’m hella hairy especially my legs. People say stuff but jokingly and I just say it helps me keep warm lol. Also I couldn’t be bothered to keep shaving my legs who has time for that?? Ass hair tho, that shit is annoying. Why is it even there?


Due to genetics I'm literally covered in body hair, only places I don't have it are my palms, my feet and some parts of my neck, I mean that's it, if I could be bothered to keep up with shaving it all clean I would. I hate it because I have so much of it


I even have it all over my neck pretty much. It kind of sucks


Imo hair are attractive to girls( I've asked some) and if you don't feel like being completely smooth then don't . You can experiment ofcourse but either way it won't affect too much. Now about hygiene, some part of body can be less hygienic because of hairs like pubes and armpits so you can trim them for that reason.


I actually like having body hair, it’s nice to have, and it keeps me warm. Though ass hair genuinely sucks and I would like to just not have it.


I hate my own body hair I'm just too scared to shave it


I don't mind body hair honestly. I like having facial hair, and I trim my armpit/pube hair regularly, but I never shave it. But that's just my opinion. Whatever makes you or anybody most confident is what you should rock with!!


I don't really care about body hair except my ass hair.... Who tf though ass hair was a good idea




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I personally like body hair on me but you do you


Meh i feel like it depends on the person and their preferences, personally i like being more hairy


I cut hair on my hands, feet, neck and leg everything else kinda grow, I don’t want to deal with the acne




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It looks disgusting imo


completely agree


I'd rather be smooth. Shaved my thighs three days ago for the first time and it literally feels smoother than baby skin


No wtf?


To be honest I would get rid of it if I could


hate it


I am smooth because I like being smooth and it helps with overheating slightly. I fully support shaving off body hair for guys


i hate my body hair.


i think smooth is better when your skinny or ripped, i used to be quite chubby and shaved my chest and i just looked like a 6ft baby


armpit hair is disgusting in both genders but some body hair is only got men and some only for women


I plan to shave once I start getting more hair myself


I mean I have way too much body hair for my age, and I hate it , but if you're not like a bear or the amount is only slightly above appropriate for your age I think it looks manly af


it doesn’t bother me except armpit hair


I honestly agree but I wouldn’t police anyone.


yes it's refreching ,cleaner and way more confortable. I have made a post about that ~2yr ago to see if I was the only one shaving all my body. It wasn't as positive as this post and mine was useless. BUT here is the thing about those type of post.. a 40yo and another 30yo dude pm me less than 10min after I post it about how slutty they are after shaving and if I got any erotic thing going down there and try to get to know me, yk it was for "teatching" or "learn" in private to help me, yk "having fun". :( sorry for any typo, it's late.


In the same way. I don’t know why and I don’t even feel like others should be entirely hairless, but I do absolutely not enjoy having hair anywhere but on my head and face


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Yeah if it's not on my head I shave it. Body hair in general on anybody is gross to me because it's itchy, sweaty, and keeps in yucky BO smells.


I didn't sign up for this shit, I want it gone.


yeah ngl I doesn't really like body hair unless it's like a beard or forearms tho idk if its feminine to shave my armpits and all


Personally, I shave pretty much everywhere smooth, except for my balls (too hard; might knick something) and my armpits (too uncomfortable when smooth) both of which I trim relatively short though, but I do like being hairless. It makes me a little less insecure about my body


I haven't hit puberty fully yet , but I like smooth more


hair is cool. only annoying hair is pubic hair and i have a large amount of it


I’m super hairy so it’s not worth my time to deal with it. I only shave my face, every morning. I’m constantly told it’s ugly but I really don’t care. I’d spend hours every day managing it and I think spending more than ten minutes getting ready for a standard day is too much for me. I also think half the people who make fun of me t do it in good nature and really couldn’t care less. Pretty much I’m okay being a werewolf


I found out that if you work out, or tend to sweat more other ways, shaving your arm pits is glorious. Your sweat wont smell, and yes I know that deodorants exist, but my t-shirts stopped being wet as much while working out and I dont have to smell like air refreshener


I prefer ball hair smooth cuz mine gets a little curly and its like THE FUCKXK


I believe that my body hair keeps me warm


I like being clean shaven in all areas other than leg and arm hair. I like my leg and arm hair.


I like having a shaved chest, stomach and area bellow that but I prefer having armpit hair and leg hair. When it comes to face however I like that 2 day stubble so I just trim it


I don't mind it at all. If anything I kinda like the amount that I have. It isn't extremely dense or anything, but it's nice


Well. If it makes you feel better or more confident. Ofcores you should definitely go for it. Any guy who wants to can do it. I for myself like having body hair though. Especially arms and chest.


I shave just chest hair




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I shave everything. I think body hair looks bad on me.


I think it looks good on my and i only shave my pp area and my face


Am scottish. even in summer I need all the warmth I can get.


idc about mine but i shave my armpits


I wear tanks to the gym but hadn't thought about shaving my pits until last night, now I'm going to shave my pits cause its a valid point


I have armpit hair cuz when I shaved it my armpits went so sore. Personally I think body hair is fine if you trim it every now and then, and of course you’re hygienic


I totally don't care or mind body hair on other people, but I find it absolutely disgusting on my own body. I don't like the looks nor the feels. I don't find myself attractive if I'm not smooth


In my opinion arm and leg hair are good, Chest hair is fine (I can’t grow it so I don’t have an opinion on it) and armpit and pubic are bad. But like if you have armpit hair that’s fine, I mean for myself mostly


I hate body hair But I'll have to wait until I reach 18 to get rid of mine, my parents don't allow me to :/ I have horrible, black body hair... BLACK... IT'S NOT EVEN MY HAIR COLOR, DAMMIT


I'm guy who has (trimmed) chest and stomach hair and I personally really like it. I know the general consensus is that it looks gross (probably due to people not being used seeing it a lot anymore and the majority of 'hot' shirtless guys appearing on television are baby smooth). Being smooth just isn't sustainable for me, and besides hairy looks natural. Both are completely fine, as long as it looks clean and maintained! Some body types are better suited to hairy, others to smooth, it all depends on the individual. Colour also plays a big part. The hair on my torso is brown, but my legs, which are fairly hairy, have blond hair. I personally think that looks okay as it blends nicely with my skin colour, but I've seen dudes with unmaintained, black leghair and frankly, they looked incredibly gross. I do also have some boundaries, however. Asshair, backhair and shoulderhair are disgusting and should never have existed in the first place. Boys and men should not have smooth shaved armpits, but neatly trimmed (which also causes less irritation in such a tricky spot) If you have body hair, take care of it. Also, know what looks best on, we're all unique people! Thanks for coming to my TEDtalk


I find it gross. I hate having it so much


i won't force it on anyone but body hair is usually a turn off for me... i am very hairy and i do not like it at all


I only shave whenever my body or facial hair becomes a nuisance. Same goes for clipping my finger and toe nails.


I dont shave my body hair just because i dont wanna do it all the time and my gf likes it, personlly i dont like body hair and would rather not have it but id prolly get called gay or some shit if my legs were shaved


Tbh I’ve always compared myself to my brother and I started growing hair WAY later than he did and it made me feel inferior weirdly for a while. Once I finally got body hair I decided to keep a little around all the time just as an achievement badge more than anything hahah


i don’t like it