Do guys like girls outside of the gamer girl/big tiddy goth girl?

Do guys like girls outside of the gamer girl/big tiddy goth girl?


The gamer girl and big tiddy goth girl r just for the memes lmao. Tbh ass or tiddies dont matter. Ideal girl for me is good natured, gives hugs and cuddles, understands me and is chill af. We r simple creatures


Yeah none of these games or bullshit please


this right here \^\^


I agree




100% this. Don't even need to scroll down more


Yeah I'm with this, If someone is specifically looking for a big tiddy goth gamer girl gf and won't accept anyone else, they're an asshole and they aren't worth your time.


Exactly man




I agree with you nice brother!




bitches be like ass or tits but i just want a hug




i need a hug :,(


Yeah honestly i could give less of a shit about that stuff. Honestly it’s amazing to just have gf that genuinely cares about you and loves you. It’s seriously amazing.


I agree man




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If what people said they liked online were representative of irl the population count would plummet


Why shouldn’t it be representative though?


Because they're usually extremely specific body types or traits that are unrealistic compared to the general population? Isn't this exactly what you're complaining about?


I mean like why wouldn’t people date their preferences?


Because they're completely unrealistic and eventually people will give up on specifics


Yeah that's a much shorter version of my point lol


My ideal is 'exists'. Ik it's unrealistic, but it's ok to dream.


I mean there are plenty of girls with big boobs just don’t think there are a lot that are specifically gamers or goth


well statistically it's fairly likely IF you look exclusively in the gaming community. about 40% of gamers are women, and about 10% of women have D cups, so about one in every 25 gamers you cue up with will have large breasts. if you want unusually large breasts, the percentage plummets to 1% of women, so 1/250 of gamers. this isn't perfect statistics though, since a woman's other dimensions are important for determining how large their breasts appear (e.g. someone who's skinny, 4'11" and has a B cup would probably be seen as having big breasts). if you're looking at women as a whole though, yea good fucking luck, about 6% of women identify as gamers, so 0.6% (about 1/200) chance of finding a woman irl who has both D cups and is a gamer, and 0.06% of DD+ and gamer (1/2000). same statistical issues as mentioned before.


Even despite the stats, one day I will find a big titty girlfriend I will defy the odds.


2024: "Love has been boiled down to statistics based is the work and findings of the man - the myth - the legend - 'The_Cataclyx' "


If boys only went for "big titty goth gamer girls" (which literally started off as a meme) and girls only went for Korean pop singers with strong jawlines then that would be bad, wouldn't it? I'm not talking about every single preference, like wanting your boyfriend to be tall or have dark hair or whatever. But if everyone only went for what they see as the créme de la créme then like 99% of the population would suffer


I think you take the big titty goth gf thing a little too seriously, for a lot of us that's not really our preference it's more of a joke than anything else.


They would, and tend to look for person like this. But you see, being attracted to someone and liking someone are two things. And then, everyone has some preferences, yet we date ppl outside of it partially ignoring preferences bc it's just like it is. You can't fully explain love. It just happens. It's okay to look to be better version of yourself, it's not okay trying to match some narrow quota, especially if it's a meme. You can't date a meme sadly.




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bro not every girl is a gamer girl or a goth girl come on lmao, you don't have to be a gamer/goth to find someone


Nah bro have you ever seen a guy dating a girl that wasn't a well endowed goth girl or gamer? Exactly. Next!




Girl is girl


Yeah this is me


I mean I say shit like that as a joke. I wouldn’t mind it but it isn’t necessarily a preference.


Yes. None of the girls I like are even close to big tiddy goth gf.


No. Only dig biddy goth girls. Jkjk Generally I find myself liking all kinds of girls except alt-girls. Their bob or botty size doesnt really matter when it comes to finding someone attractive in my experience.


What are alt-girls? Never really understood what people meant by them.


[Here you go](https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=alt-girl)


art hoes is another synonym


You read too much Reddit lol. In the real world most guys don’t like either gamer girls or goth girls imo. Guys like girls with actual personalities(the office isn’t a personality) and girls that are interesting people in general.


It’s been that way in the real world too in my experience


Ok, maybe some guys are, but not the majority. Either way you’ll be fine. If you look like a girl, aren’t extremely ugly, and have a good personality there will always be guys into you.


Of course. Idc how you look like, if you're a girl and we're talking to each other then I will find things I find attractive about you. And all breasts, big or small are appreciated and adored, at least imo.


I think you already know the answer but yes guys do infact like regular girls not just a few specific kinds


The gamer girl/ goth girl thing is just a meme, im pretty sure most people dont care.


No I personally like tomboys




same, but we cant all have what we want can we




That's kind of more like an unrealistic ideal. In real life, most men don't care to that extent, it's an exaggeration of wanting women with similar interests to one's own.


I'm really not picky about girls I like, as long as they aren't a bad person, and I didn't even know ppl were so focused on this two types


people aren’t


Ma'am, I'd be willing to fall in love with anyone who shows even the slightest romantic interest in me


I’m personally into book nerd girls


if that wasn't the case 95% of the taken girls would be single. So it definitely is a stupid question I ain't even gonna sugarcoat it.


yes. ​ I love video games and they've been a huge part of my life ​ but my girlfriend doesn't play them and doesn't like them, I still love her to death


I'm entirely gay but I still make jokes about "big tiddy goth girls" online. It's a meme, not representative of what real people want or expect


Yes? That is a pretty dumb question tbh. I've never been into goth girls myself and gamer girl is just a nice bonus. My last crush was a nerdy theatre girl






Yep, I have some types outside the usual "Tomboy" or "Nerdy gamer" dream girl. Mainly ones I can go on friendly convos and banters, and just chill on various stupid topics and stuff


Haha I’m sorry but this post made me laugh a little... I’m really not into goth girls even tho I’m literally a metalhead I find that goth looks trashy and is generally linked with depression and drugs. And even if you’re not conveniently “attractive” there is a guy out there for you.




I mean my girlfriend has d cups and plays video games so take what I say with a grain of salt. But I'd say that guys would probably be attracted in you. You might just have bad luck. But also don't value yourself if guys are throwing themselves at your feet or not. Just because you're not with someone rn doesn't mean you're any less of a person or less valid.


Everybody has their own preferences these are just some popular ones but there are others.


I think as long me and her share interests (ie. Pop culture, table top games, food ) then it shouldn’t matter much


I dont like goth


I dont like gamer and big tddy goth girls




Well, obviously. Personally I don't see the appeal in a goth girl.


I’m not into that type of dressing but ofc we know theres more types of girls lmao


My personal preference is 'on the smaller side', as you put it. Everyone likes something different, that's part of what gives us our individuality. Like, some girls like dad bods on guys, some like dudes with abs. And honestly I'm not that superficial imo, preference doesn't reflect everything. Really all I need to be happy in a relationship is for my partner to have a good sense of humour.


These questions are weird. “Guy” is not an autonomous unit we do not all have the same brain. Different guys like different things


yeah of course.


Look, honestly my only requirements are being somewhat independent and not look like a hag (looks do actually matter, some people arent attracted to their partners and suffer emotionally among other things because of it) and that you're not a dickhead. Apart from that, if it works, it works.


I mean, I like any girl, it doesn’t really matter to me... it’d be nice if me and the girl had some of the same likes like maybe we like the same type of music or something like that, but that’s not a necessity really, I just want a girl lol


What are some “conventional” attractive things you have? Also it’s really not simple at all and there’s a million different things that go into a guy liking a girl.. We don’t know anything about you, all we know is that you’re not one of those 2 categories, which is fine. There could be something else that is off putting to the general public that we do not know u have.


I don’t even like goth girls, you’re fine


Its a meme, i would prefer realistic gf over big tiddy goth gf


Of course.


Would I like a girl that plays games? Yes I would. Have I ever been together with a girl that plays games? No. I think it would be fun to play together but it really isn't important as long as you two click. These are just preferences, and some people care more about preferences than others. And keep in mind, there is always someone out there for you.


Idk from how you describe yourself you seem perfectly attractive to me, most people don’t actually like the kind of women you’re mentioning it’s more introverted and internet using people that do.


You don't have to be lmao, you can be attractive without playing games 15 hours a day and having 7 foot thighs




Yeah lads don't really care. As long as your nice and pretty then they'll like you. My girlfriend is flat chested and really slim and I think of her as the hottest girl on earth XD


Bruh I just want someone who will care about me


If you ever play games you'll know that this is more about the "big tiddy gamer girl aesthetic" and not about actually playing games. Just try being a girl on any multiplayer game~ Also this aesthetic is more of a reddit/tiktok thing, those girls don't go around looking like an anime character 24/7 and ppl are aware of this, so it's basically impossible to only like gamer goth girls


Yes, I prefer girls with actual personalities


Thoose are not mine (nor most people's) prefrances, it is just a meme. We are as scared of never finding someone who likes us romantically/sexually as you are




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Personally when it comes to finding a girl for me, whether its for friendship or as a relationship, I care more about personality (of which Im pretty opening) rather than their aesthetics, hobbies, or if they got dem big tiddies. Cause who cares if someone looks good if u or the ones u care for cant tolerate them, yk? (Posted my comment twice cause I forgot my flair woops.)




Of course we do, some dont even like the big tiddy goth gf thing


I don’t even want a big tiddy goth gf lmao. I don’t really want a “gamer gf” either. If she plays video games, awesome, that’s one of the many things we can bond over and ways to spend time together. There’s other things I enjoy and there’s other things she’ll enjoy. And we can do those things together too. As for body type, again, I don’t really want some big tiddy gf lmao. In fact sex in general isn’t really something I’m tryna actively pursuit in a relationship. And for me a girl is attractive in anything she wears.


https://youtu.be/Y2Y5KVtU810 Relevant video


you are gonna find boys that like every type of girl but some things are more widely seen as good than others like enjoying video games for example since it is very common among boys it just makes sense that it's common to find boys that like that but i think most girls don't like it and they can still find boys and none of what you said will make you have a particularly hard time finding boys


Personally, yes, if the butterflies are there, it will not matter what my partner looks like. On the internet these stereotypes are where much just for the memes and it makes sense to me as well. You most likely want someone with the same interests as yourself, well if you are that present on the internet, chances are, you are into gaming, so of course you would want a gamer girl. It's the same for me, I am into sports so I think athletic girls are attractive.


I’m not a guy but all women are hot


Of course we do, these are just for the memes most of the time. Don't worry about it


I like people for who they are if you are trying to be someone else then I won’t be into you


For sure, but I think most of the time it's just a matter of wanting someone you can enjoy the same things with, and that's a lot easier when you already share the same primary hobby. (Though "gaming" is pretty vague because there are a lot of genres and styles)


Yeah I do. As long as we click and we vibe together I’m good. Doesn’t matter if you’re a gamer girl or a big tiddy goth gf lol


I'll be honest I may be an outlier but personally I'm not romantically attracted to the "big tiddy goth girl" stereotype (I'll still joke about being into them but that doesn't count those are jokes)




Honestly I'll like a girl if she's pretty/cute and nice And doesn't vape


Yep! Cmon now


Those categories are big turn off for me , I don't like those pink setup , catear headphone girls , and goth for me is just straight up ugly (personal preference , don't judge )


you're my type haha. i dont like big tiddies (small to medium but nothing bigger) and being a gamer girl isnt really...important?


There will always be people who like whatever archetype you fit into, because archetypes are dumb and don’t actually exist. If you say you dress gender neutral or stuff like that, look up tomboy gf or whatever. There’ll always be people who like you in some way


I like girls that are more gender fluid in the way they dress and there are many guys who do too and if you also like guys in a more gender fluid way then visit r/rolereversal and guys like different things some guys like big titty goth girls, some like tomboys, some like ara ara, some like cute small girls, etc all guys have different types and preferences


But I don't care about that shit? Personally I like the sporty, feminine girls lol.


yes. got a preference to those big tiddy goth girls tho.


ofc There is more defining factors that come into liking someone than Does she play video games? Do we share music taste?


I'm gay but I'd wanna get super close to any girl willing to help me do makeup and stuff but tbh that's a pretty special case so I can't really help you.


I like traditional girls.


As long as you have pretty face and nice attitude, tiddy size doesn't matter. Personal opinion and what all my friends say too.


Yea lol Guys like girls and not everyone is a goth girl and you will probably become a gamer if you date a gamer.


I honestly don’t aim for specific styles. I like people who aren’t physically unattractive, are fun to be around, and aren’t likely to try and get me excommunicated from any friend groups without a damn good reason. These are my only three criteria for people I’m interested in


/s no, guys can't like anyone else Ofc we do. I have no interest in sports but I once liked this girl and the only stuff I knew about her was that she was into soccer, was nice to me, and was cute




I don’t even like big titties or goth girls. Every guy is different.


I'm sorry ..what?


I'm not even really that into big tiddy girls.


Yes. I honestly find goths a bit scary/creepy. I like video games but I haven't played one in months, and there are more important things than tig biddies.


Yes in fact I don't like either gamer girls or goths


Archetypes like that represent just some basic, kind of abstract, sexual ideas/stimulants for sexual drive. When it comes to relationship, humans seek more of a longer lasting beauty in the other person. That cant come solely from physical traits, but needs to stem from a strong emotional connection and desire for that person(love), that usually gets supported by the actual sexual attraction. But since emotional connection is much more important and our sexual attraction range, as humans, is usually more to some vague biological features, our sexual attraction can heavily shift, depending on, who we currently "want" to be attraccted to. Thats pretty much, how humans work. For some people, there is a clear type, they are (sometimes exclusively) dating, but that generally doesnt lead to happy/ long lasting relationships, so you shouldnt think too much about it, if thats not a problem you struggle with. Also, since you seemed to be saddened about your chest size: This is what people talk about, when they say, chest size doesnt matter: straight men/boys are generally attracted to breasts and, due to that emotional connection, one kinda automatically likes the chest of their s.o. the best, even, if, technically, some physical attributes arent "maxed out for sexual attraction" Pretty long reply and I hope it didnt sound awkward talking about boobs like that, but I wanted to get my point across; Beauty is a universal concets humans are fantastic at building for themselves and hyperfocusing on specifics makes beauty itself your enemy, which should be avoided at all costs!


Girl is girl, dont matter if theyre goth or gamer or whatever


crassly said - "od birača nema jebača" (a fucker does not choose). so yeah, we do. and no, not every guy is horny 24/7 before you get silly ideas.


Yes, but this won't change the fact I'm dying alone


This is so cliche but as long as you be yourself and you’ll find someone if you’re lookin, not everyone will like ya but some people out there sure will Yknow? I personally take a liking to people without a real rhyme or reason




I especially do NOT like gamer girls or bt goth girls


i aint gender fluid but I'll put my fluid in any gender


Of course, those two are partially just memes.


Tbh I don't even like big titty goth girls lol


a good personality is all you need to find a guy, though it helps to be at least mildly attractive. what kind of personality doesn't really matter, as long as you're not a twat to people there'll be a guy who likes your personality, so embrace it


Dating standards for me are 1 be a girl 2 number 1 is optional So don't worry about it


Yeah, i like gingers, especially long hair with freckles and glasses


They both are overrated, most of us have never had a relationship, and yet, we demand for one of them. We all know that we fall in love with whoever has a single interest in common and treats us with kindness, it's just that we are either scared, or don't know how express or communicate our feelings, thus not showing any signs of liking.


That’s just a preference for some guys you don’t have to be a gamer. If you give a guy a compliment now and then and just have a genuine conversation with him he’ll probably want to be your best friend and if you want to go further go for it.


All guys are different, some standards lower then others with different interests, so ask yourself this again and the answer is yes.


Ive never dated any gamer girls or big tiddy goth girls so I wouldn't know.


You just have to be interesting person and we will like it, sure girl who do gaming will be cool but it's not necessary. We can find other common interests


I mean of course I do


Yes i do


Yep. Chances are if ur friends with a single guy and u like him u can ask him out no problem.


Yes? I mean i like all girls as long as theyre not some psycho




Ayy you don't have to put that negative kinda emoji when you mention that you're on the smaller side. Small girls are so damn adorable.. I sometimes wish I was one lol... Yeah I may find some body types tad bit more attractive than others. But the defining feature for me is how a girl carries herself. Girls who are affectionate and also come across as affectionate are so attractive that it just drives me nuts. What I find attractive isn't a specific body type but it's more like behaviour, personality and expression. Judging from your post, I think I'd like you if we were to know each other IRL..


As long as I get the love and support, I do not care what you look like. (For the most part)


My gf doesn't fit into those categories and she's awesome. The area where she lives doesn't have good wifi so she doesn't game and tbh she's not much of a gamer anyways. She loves all things art, animals, and plants, and she's been getting into anime and manga.


Yes of course. I want a girl who is brave and confident but being well endowed isn’t a MUST. I actually don’t care for big tiddy goth girls. Gamer girls are cool tho, I can play with them, but proper gamer girl not wannabe. I don’t want her to say she’s a gamer and lie about it. If she says she isn’t a gamer but wants to learn, I’ll spend time to teach her. My girl would be my everything.


I’m going to be honest. I want a girl that’s tall, not taller than me but close to my height, healthy, and genuinely cares about and supports me. I kinda like girls with small boobs.


of course, in fact i’ve had a bit of a bad goth girl experience so not rly for me. and who says small is bad, just makes u easier to throw about for fun lol




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My crush is smol and short, tomboish, super active and the biggest weeb I've ever met. We started talking only because we both played games, but overtime i fell for all her other attributes and now she's one of my best friends. What I'm saying is every single person is different. Everyone is attractive to at least a couple of people. If you take good enough care of yourself, you'll feel much better with yourself and around others, but that doesn't mean to completely change who you are and are comfortable with being just for one person. Aaaalso remember that if you have to change for him to like you but he doesn't change one bit the things that you don't like, that's not good.


A girl who is nice funny and athletic is all I want.




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Fuckin oath I do


I don’t like girls.


I Like fucked Up baddys Everyone Likes different Shit.


join my cool discord server https://discord.gg/ZRWdc6aGCP


guess what I D🅾️ INDEED


Yes hell my type is blonde glasses and mix of nerdy and athletic


Yes absolutely I will not accept anything else since I’m such a “nice guy” of course I deserve to have a big toddy goth gamer slave( it’s joke guys of course u don’t have to be a meme to find someone, also did I get u ?)




Um, yeah. Gamer girls and big tiddy goth girls are just kinda memes. Personally I can say I don’t like big tiddies


eh, doesn't really matter. any size is good


Any girl that’s got a sense of humor and has similar interests as u is gf material


Yes, I mean to be fair I haven't really found much attraction to anyone so for all I know I might be gay


yeah lmao


Dude the only things I need: nice face, likes me.


nice, intelligent, cute, and extra points if ur a weeb. honestly goth and gamer would be at most a tie breaker. i honestly have no idea how a tie would happen in this context, so it's basically irrelevant


Dont worry, those are all just for the memes, Guys these days dont care about physical appeal much, if they are picky that way tho, avoid them, Or your relationship will most likely be toxic if you do get into one. Sorry for bad english btw Its not my first language and its 9 am




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If they only like you for ur looks, you shouldn’t want them


If you've seen it in real life, I think you just have bad luck with the people around you. It's always going to be the stereotype that, ummm, "larger" girls are the most attractive. Most guys, however, are into all types of girls. Don't worry about it, is what I'm saying.


yeah lmao relax dude.


Girl are girls. Or guys


Yes obviously. Personally gamer girls who try so hard to get simps just for playing video games is cringe and big tiddy goth girls don’t really exist. Also I don’t like big tiddies


I don’t like either of those types so I’d definitely say yes


Obviously! There's also anime girls! /j


But in all seriousness, as long as you have a good personality, you'll be fine


I hate gamer girls or big tiddy goth girls, I'm just fine with normal girls.