It’s just one of those habits you gotta train yourself out of. You’ve basically wired your brain to expect that endorphin rush in your bed, around the same time, and in similar conditions every night. Try doing some other endorphin-inducing activity before bed instead. Maybe like some stretching?


Thanks for the advice I didn’t know stretching would have similar effects, I’ll be looking into other ways so I don’t rely too much on jerking off as a means to fall asleep


Like foreskin stretching?


Anal beads?


I have same damn problem, every single night before bed and often middle of night or morning when i wake up hard. The pre sleep one i edge for an hr at least too so it eats up valuable sleepy times. A few friends of mine have taken this in hand tbh and lokd me in chastity to stop me (and for fun) im 3 days in now...when i go to bed its like what..now? I just go to sleep? And they all say yes stupid 😆 all of this is completely true at moment.


That's a wild friend group. 😂


Start an argument on reddit, you lose the will to do anything after that.




well i dont know why he came so quick. but i would suck you to 2 am if it was necessary. this is how I would get to sleep myself.


Thank you for your service I share this sentiment strongly too


Are you able to stop yourself when you feel the urge to eat, or pee? The body functions. Do you! If you don't jerk off you could still find yourself waking up in a puddle of cum...after a cat burglar jerks you off in your sleep after stealing your diamond bracelet 🛏


Sooooo.... Buy a diamond bracelet and leave the door unlocked. Great advice!


I've almost always done it before bed so you're definitely not the only one


By jerking off.


i dont think this is a sin. when you release your milk babies you will fall to sleep by exhaustion. it is better than using alcohol or sleeping pills or weed substances to induce sleep..


Better than weed? Shut your dirty whore mouth.


first of all. RUDE. and you were ON the weed in the moment, and that's why you were saying this to me. and why is one a whore for jerking off ALONE??? in essence, you are the ultimate weed slut yourself - and your addiction is dilated pupils ... yet diluted lack lustre limp penis. its cloudly pyschological brain trips you crave. in place of drip drops of the hard dick. anyways i choose alcohol before pot for a remedy to get to sleep. or jerking off to release the stress. i prefer to get mild drunk and then doze off watching youtube videos, and then snooze the night away in la la land. if you use pot to go to sleep ... there is a Disney Movie called 'Frozen'. this is not the state i want to be when i fall asleep. brain all active. but zombie status. anyways. at the end of the day. you shut up. people have sex in the night for a reason. and then sleep in the bed. i don't know what YOUR routine is however: weed in the morning to wake up, weed during work breaks, weed to get to sleep. but i only drink and jerk off ONCE per day. always AFTER my work day is done.


It's just an expression I stole from somewhere. Iirc a few studies have shown alcohol is not an effective sleep aid for most people. Different weed does different things, i usually get the sleepy stuff. People have sex at all times of the day, night time is just convenient for most couples because they're at home, the kids are in bed, you're in bed, etc. It certainly has the ability to induce drowsiness. For me however, weed and a good documentary for background noise are the perfect combination. Being drunk enough to be tired can induce vertigo when laying down and cause frequent trips to the bathroom.


thank you for your good points you made. but each to their own vices. chronic masturbation - a least you are not consuming anything. 'safe' alcoholism. alcohol is an escape. and we should not drink when we drive. ESTABLISHED. pot. pot is a trip. but because pot is legal right now where i live. it seems to be consumed during driving, at work, and in everyday life. i smell it every day on the streets. the thing is i am not even against pot or people that do that. i like the smell since it is like herbs. but you called me a slut for wanting to suck simple gay cock, when i should be chugging the weed? this was your error. you took away my gay rights to masturbate and suck another's mans cock for your ultimate right to smoke the green. you fight your battles for weed liberation, and you do you. there are other lgbt sexual rights far more important. and alcohol has been centuries never banned except in the prohibition era, but that didn't last long for anybody. it is cultural and innate in the history of all civilivization. alcohol exists in every country. weed has only been RECENTLY been legalized. and is only for those that consume it. which is much less than the canabis society. beer is a social activity. canabis is more a gamer thing. sure - alcohol is not good and puts you to sleep in a bad way. but it also provides revenue for ALL BARS AND RESTAURANTS. but you equated the fact that sucking an honest is even worse? your comment was anti-gay and shaming other people ... alcohol and pot are real habits. sucking cock is a human habit that has existed since cavemen days even before these other substances were found.


>but you called me a slut for wanting to suck simple gay cock, when i should be chugging the weed? "shut your dirty whore mouth" is literally a pop culture expression that has popped up in different forms a bunch of different times. Nobody is actually suggesting you're a whore or slut when it is used (unless you're in a really heated argument). This was clearly used in jest in this context. Further, traditionally whores are paid for their services. Sluts just get around. In either case where your scarlet letters like a gay letterman jacket. It's basically a badge of honor. Further, it's not uncommon for gay men to casually throw around whore and slut as joke insults in our community. Again, unless someone is obviously attacking you, which clearly was not the case in my original comment, it's meant to be taken in jest. Lastly, my one sentence quip/jokey response was just that. A joke response. Not a dissertation on whether sucking dick is actually better than weed, alcohol, coke, heroine, ambien, or whatever else you can think of. I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. I never thought I'd have to write a report on a reddit joke, but alas.


i accept your well written dissertation\\thesis :) i have no problem with weed smokers since i smoke cigarettes. my only issue is with not the people who smoke weed, but the actually weed itself. i like the smell of weed, even if i don't smoke, it smells like fragrant herbs! herbal incense if you will! but at least where i live, ever since they legalized the marijuana and people can smoke in public. there is some bad quality weed that is being sold out there, and i called it the diarrhea skunk! it can shut down an entire city block how bad this low grade weed reaks. it doesn't have those light grassy delicate notes i liked to smell second hand. like that menthol or vicks vapour rub soothing smell. mmmmm ... roasted basil. you sound educated so i forgive you. let's kiss and make up :) have a good day!


One of the best ways to change your behavior, or limit or eliminated behavior is to replace it. Don’t just simply stop, jerking off before bedtime, do something else. Almost anything else, really.


As soon as you blow, the urge goes away. Roll over and go to sleep. Happy dreams.


Just don't jerk off


If you can't agree on the fact you are both some hunching ass skeeters it won't work. Lets start with the truth here. You are both nasty boys straying from the path to begin with. Theres really no need to get all moral as an afterthought. Jerk off during breakfast and be like "what? I got the urge? You got a problem with that mr road rage?"


Would it be more productive to ask a different question? What's he do to you that's different from what you do to you? Does that not explain how quickly things happen? I assume you jerk off every night.


I don’t…. In fact…


You dont


Try to jerk off in other moments and enjoy the experience. Don't associate it with anything else.


Exercise before bed so that you will be too tired to jerk off and you will sleep great.


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with nightly masturbation. However if it causes other problems then you may want to stop it. I have eliminated nightly masturbation by having my dick locked up in my chastity cage. It’s very comfortable (kink3D Cobra that fits well). I actually sleep better caged because there’s no distractions and no need to constantly “adjust” my dick and balls. This may not be your solution but it’s mine and I love it.