Should i get art or rally?

Should i get art or rally?


Depends on what type of player you are and what you are looking for. I got it because I'm a car/Motorsport enthusiast and I wanted something different from all the big license I'm used to play. I'm not only playing racing games, but when I do it's more sim oriented (Dirt, asseto Corsa) or arcade sim. This time I wanted something light to play on a controller from time to time. I've been surprised by how good it is. I find it beautifull and you really get into it very quickly. Lots of cars to test with various handling, so you can always find the one that fits you. If you want to be a bit competitive, you can always compare yourself to the leaderboard. Again I insist: this game is really beautiful. It's always a pleasure to launch it, for 10 minutes when I need to make a little break in something or for hours. It is really worth it.


You described it perfectly




Do you like racing games? Rally games? Minimalist graphics? Challenging but fun gameplay? Initial D? Real life rally? If you answered YES to more than 2, you will probably enjoy it!


If you're looking for a racing game that provides a great driving experience, but it's more casual than a sim like the Dirt games, then art of rally is probably a good fit for you. You can drift and slide for fun or you can do more grippy runs if you want to go for top times in the online leaderboards. The soundtrack is great too and perfectly fits the trip through rally history that the career mode provides. There's a demo on itch.io that can give a you a feel for the game, but keep in mind that the graphics, performance and handling in the demo are very outdated. I consider the 2 cars in the demo to be medium difficulty, so if you're more into arcadey racing games, you might find them a bit wild. All cars in the game provide a unique experience, so there are easier and harder ones too. EDIT: Also note that, if you're looking into buying the game on Switch, the port doesn't provide the graphics that you'd see on other platforms. IMO it still captures the charm of the game, but it really depends whether you're more into the visuals or the driving.


I’m debating getting it on the PS4 or Switch. So you’re saying if graphics, then PS4 but if essence, then Switch?


Get it on Switch, if you want to play it on a portable device. If portability is not your priority, just wait for a few days after the PS4 version is released, watch some reviews and compare the features of the ports. For example, the Switch doesn't have analog triggers. The game handles digital input great - I play on a keyboard myself - but some people just need analog throttle and brake to be comfortable and the PS controllers have that. (AFAIK at least - I'm not very familiar with consoles)


Thanks very much!


The Switch version is *horrible*. It looks like trash, has insane slowdown and pop-in. It's a terrible, dreadful port. Get any other version!


Thanks! I decided to wait for the PS4 port but haven’t seen a release date.


Isn't there a demo? I should love it, but I struggled with getting frustrated with the handling and never getting over a threshold for mastering it. I even tested my simracing wheel on it :D


There is one, but based on pre-release physics/graphics/etc.






What others have said but for my viewpoint I'm absolutely not a car enthusiast. I don't know anything about rally or Motorsports. That being said, I still love this game because it's fun to play and I'm generally a fan of racing games.


Yes the camera view people think are odd but you get used to it and you realise the game wouldn’t work without them


It isnt working on xbox s x at all.


That's not true, a patch came out yesterday that seems to have fixed the issue.


I've been playing racing sims for a long time. Even bought the infamous Grand Prix Legends when it was released. Sim wise, I'm pretty dedicated to rFactor2 these days and it's really phenomenal. I like Art of Rally. It's a nice diversion to the intensity of a sim. It plays quite well with a wheel and pedal set. It's the only driving game I'm willing to play in a third person view. Normally a game without cockpit view I wouldn't even bother with. It's kind of relaxing and challenging all at the same time. I have no problem recommending it.


It’s on sale on steam now, under £15/$/€. Try it out for an hour then refund it if you aren’t happy


Short answer: yes Long answer: yyyyeeeeeeessss


Get rally, art just ain’t that good of a game to me


Oh my god I JUST realized that typo.


Annoying you can’t edit titles sometimes. Anyway, if you haven’t do get the game. Enjoy!! :)


Wait for it to go on sale