Good and Bad news for Switch players...

Good and Bad news for Switch players...


I'm really surprised they pushed for the Switch. For reference, the Switch has less than half of the minimum processing power required for the PC version, so I'm not terribly surprised it looks so poor. A big part of why Art of Rally is so pretty is the excellent lighting work, which really makes the otherwise flat textures 'pop', but that isn't really possible with the Switch's weedy processor so everything looks just a bit crap.


The downgrades seem to be in large part due to them going for 1080p docked and 720p handheld, which is the maximum the console can do and isn't a typical target, even for some AAA ports. [Have a look at docked utilization](https://youtu.be/-I6O8d1kxDw) \- Art of Rally is very much GPU-limited on Switch, just as it is on most PCs. (Handheld mode performs much the same.) Wonder what they could add in if they dropped the resolution down a notch.


> For reference, the Switch has less than half of the minimum processing power required for the PC version The PC version is hilariously poorly optimized as well. There are tons of games on Switch that has more impressive lighting than AoR and looks much, much better. The state this is released in is pretty much unacceptable.


European eshops still has the misleading images. Same with their respective websites. It's so scummy. The devs didn't accidentally upload the PC screenshots, you literally cannot accidentally upload anything. They did this knowing it looks nothing like the Switch version and knowing that a lot of sales happen at launch.


Eshop in UK has the same pics it had last week. Lovely grass, trees etc.


Thanks for the information! Looks like it's only the few country specific stores like nintendo.co.uk that haven't been updated yet. I notified the team, but I assume it's up to nintendo at this point. The shots on nintendo.com have already been updated and it should be so for all regions: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/art-of-rally-switch/


It's literally every single shop outside of the NA ones. Including in the actual eShop on the system.