Update on Xbox received today August 18th, what's new?

Update on Xbox received today August 18th, what's new?


On base Xbox One anyway, the game now seems to have less pop in and some more detail. However, there are now some fairly serious frame rate drops at some points (e.g. when it's raining or there are lots of trees) which there never was before, as it ran pretty smoothly before the update


Playing now on my One S and I have noticed a blur effect on the top quarter of the screen, that's probably causing the lag. There doesn't seem to be an option to turn it off so I think we will just have to deal with the lag until another patch.


There you go! For PC game pass and XBOX. > Xbox Patch today > Improvements: > Splash sequence locked to 60 fps > Fixes: > Fixed sign-in issue > Fixed wrong language on startup. Unsupported languages were defaulting to Chinese instead of English. > Fixed controller issues when many controllers are plugged in > Fixed strobing video on Series S > Fixed missing controller labels in Japanese


I just had an update and came here to see if there was a changelog for it.


This is the last thing posted on their official Discord on 08/11: v 1.3.0 Kenya is live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Changelog features 6 new rally stages in Kenya: mount kenya, karura, homa bay, ndere island, lake baringo, lake nakuru 1 new freeroam location 4 new cars: gazelle, the king of africa, das 559, the hyena added dx12 in the game launch options improvements changed road marker behavior to not get react with car after being hit dynamic resolution scaling when running the game in DX12, which has shown performance improvements changed car group trailers codec for better compatibility across different operating systems added an error message when accessing online events having not accepted the privacy policy prevent online events from being hidden on connection error added progress bar to the videoplayer fixes fixed RALLY letters updating incorrectly on freeroam loading screen fixed floating house in Sardinia4 fixed AI driver using Group S car in Group B fixed a bug where pressing the skip song button during the splash screen would play a song at full volume even when volume was set to 0% fixed online events ranking text not responding to dark mode fixed bug where driving around the finish line could get the player reset to a position beyond the finish line fixed a section of road in mount asama that incorrectly treated the car as if it was off road fixed stage time on stage over screen reading as zero on terminal damage fixed cozzie sr71 drawing drawing incorrect transmission particles (was set to AWD, should have been RWD) fixed guard rail collider on mount asama fixed freeze at end of stage fixed ghosts to correctly spawn fixed a bug where car cleaning would (visually) become undone on a quick restart fixed offline times not being taken into account for post stage best time fixed a bug where the post stage restart button could be pressed infinitely fixed road markers not responding to slow collisions with car