If I like someone aesthetically (i love their smile and they always look so cool) and I think they are kind and I dont know much about them so I fantasise about what they are like does that mean I like them. I also fantasied a bit about what dating them would be like. I guess this is kinda a crush… HELP ME!

I want to know because i have always considered my self gay asexual and aro spec but this person was a girl I met in fuerteventura called chloe when I was on holiday. I think i coukd have experience aesthetic attraction to girls before. Like I think Samantha lux is pretty. I am now questioning if I am omni with a preference for men and then non binary people over wemon.


I am not sure but it sounds a bit of aegoromantic to me. not sure if you are familiar but it means you like fantasizing about romance but do not like the idea of having a romance yourself. if not and you would like to be with them and not just fantasizing then I guess it's orientation or flux or cupio but I am really not sure so just take what I said as "I am gonna look it up"


I think I am aroflux but i just say arospec. Because it is with a girl does that make me attracted to girls?


perhaps - some people consider themselves bi/pan even with a 90-10 split, but I also know straight people who are like 90% gay or straight but have a few "exceptions.' you can call your own shot on this one 👍


Im a guy. I just thought i was gay. Maybe I am omni


You can fantasise about people without being actually attracted to them romantically/sexually. Daydreams about dating someone can be a blurred line though. If these thoughts only happen while imagining a fictional/idolised/etc version of them, you are more likely aro-spec. But even then, "dating" can mean a plethora of things to everyone. Do you want to get close to them romantically? Sensually? In a platonic way?


I mean I don’t know them anymore cause i met them on holiday. I fantasised about being with them romantically but idk if I actually would have if she for example lived near me and i got to know her more.


Yeah, this makes it hard to determine as-is 😅 As GidonC said, you may be a fellow aego aromantic, but my own experience as such is a bit different (I'm the type who is borderline repulsed by the *idea* of myself in a romantic relationship/situation and indifferent to it IRL, but I love to consume romantic fiction lol), so I sadly cannot help you with further insight from that degree :/


Alright thanks