Can I be Myrromantic and aroflux?

Myrromantic is feeling multiple aromantic identies. They are static and dont change. Can I then also be aroflux where aromantic identities do change?

I think i feel 3 CONSTANT identies, one being aroflux and the other are nebularomantic and pseudoromantic.

Because Aroflux is a constant identity but it changes my romantic identity can i still be Myrromantic because a myrromantic individual is not fluid between their labels.


You can define your identity however feels right or most accurate to you.


To be honest I don’t know what myrromantic is, but I think you could cover your entire identity with aroflux better than myrromantic since aroflux already implies multiple arospec identities


The difference is that aroflux seems separate to nebularomantic and pseudoromantic (the other two are more linked). Aroflux seems like a different label. They are all constantly happening separate from aroflux. Aroflux has the fluctuation but they are always their. Therefore idk if it would explain it better for me. (Sorry i said the same thing like 5 times 🤣)


In that case go with whatever you feel is most accurate for you


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