It’s actually a prerequisite for the army.


Name and flair checks out


This mentally challenged (no disrespect) guy in my unit has it. He was removed and sent back over to battalion because he was impossible to work with. He has some serious problems. He just made E-7/SFC recently. I love the Army.


Jesus Christ I feel like your serious


I’m 100% serious. He has high functioning autism and now manages some program at battalion that has minimal human interaction that nobody else wants to do. Also, he was the retention NCO. My boss told me he was assigned to count crayons over at battalion lol.


There was a E5 at my battalion that had autism so bad that he couldn’t function at a line company. He basically got shoved into the mail room where he rode out his time. When I was company ops, I had to go to the mail room to pick up packages. No shit, this dude made a gigantic fort out of packages and crawled out from the bottom when I entered the mail room, went back into the fort to get me the packages, crawled out, then crawled back in.


That sounds like fun to me honestly. Kinda like a pillow fortress but with boxes.


Get an MOS in military intelligence. You’ll fit right in. No but seriously, don’t lie. Best thing to do is ask a recruiter. They’ll be able to answer it correctly.


This. For being in a field called military intelligence some of these mfs are seriously on the spectrum


I had a college degree and still enlisted so my recruiter let me join knowing full well I had autism


Did you get in?


I like how Alan Turing was on the spectrum but we still disqualify for it.


Wouldn't want the man in a fox hole. But he did have his place.


The man hole?


Yeah he was into that.


Yes, it's still a DQ.


Most Commanders I worked with seemed to have some level of Autism.




Everyone's making Jokes. But... It's a DQ DoD wide. DoDI 6130.03-V1, March 30, 2018 Change 2, April 30, 2021 lists Autism spectrum disorders, as a disqualifying condition.


Hey man, completely unrelated, but I need some help answering a question . But you seem like you know what your doing. I am 16 and wanting to join the Army. I had anxiety when I was 12 and was put on medication for 6 months. I have never had a symptom or anything sense. I haven’t been on medication sense. I want to know if I am screwed. I’ve done research and I have heard many different things. People have said I don’t and do require a waiver. q. History of anxiety disorders if: (1) Outpatient care including counseling was required for longer than 12 cumulative months. (2) Symptomatic or treatment within the last 36 months. (3) The applicant required any inpatient treatment in a hospital or residential facility. (4) Any recurrence. You posted this from the DoD medical standards for military service and said if you haven’t been treated for the past 36 months, than you don’t need a waiver. Is this true, i know how fucked my chances of getting in are as is but I want to know if I require a waiver or not. By the way the reason I am coming to you rather than an actual recruiter is because I am 16 and I don’t think I can talk to a recruiter yet. I doubt I could. I am sorry for having to post to you but I really just need clarification. I want to know if I am going to require a waiver because I know that waivers fuck people over. I know damn well waivers aren’t worth trying for. Thanks for your time, sorry for coming to you for help.


[DoDI 6130.03-V1](https://www.esd.whs.mil/Portals/54/Documents/DD/issuances/dodi/613003v1p.PDF?ver=1z_NMN3QibVdvliNabrGvA%3D%3D) It's still true. But you or I left out the 5th thing: any suicidality. If you still want to join in two yours and they don't change the rules you're good.


Nice, thanks for the help. Also there was no suicidality. I was just a dumb kid who was trying to find ways to get out of school. I honestly don’t know wether to believe this or not. I’ve seen so many people say both I just don’t know However I hope this is true, because it is my dream to serve my country


Bruh just don’t mention it holy crap, they can’t even pull up your medical records


Genesis pulls past 7 years now.


Lol army can find all that out but I can still just lie to my recruiter and tell him I’m not a virgin


Eh, not worth the potential pp slap imo


I like getting my pp slapped though?


With a gerber


I thought they can pull whole life records


Yeah probably is


Still a DQ


The few autistic Soldiers I met did their jobs pretty well for what thats worth. Don't let someone elses opinion of you hold you back.




I read an article recently that there was a guy in the Marine corp that has autism and was a survivor of brain cancer and works as a network administrator or something. I am pretty sure if he can get in with autism, then you can too. https://www.stripes.com/theaters/us/2022-04-21/us-military-recruits-disqualifications-disabilities-autism-amputations-5752356.html