This happened to me couple of time. Flametail. Was only aiming at The Radiant Knight, but after reading that Bag of Sandwiches scene, I put extra pull on the banner until I got her. Saga. Believe it or not, I was only aiming at Dusk because she's limited, but then I read the story, and she's now maxed with full potential. She was trapped in a world space she doesn't understand for a long time, yet she still going on ringing the bell and protecting the village every "single days". Nowdays I rarely on time reading the story, so this "pulling after reading the character in the story because they awesome" hasn't become a habit of mine yet, but I will still accept it every time it happens, no regrets whatsoever.


Same with Saga. The more I learned about her, the more I realized she’s in the top 2 of hungry doggos


Ch'alter was the big one. Going into her event, I HATED the idea of her. I got caught up in the anti-hype, how she was "ruining" the game, that her story was bad (without reading it, naturally). But then I got to the event. And, yeah, she did matter to the story. It was all about her character development. And while she isn't a favorite of mine by any stretch, the hate died down quickly. Ch'en the Hollungday earned herself the prestigious "Not That Bad" award. Turns out she didn't ruin the game. Or my roster.


I didn’t spend any currency for her, but I ended up getting two of her from free pulls. I’m not a fan of swimsuit alters, but I did enjoy the event story itself(though I found the justification for her alter form…iffy). I actually like her gameplay, though I think she’s a *tad* “too powerful”. I don’t much mind her being so strong, but I’m glad they didn’t start a trend with her.


I didn't end up pulling for her because I'm saving for SN, but Fia was compelling enough in GA that I was sorely tempted. So much of her just felt so human: her frustration and anger about what happened to her friends and how she couldn't protect them, her fierce loyalty and determination to take revenge not for any greater cause but for her own sake, and her single-minded focus on that goal--though at the same time, she didn't come across as excessively obstinate or foolhardy, and I liked how she didn't mince words and coolly dismissed anyone in her way. She felt passionate without being obnoxious. Also this doesn't technically count because I was already set on pulling him (and did pull him beforehand), but I would've emptied my stash for Gnosis after reading BI. Before reading the story I was just set on having all the Karlan ops ~~though now I'm missing Aurora even though she's not even a part of KTC~~ and he looked fun, but afterward... yeah, I love my tsundere traumatized ice war crimes bird. ~~But I've been vocal enough already about him so Imma shut up.~~


For the opposite, Dorothy. On paper a 6\* Trapper sounded cool, until I learned that she was a fan of Loken Williams (the guy who was responsible for the experiments that created Rosmontis). Now I'd actively prefer she stays away from my Rhodes Island.


From what I’ve seen, she looks like a nice person. I’m planning on pulling for her myself, but it seems there’s more to learn about her than I thought.


Passenger, despite how bad he was on release he is so far one of the only playable characters that did something I've been dying to do/see someone else do, which is call out Kal'tsit for being sus without being outright insulting and/or portrayed as antagonistic. I didn't plan to pick him up but I did after seeing his interactions with her. I don't necessarily dislike Kal or think she's secretly evil but it's clear she's hiding a lot of things from everyone and it's so cathartic to see someone actually just go up and confront her about it in a calm and chill way, like we're all adults who's been through shit here, why can't we just sit down and talk about it a bit. And other than that, well, being useful in IS is a plus I guess


Kal’tsit is one of my favorite characters, but I can empathize with how cathartic that kind of feeling is. I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing more conversations between her and characters who vocally question her actions and intentions(and yes, aren’t portrayed in a negative light while doing so).


Nearl the Radiant Knight.I was planning on skipping her for Ling but after going through the story and her enormous entry to Kazemierz and her arena fights i decided it was time to pull her.Also the same happened for Saileach.She was supposed to be a skip for me but in the end ended up pulling her cause of her personality and that cg where she was standing holding the Victorian flag.For Horn i had already decided to pull her once i read through her heroics at the end of chapter 9.I am planning on skipping Specter alter.Lets see if the story convinces me to pull for her.


Saileach was a kinda(?) one for me. After chapter 9, I decided to at least go till the guaranteed 5* or higher…got her in a few pulls. Made me feel a bit bad about the people really wanting her and pulling dozens/hundreds of times.


Gnosis after kyostinv's recommendation.


Kazemaru. I didn’t think much of her until I was bored and borrowed a friends copy for IS. What fun she is in IS. Too bad by the time I realized this, the banner was over.


Goldenglow. Initially i wanted to skip her because i didn't like her "scaredy kitten" art and vibes. And then came dozens of IS#2 videos where GG S3 literally wipes out entire maps in one activation. That's when i realized i need her right here and now.


I didn’t pull for her, but I won’t lie…those showcase videos were making some compelling arguments(and her artist seems super wholesome).


If I wasn’t on such a tight roll budget to avoid spending much on sparking the stultifera navis banner, I’d be in the same boat about Horn ngl


I have a lot of pulls saved up myself(comfortably over 400 even after getting Horn), but assuming I didn’t have that stash…Horn would probably still take priority(that is, assuming Stultifiera Navis doesn’t do the same thing for Specter or Irene that is).


Yeah I’m less than 300 and it’s gonna be a tight fit, I wouldn’t be worried if I didn’t want both Irene and Skalter… I just like Irene’s design too much lol


Here’s to hoping you won’t even need to spark for them.


Thanks! I hope so too cuz I’m probably gonna have to spark for ch’alter 4 months later lol


Looks like you’ll need all the limited banner luck. Best wishes.


Wait how do you people save so much? Even after using the gold certificates to full buy pulls i feel like i cant save enough


It’s a mix of lots of saving, pretty good gacha luck, and I’m not free to play(monthly card, most event packs, and the annual x2 bonus).


Ok that makes sense then


Hope you get her then at that banner 👍




Blemishine, once I heard her voice lines and personality I knew I had to try to get her. Now she keeps spooking me to the point I have her pot 5 as f2p


Mountain. Initially planned to skip him despite hurr durr meta, then I actually sat through MB's story and liked his character. Gnosis originally as well, but I liked his design and kit enough for me to go back in and pull seriously on his banner for him. GG as well, because her character grew on me in the story.


Saileach, or as I like to call her No jeanne, at first she didn't catch my attention and I just thought she was the typical copy of Joan of Arc that every gacha has, but when her banner arrived I pulled for Mullberry, who never came, but Saileach did ! And ohmygod, her voice lines and her role in chapter 9 made me fall in love with her, she has such a big heart and such a beautiful personality, she is everything a Jeanne should be and I love her for that ! And on the other side of the coin... Phantom, at first he was my big favorite, but, I don't know, I think that all I liked about him was his mystery and when it was revealed and is practically being Cristine with a washed up brain. Made me lose interest, I still like him but he fell so hard from his throne


ive yet to see a comment about deciding NOT to roll afterwords


Probably not as many of that situation(can’t think of one personally). If someone wants to roll a character, they probably roll for them before going through their story; assuming they’re released at the same time. I don’t know if they rolled for him, but another comment mentioned Phantom falling out of favor with them.


Blemishine. At first I thought “Nearl’s little sister? Has passive allies def-recovery skills sp gen too? Nice!” After Maria Nearl and Near Light event didn’t get her at all but when I got to know her from story,her aunt…I mean…big sis Zofia and her big sister. I felt like she would love being an engineer than being a knight. So I don’t want to pull her anymore… except she got alter that let her being some kind of engineer.


I see. It’s not that you stopped liking her, just that you want her role in-game to better match her aspirations. I wasn’t expecting reasoning like that. I find it strange, yet also strangely understandable.


Yep, she seems precious adorable too. Hard to not like her.


Gnosis. As soon as I saw his JP voice actor was Hikaru Midorikawa, I knew I had to pull. Also, Flametail except I only realized this recently and now hoping I get her at some point. Borrowing her as a support really opened my eyes to see how good she is.


I wasn't really on the Horn hype train for the longest time. I finally got around to reading chapter 9 a few weeks ago and she's level 90 on her way to M9. I'm partway through chapter 10 now and she's damn great. I'd follow her into hell.


Same thoughts on Horn. I'm so thankful she didn't burn too much into my "pot6 unchained shark" stash because I can't imagine being without her. I wasn't too fond of her design when she was revealed, "literally blonde Blaze". That said, she was plenty cool in Ch9 and reading Ch10 made me love her. It's fun to find placements for her in a map because of her unique range, and did I mention how cool her EN VA is? Legitimately one of the reasons I like her so much; her EN VA just adds such passion into her battle lines that I can't help but feel hyped whenever she speaks. Now, I'm halfway considering making her my 6th maxed op lol To a lesser extent, there's also Gnosis. I pulled for him on a whim back in Break the Ice even before reading the story, but now I'm really glad I did. He's a great and interesting character, and he's so fun in IS because he can permafreeze enemies using his normal attack with a decent amount of +aspd.


Mountian and everyone on his banner. No, not bc Mountain "was a furry." "I didnt like him at first," actually - I didnt like where the game was going back then. - They were pumping out new powerful characters, and leaving the old ones in the dust. Like when would i get a "slice of life story" about Haze or Steward??? I was very heasitant about the story and direction of the game, during this era. Also thought Mtn was overrated in the community and didnt want him. But eh, Mansfield event wasnt that bad and characters werent the absolute worst. So i decided "why not" and rolled for them.


Nearl. Didn't care much about her back then, but I really liked Blemishine and was extremely invested in the Kazimierz story. End up being one of my favorites right now, horsies good. Not really learning more but Gnosis went from "yeah I'll give him a couple pulls I guess" to "this man is coming home whether he likes it or not" because of his skin lol.


I didn’t go for Gnosis, but I’ll admit that his skin looks fine as hell.


I was already dead set on getting Horn (blew my whole stash on it), and I haven't even started Shatterpoint yet, but finding out about her "All-Out" form completely showed me I'd made the right choice


her All-Out form?


Her [White Wolf](https://mobile.twitter.com/TwilledW/status/1529207181505179652) berserker mode


if only her hair actually turned white in-game


The entire pinus sylvestris gang. Imma be getting fartooth on the next selector ticket


did not care about archetto at all on release, tried her in IS2 as a support and found her super fun, made me look into the character now i REALLY want her and will be ticketing her in stultifera navis




100% it was Fiammetta, I had convinced myself I wasn’t going to pull for her (or anyone else who isn’t Limited) outside of the usual <10 pulls for the 5*+ guarantee, but after I read the Guiding Ahead Event Story, her Personality and her Arc really got to me…so I committed to getting her after getting 2 Suzu Dupes in 40 Pulls, I was starting to regret it, but luckily it was only 3 singles after the Suzu that I finally got her…Fortunately it didn’t burn too much of a hole in my Spalter Funds.


The closest is Blemishine. I always like her VA, so I decided to read Maria Nearl event. Man, she is so heartwarming and sweet.


Saga !!!! alas it sas on a story rerunso she's never been featured on a banner yet for me ...


Fiametta and Horn because of their EN voicelines. 😆 Fia: "Don't touch that, it'll explode" Horn: "You're gonna topple me? By what!?" and "Sorry I'm not use in putting down my weapon. Did I bruised you?"


At first, I was saving up for Spectre Alternate banner so I was going to skip Golden Glow. After reading her story though, I was moved by her determination, kindness, outlook in life, and generally how good she is as a person. Although what really made me pull for her was what happened in her event. I said to myself: "I need to bring this kitten home safe" I ended up pulling for her and just saving starting from there after I got her