Worst investigator-specific weakness in the game?

Worst investigator-specific weakness in the game?


Special mention goes to Zoey, in >!Essex County Express, when she pulls a wizard of the order and auto-loses the entire scenario for the entire team!<


Yeah, that's happened to me. :-(


Wut. Edit: so sorry for not having every card and scenario memorized you downvoting nerds.


Wizard goes into the farthest location. That's the engine car. If you're still at the back of the train, three or four locations away, the wizard has a pretty good chance of killing you by creating enough doom that the locations are pulled into the vortex faster than you can clear them.


God damn that's brutal.


We were playing on normal and the last two cars were 3 per (12 clues) and 0, but summon a grappler, just for it to flip and take both cars anyway after we lost an action from broken rails. We did a mulligan after we were pulling bad tokens still in the first car.


Okay so my actual answer would be lola, whose signature weakness can make you discard multiple assets at once, and even has two copies for some satanic reason. Honestly it's so outright awful it's a big part of why she is the worst investigator in arkham. Carolyn's alt is a close second. The worst weakness in isolation I would say belongs to Calvin, because outright taking trauma is pretty awful. Luckily, he doesn't really care.


Lola for the game-breaking draw-impact, yeah. Might be the biggest reason why she is held back so much / dumped into F-tier. And Wendy for the humongous deck-building impact if you want to have it a rather mild effect when drawn. Luckily Wendy still got great deck options, but basically hampering Survivor Recurcsion shenanigans or Rogues draw engine hurts hard.


Wait why doesn't Calvin care about Trauma? Doesn't he care about it more than other investigators?


I think they mean "he doesn't care" as in "He is less negatively impacted than others." Calvin WANTS trauma, since it gets him to his giga-chad 4/4/5/5 stat line faster. In my experience, the most difficult part of calvin is usually losing to the doom clock: staying alive is pretty easy with all the dumb stuff survivors have. So his weakness WOULD be pretty shitty for other investigators, and basically single-handedly prevents calvin from doing multiple campaigns with the same deck, but for calvin for one campaign it's not that bad.


That's interesting, I'd be playing trauma incorrectly. I thought it reduced your maximum rather than causing damage/horror on setup.


\#1 for me will always be Agnes' Dark Memory. Ancient Evils that you have to pay 2 resources and a card for, unless you can somehow find a place to put away 2 horror every turn. Paying for Ancient Evils feels so bad. Carolyn's is definitely problematic as well, but it can be very easy to skip in solo with Deny Existence (Carolyn's a solid solo investigator by the way). Minh's never bothered me that much. I think Ursula's Call of the Unknown is much worse since it reshuffles into her deck whenever you don't fulfill its condition. There's also Jenny's Searching for Izzie, which always goes as far as possible from you, and then takes two actions to clear *conditional on a successful investigation*. Even in multiplayer where someone might be closer to that location, it's a very costly weakness to kill. Zoey's weakness in >!Essex County Express !


To Fight the Black Wind sometimes whiffs, but it's a scenario-loser in multiplayer in a way Dark Memory isn't. Dark Memory might be an Ancient Evils, but it doesn't transform Ward of Protection into Ancient Evils.


I understand that, I still rank it lower because it is conceivably a weaker weakness still in solo, where you can very easily circumvent any doom at all.


Wendy's weakness has been kind to you it seems


I recall being overjoyed one game drawing Wendy's weakness after the first turn. 2 horror is nothing compared to the piece of mind of knowing your discard pile is safe.


Wendy's weakness is the reason why I never built her deck around her amulett. Besides this it's only 2 horror why makes me play her as if she has 7/5 health sanity. Luckily it also doesn't mess around with her powerful innate ability. I actually think the predictabilty makes it easy to play around this weakness. Also, the fact that you can often ignore it, makes it one of the mildest signature weakness in the game.


> Wendy's weakness is the reason why I never built her deck around her amulett. Ye, and building around Survivor recursion (if only Resourceful, her amulet or True Survivor) is made harder, while some deckstyles that would fit her greatly (Glimmer of hope, Fortuitous discovery) are shut down totally. Not mentioning that a Rogue-ish styls of drawing through your deck (or like Mandy/Harvey) is a no-go either, as the 2nd or 3rd hit from your weakness cripples you. ​ So, drawing her weakness is pretty "mild" if you build your deck around it, but the deck building hoops you need to jump through to make that happen, still suck. ​ So while I agree that it feels like one of the mildest weaknesses of the game if you build around it, it still sucks big way in a way that you best dont rely on your signature card or one of the big themes of your class at all - or one of the smaller themes of your offclass.


I actually have found Minh's to be pretty manageable since they released Glimmer of Hope. Between Glimmer and b-lining my XP into the seeker Grisly Totem 3, its usually pretty easy to crush a skill test with 3 skill cards containing 6 icons. Agnes' is usually cited as the worst, but I think that Zoey and Jenny's are fucking atrocious. For Zoey you can get an enemy put at a location you can't enter (heard this happen on the TCU Key scenario) and for Jenny a double action basic investigate at the farthest location can sometimes be an unavoidable trauma.


I totally agree. I have found Minh's weakness to be extremely manageable, especially when she grabs the Dream Diary/Essence of the Dream. It's quite easy to gather 6 of the same symbol if you build the deck appropriately.


For Jenny, remember it doesn't have to be her doing the investigating.


Ah yeah I'm playing solo like 90% of the time so I often forget about that.


For Jenny I tend to hold back on using one my elusives until the weakness comes out if it’s in scenario with far reaching locations. Otherwise I’ll stick it somewhere I need to go anyway.


I think, if anything, Forgotten age has taught me that trauma isn’t all that bad. The worst possible case for Jenny and Zoey’s weaknesses is just one trauma. I often happily take double arcane research on pretty much any mystic I can make a case for (even Diana).


Roland is BS If you’ve picked up all the clues. At least with Jenny you could investigate regardless.


I happen to like Agnes' weakness. It's brutal but you've got a lot of agency in dealing with it. I recall often enduring the horror. Admittedly having reviewed my deck it looks like I took just about every horror soak available.


Agnes, Minh and Lola come to mind at the top of the pile. If a weakness, on average, should cost 2-3 actions to deal with, Agnes's is much worse than that and in four player costs 12 actions for the team. Minh gets shut down hard, losing not just her unique ability, but the ability to use skill cards period until she can get 6 icons together (which isn't impossible, but may take a few turns where she can't help herself or anyone else). Lola has the potential to lose a lot of assets and thus the resources and actions that went into playing them. Even if she had replacements of them, the cost of replaying them to her economy and tempo is severe....and she has two of them. Mattastr0phics Rebalance is better on this basis alone, but does improve her in other ways too. I haven't played Harvey, but understand his is similar to Minh's insofar as it targets specifically his playstyle. Wendy's is quite terrifying depending on when it's drawn. For a class about recursion, it's quite harsh indeed.


Harvey's is actually very easy to counter. All you need is one copy of Bulletproof Vest in your deck and you're good to go (since you can just keep cycling into it).


No mention of Harvey? His weakness turns off his main playstyle.


Well his abilities work equally well for a deck built to quickly cycle through cards never really building up a big hand.


Only a handful of cards in Harvey's deck really require a huge hand, and they aren't that crucial to begin with. You can play while keeping your hand around 8 cards and it won't hit too hard, you can rook it to draw it early, you can get a bulletproof vest and soak it. I've even gone versatile to deny its existence. Frankly, I've played a fair few games with Harvey and its weakness has never been that bad, but on the other hand, that was before Rook got tabooed.


Nah. Marie Lambeau's [Baron Samedi](https://arkhamdb.com/card/99003) is easily the worst.


Baron basically stopped me attempting Marie after I went insane mid-Carcosa. Need to gather the gumption to try again


Carolyn's weakness is exclusively why i went with her standard cards instead of the replacement ones. We are playing dreameaters, so I really wanted the replacements for flavor sake, but ugh. I think roland's coverup is pretty brutal.


If playing true solo with Roland, especially if it comes out early game, cover up might as well read: "Resign immediately, do not pass go, don't not collect $200"


I've played Minh several times and never really had any problem with her weakness. It's not difficult to get rid of it if you have enough skill cards, which I always include a lot of in a Minh deck. Also, ever since Mr Rook was released it became almost trivial. Rook allows you to go fishing for the King in Yellow at a time when you're ready to deal with it, while also grabbing a useful card to boot, and then the action that you take to clear it is not a dead action because you're just pitching cards into a skill test, which 9/10 times will be an investigate check and net you a clue.


Has to be either Roland's, Jenny's or Lola's, which are nearly always terrible. Agnes, Harvey and Carolyn's are up there. Zoey's has potential to be bad but is more luck dependent