Pool for Overall Best Class

Pool for Overall Best Class


I don't know if I'd actually rank them based on power. None of the classes are underpowered. They also don't fit into a neatly comparable scale because there are two objectives any given character needs to achieve. I tend to rank the classes by how much fun they are to play. Guardians are fun if you enjoy killing stuff Rogues and Survivors are fun if you enjoy pulling off entertaining bullshit moves Mystics are fun if you enjoy playing an overtuned glass cannon. Seekers are fun if you like masturbating in public. The only card pools I think need developing are mystic and guardian. The former because I find the approach quite boring. I like magic to be a bit wild and weird (like Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell or Game of Thrones), whereas it seems quite tame in Arkham. Guardians I think are just a little too narrow. Some of the new engage effects they are getting are pretty cool, I'd like to see something that provokes enemies too, one that overwrites their prey rules and/or makes enemies that spawn at a neighbouring location spawn at yours instead. That could open up an interesting positional game for them. Most of the time their actions are move, engage, fight, which is a little dull.


O_O *One of these thing is not like the other*


It's true tho


I think that it is fair to say that in solo,Survivors are the best class, and in 3-4 players that would be Seekers. Survivors are my favorite class and i really hope they continue giving them 4-5xp cards. Best classes 1 player (solo) - survivor 2 players - rogue + mystic is super good lately, since it used to be guardian +seeker all the time, but i think rogue +mys are better now. 3 players - seeker + guardian +anything 4 players - seeker +anything. Clues are needes for winning the game, and guess what class is the best in it? That class is also the strongest class. In the past it was rex who was broken, then it became Mandy, so we will see what seeker will be OP next lol


I'm not sure very many people could answer solo, yet you have it marked as required.


Every class is powerful in their own way. It might be better to power rank the investigators themselves.


You've marked every field as required even though most people likely play the game with similar numbers of people each time. I've only ever played 4 player, so can't answer. I've not noticed any difference in power between the classes themselves, however due to experience some of them are more powerful when being run by certain players.


Done. Please share your results when you're finish.


Strictly speaking we also have a neutral class. Can't imagine many people would vote for it though.