Dream Diary Stacking

Dream Diary Stacking

  • By - _wjw_


There shouldn't be any Problem doing this. Where die you get the notion that the wild icons only stack with different versions of the diary?


Some odd comments on arkhamdb. I probably read too much into it, cause the discussion is usually entangled with the notion that their can only be one essence of the dream.


So, you can have two Dream Diaries in play, but you can only ever have a single copy of Essence of Dream (either set aside in Bonded or in your hand). There is no reason you can't play the same Dream Diary twice to get a +6 skill. Enjoy.


why can't you have two copies of Essence of the Dream?


You can only have a number of bonded cards equal to what the set gives. So only 1 iirc


Must admit it never even occurred to me that you could stack dream diaries for a bigger bonus. Not sure it's really worth it though, in most cases. It's costing you an additional hand slot, and additional action and 2 resources to get what is a highly situational boost which in most cases will just be win more.


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