Blogpost: Top Ten Enemies You Hate To Draw

Blogpost: Top Ten Enemies You Hate To Draw


Love this style of content!


I agree. We spend way to much time (in proportion) on player cards and not enough on encounter cards. The Encounter Set of the Week threads are great too.


When Carcosa was new, a friend and I attempted a two player run with the cardpool of that era. A poorly timed poltergeist made us completely rebuild our decks and try again.




Missing the priestess of the coven, vengeful witch, silver twilight acolyte. Also no love for whipperwill - the iconic monster everyone loves to hate?


Whippoorwill is too easy to zap IMO, there's plenty of ways you can shoot it down without needing to engage. An upgraded Beat Cop, Agnes taking horror in some manner, Blood-Rite, Small Favor... there's a decent number of options that can take those annoying birds out of the sky in one action. Aloof at 1 health, it's made to be taken down by non-Fight damage, and IMO anyone that knows the cycle will involve Whippoorwills should look for sources of Fight-less damage like the above.


I love that you gave thing in the sacrophagus some live (or hate?) Because while guardians is hard enough anyway, that enemy has ruined so many attempts for me.


Rift Seeker is a big disagree. You could have a 3 Fight, 3 Health, 4 Evade enemy that does 2 damage, 2 horror and that would technically be a harder version. Nobody would put a vanilla 3/3/4 2/2 on their most hated list, would they? Certainly not as a 2-of late in a campaign?


Yeah I barely even remembered this guy, though I did enjoy you pointing out the art and traits. Rest of the list was a fun read though and widely agree.


Good to see Conglomeration of Spheres getting a mention. It's so annoying. I can live with the fact that you can't use melee weapons against it, irritating as that may be, but the bigger issue is that it doesn't have any VP. Two out of the three options you can draw when the agenda advances in House Always Wins are these, and it's not like Dunwich gives you a lot of alternative options for gaining experience. Every time I've drawn this monster it's been a massive disappointment.


We must find our fun in different places. I love drawing such enemies. Usual tactics fail and you're forced to think outside the box.


I mean.. I can make a Top Ten Enemies I Love To Draw? :D


I think my all time favorite enemy is the one that kills you rather than simply defeating the investigator. Had one memorable disaster where we dynamited our own party as it was that or loose everyone.


Am I the only one that just loathes loathes loathes Hunting Nightgaunt? High-key agree on Poltergeists though. Nice list, love to see what other players love to hate. :p


No they're pretty nasty, early campaign enemies!


No Brotherhood Cultist?


This is also mine x1000 although I’ve only played through TFA. I’ve had it spawn then immediately get 2 doom from a treachery. I was scared of them in the next scenario so I shuffled and reshuffled the encounter deck a million times. The first two spawns were of course the brotherhood cultists. I... HATE these cards. Like, probably won’t continue AHLCG after TFA mostly because of them. (Well and the Harbinger). I did find a loophole in using Survival Knife on them but still it seems way too easy to suddenly have 7+ fight enemies running around. Like sure, terrifying Lovecraftian horror has 4 fight. Smug looking elderly man? Invincible.


I keep expecting him to 'turn off' when evaded, but nope. There's an Act advancement in Threads of Fate that has you attach the Relic of Ages to one, which in 4p means you have to somehow chop down an 11-health Behemoth that gets +1/1 every time you swing at it before factoring even more shenanigans like Mysterious Chanting. And because that +1/1 is tied to doom, you're basically guaranteed an agenda advance if you don't fully all-in on it. We had to triple-check all the instructions because we couldn't believe the game dropped that bomb on us. If we drew it in an earlier agenda or brought a silver bullet like Waylay it might've helped, but man that was frustrating.


I agree, I was expecting this to be #1!!


I like this a lot! It's a unique perspective and brought back a lot of fun-awful memories Always great to see people take deeper looks at the game


Cool blog, please continue!


Cool idea and I would definitely like to see more. Also, considering what some of the mentioned enemies do, I really do think that every enemy handler would only benefit from evasion options.


I'm pretty sure that Vengeful Serpent is now the most difficult thing about Doom of Eztli. That and falling into the Viper Pit, but at least that one is avoidable when you know it is coming. Such a cool enemy, the Serpent does so much work in RtTFA. It's even better because it replaces Fang of Yig, a seriously dull dude.


I would like to nominate Mindless Dancer for an honorable mention. A three-of, with 6/4/4 stats, 2 damage, 1 horror, and double hunter. The weird spawn instruction, map layout and mid-scenario resets are the only thing making it not completely awful.


Great list! I had a blast reading it.


Brotherhood Cultist, Grappling Horror, and Whippoorwill should definitely be included in here.


List is garbage. No cats.


@ANRmurse Quite unsure what you mean, there is definitely Cats on this list...? Number 3 will shock you!


I try to be a troll ONE time and I can't even get that right...