What is your favorite investigator and why?

What is your favorite investigator and why?


I really like Diana. Her backstory is my favorite, but I also just like playing her. She takes a little bit to get going, but being rewarded for playing support is really satisfying to me.


Yeah, Diana has a pretty unique thing being able to negate, cancel and just not spawn the first enemy of the game with her signature card. And still fill another role. I only played her once, on monster duty. Wasn't perfect, but pulled through.


Duke, good boy.


Ok, Silas looks amazing. I'm still a newbie, all things considered, so I've only got the core, starter deck, dunwich and carcosa investigators so far and I haven't played with all of them. Having said that, Nathaniel's whole style cracks me up and makes me think of him like a shonen protagonist (there is no injustice his fists cannot correct). Anytime I start looking over his cards I can only think of one thing: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbXoUmzeH30](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbXoUmzeH30)


It is Stella, but Silas is great too. They can bond over their mutual love of Track Shoes and Chainsaws. And Resourceful.


Thematically? Norman. He's got a great story arc from Seeker to Mystic, and I also enjoy trying to make his jank work. Mechanically? Patrice. Very unique playstyle, kind of reminds me of a Survivor Winifred style deck. Silas is so evidently good so I tend not to play him.


I agree. Norman is 10/10 flavour wise, and his play style and deck building is very thematic


I’ve disliked Silas for a long time. However, since reading his book, I’m on team Silas to the point that I’d like a live-action telling of his book


Rita. She sucks at investigating but I love her special ability and how she can consistently deal damage & zip around the map.


Lily Chen, I like her because she's a martial artist, and her story us so good, but she's notnin the LCG. My other two favorites are Jenny Barnes and Tommy Muldoon, they are great characters who confront the mythos with power. Why it isn't Silas Marsh? Well, I actually don't know much about him, so maybe he is not YET my favorite!


Actually for a while it was, but he crashed and burned at the end of TCU and I haven’t been back to him or that campaign past the first couple of scenarios since. That’s probably not fair on him but that’s just how things went down. When the game launched and for the longest time afterwards it was all about Wendy. I’ve flip-flopped a few times over the years, favouring others including Silas and even Norman, briefly, till eventually I found the powerhouse that is Preston, who firmly took over as #1. That said, I’ve recently discovered Jacquie, who is phenomenal and may even be threatening to take the crown. I think the trouble I have with Silas goes back to an issue I have with survivor in general, being that all of their card draw options are tied up in the fail-to-win suite. It’s great for the likes of Stella and Preston but I think not every survivor wants to play that way. Apart from his signature (which is brilliant) there’s really just eureka and the cantrips, so I’ve found that I sometimes have trouble getting off the mark because I have to waste actions drawing cards. Don’t get me wrong, though, I still think he’s fantastic and I’m interested to see what the next cycle will bring for him.


I don't think card draw is such an issue with Silas since you don't really have a lot of assets that you're looking to find anyway. The last Silas deck I had was running with about 18 skills, many of which came with inherent draw as part of the package. Hard mulligan for a weapon and ideally an ally and that's all you really need to find, your skill cards will handle the rest.


For the easier scenarios, perhaps. But you really want a lot of cards coming into your hand, and it’s about having the right skills too, not just finding assets. Most of the time a single perception is unlikely to get you through that investigation, you really need combinations of stuff to get you through those int/wp tests, and you can burn through them very quickly when the game is constantly throwing crap at you. That’s why I’m dubious about his standard signatures - nautical prowess is just so valuable to his game.


I didn't find it to be a problem. I ran him in conjunction with Ursula who did almost all of the glue-getting. Silas was just enemy management and occasional splash plays at difficult tests where he could over-commit cards. I can see how he'd not be so great if you're playing him solo.


It is/isn’t Silas because I haven’t used him yet. We’ll find out in a couple of weeks whether he’s an is or an isn’t.


Wendy is a less degenerate Silas. I mean, she doesn't have those pecs buuut she's cooler nevertheless


It is Silas. How did you know? His 2 willpower is not a problem when within you lies the solutions for every situation. He's also incredibly fun and I am excited to see what his spear and net bring to the table.


Dianna, because I like saying "No"


Tony because he is a powerhouse when it comes to killing - and he kills with style, without using fancy weapons like flamethrowers and lighting guns. Second best is Mihn, as support and main cluever. Great choice of cards and as dream eaters became available, she gained more awsome cards to power her up (sharp vision, scavenging 2, eye of truth etc)


Silas is good, but Survivor Mandy is so powerful, especially in multiplayer so she can just cluever.


Either Tony or Preston, depending on whether I want to be stupid rich or stupid poor. Tony is the rich boy. Preston runs around with his Fire Axe.


Silas. Thrilling story plus I like the "Underdog" flair the survivors have.


Ursula because she is quick at getting clues with her ability and she use the Bow to be self sufficient when needed. Overall I like generalists the most.


I like Patrice pretty much, love her mechanics and background story, hope she gets a novella at some point to know more about her. I´ve also been enjoying Preston a lot in the last campaign I played, he´s very powerful and love the feeling of having so much money and spending all I could get, it gets you really into the character XD


Calvin Wright. I hate the idea of going into a scenario knowing that there's something I won't be able to do. Calvin has difficulty out the gate and can be a little scary, but he can do literally anything you need him to do. And if he can't, failing scenarios just makes him stronger on the next one. Finn Edwards would be my second, but he can't take cheat death. For some reason, I've latched into that card recently. But finn's lore as a smart guy with focus issues is really cool to me. I also just like rogues. I don't like Silas cause he's dumb. Any character with less than 2 intellect is 2 dumb 2 live


Luke, because he single-handedly broke the rulebook. I'm not sure even the game creators know how he's supposed to work, lol. Also because this deck loads up on Star Wars puns: [https://arkhamdb.com/decklist/view/17073/luke-scrywaker-hard-mode-1.0](https://arkhamdb.com/decklist/view/17073/luke-scrywaker-hard-mode-1.0)


Joe only because I love the idea of the cults we're against thinking that the clue gatherer of the group is gonna be the weak link, only to recieve a hail of bullets and acid, complete with dark curses from an eldritch tome. "I've got your fucking Necronomicon right here, you limpdick burecratic bastards!"


I like Agnes because she was my first and I completed 3 campaigns with her. Lately though, Patrice has been my girl. I love the ability to mill through my deck and it allows for a very adaptable play style, but you’re very at the mercy of chance.


I gotta say I'm quite fond of Roland. The problem is I can't see him working outside of the core set, since it doesn't take much to scare him. I do like his 'by the book' approach to the events that seem to unfold before him. Kinda like the other guy that joins Scully when Mulder disappears in the later season's of the X Files.