Do I need a second core set?

Do I need a second core set?


If its just you two and you have no desire to play on harder difficulties then no, you'll be fine with one set. You can also pick up some of the new investigator packs and get a whole mess of cards there. That being said, I do have two sets, but I picked up my second set on sale.... ya know before the covidz.


The player cards are a big reason tell you to get a 2nd core - with just one core you’re going to be very constrained in your deck building trying to support 2 players. A slightly cheaper option would be to pick up a starter deck for each of you - those get you a deck that wont frustrate you and some room to grow with it.


In my experience, the biggest problem with one core set is you’ll run into problems if you attempt to play investigators with overlapping classes. I just attempted to do this recently. I already had one core set open and had also picked up a second copy because I had heard it was necessary for more than 2 players. My second copy was unopened and I was planning on lending it to a friend who has been especially careful to self-isolate during the pandemic. However, when I finally had an opportunity to play with my actual copy (rather than over TTS), I discovered that the cards were not available for a different friend and I to play the suggested decks for both Roland and Skids. All of the available level 0 guardian stuff in a single core set is already in Roland‘s deck and there are none to spare for Skids, so if you want to use both with a single core set you’ll need to substitute a lot of cards with neutral cards. I’m not actually sure it’s possible. Otherwise, the options to play with Roland are Agnes or Wendy. I wound up just opening up my second core set so we could play with the characters we wanted without handicapping ourselves.


Actually, beat cop or Di Luca area good examples of how to avoid a second core set, as you have two copies of them in the box already ... except one of them is the advanced version. Just put them both in your started deck and "soft proxy" the advanced one as a basic Beat Cop/LdL. When you upgrade your deck, you have two situations : \- Either you only upgrade one, and that's exactly what you have in your deck \- Or you upgrade both, and now the basic one proxies as advanced. ​ Not as cool as a second core, but certainly cheaper.


Very smart indeed. I didn't think about it


You'd still miss things like the machete or .45 automatic though. Sometimes you can use other cards as clear proxies. For example, it's unlikely you'll put regular knives in a guardian's deck once you have a few additional weapons from mythos packs, so they can stand in for a machete.


Currently, there are a ton of cards in the expansions that will make buying a second core unnecessary just for the cards. If you are playing with 3-4 people, you will need the second core for the counters. If you are playing with 1-2 people, I would use the money of the second core into something more useful long term, like a deluxe box + 1 scenario pack or 3 investigators decks.


I haven't played in a while now. But I've managed two players with just one core. I have the core and the whole dunwich. I made dummy-cards for those I really wanted doubles of. What I did was take a card of the same faction (e.g. survivor) of the card I wanted (let's say "Lucky!") that started with the same first letter (L). Then when I picked that card, I would play it as "lucky!". Worked fine for me anyway


I'm a new player and I went the cheapest route. Not sure what the opinion of proxies on the sub is, but that's what I did for the second core set. I bought the first one, I bought dunwich. I plan on continuing to buy more cards. So I have feel zero percent guilty about using proxies for a couple cards I already bought. I'd love it if the would sell a 14$ pack of core player cards instead of the full core. I'd buy that. But untill I run out of things to buy, a $5 set of card covers is much cheaper for something that IMO should have been included in the core. It's not like I'm trying to play 3or 4 players with a single core... /End very minor rant


How do you get proxies? You buy them or you make them?


Print off in normal paper and stick in sleeve. It's not great, but it helps not having to spend money on a second core set right out the gate Add a regular playing card to it to make it stuff like a real card


Everyone would recommend it but only if you are really interested in playing this game more and want more deckbuilding options. Many core set cards remain staples still today, some are in fact the yardsticks by which all later cards are judged. You could wait to find it on sale and hope to save some money this way. Alternatively, there are the new starter decks that let you play any scenarios right away. They offer a different way to play and even 2-3 are cheaper than a second core set. For two players only, you could potentially live without it, especially if you pick up other cycles. The larger your card pool, the easier a time you will have without a second core. But generally for deckbuilding, you want two copies of your important cards if you want any chance of seeing them during gameplay. If you have little to no 'tutoring' or boosted card draw, and a typical scenario being say 10-15 turns (this is a very rough estimate to illustrate), you may not see half/third of your deck. Two copies doubles the odds of seeing a card you need.


I’ve tried playing with just one core but it’s not great for some investigators. Daisy is brutal without two copies of some of the Tome cards for example. IMO you need to have the option to make viable decks with two copies of certain cards. Things like Lucky for example. But you can soft proxy or download a proxy sheet. I personally went for a 2nd core that was cheap 2nd hand. It’s a bit sucky they didn’t include two copies of the class cards like they do in the Mythos packs but such is life. It’s the only time you’ll need to get duplicate of something. You’ll only ever need one of the deluxe expansions and Mythos packs.


In the beginning, when there was only the core and Dunwich it was much more important, these days it feels far less necessary with the investigator packs and the amount of other content (especially for players in a situation like yourself OP). Coming from Netrunner/L5R where having multiple cores is pretty much required and expected, I bought 2 right when the game came out.


Thank you all for your answers. I managed to find a second hand core set so I bought it.


I'd say long term you're likely to want a 2nd core just because of certain cards that are still the bedrock of certain decks (Shrivelling in particular, but there are others). I wouldn't rush into it though. You're better off getting some of the expansions first. These will give you a lot of new cards to play around with anyway while also being just a generally more fun experience than endlessly replaying NotZ. If you're willing to put up with building slightly less optimal decks than you could be building you may never need to bother with a 2nd core tbh, but it is nice to have.