Also for anyone wondering this is not scabbing since the movie they dressed up as is not produced by a struck company so she’s good lol.


How do you know which companies are struck


It was an article about the companies are apart of the strike and the companies that are involved in showgirls weren’t on that list etc.


In a Buzzfeed article, it says it is


What article?


The SAG-AFTRA Halloween article on Buzzfeed - just look up sag aftra halloween buzzfeed and I imagine it'll come up


I looked it up and it didn’t go in-depth on her costume and if it’s produced by a struck company etc so I’m going based on what I read prior but thanks for explaining and telling me the name of the article.


No offense but that’s a ridiculous concern to have. Ik she’d get dragged to hell and back if she dressed as a character from a struck movie but come on. It’s a Halloween costume.


I think you misunderstood my comment. I’m saying people would drag her for her dress but because of the whole strike going on.


Oh no, I get what you’re saying. Sorry if it didn’t come off that way. I just think that’s ridiculous djssj.


I love showgirls. I’m curious if she chose this on purpose. Elizabeth got shit on for this role and the nudity/storyline and well our girl is def having a moment with her controversial love life


I’m just curious, I haven’t seen it but I always assumed it was just a movie that men liked for all the gratuitous nudity and s*x scenes. Is this a movie with a good storyline that women could enjoy too or is it just a p0rnograhy movie for male gaze?


I can tell you right now, *those* aren’t the sex scenes anyone would find particularly appealing…💀 The burlesque stripper scenes, yes though. Most people enjoy it for the iconic so bad it’s good energy though.


Omg the pool flippity floppity scene ew so gross


It’s a movie so bad that it’s enjoyable. The nudity is stupidly gratuitous but you can’t help but laugh. Definitely not for minors and if you’re of drinking age, I’d recommend have a glass of wine or two with a girlfriend and watching it if you’re up for some cringe and laughs


I interpret the original question as haleighr wondering if these are the themes that pulled Ariana to this particular movie, instead of questioning if Ari knew what she was doing picking it :D I'm curious too! I didn't know anything about Showgirls before today (so thanks Ariana for this cultural education:D) but I read in Wikipedia in the "critical re-evaluation" section of the movie that: "Elizabeth Berkley’s performance, which was heavily criticized as out of sync with the rest of the film’s tone, was also reappraised. In 2015, Verhoeven (the director) said Berkley had unfairly taken on the bulk of criticism against the film and claimed responsibility for her performance. "Good or not good, I was the one who asked her to exaggerate everything — every move — because that was the element of style that I thought would work for the movie," he said." I've also been listening to Eating For Free podcast's series We Forgive You Ariana Grande which is a thorough overview about her career and the phenomenon / character / also the real person that is Ariana Grande. I recommend this podcast whether you forgive her or not =D In part five they were just talking about how AG was sued for plagiarizing 7 rings and how what everyone will remember about the event is that it was HER personally that was the only one responsible, when in reality there is a whole team of writers behind that song and Tommy Brown might have actually been the one to blame, if anyone was. That everything remotely related with Ariana centers in her persona and she gets blamed for things that are out of her hands (not to say there aren't things she should be blamed for, another question entirely is whether it's our business or not to judge). All this made me think of Ariana's songs like You Don't Know Me and shut up, and how topical these songs might feel to her at the moment. Just guessing here... But her recent actions must make sense to her at least :') And maybe she feels not understood. Also Wikipedia says "The film was heavily embraced by the LGBT community, who would host midnight movie-type screenings that became an ongoing tradition." so maybe Ariana just grew up with the movie through Frankie and/or all the drag queens she hangs out with \^\_\_\_\^ Sorry for the rambling I hope you get my point, I was unable to make this shorter x) Anyway she looks gorgeous!


Thank you for the explaining what I meant by on purpose. I feel like some people were purposely misunderstanding it but im being moody lol


I laughed when I saw the caption of the instagram post.


What was the caption


> I’m curious if she chose this on purpose. Well it certainly wasn't an accident...


well obvs lol but it could’ve been liz’s idea that she brought to ari


If that was the case, I still doubt she chose to agree to it ignorantly. There's basically no way she's not aware of what Showgirls is. EDIT: I just want to reiterate, but also question- Do people seriously think Ariana Grande is too stupid to have a custom made costume (*with a friend* in the duo outfit, which I'm sure was coordinated weeks/months in advance), sit through hair and makeup, pose for photos, and not know what she was doing? Like do you think she was sitting in hair and makeup for 2 hours and was suddenly like "oh wait, does this costume have connotations??" Get real.


As someone who doesn't know the movie could you give a rundown?


These curls and bangs, all of these looks, Ari momma serving looks this year But I'm too uncultivated, what are they referencing?


Only the best “worst” movie of the 1990s: *Showgirls* by Verhoeven!




Uncultured, i think, is the word you meant?


Oh lmaooo yes thanks, that's what I meant


She is so freaking gorgeous 🤩🤩🤩🙌🙌🫧🫧


The way she delivered the “tight top” line in the video they posted on IG really did it for me


Damn Ariana is killing that look




Why does it look ai


thought the same !


She looks stunning


She’s a chameleon sometimes, I swear!


Both looking fabulous 🔥🔥




The fact that she chose this… she’s a queen ngl, she always owns Halloween 🎃




I think she kinda favors Ethan here lol


I would have liked to see her sit this year out or not go as an on screen character while the strike continues… She could have represented her fellow actors and writers by veering from this course doing literally anything other than movie characters ): she coulda gone as her own dang ponytail, a cheetah, or cow, or vampire….C’mon girl Edit: downvote me all you want. I love Ariana and We’ve seen her pull off many looks not related to on screen characters. This was a CHOICE and she CHOSE.


someone else said it’s not scabbing bc the movie was not produced by one of the struck studios


I really wish we could give her this excuse. For perspective, Drew Barrymore and Megan Fox have recently come under heat as actresses going against SAG AFTRA guidelines. Neither of them work under those studios either. Why would she risk the backlash? *She doesn’t care* ETA: as someone who works in a union that represents the workers, it doesn’t matter if your “home” isn’t striking. In solidarity we stand. She’s sitting down.


Genuinely what are you talking about. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing things that aren’t against the guidelines. That’s why the guidelines exist. This isn’t against the guidelines. Drew Barrymore came under heat because she literally crossed a picket line. Megan came under heat for dressing as a character from a studio that goes against the guidelines. Follow the guidelines. It’s not that hard. Based on your comment, it doesn’t sound like you work in a union at all.


Members of SAG-AFTRA are encouraged not to use movie likeness for Halloween characters in 2023… How is she not going against guidelines? Did you read the guidelines? Ariana has already come out in support of the strike, Wicked ceased productions for a time in support of the strike, and many actors are joining in solidarity. Actors and writers are working 10 hour shifts, getting paid Jack shit, all she had to do was dress up as anything other than a movie character. This girl did a whole scene. She doesn’t care.


I did read the guidelines. Clearly you haven’t. They’re encouraged not to use movie likeness for Halloween characters FROM STRUCK CONTENT and studios. Showgirls does not fall under struck content.


“And opt for generic content” “like an animated tv show” "Let's use our collective power to send a loud and clear message to our struck employers that we will not promote their content without a fair contract!" Lol you’re trying to excuse her when she knew exactly the message she was going to send! Do you think people are googling which companies are being struck or not? No, the general population just understand actors and writers are striking. Why couldn’t she have waited until the strike ended to post this? She ATE but at what cost? 🙄


They ENCOURAGED to avoid movie characters. That doesn’t change the fact that only CERTAIN STUDIOS and their RESPECTIVE MOVIES are actually AGAINST THE GUIDELINES. This movie is not AGAINST THE GUIDELINES. Therefore, NO rules were broken. Therefore, she did NOTHING WRONG. I’m not excusing anything. No rules or guidelines were broken. There is nothing wrong with this. I don’t know how to spell it out any differently. It sounds like you’re just looking for an excuse to be mad at her for something. Argue with a wall.






Amazon owns MGM owns United Artists. Have a nice night.


Oof. That was harsh to read after holding her on a pedestal for a few years. I’m going home.


She’s made it really difficult to be a fan this year.


I can agree with that. Yeah. I’d describe myself as a newer fan, but I’m disappointed. I had higher expectations, I guess.


Yep I completely agree with you. It’s disappointing seeing her go against the rules they put in place. The celebrities doing this feels like a slap in the face to the people that are actually affected.


She didn’t go against any rules. This is within guidelines.




Because not every single movie and/or studio is being struck. They encouraged people to not dress up as and promote movie characters, but only certain studios and their respective movies are against the actual guidelines. This movie is not against the guidelines.


Of all the years she’s gone as animals… she chose this year to do a whole scene verbatim from a movie. It’s certainly a choice, whether you believe she violated guidelines or not lol


It’s not a matter of believing. No guidelines were violated, so she did nothing wrong. You absolutely do not work for a union with this mindset. How are you faulting someone for following guidelines when they dressed up as a movie character that is allowed? Very weird.


ssdgm 🤍 Exactly. This is the most crucial time for Ariana as an actress, and she makes this move? People are making headlines and being condemned for going against SAG AFTRA guidelines. I refuse to believe she’s simply naive about all of this, Ethan was seen striking himself. She’s giving the message that she either doesn’t care or is above it all.


She is most certainly above it all. Let’s not get that twisted


I seen this in passing but ![gif](giphy|g1wP95hzQLEtSiKWmq|downsized)


she looks ai generated


I love her but oh how I hate the blonde look


God that hair color is so shitty on her


What do you like to do on weekends.


This looks like a vanderpump rules opener


The only thing throwing me off are the feet going out of the heels