I wish… I’ve been waiting for the Motus Shorts for quite a while now, but no luck :(


Little tip, sometimes stuff is in stock in the iOS app even though it’s not in stock on the website, this might help you :) I just ordered the motus shorts in the right size, marathon, here I come!


If you really need a synthetic belay parka, and you can’t get a Nuclei SV. Then buy a DAS or a BD Belay Parka.


I’ve tried the old BD Stance Belay parka a few years ago and last year tried the Patagonia DAS Parka, and both are good choices for Belaying especially if you get them on sale. Though I ended up selling the Patagonia DAS Parka since the hood would fall into my eyes if trying to use without a helmet on, even when fully cinched up. Patagonia DAS Light never has this issue but then again the hood design was admittedly different and smaller.


Can I also recommend the RAB Generator Alpine - really love it. https://rab.equipment/ca/generator-alpine-jacket


Are you a Medium? https://store.escaperoute.ca/products/nuclei-sv-parka-ms


They had that function before telling us when it would restock, not sure why they took it out


Check it daily/hourly. The nucleisv rules man, you're going to love it!


Have you looked at the phone app. They have different stocking sometimes - it's weird


>Check it daily/hourly. The nucleisv rules man, you're going to love it! Nvm, only xxl available


Also waiting for the Nuclei SV to be in stock for ice climbing belays, but in the US. That piece seems very promising!


According to CS, it is getting restocked next season. I didn't get an answer wether that was SS22 or FW22. Some stores do have it in stock, and you can buy online and pick up in store.


Have you tried selecting the size you want online, then seeing if the size shows up in your local store shown below the ADD TO CART? To test the store availability feature, I just tried selecting Chicago in US and also tried Vancouver in Canada for size medium and the store availability feature works and shows availability for size medium in each of the stores shown but it’s best to call each store to double confirm before making the trip to pick it up.


Someone should make an Arcteryx stock checker. All the data is easy to get from their API. Though perhaps it’s a lot of effort to just confirm that nothing anyone wants is ever in stock.


What size are you looking for?


Is the SV your final choice? I did a quick search and I came across the FL thats available in canada. Unfortunately limited selection for both color and size. GL on your search. [https://www.monodsports.com/arc-teryx-men-s-nuclei-fl-jacket-f21](https://www.monodsports.com/arc-teryx-men-s-nuclei-fl-jacket-f21) https://www.sail.ca/en/arc-teryx-nuclei-fl-men-s-insulated-jacket-966745


Those are in no way comparable in terms of warmth.


Or size. Or features. Lol. I'm imagining a first time ice climber whipping out the FL as their belay jacket