Where is it leaking


Under drawers and shelves.


Assuming you're finding water puddling under crisper drawers, the first thing that should be done is clean defrost drain and install a water leakage kit. Unplug unit for two days. Remove all shelves. Remove evaporator cover. Pull refrigerator out to access rear. Remove compressor cover panel. I install a water leakage kit (Part # DA82-01415A). There might be a YouTube on how to install it. I use a trombone cleaner to snake the drain tube within the cabinet. It has the perfect diameter brush for that. If all that was done and you still have a drain issue, then you're looking at replacing the evaporator cover and defrost sensor/thermostat.




Hello I am full time appliance repair technician. Can I ask how did you clean the drain did you a pressurized steamer? Did you cleaned both the front inside the machine. And also the exit hold which is the bottom back panel of the machine and also did you take the tube out and clean it also and see if any gunk came out of it ? After you were all done did you do a water test and pour a cup of water down the drain , if the drain was cleaned successfully there should be no water backing up and coming out where you poured it in