Apple's "Unleashed" | Post-Event Megathread

Apple's "Unleashed" | Post-Event Megathread


Good that I am not forced to buy the 16" to get the best specs


That really got me. Like yeah, I want power but I don’t want to carry a shield with me?!?


Lol! Macbook Shield dropping spring 2022.


I'm loving that they've done that on both MacBook Pro and iPhone Pro now. I like a smaller form factor on most devices, but want the features. I hope they continue with it.


Give me an iPhone Pro in a mini size.


With a whole 2 hours of battery life


Just squeeze the batteries down or something... Also, imagine the camera bump on that.


They did not say I’m going to love it. I’m worried.


They did reassure us it is the best MacBook ever.


They said you’ll love dark mode with the new notch 😉🤣🤣🤣


They didn’t have to this time


honestly, i didnt even care about the chips. when Apple dropped ProMotion and XDR i was downright shocked. so damn impressed with the current MBP lineup. i just wish i had an excuse to buy one because i really really have no use for it. but goddamn it do i want one.


dude same. They got through the M1 Pro presentation, and I was like "huh, not bad, but a little disappointed based on all the recent speculations." Then they were like "but wait, we're not finished" and the rest of the presentation was just like "holy shit...they literally hit like all the speculations and then some!" Pretty sure my jaw actually dropped at some point.


M1 Pro with 32GB unified option was nice. Promotion was where my jaw dropped. And the HDR screen my eyes widened. Then the 21 hour battery life I said oh shit. My MBP 2019 is full of envy


When they compared it to the performance/watt curve of a a mobile RTX 3080 I was floored.


The table is filling out nicely |  |SE|mini|Standard|Air|Pro|Max| :--|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:| |iPhone|**X**|**X**|**X**||**X**|**X**| |iPad||**X**|**X**|**X**|**X**|| |Mac||**X**|**X***||**X**|| |Macbook||||**X**|**X**|| |Watch|**X**||**X**|||| |Airpods|||**X**||**X**|**X**| |Silicon|||**X**||**X**|**X**| What's next? ^* ^I ^feel ^like ^the ^iMac ^is ^essentially ^the ^standard ^"Mac" ^product, ^but ^due ^to ^the ^long ^history ^of ^the ^iMac ^name ^I ^doubt ^there ^would ^ever ^be ^a ^rebranding... *Edit: added footnote, and yes this is current line-up only*


Apple Watch Pro Max, with a gargantuan 80mm screen. Like a Pipboy.


It'll be a Duel Disk from Yu-Gi-Oh!


Mac Max.


Immortan Jony


I'm still throughly confused by the $5 Siri only Apple Music plan.


for people with homepod


Exactly You give someone a HomePod for a present and they only have to pay $5 for all the music in the world


Haha only if they can persuade Siri to find what they want. I can’t;)


Yeah, it wasn't super clear, will this play any song, or are you limited to playlists like the pandora days? If you can play any song, but only summon it with voice, seems like a strange reason to reduce the price, but maybe they're trying to train Siri?


part of it might be to train Siri. another part of it might be a marketing thing where there will now be lots more people walking around in public saying “hey Siri” out loud to their AirPods 🤔


Forget Siri, I can’t even find the songs I want by typing, only to eventually find the song hidden under some album. They srsly need to improve search.


It’s good for advertising cause they can say it starts at a lower price compared to competitors. But you get limited functionality.


Want but wallet


Others may disagree but it feels like the "Pro" name might have some weight behind it now. At 1999 USD for the 14" and the performance it offers, it's certainly a "pro" price with specs to match. For my use, while I'd love it, I certainly don't need it and not at that price. I'd probably use it only to 50% of its capabilities.


Eff that pricing. It goes up to 2349€ in Europe, that's $2700! Give me a normal priced Mac with the SD and HDMI, damn it! EDIT: to those saying that tax balances the prices... not even close. I simulated buying it through the Apple Store app and, based on New York tax, total is $2176.41. Buying the exact same machine in Europe over the US is over $500 more expensive!


That’s going to be the updated air next year (hopefully)


I've been holding on to my 2015 MBP for as long as I can but these certainly are tempting


It's a **huge** improvement over the 2015


Heck, it's a **huge** improvement over the 2019


And you're gonna **love** it, back to you Tim.


I'm in the same boat. I've been hanging onto my 2015 MBP as long as I can, but it's really starting to feel slow. When connected to a 4K monitor, it's almost unusable. I really want the 16" model with 1TB SSD, but just spent a grand on a new phone last week!


I would bet even the lowest end 14" released today would make your existing one feel like an old calculator.




Same here it's like getting a tickle me Elmo or something.


USE THE APPLE STORE APP ON IPHONE. It was the only way I got through!


Wow they really went all-in on the Pros, I wasn’t expecting them to give us everything we’ve been asking for in a single update




How do you get the student discount


Step 1: be a student


Or work at an institution with a .edu email address Edit: volunteer too


Search for Apple Education on google and follow the link to the store from there.


Yo dog I heard you like Pro Macs so we put a Pro/Max in your Pro Macs


One of the presenters was talking about how many external screens the computer could support and goes like “and with M1 Macs you can do 2 XDR displays and another screen and a TV” or whatever and I was like wait what why is she talking about the capability of M1 Macs?? Oh, she meant Max not Macs. K.


ha I noticed that too


Wait does the regular pro cpu support 2 external monitors?


Yup and the M1 Max does 3 and a 4K tv over HDMI


‘Hey ya, can I please get a MacBook Pro Max combo’ *sir, this is a McDonald’s*


looks like by moving the screen upwards. the menu bar has moved upwards and takes over the space that used to be the bezel. in the Demos when an app or game is full screen, that new space is blacked out so the notch is hidden. in the end when using FULL screen content, you get 16 inch display, when using menu bar you can 16.2 inch display


Finally upgrading my 2012 MacBook Pro Retina. This feels like the first MacBook Pro worth of upgrading since. My poor poor wallet though.


First Apple event in a while where I am actually overwhelmed afterwards


I ordered a MBP right away and now am going back to figure out what all just happened.


Just bought one as well. I was forced to get the intel 16 inch last year after the rumours of an updated 14 inch fell flat. The base config of the new 14 is probably faster, better battery life, and cheaper than my 16 inch, with more ports, a better screen, and a better size for my needs. Yum.


Yeah my 16” MacBook got a whole lot less cool when the $600 M1 Mini I set up for a parent is noticeably faster.


Legit question, what’s the use case for getting a new MacBook every year? I can see getting a new phone but can’t imagine dropping $2000 every year


I’m really curious what complaints people will have, because they must exist. But I’m looking at the MacBook Pro and all I see design wise is every frequently requested feature returning with zero new gimmick features.


I see some people complaining about the notch, but if it’s incorporated in the way we see on marketing stuff then the area only has the menu bar and blocks out when in full screen.


they also have these screens at 16.2 so they are giving us a bit more space at the top. I noticed that all during the pandemic my webcam was covering up a portion of the middle of my main monitor. I literally never noticed it until I looked up there after the notch announcement. I also run in dark mode 24/7 so whatever.


No FaceID. I don't mind, just saying that's what people might complain about.


Only complaint I have is the sky high price point, but that’s to be expected for a pro model. I really wanted a 14” and I wanted something that’s future proof as I keep mine for 8-10 years (upgrading from a 2012 MBP). I won’t use this level of hardware right now, but in 5 years it’ll still be very solid so my need to upgrade more frequently goes down. The upgrades from my 2012 are: Intel core Duo to M1 Pro Intel Iris integrated graphics to the M1 Pro 8 GB DDR3 at 1666 MHz to 16 GB at nearly 3x the speed 512 GB HDD to 2 TB SSD Retina screen, better speakers, etc. This is going to be night and day.


The macbook just kept getting better and better and better! When they said ProMotion during the display part i gasped. lol


I'm not usually a "buy on launch day" kind of person, but with chip shortages and supply chain problems I'm worried about missing first wave and waiting months.


Get one now then. It will only get worse before it gets better.


It looks like the base 14 inch has 2 less CPU and GPU cores than advertised in the presentation.


Yeah you have to pay an extra $300 I think to bump it up. ​ Does surprise me you can bump it all the way to the M1 Max tho.


If you're willing to go with 512GB ssd vs 1tb, that $300 bump gets you the 16"


I, for one, am glad they have this configuration, want the screen but don't need the raw power; it's $300 more than the 13 inch M1 MB pro with 16 GB, seems like it's a lot of improvement for $300 :)


Fucking hell, one of the best product launches in Apple history


The spiel about the M1 Pro followed by 'Oh, we actually made two chips'... # M1 MAX really hit the spot.


Yeah I was disappointed by the 32 gb max and the 16core gpu cap (I need the 64 RAM but GPU doesn’t matter to me) and then they were like wait… we got that too


In terms of giving the people what they want and need, 100% yeah, they knocked it outta the park with this


I was absolutely blown away, and i'm super excited. But i always gotta temper it a bit and remind myself that a lot of what i'm excited for is they bringing back things that they got rid of (quite silly of them, imo) but i'm hype as hell, especially for those monster chips


It's refreshing to see any tech company, let alone APPLE, walking back a bad decision.




Gessafelstein and James Blake


Kind of wish there was a bigger MB Air. I want the pixels, the rest is massive overkill for my use requirements.


Same. I want that 16" screen, but don't need all that power for browsing the web and managing my photos.


Store crashed lol


It's up now. Trade in for a M1 512/16 config in perfect shape is $880. That seems like a kick to the balls.


Its only $110 more the a base spec M1 Pro. I might have to wait and see what its like in person, Im not loving the new chassis design.


Ordered. Good bye wallet.


Apple video production team sent their intern to CGI bootcamp and then locked him in the Jony Ive WhiteRoom™ with a Mac Pro and the OctoberKeynote.mov. Still far and away the best keynotes in the industry. Impressions **Apple Music Voice Plan** * $5 a month (same as student plan) * So this plan exists purely to force you to use Siri? * "My music app works, but only if I speak to it" **HomePod Mini** * You know how lots of people are asking for Macbooks and Pro iPhones to get colors like the iMac? Well here's HomePod Mini Color instead * Special appearance by Tim Cook's giant doll house and the family that communicates entirely through Siri * Prepare yourself to inundated with ads for these when the holiday shopping rush begins **AirPods 3** * Force sensor, new drivers, water resistance, 6 hours listening time, 30 hours with case, MagSafe charging, Adaptive EQ * Looks exactly like the leaks from a year ago * $179 * Seems like a pretty solid upgrade for people who prefer the non-in ear AirPods * Ok now that we have the AirPods 3, lets crank up the rumor mill for AirPods 4 **M1 Pro** * John Ternus dropped in just to say hi * 5nm, 33.7 billion transistors (double that of M1), 16 core GPU (2x faster than M1), 32Gb memory * ProRes hardware pipeline for video production work. Seems to be really targeting people with video production workloads * People stand up and take their hats off whenever a member of the Apple chip design team enters the room * Intel is now the third horse in a 2 horse race **M1 Max** * Adjusted for inflation with not one but two chips at the same event * 57 billion transistors (1.7 times more than M1 Pro), 32 core GPU (2x faster than M1 Pro), 64 GB of memory * The chip team introduces a Pro chip this subreddit would have been happy with. And then went "You guys want to also have the next generation too? Ok here it is" * Continuing this whole Max name scheme. At least they didn't call it the Pro Max. Or maybe that would have made more sense? idk * Intel CEO: "We want to win back Apple" Yeah sure buddy **Macbook Pro** * MagSafe, HDMI, SD Card reader, function row. Everyone who was moaning about missing those better break out their wallets * Wow, those last minute notch rumors actually panned out. Looks great in dark mde when it blends into the top bar * 16.2 inch display. 14.2 display has more pixels than current 16 inch MBP * Promotion Liquid Retina XDR MiniLED display - having used this on the iPad Pro, HDR looks jaw dropping on MiniLED, the extra brightness really makes a difference * 1080p front facing camera, I am so glad our top scientists have finally achieved this monumental leap in technology * LMAO these charts just dunking on the Intel i7. I made this joke at the last event but [has anyone checked in on Intel to see if they're okay?](https://imgur.com/gallery/HpUV6) **Mac Mini** * Did anyone put an AirTag on it? Can you press the 'locate' button? We can't find it


>You know how lots of people are asking for Macbooks and Pro iPhones to get colors like the iMac? Well here's HomePod Mini Color instead You missed "We have a really fancy house set and nothing to use it for in this event yet" :)


I crack up so hard every time I see the house set. It’s like watching a sitcom with a narrator scripted by an AI


I can’t believe they built it and not cgi


The M1 Max twist got me hyped and i don’t even really need the M1 Pro’s level of performance in a laptop


This is going to be painful for a lot of consumers who used to get the Pro. Apple finally the MacBook Pro live up to its name. But that comes with a price.


Probably why they kept the M1 13” Pro in the lineup. It’s likely powerful enough for the majority of 9professionals”. The 10% (totally arbitrary number) of professionals who need workstation grade power in a Mac were always willing to pay up for it.


Who did they hire from Bladerunner?


>Apple Music Voice Plan So this service was introduced to compete against the already existing Amazon Music Echo Plan. Amazon's music voice service is $3 per month.


Voice plan is possibly the stupidest thing Apple has done in years.


Yes, it is going to generate a lot of bad user experiences. Users that have a bad experience won’t upgrade to a higher plan, they will use a different service. Kind of like Microsoft made Skype bad so people upgrade to Skype for business.


It's the new iPod Shuffle


Not sure I have ever persuaded Siri to play the right song. If I can be bothered I take him to the right album and jump forward. It’s dismal.


"Play 'The Weeknd - Blinding Lights'" "Did you say play 'Miley Cyrus - Wrecking ball'?" "No. Absofuckinglutely n-" **"I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALLLLLLL"**


I have to assume you guys are lying at this point. I’ve used Siri to play specific songs constantly without problems. I only ever run into issues with songs that are titled very strangely on purpose for artistic effect.


My guess is this is in response to Spotify refusing to develop any integration with HomePod, so it gives Spotify users a cheap way to play basically any song/album on a HomePod. Though if you've got a lot of playlists on Spotify, you'd still have to use AirPlay for those.


I need a Mac Mini with M1 Pro/Max!


I was really hoping for that. Guess we have to wait for a couple of years. The Mac Mini is the runt of the Mac litter.


Apple Music Voice doesn’t have lossless and spatial audio options. That seems to be what separates it from the full plan.


> AirPods 3 > > • Force sensor, But what about my midachlorian count?


Bought the 16” and a 3090 in the same week gonna be great pals with Big Ramen for the next month.


Congrats friend. Instead of thinking “I spent too much money”, I like to think “I’m happy I had it to spend on something I will enjoy and make use of.” Stoked for you.


Will be ordering the new AirPods. Currently using Galaxy Buds+ and they are alright, but not the best fit and pretty annoying when you try adjust them in your ear and they pause the track.


FYI, you can get the AirPod pros for the same price as the AirPod 3 at Costco


As someone who just got the pros, recommend the upgrade from the 3s as the noise cancelling and transparency modes are more then worth the differences. And as mentioned, they are current the same price at Costco or maybe elsewhere online.


I actually expected them to be more expensive after all that. Holy shit. They really put Intel to shame once again.


Those integrated graphics comparisons…oof.


I am waiting for a more in depth comparison, but from my quick googling during the presentation, the GPU performance is on-par with a mobile 3080. Which is insane if true.


“We kinda forgot about FaceID”


The faceID sensor is thicker than the display lol


Genuinely puzzled. What's that entire notch doing up there if there isn't face id? They could have totally included a hole punch camera




These are honestly 3 great reasons lol


I don’t think Apple feels the hole punch is “elegant”


I’m not a huge Apple fan but my god they’ve been absolutely killing it lately while the competition is falling behind I just ordered a 16” MBP after being on PC for years 😎


No Mac Mini... :(


Yeah, damn. I don't even need the extra power, I just need to be able to connect two 5K LG monitors and a RAID array. So close, yet so far.


Mac Mini with M1 Pro/Max would be amazing!


Yup, it’s what I’m waiting for to run my home studio. Preferably a bit more IO than the current M1 (I’d prefer not having to buy a thunderbolt dock just to get more IO for a “non-moving” machine), but more importantly - more performance cores to run intensive real-time plugins. 16GB of ram is plenty for me considering I don’t run many sample libraries but rely more on real-time sound generation.


I'm sure it must be coming - I also was hoping for today. I bet with the chip crunch they want to propel this initial wave of Macbooks, and the mini will be announced afterward.


Is it me or does the case seem clunckier?


The bottom is thicker and the screen is thinner. It's overall a tiny bit thinner than my 2015 MBP but definitely looks chunkier.


The all new MacBook Chonk


It has that old school MacBook chunky look and curve on the bottom. Nothing bad at all, but it's a bit of a throwback.


**CPU/GPU** The laptops Apple used for the CPU comparisons were Description|Laptop|CPU --|--|-- 4-core PC laptop|MSI Prestige 14 EVO A11M-220|Intel Core i7-1185G7 8-core PC laptop|MSI GP66 Leopard 11UG-018|Intel Core i7-11800H This means that the CPU cores in the M1 Pro/M1 Max is a bit faster than Intel's current offerings, which is great but nothing to write home about. EDIT: Seems like the performance increases Apple showed are pretty spot on. [Geekbench 5 scores for Intel Core i7-11800H vs. Apple M1 Max.](https://browser.geekbench.com/v5/cpu/compare/10477220?baseline=10478011) The laptops Apple used for the GPU comparisons were Description|Laptop|GPU --|--|-- Integrated PC laptop|MSI GP66 Leopard 11UG-018|Intel UHD Graphics Xe (32 EUs) Discrete PC laptop|Lenovo Legion 5 82JW0012US|NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti (85 W) Compact pro PC laptop|Razer Blade 15 Advanced (RZ09-0409CE53)|NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Laptop (95 W) High-end PC laptop|MSI GE76 Raider 11UH-053|NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Laptop (155 W) This means that the GPU cores in the M1 Pro is on par with a RTX 3050 Ti while only using 30 W, while those in the M1 Max is on par with at least the 95 W variant of the RTX 3080 Laptop while only consuming around 60 W, which is pretty impressive. **SSD** With speeds up to 7,400 MB/s, the SSD is faster than even the PCI-e 4.0 Samsung 980 Pro (theoretically). Very nice. **Display** Finally, ProMotion (120 Hz) with XDR and P3 comes to the MacBook Pro. A very welcome change, but I am personally not a huge fan of the notch. **Verdict** All-in-all, I think the 2021 refresh is well worth the slight price hike. I am interested in snagging a 16" with the M1 Max, 32 GB RAM, and 1 TB SSD ($3500), but I will have to see the product in-person at an Apple store to see if the notch is a deal-breaker.


Got the AirPods. No need for me to upgrade my Mac. Nowhere near a content creator.


Yeah, this is probably the first MacBook Pro that truly is just for pros.


And that’s kinda good I guess, $999 M1 MacBook Air is everything a consumer needs, maybe upgrade it with 16GB RAM and storage if needed.


To those looking to buy this, really look at your workload and determine if you really need this or just need the M1 air. The M1 air is fine for 90% or more of consumers.


Feelin' real dumb about my 2019 13" Intel MBP purchase right about now


Depends on where you live. As natural gas shortages creep over Europe, and last year's Texas disaster is bound to repeat, you might find it nice to have some nice hand-warmers while you fiddle through the command line (do anything else and you're scolded).


bruh, why you gotta burn him like that? He probably already has blisters from his 2019...


Welp, that seemed like pretty much everything I've seen r/apple ask for in a MBP for the last 5 years, but I'm standing by to be informed why we're underwhelmed.


Consensus seems to be that people are very satisfied. You know how this place gets when Apple underdelivers.


Well I sit and browser Facebook for a living so I require one of the new MacBook Pros but I hate the notch so much so I'm not going to upgrade /s


This place turned into r/choosingbeggars real fucking quick they saw the pricing. It think it’s incredibly reasonable.


Apple: "Your dream laptop. Starts under $2K. ***There.*** Happy now?" r/apple: [pitchforks-sharpening noises]


I seriously think Steve would’ve been proud of this one 🥲 Edit: After watching the stream, this honestly felt like the most apple event apple has had in a while. 1) Knocking it out of the park 2) putting the competition on suicide watch 3) Apple regaining its formal glory in the Pro Lines 4) Listening to people again and fixing their mistakes they made in the past 5) I still can’t afford a pro MacBook 🙃


Price adds up in a hurry in the configurator. $400 To jump from 16gb to 32gb is a ton


The store was open and I could add to bag, but I keep getting an error when I try to view my bag.... annoying.


fucking took 10 mins to decide between 8 or 10 cores and instead of getting it on Tuesday i have to wait till nov 10th lol


Absolute beasts have been released. Apple really outdid themselves with everything. From the design, the chips, the ports, magsafe, and even notch display with 120Hz!!!!!!!!!! Everyone who waited for these is gonna enjoy.


Is there any point to upgrading the base 14 inch at all? Like the cpu upgrade? For my spare laptop that I use mostly to web browse.


No. Honestly if you’re mostly using it to browse you’d be better off with an air which is an amazing computer. Unless you really want the ports. Edit: the display also is probably better, up to you if it’s $1k better.


An Air would be better for that case, no need for the MBP at all.


£5.8K for a fully maxxed out 16" in UK. I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. I was _seriously_ expecting £10K+ price tag in UK. It's actually _cheaper_ than the previous, fully-specced out model by about £1K or so, while delivering so much more. If you drop the still ridiculously-priced 8TB SSD (adds £2.2K to the price), you can have it even cheaper than that. Seems less configurable though, pretty much only memory you can change, flipping between 32 and 64GB, and then the SSD and that's it. I'm excited. It's a work device, will earn for itself in a few weeks' time really if you're a Freelancer or do any kind of decent work that gives you a £200+ day rate.


Are you saying it won’t earn it self back if I browse Reddit and YouTube ? 😂


That’s certainly how I’m justifying it to myself 😂


This Mac is too powerful for most people.


So for the first time in a while the Pro actually means something


Can’t wait for everyone at Starbucks to see my notch.


Dark mode will be our only saviour


I wanna see the benchmarks of the base model M1 Pro against M1. Honestly, the M1 is a probably all I need but the other niceties of the new laptops might be worth the upgrade.


Damn, as a designer myself, I really miss those Jony Ive videos showing how the products are made. Would’ve been cool to see how they anodized the keyboard area black separately from the rest of the MacBook Pro.


Just preordered M1 max 64GB 1TB, fuck it It’s a “business expense” right guys?


If it's a business expense, then it's a business expense. Nice tax write-off.


your wallet is currently crying


Same but with 2TB. In my head it's a Development machine. In reality will probably be a really expensive Netflix device.


Hey that miniLED means you’ll be watching Netflix like never before😂


You should've went with at least 2TB with those specs


People are finding out that the MacBook Pro is finally a “Pro” device and comes with “Pro” pricing. It’s been a long time since the MacBook Pro was more than a glorified consumer laptop. This isn’t going to be for YouTube and rage Tweeting.


Yep. And now the M1 13”/Air are more than enough for those users and the pricing matches. Apple’s Pro lineup finally feels Pro again. They should make the 13” M1 just “MacBook” again.


Yea but also add a bigger version


Finally, we get to price the serfs out from owning the same laptop as we do /s


$3099 as soon as you get the M1 Max + 32 GB combo on the 16". Gawddamn.


I got the 14” with M1 Pro/32GB/2TB and at the checkout screen had to simply pretend I do not see


In the past, when the 13" macbooks were powered by i5s with intel integrated graphics, there was a pretty solid reason for even normal users to want to bump up to things like the 15/16" pro models. You could reasonably overpower the 13" specs and need that extra power/speed/memory/gpu But now the M1 13" is so damn good that I don't think I'd have a real reason to bump from it up to a 14" or 16" pro. Its "enough" for even what I would throw at it as someone who would call themselves a power user.


Am I the only one who likes the touchbar? Super useful for filling out forms and also changing where you want screenshots to go on the fly. MagSafe is also not a necessity for me. I like having one cable for everything but I guess it’s nice. Also, why not add a microSD port too? So many devices use that nowadays.


It looks so thick compared to my current MBP?


The feet don’t help


it's a professional workstation, a few mm of thiccness for professional reliability and performance is something people have been wanting since forever.


According to the tech specs, it's only 1.55cm thick which is the same thickness as the 2016-2018 Touch Bar Pros, the 16" is slightly thicker though at 1.68cm.


The side profile view photos make it seem like Mac went back ~15 years in design. Everything else looks to more than make up for it though.


It’s only slightly thicker


Why does it look so much thicker though? I'm looking at my 2019 Intel Macbook Pro and it looks so much thinner. Is there some sort of optical illusion going on with the new ones?


The illusion is with the previous design. Straighter, sharper edges with a smaller radius for the curved bottom makes it look half as thin in a package 1cm thinner


Totally worth it for all the ports they added


it really does. reminds me of one of the first macbook pros


According to the apple website, it’s actually slightly thinner than the 13”. 1.55 CM vs 1.56




"Can you do graphic design work on a MacBook Pro? Let's find out!"


This isn't going to be the most popular take, but I wasn't that against the Touch Bar or 4x USB-C only. I felt those were decent options, but I'm not against Fn keys coming back. As for the ports, I'm still using the USB-C / Thunderbolt all the way. I rarely connect to my TV (have a HTPC for that anyway), but I suppose HDMI will help although I also have the necessary dongles for Thunderbolt 3/USB-C. SD card reader is nice, but some cameras use CF cards, so it doesn't help everyone. In the end isn't a USB-C multi card reader the best way? Take the Canon 5D4 for instance. It's got both SD and CF cards. Someone transferring video/photo will likely still use a card reader in that case. I welcome Mag-Safe, although I'm also perfectly content with USB-C as it is. Obviously I'm a huge fan of the M1 change and the new keyboard, display, and the overall boosted performance. This is huge but I felt like the ports were overblown. Those asking for USB-A are asking to go back in time.


Added a maxed out 16" with 2TB of storage to cart, but the website is reallllyyyy slow atm


I like how adding back ports and functions keys were made improvement when it’s actually “we fucked up let’s add it back”




Dont forget the proud “no more dongles”


Store is backup. Got the AirPods Gen 3 with a delivery date of Oct 26th.




Ended up going for the M1 Pro with 32GB ram. I don’t see myself needing to run 4 external displays, and I’m really only using this for data analysis (granted, large databases, but yeah) as well as some minor content creation. Looking forward to the upgrade from the mid-2015


Buying a new phone this month and thinking of getting the 14" mbp next month. My bank account gonna be in tatters.


I don’t have any evidence to back it up but I think we are witnessing the affect of Ive leaving apple. Ive had an obsession to make the devices slimmer and slimmer at the cost is functionality. Apple is bringing back the features for the power users (programming, video editing, photo editing, sound mixing). I am happy to see apple is addressing these industries again.


They didn’t add Face ID…but they added a notch…why not just do a hole punch?