In Ukraine? I'm honored, love you folks! What's the third place app anyway?


In Germany, Reddit is 2, Apollo 3. it’s a close race


As a german, this makes me sad. I will do everything I can to turn the ranks in favor of the mighty Apollo!


Reddit is 3, and Apollo is 4 here in Norway 😔


One of my worst fears is, reddit having enough and pulling the plug on 3rd party apps. If i lose apollo, reddit is dead to me.


I suppose it could happen. I was thinking about whether Reddit would try to buy out Apollo like they did AlienBlue, if it gets big enough. I wouldn’t even blame Christian for selling, if they were to offer him millions.


I think it’s more likely they’d put ads in the feeds, and update the TOS to say 3rd parties can’t remove the ads.


I don’t know much about open APIs, but I feel like that’s not something they could even do.


They absolutely could


Nah, I don’t think so.


it's pretty easy to update the ToS for the API.


I wasn’t talking about that.


Presumably then you’re saying they couldn’t serve ads through the feed in their API, which again, they absolutely could do


I’m an iOS dev, they absolutely could do this. It would be quite simple from a software engineering standpoint. The community backlash would not be great. They could Digg themselves.


They can change their api schema whenever they want. Normally it’s just a notice they give ahead of time to developers.


That's the nice thing though. The longer they wait, the more likely they will have trohble pulling such a move because they would risk bigger backlash. Though that doesn't mean they won't do it. But I definitely won't be using reddit anymore if it means wading through a sea of ads and shit UIs in return. That's what killed Twitter for me. Super good community if you follow the right people, but the ads disguised as posts are getting way too common. In addition, it won't stop nagging me with a badge in my inbox, asking me to turn on notifications. No Twitter, fuck you.


(in Ukraine) official reddit app on #4, Apollo on #6. here’s the top 10 free in “news”: 1. Повітряна тривога (air raid siren) 2. Twitter 3. єТривога (another air raid siren app) 4. Reddit 5. Карта тривог і новини України (map of sirens and Ukraine’s news) 6. Apollo for Reddit 7. Germany4Ukraine 8. Liveuamap 9. Суспільне Новини 10. Google News ETA (29/09): Apollo is now 6th place, Reddit on 5th. we’ll see who wins! :)


That's so messed up.


what exactly?


If I had to take a guess, the fact that 3/10 of the top ten are siren warning apps


And they’re not even in Hawaii


It’s normal for you, but most people aren’t used to seeing air raid sirens in their top apps. It can be a bit jarring. I’m curious though, how have those apps performed? Are they beneficial or are they mostly popular for just providing peace-of-mind? I have no clue how they work.


those are pretty popular, though currently we are in a process of changing the main alert system. now you won’t need these apps and you’ll just have to use a Kyivstar/Vodafone/lifecell sim card


That makes sense. I imagine it will be a much more reliable system for several reasons.


Seems like how most western emergency announcements work. Good for you guys


the new way of alerting even scares me, idk if it’s possible, but i think they should change the sound


What does the germany4ukraine app do


idk edit: its description says that it is basically help for Ukrainian refugees that escaped to Germany


Wow, I didn't think I would accidentally see our project (eTryvoga) mentioned on reddit!


Germany4Ukraine? What does that app do?


its description says that it is basically help for Ukrainian refugees that escaped to Germany






They’re only used for video uploads.


I have a use for it. I have like 5 alts that I no longer post from but I occasionally get messaged a question from one of my food posts or something. I use Apollo for my main account and then the other accounts just stay signed into the Reddit app so if I get a DM or IM, I still get the notification. I know I could just sign them into Apollo but I'd rather just leave it as a one account app.


It’s the only way to use the chats, which pisses me off. I’ve decided that it’s not worth having chats over the benefits of Apollo. Or rather, over the non functionality of the official app. They better release the damn API soon, I’ll take ads on third party apps in exchange for feature parity!


Idk man downvote me or shit but the original looks wayyy more cleaner than this apollo. I have tried many many times switching to appolo but it’s too messy for an average user




Yeah thanks bud


Unfortunately the official app has higher review score and higher review count. I’m not sure how it’s possible considering how garbage the app is.


There are many casual redditor who don’t know alternate app or at least don’t know that alternate app is better than the og


Honestly I’ve used both and decided to go back to the original app. I just couldn’t really see any benefits to Apollo.


Ikr same, original is way cleaner and smoother idk why these people hate it.


Sorry had to remove this, I appreciate your strong opinions on apps but I like to keep this place civil and friendly. There's a lot of nice folks who work on the official app and they've been nothing but nice to me.


Ah it’s alright. I didn’t mean strong opinion either I just parroting a meme and didn’t expect it to blow up that much either. Take care u/iamthatis


Apollo is one of the most well designed apps in the store, social media category, or otherwise. Well deserved.


Spring is better than the Twitter app but it’s nowhere near the top in any country. Sad


Problem is, it’s £9.99 just to try it out, and like all apps using the twitter api, it’s missing vital features like group DMs (because Twitter doesn’t share that out)


I think the problem is the Twitter app itself is so basic that people don’t mind using it. Meanwhile, the official Reddit app is full of ads and looks like a mobile game. It loads much slower and is much more difficult to use.


With twitter I think there are too many decent options that no one gets enough downloads to compare to the official app. I’m sure if you tallied all the third party ones together it’s much closer.


Interesting because both Twitter and Reddit were without official mobile apps for so long, it provided time for the alternatives to establish themselves in the market


I think it’s just harder to make a good Reddit app, and while there is definitely better twitter apps, there is so many decent enough ones that most people seem to stick with whatever one they try first without seeing if anything better exists.


It’s better than official app.


Italians know about aesthetics


And anesthetic too... (I'm an anesthesiologist)




I browsa da reddit 🤌


Thatsa spicy meatball!


Reddit barely works on my iPad. It’s really terribly optimized


Apollo is Reddit..




It’s now #1 in Italy!!!


The official app is such trash.


Apollo for iPad better than Reddit? Have my doubts


I hope it can surpass it in Canada! 😄


Yeah if only making posts wasn’t hidden behind a fucking paywall.


Gentlemen, I’d like y’all to stop talking about it so that Reddit doesn’t nuke Apollo, because I can’t imagine going back to the official app.