When I’ve taken in the proper level of caffeine. Not too much or too little I unlock the ultra instinct


the gamer version of the [Ballmer Curve](https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Ballmer%20Peak)




Flow state right?


Lolololol I swear this is true for apex as well. I wreck when I'm a little tipsy. But when drunk, trash.


I read a study, and I'll try to find it for a source if I can, but they studied different drugs and different combinations of the drugs and tried to notice an effect on reaction time and focus levels [which the researchers identified as two crucial aspects of being good at video games mechnically]. They found that caffeine plus a drug called L-theanine in the proper dosages (don't remember the dosages) resulted in the best results in video games. What is L-theanine? A calming substance found in one extremely common drink. Tea! These researchers recommended green tea (or black, but like 75% sure it was green, I'm 100% sure it was a "color" though) as the best gamer fuel. Anecdotally, my therapist recommended me L-theanine supplements due to my high anxiety, noting that if I hate green tea so much, L-theanine supplements are a good way of getting the same calming sensation without offending my taste buds. After drinking a very small coffee (not espresso, literally just a shot's worth of coffee) and taking an L-theanine supplement, I notice myself performing much better at not just video games, but also when conducting and writing research papers and playing physical sports. My anecdote obviously means nothing [confirmation bias says hello] and my whole comment means very little without the study to cite, but hey, take what you want and leave what you want; it's all just Reddit anyway.


Tldr: eat food too. Don't slam green tea on empty stomach, especially in the mornings. Yeah, good study I agree. I forget ive been a gamer a long time, and I've logged hours on many many compounds, most I can't comfortably list here. Green tea is a sleeper though, for sure. (It even could be the worlds first toothpaste) My biggest reccomendation; however, is EAT. Don't drink a strong green tea with an empty stomach. Some of you will find out, it can make you vomit. Macha, can be very strong. I've seen it on early morning rides with other cyclists. Some will hit peaks of hardcore anxiety because the rapid uptake by their body looking for nutrients, not just get jitters but see a total opposite affect of the calming compounds. Their legs quake, hands all the way to shoulders shaking. Then the up chuck, usually twice, then they come down slowly. Just an FYI. I promote responsible use, for all chemicals.


Ah yes. I remember a similar study done with spiders as subjects. It yielded fascinating results. https://youtu.be/sHzdsFiBbFc


I refuse to click that link at the risk of seeing spiders. I will take your word on it though.


Same, but iirc they gave spiders different drugs and recorded web patterns - it was really interesting


How have I kever seen this. Lmao


Interesting stuff


same for me, too much and im shaky, not enough and i underaim or overshoot.


Real talk. Theanine + Caffiene facilitates getting into the zone.


I feel the same with beer on the weekends. Just the right buzz has me playing like a pro and just flowing naturally.


200mg caffeine. 400mg L theanine. 2mg nicotine gum.


This guy is the Alex Shulgin of video games?


Def agreed about caffeine. I also find that after coming home from the gym where I take pre-workout, I aim much better. Obviously I'm not saying take pre workout to play apex though.


Two days ago I was an aim god, yesterday I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. I feel you. Sleep/water/mindset def have a dramatic effect on aim.


had 2 days in a row like that too, first day missed everything, second day won a round and was top 3 in other rounds with 1k damage just hitting everything I wanted.


I'm glad to hear others experience this. Some nights I get on and I feel like this is just not my night and I log off. A few nights later I'll log on and find my groove. Maybe some nights due to whatever is happening in life just aren't conducive to being on your A game.


There is a point as you get older this is all based on life consistency. Some days I’ll be old man mega-stoned and do great in competitive. Other days I’m straight edge and focused and nothing matters, for whatever reason the EVA-8 is the only gun that is hitting for me 😂




Goddamn it you guys, you mean I gotta be healthy to play games better?! -sighs- Goodbye Mountain Dew... I'll never forget our time in Halo together.


Lmaoo. I’m healthy but I think my issue is how much I work. No way I’ll perform good in games after working 12 hours


Then I guess you answered your own question


*My disability has entered the chat*


Good ol 2am coffee and CS:2. I’m old >.<


Other comments are correct but also: Apex servers are legit bad and performance varies from minute to minute let alone day to day. It’s hard to be perfectly consistent when the game isn’t lol.


I can tell what kind of day it's going to be just from my quick kovaaks session before apex.


Kovaaks?,what's that


It's an aim trainer for pc players. Kovaaks and aim lab are the two most popular ones.


Does it run in the same engine on the same engine or is it a different engine because you know how to make a difference I just read that he had over 2000 games included but how exactly can you do that because your aim is a product of a lot of things and not just your own skill


What is better? Using aimlabs right now and did decent in tutorial for never having aim prac’d before


I don't think it will matter too much. Aimlabs looks good from what ive seen and played a little of, and it's free compared to kovaaks. You can probably find some good apex focused playlists online for it.


M+K takes practice. That’s completely normal. Monitor your sleep and water intake. Your aims state is very connected to your own understanding on aim, your mental state, water intake, sleep, fitness level, and a bunch of other stuff.


Ever since I started going to the gym my aim has become much better. I was really surprised but in hindsight it makes sense that your brain works better when you're healthy.


Just blew my mind. My wife and I are having the best season of our lives and couldn't figure out what had changed... we started going to the gym.


Yeah eating better and regular exercise provides like a +25 boost to intellect


Life = rpg confirmed


Calms anxiety too that arises from high stress/adrenaline situations


Yep my friend always says "okay I went on a run today so I should play better!" It's not always true but there's definitely some correlation.


I feel like this too. Some days it feels I never miss a shot, other days I can't land a single one.


I’m glad to know it isn’t just me haha


If you are fairly consistent it could be crap apex servers, no reg bugs and perhaps fps drop or ping increase on the bad days. Turn in the performance monitor stats and see if maybe you are noticing lower fps or higher ping when it seems ‘off’


No regs feel much worse this season. I've had multiple bullets no reg in a row which I dont recall being as noticable in the past.


It’s terrible and very common against wraiths to the point where I just ignore the wraith now and hope my teammates get her.


This is due to a bug with wraiths tactical,makes her invincible for a few secs after her phase sometimes.


Yes. And it sucks.


The game is assigning you a LUCK value. It's random every time you start up. (at least this is what I tell myself)


That’s what it feels like. The other night me and the boys got 6 wins in 2 or 3 hours… 6!!! Some of them pred lobbies. Then the next time we played we barely got one win by the skin of our teeth.


Aim is dog shit one day, and dog shit the next. I need help


It's the absolute dog shit servers. I've noticed my aim is absolutely lights out in arenas. Where the server only has 6 people to keep track of. In BR I'm absolutely dog shit. Blame the fact that these corporate piles of SHIT refuse to spend the $2,000,000,000 profit this game has made on improving/updating the servers.


Hold on you’re onto something. I’m nuts in arenas but real bad in BR. Maybe that’s it


Tagging along with an anecdote, I did a session of arenas for some challenges, and absolutely demolished compared to my BR performance. Had recording software running, and watched back some kills in slow motion, and saw most enemies had horrible movement, making them easy targets. Hop on to BR, try to shoot a 30k kills Pred Wraith, and she got moves like Lil' Jimmy on speed and adderall, ain't beaming a 168 on that.


This is gonna sound goofy but, how’s your water intake? Being dehydrated can affect your performance.


Gallon a day. I’m currently cutting weight so water is a substantial part of my diet 🤣


Fair enough lmao. People don’t think about it but making sure you’re healthy really helps in competitive games. If you don’t already you could try aim training. Firing range or an aim training game. Practice and repetition makes good aim second nature.


we all have our days. if anything, if you watch \*insert favorite streamer here\*, try watching for times they whiff shots badly. it happens, we're all human. don't get overly frustrated by it though. warm ups do help with some consistency. but sometimes, it's just not your day or the player(s) you're fighting are better in the moment.


I always find it funny when I'm watching one of the pros whiff hard and they say "I suck at this game." I'm over here like man I must be absolute trash then lol.


I mean yes and no. The top 0.1%’s “bad day” is gonna be way better than pretty much anyone else’s normal or good day. They say they suck because the only way they’re getting that good in the first place is a combination of being highly self critical and completely full of themselves. Your average “above average” player won’t likely ever get that good without an insane time commitment, and they also likely won’t ever be as critical of themselves as the pros.


True. I just like that it shows we all make mistakes, and watching your favorite streamer whiff a mag and say they suck is relatable. Reminds us that we're all human and capable of fucking up even when we're really good at something.


Honestly most of the time big streamers are shit for learning. If you wanna learn something watch someone that’s enthusiastic to play.


I used to be a professional sot player, I found when I was having fun and messing around I would hit infinitely better clips than when I was trying to sweat. Same applies to apex, obviously I’m trying to win, but I’m still having fun and taking it lightheartedly.


I have noticed that as well but never made the connection. Interesting


You’re a human being bud, it happens


Factors that affect my aim: warm ups and aim practice. Hands that feel cold.


could be your water intake


Some days i get 2-2.5k damage every game, over 6 kills each time... And sometimes I die off drop to an eva-8 when I have a wingman. Consistency is pain


You start up apex. You miss shots. You think "my aim is bad today". Which makes you perform worse, because you think its true. Almost like a self fulling prophecy. I never have this problem, because its all just bullshit made up in our minds.


It’s your body bro. If the game matters enough then you need to sleep well enough, as others have said get your caffeine (or whatever you use) levels correct etc. For me personally I only have god-like aim when I’m generally in a good mood. If I’m tired, upset or otherwise unwell I do dog shit


take a day or 2 off, that's how I deal with my off days. iitztimmy said some days he's farming, others he's bronze 1


It’s probably a match making problem more than anything. As a plat player with abysmal KDA (0.4), I get into bronze lobby very often and get 4+ kills, feel like I can aim properly because everyone is standing still in the open. But then get absolutely destroyed the next game where there are a lot of diamond stacks everywhere.


Yeah… that happens when I drink


Funny enough I get better at shooters when I drink. Substantially better


Performance is always going to vary day to day bro. Think of it like any other sport. Not every day is going to be the best day of an athlete's life. Don't beat yourself up, just happens. Only way to fix it is to take care of yourself. Get enough sleep and eat, the simple shit. Also keep practicing.


Yeah aim consistency is how well in the “zone” your in so just keep playing key is to find this “zone” a lot easier


Might it be that you’re being matched with worse players some games, better players in others? While climbing I noticed I was pretty much winning my first game of the evening, then proceed to place low for the rest


A friend of mine gets better and better the more he drinks booze. And you may think this stops somewhere? No... The more drunk he is the more focused he is lol XD


I’m the same way. Used to play r6 very seriously and I always played better intoxicated


I think it has something to do with our mind and predicting. Being able to lead shots sometimes I can sometimes I can’t. Smoking weed makes me trash for the whole day aswell Lmfaoo can’t dial in what so ever.


I got traumatic brain injury + sleep disorders and personally, if i am properly rested it makes a world of difference: 10 kills vs 1 kill difference. I'd assume the same goes for a more able bodied person, maybe less dramatic :P


What if it’s not always you. It’s the enemies? Of course, the aim does change from day to day. But also in apex, you get easier enemies from day to day. Enemies that are just easier or harder to hit.


Caffeine, room temperature, game focus, ping/packet loss, all play a part. Are your hands cold? Pounding energy drinks? Stressed out? Also, Apex has one of THE most inconsistent hit regs out of any game. EDIT- Some days you’ll only go up against Wraiths and Bangalore’s and other legends that are harder to hit, keep that in mind as well.


I usually sit in the firing range for a good hour and a half everyday before I start my actual warmup in pubs, gives me a chance to get locked in and let muscle memory remember how to make the fine adjustments needed for good aim!


I attribute this to the randomness of the opponents you fight. Some will let you lazer em some will bob and weave till the cows come home


Agree with everything people here are saying about server performance and your health etc. Not sure what this is worth but my 2 cents is if you play any other games, the way the sensitivity is calculated/handled can make things feel weird. Like really weird. I’ve been playing a lot of Modern Warfare 2019 recently, which uses a 133% vertical monitor match by default. Out of curiosity I turned it to 0%, since I’m pretty sure that’s what Apex uses. Difference for me was instantly noticeable, my tracking was lagging behind a decent amount on 0%. I’m prob going to stick with 0% in MW19 and get some extra practice on it, but your mileage may vary.


My ability to hit shots is VERY strongly correlated with mental state, sleep, and nutrition. As soon as 1AM rolls around, the decline begins. I bottom out at 2AM, and from that point I can't shoot straight or make basic intelligent decisions in-game lmfao.


This is true for me as well 1 day 3 wins in a row with 4-6 kill rounds the next day just stinking it up.


Yeah you sound like a mnk player, it's tough we practice in kovaaks to maintain consistency but even then we all have bad days. Tired, frustrated from irl shit, anything can affect you aim when it's raw input. Too much caffeine and your mouse is drawing squiggly lines. It's less of an issue on the roller. Ngl if it's fucking just play roller that day. It's easy mode.


I keep hearing about kovaaks I’ll look into it. And yeah maybe I’ll switch to roller on my off days haha


if you do get an aim trainer, just remember that the difficult and unpleasantly hard training scenarios are the ones that actually help you improve. If it feels easy, the only thing it's doing is warming up your arm and hands slightly.


This helps me keep going because I’ll get so frustrated I want to throw my mouse 😂


Haven't used a controller for anything in years, is it really much easier to aim with?


Yeah it's nasty once you figure it out. The controls are clunk though literally only a beam machine.


close range it’s absolutely disgusting. you just give feather touches on the sticks and you stick to the target for all shots


If you’re having an off day because of being either a little tired, in the wrong headspace, or whatever it is, aim assist helps you out since you don’t need to be as on it. Since I’ve switched to PC, my game performance can be affected more based off of how tired I am. Not saying that doesn’t happen at all on controller, but I’d have to be very tired to really feel it.


yes the second you use a controller you can drop 20 bombs and one clip everybody with the r99


MnK? You might wanna look into your seating pose.it may sound dumb but sitting slightly off from what you are actually used to can worsen your aim. Try to sit how you do when your aim makes you talk to imaginary 2k viewers. As mnk we sadly need our whole arm to aim instead of just thumbs so sitting off will change the way you have to move your arms to do the same xd


It’s the same as everything else sports related. Some days when I play basketball I’m hitting shots. Other days I can’t hit anything.


Warm up, always


I’m this exact way. I feel like sometimes it’s just the day


Sleep and sufficient caffeine is probably causing your good days


The foundation of consistency is practice and discipline. Granted, your emotional and mental state are also going to dramatically effect things.


I highly recommend doing some small about of Kovaaks before your games. That way you can know if maybe you're having a bad aim day, or if it's just bad luck with servers or SSBM. Just 15mins before would easily be enough, plus then since it is a much more controlled environment you can much better learn what things do affect you. Like what happens the day before your skill droped (FYI Aimlabs is also great, I just said Kovaaks because I use it)


Inconsistency in your aim use stuff like kovaaks or even free aimtrainers like aim labs and stuff like that


I had a night like that tonight, big wiffs a few games in a row


If you’re on Xbox, it’s happening to basically everyone. I was fine before the event but something got fucked up with the aim for Xbox players only when the event dropped. Idk if it was aim assist that’s messed up so I don’t wanna say anything for sure, I just know a lot of Xbox players are struggling all of a sudden.


Just incase, if you're on Xbox Series X at the moment, there is a major problem with input lag


Theres many many factors that play into this. I would suggest building a foundation and benchmarking yourself before playing. This gives you an idea what your current state is and allows you to determine whether you wanna get into ranked or not. I personally use kovaaks for this matter. If I can get into 90-95% range of my high scores or even crack them I’ll go for ranked. If I can’t and I completely underperform I make sure to check what else my body might be needing in order to get back to peak performance. Could be sleep, nutrition, exercise, meditation, etc … depending on the state you’re in.


Food, water, sleep, and mindset play the biggest factor in whether my aim is good or not. Sometimes, an adrenaline rush from a couple of pushups helps too. If my aim is a little wonky, I take a small break before going back in. Like a reset.


For me I really can't enjoy the game unless I have alcohol in me most of the time. Clams me down helps me not take it too seriously, don't get me wrong I can get too sloshed to play but that's pretty rare


It's like getting old dude


Happens to me all the time I find it helps when I warm up in the range and drink a little coffee to help wake me up