I mean, I've really never been one to change default controls, other than the odd slight setting here/there – just can't bring myself to do it. If this setup is comfortable and works for you, then you're good to go. Controller based gaming is basically designed to be as simple as possible so that if you change the controls they should work without conflict. All that said, looking at this hurts my brain. 😵‍💫 🍻 Happy gaming, friend.


Yeah I usually only change to bumper puncher (crouch and melee swapped) and tweak the sensitivity. Some games need a little extra adjustment but it works fine for most games


Yeah I usually just set crouch to r3 and keep it hoofing.


Ima bumper jumper tactical reverse kinda guy.


> I mean, Why do you begin your comment with “I mean”? You mean what? What are you clarifying? Edit: lol seems like a lot of people type “I mean” for no reason and are very triggered. Nice settings OP, you do you boo. ❤️


In case you’re genuinely asking and not just being snarky, I got you! It’s a popular colloquialism similar to saying ‘like’ out of the context of an analogy, but it has a bit more meaning to it. By starting with “I mean, “ the redditor gives a spoken voice and skeptical tone to their writing that implies they aren’t necessarily convinced of what they’re about to say, and will likely (as they did) offer the antithesis to their own statement. So it actually provides more depth to their comment. Hope this helps!


Oh my lord thank you! This comment just made my day, I don't remember when I would've last seen someone on Reddit answer a question genuinely and thoroughly without any negativity or hate toward the one asking the question. Thanks again for being a positive person and example!


I like this answer. 🍻




Yeah I was genuinely asking, because I see it a lot and it doesn’t make sense. Kind of like starting an email with “so”. Thanks for answering


Its like a soft emphasis. I use it similarly to how people start responses with "Well..." - which seems pretty acceptable to jump into a conversation with. I'd say its more to ease yourself into a conversation with the initial intent of not being offensive or abrasive.


Definitely. There's a certain connotation to it that implies that, when starting with "I mean,", the writer is setting up a "but" statement of sorts where they don't want to criticize the point but disagree and want to bring up their preference. "I mean, there is technically no reason to start a text conversation like that, but I think it adds some tone to the message"


It's a verbal tic that's made its way into my texting habits, nothing more. Sorry to disappoint.


No disappointment, I just wanted to know because I see this a lot and it confuses me.


He was clarifying that the Reddit Grammar police are out in force this morning.


Whee whoo whee whoo whee whoo 🚨


I said nothing about grammar. I was genuinely asking


Sentence structure is a pertinent part of Grammar class.


Have my free award because i can see you were not just tryna be a dick


Thx ❤️


This is so painful to look at. Who hurt you?


Honestly weirdest settings I’ve ever seen lol


Look at TSM Valhurst - Guy has random ones too


I switched to his settings when he realeased them and within 4-5 hours I was playing much better. My thumbs never move during a fight.


Elite controller FTW


Claw FTW


High input delay > arthritis


His settings are comfortable. I use them as well, but this just looks like a mess


His button layout is actually pretty similar to this even lol


Bro dont even start with that. If you check Fashr a csgo pro player, his forward key is right mouse click. back is ; right is . jump is ? left is , and crouch is M. he also play in inverted axis


he playes MOUSE inverted 😱


I play apex with mouse inverted as well. I don’t know when I picked this habit up with gaming, but have been pc gaming since 1986. :)


Idk if it's him, but some CS:GO pros play inverted in both axi.


His keybinds and the inverted mouse we're his dads seetings. The inverted mouse apparently comes from the fact that his dad played a lot of flight simulator.


I play controller inverted (because of Goldeneye 64) but I can’t imagine playing MOUSE inverted.


goldeneye was my first console shooter, but I got over inverted sticks basically as soon as halo 2 came out.


Its funny how people find playing on mouse inverted surprising more than his forward movement being right mouse click.


I’m pretty sure thats a symptom of old computer games, I vaguely remember some old games using RMB as forward. (think DOS/Commodore64/Windows 95 eras) Movement keybinds were sort of all over the place back in the day…


Before I even google him I'm guessing leftie Edit: yep, a lot less weird now


we could be seeing the birth of an innovative new default layout, remember FPS games used to have you aim using the arrow keys on a keyboard, our friend here is just a decade ahead of us


The jump/crouch settings are the same as mirrors edge iirc


Hahahh i was immediately triggered with right trigger set to jump. Future pyscho here


Nah bro, they just like playing Dying Light


Could you explain what's wrong with that setup?


Technically nothing, if it's comfortable for you to play with then it will *work*, but switching to any game will be a nightmare. You'd typically want to put more used functions on the triggers since they're easier to reach, I'd recommend making crouch your right stick, tactile on the bumpers and left and right triggers for aim and shoot like god intended.


Just reset to default, just do that


Triggers are terrible for shooting and no will ever convince me otherwise, with single fire weapons the timing is so much easier to get the flow of if you're tapping a button. Obviously trigger stops and digital triggers exist now but I haven't ever tried them.


Normally Jump is on A, and Grenades are on right bumper. Just try the standard control pattern, there's a reason it's standard, when your used to it it feels pretty intuitive.


Honestly, bumper jumper is what I suggest to anyone who a} doesn't have paddles and b) doesn't play claw like I used to. The less you take your thumb off of the right stick, the better.


Have the Xbox pro controller with jump being a paddle button was game changing lol. Removing your thumb from aim to jump is a disaster lol


Lemme do a little maneuver over here... *dies*


Exactly what I'm thinking


bumpers are not the same as triggers.. just a fyi


Oh I just managed to forget the scheme in the post so was kinda responding to the comment with no other context. My point stands though.


BUMPER JUMP IS THE WAY. One of the easiest ways to improve your game. Parkour games (dying light/mirrors edge) default to this for a reason. Move tag from bumper to x instead. Way better setup. While your at it turn auto sprint on. Otherwise defaults alright.


Any game you play right trigger is going to be shoot


Dying Light, Mirror's Edge. 2 games with right trigger jumping.


What’s wrong with the default for you?


If they play with all their fingers on rb/lb/rt/lt this is actually kinda intuitive and smart for someone with no prior experience. Bumpers on a default controller have way less pull/faster actuation than a trigger while still having a bumper jumper-esque config with jump/crouch on the triggers.


I'd be triggering ults by accident with this set up god damn


You're going to build all that muscle memory and then be unable to pick up any other shooter without starting from scratch again The only button you need to remap are Crouch and Jump. Leave the rest the same.


I’ve found ping and tactical being swapped to be quite helpful. If it’s a legend like Octane then removing your right hand to stim isn’t an issue but when using a grapple or knuckle cluster it’s important to be able to aim at the same time.


I have jump on L1, tactical on R1, and ping wheel on X. Ultimate is X+R1, I like this setup so I can both jump / bunny hop without moving my hand off the sticks as well as tactical without moving hand off the sticks. Works really well for Valks jet pack too


this has been my exact controller button layout for a couple years now, highly recommend. Keeping it at least until the Sony dualsense edge controllers drop…gimme those sweet back buttons.


PS doesn’t have controllers with back buttons?


Allow me to clarify what I already said. I’m waiting for the PlayStation edge controllers to drop in January. They have back buttons.


Is there a reason why? Sorry, I’ve been on Xbox my entire life, I don’t know much about PlayStation


I understand now - no, standard issue PS controllers don’t have back buttons for additional inputs unfortunately.


I do think it should be standard now, I don’t really think it takes much more resources and is a massive improvement in most bigger games.


I have the same setup, the only issue with this setup is it no longer allows you to ping on the map.


Yea I noticed that too, wtf? Made me realize I can’t utilize Ash bc I can’t ping the death boxes


Yeah, it really sucks man. Should report it as a bug unless its hardcoded


You should be able to if you hit R1. I also have ping remapped, but I need to use R1 on the map and inventory. Hope that helps


I've found the best setup for me is to claw the controller and play on default settings. Although there are now back button attachments for PS5 controllers, so I would put crouch and jump to those. I know alot of people bind crouch to right stick, but I find it wears out joystick faster and makes bunny hopping harder


I definitely am not a claw player but wish I was. And yes I have crouch bound to R3 and I bet you’re right that it will wear down controller faster. Already getting some drift on PS5


iirc every controller of the last 3 console generations from PS and Xbox have used the same joystick mechanism. Over time the plastic in the mechanism wears down and microscopic amounts of debris build up in the sensors. since there is s no way to clean them without totally disassembling the joystick. It's just easier to desolder it and put in a new joystick. Or carefully bend open it and replace the sensor wheel.


I love these binds


Evolved 💪


I really wished back paddles/buttons would have been a standard this generation, just so I could have ping be the same in every game. I love ping on the bumper like in Apex, but it's hard to give up either bumper depending on the character and sometimes in other games. Too bad that Edge controller is $200, idrc about the other features it provides.


Eh most games let you change control's now, I'm also someone who likes to massacre controls, tho definitely not this crazy lol


See I feel quite the opposite. I have no problem moving back to Halo or other shooters that I still play controller on instead of MnK. This is one game in particular that I have dramatically shifted my layout on and relied heavily on paddles on the elite to comfortably play. I always aim to have my settings with paddles in a way I can beat play a shooter without having to ever remove my thumb from the aim joystick.


Most FPS games these days allow you to change the controls. Shoot, even God of war now let’s you change the controls. He’ll be fine in that sense. This setup is gnarly though.


Honestly if they swap sprint and tactical ability then it's fine, but having sprint on anything other than left stick seems crazy. Not being able to sprint and aim at the same time without playing claw is rough


You guys use press to sprint, i use always sprint. If you nudge the stick a little he walks slow and full tilt is sprint.


It also saves your left stick a lot of wear and tear.


Yea I have always sprint on too. I can spam heirloom animations that way like wraiths knife twirl but I like it anyway without that


Most cursed settings i have ever seen but i guess your controller your choice


This is definitely bait


I was actually hoping for some small tips. Triggering the entire community was never my intention - but apparently I'm not the only one with similar settings (look at some of the comments below).


This is making my skin crawl


I don't think I've ever seen anyone take jump away from the a button unless they have paddles on the back you're a mad man. I respect the hell out of you i if you can actually play with it like this.


Bumper jumper?


This is the way


based bumper jumper, i hate taking my hands off the sticks and i'm not paying for paddles


Haha same I tried claw but it just didn't feel right Evolved is definitely one of the best layouts


evolved with tactical in rb and ping to a is the best layout


Use claw for the small price of arthritis


100% bumper jumper, but actually Evolved is the best since it binds crouch to the the stick as well as jump to LB.


This changes everything for COD too, everybody be jumping around corners noawadays with bumper jumper


Paddles my guy. Paddles


This isn’t bumper jumper though, he has it on the trigger…


It’s just bumper jumper with the triggers and bumpers flipped. Flipped bumpers and triggers are a pretty normal preset layout on most shooters now


I havent seen that bumper jumper layout since like 2010 bro 🤣 I also don't be playing competitive shooters as much anymore which could be why




Lol bumper jumper… someone never played halo


I jump with L3 and crouch with R3 because it doesn't make you take your fingers from the sticks when performing moves in the middle of a fight.


I played bumper jumper all throughout Halo which put LB as jump. I didn’t like the bumper jumper settings for Apex, but Evolved is good.


I have jump on L1 and tactical on R1, very useful for Valk jet pack as well as bunny hops


Bumper jumper (moving jump to one of the bumpers) is a very common setting. It’s been one of the selectable presets in CoD and Halo for over a decade. Allowing you to aim while jumping without playing claw. Swapping triggers and bumpers is common as well.


Bumper for jump is superior, prove me wrong.


Jump on the right stick is the way to go if you don’t have paddles for other games at least. This game I have jump on LB and crouch on right stick instead


Tf is that


This is the controller scheme that I used. Adapted from playing Mirrors edge. I like being able to jump/crouch while aiming and shooting. Just takes practice to use index + middle fingers on on triggers/bumpers instead of moving index between them.


“I’m completely new to puzzles! Based on what felt best, I flipped all the puzzle pieces over. Any issues with this setup I’m currently not aware of (since I have zero experience)?.”


These are great settings. I personally have cycle weapon on a thumbstick with jump and my tactical on a trigger and ping still on A which sucks but it's the least important to me. Everyone's freaking out but they are still the ones taking their thumbs off during a fight and dying lol.


Almost fucking vomited looking at this


Don’t listen to these peeps. This allows you to have better movement without using paddles. Its actually way more efficient than default controls. You’ve got the right idea prioritizing thumbs on sticks at all times. I use almost the same layout. In fact your weapon swap is probably on a better button than i use (kept that triangle/Y). I like ult on both sticks more than similar layouts that make it shoulder +button and stick+ button. The funny things is pros who don’t use paddles us very similar layouts. All that matters is you avoid important stuf on “bad buttons.” Which your layout does.




I basically got obsessed with the idea of playing apex legends for a while now. Finally bought my first ever gaming device (yes I'm one of those weirdos who never had a gameboy, nindendo, console etc.). Since I would like to avoid changing those settings to often (in order to build muscle memory), help would be appreciated!


If you’re new to gaming just play the recommended standard controls and get used to it, because they are 90% of the time the exact same controls for other games. I see no point making a brand new lay out because you’d just have to do this for every single game you play, get used to one and never change it. Or don’t who cares.


Don’t change any default settings if it’s your first time


What do you mean that’s literally the perfect time LOL


Defaults are default for a reason. If it was my first game I would use their recommendation. And 99% of other games follow suit so you can move on to other games with the same controls


Keep the default settings if youre new. It will make the game much easier to learn and feel more natural. I’ve been playing console games for years and I always keep default, muscle memory is a weird and beautiful thing.


Default felt so wrong from the beginning. My setup felt way better from the start - Do you guys all just stop aiming while crouching/jumping?


Jump on bumper, crouch on sticks, literally everything else you did here was unnecessary


The only control I swapped was crouch and melee, that way you can crouch while aiming and shooting. ​ I just dont jump while fighting all that often. ​ I think if this feels good to you do it. It reminds me of my rocket league controls where I changed nearly all of the important controls to the bumpers/triggers because it felt better to me. ​ Everytime I play at another persons house I have to spend a couple minutes changing the controls, but that doesnt happen very often.


You'll get used to the default the more you play




xbox series s


Most likely an Xbox.


I would say that the buttons on the joy sticks need to be carefully considered. For me starting out when I would panic in a gun fight I would often accidentally push in the analog sticks. For this reason I changed my right joy stick to crouch. So I wouldn't throw punches in a panic. And ducking in a panic isn't so bad. Also allows you to slide into fights while still aiming. That and putting melee on my far right button (circle on Playstation) are the only changes I have made. Totally worth it IMHO. I don't know if what you got is bad just that it all needs to be well considered.


I actually only faced this problem for the first few hours (I was basically just panicking and holding my controller extremely tight) - today it didn't happen once.


I have switch weapon assigned to my analog stick and I always end up holstering my guns mid fight by accident more often than I’d like to admit.


Contrary to what it seems most are saying, your button layout looks fine and it's pretty much a bumper jumper layout (old halo) which is great if you don't have paddles. Most kids just haven't used anything else in their lives. I would 100000% be turning on autosprint in general but especially with your layout. It makes apex much easier Edit: also most games nowadays allow you to customize any controls but if not the closest match like I mentioned is bumper jumper


Thanks - yes I have auto sprint enabled


I disagree with the people saying don't change your settings. I say find what is comfortable to you. I grew up without a console too, and my first shooter was Splatoon. Motion controls are on by default, and I remember immediately putting the sensitivity higher because that felt the most natural. When I started Apex, I only had an xbox controller to use with my laptop, so that took a whole other level of getting used to before I just bought a Switch pro controller. But I looked up a lot of settings videos and decided to have my response curve close to linear, and basically just sat in the firing range until I'd found something that felt decent. It's going to take practice to get good anyway, but you might as well find the optimal settings for you.


Like others have said it’s an odd setup but you do you of course. The only other settings I’d do is set the auto sprint on so you don’t even have to think about that and I’d increase your joystick speed turned up. High or ultra high are good so if you get shot in the back you can turn around to fire back quickly. Takes some getting use to the fast speed I won’t lie but it’s just another muscle memory thing


I have auto sprint on (idk maybe I'm wrong but it seems kinda unnecessary to have an extra button just to move faster...) - I'm currently playing 4-4 classic which apparently is best for beginners


Contrary to what most people are saying, these are actually pretty good choices for someone new to gaming. The layout makes the most sense for how apex is played, but like others have said you’ll have to relearn new muscle memory for other fps games. A few tips/things I’d change: 1) If you haven’t already, turn on auto sprint. That way it doesn’t matter what button sprint is mapped to and gives you a little more freedom. 2) A lot of people move their crouch to R3 and jump to one of the bumper/triggers. I used to have the same as you with crouch on L2/LT and jump on R2/RT. If you wanna try them, my old binds on controller before I got paddles were: L1/LB - Aim R1/RB - Shoot L2/LT - Crouch R2/RT - Jump L3/LS - Change/Holster weapon R3/RS - Interact/Reload O/B - Tactical ability X/A - Ping The idea was that you could keep your thumbs on the sticks as much as possible.


Damn I think I like those settings even more. Did you experience excessive stick drift after a while? (someone told me that pressing the sticks often basically destroys your controller - using the stick for picking up stuff etc. seems like the definition of that)


I do button puncher and then i swapped bumpers and triggers. No offense but I'm appalled


Eh, if it works for you, then by all means go ahead. But if you're really looking to change up button layouts to something a little more simpler, and you don't have paddles, Evolved or Button Jumper are really good. I use basically Evolved on every game I play and it's been a game changer to be able to not have to take your thumbs off the sticks during a fight. Will take a little bit to get used to but you'll get it down. My custom layout is basically Evolved but my Ping and Tactical are switched since I play Loba mostly and you can aim the Tac still this way. Ping is on A/X and Tac is on Right Bumper


this is pretty much my controls, i personally love em since i don't have paddles. i would recommend auto sprint though, takes away an extra button press. also i don't understand the issue with putting tactical on left stick and ping on right stick, they aren't hard to use and i literally have NEVER accidentally used them, i feel like you gotta be death gripping your controller in order for that to happen. but all that matters in the end is what feels best to YOU


Yeah not an issue for me so far...


If you’re new to gaming why would you completely remap everything, don’t you think they people who designed the controls made them in mind of the easiest to use and best functionality in mind , default and or buttonpuncher/tactical are just the easiest


If it works for you, stick with it :)


Are you feeling okay? This feels super unnatural and it kind of hurts my eyes..


These are actually good settings if you don't have paddles and you keep all your fingers on the buttons at once. Plus, the top bump buttons click faster than the triggers. I believe that's how Aydan (one of the best controller players ever) plays. Someone said you won't have muscle memory for other games, but every modern shooter allows you to customize your settings. I'd try them out and see what works for YOU.


From the start, tap firing felt way more convenient with the bumper. I'm not planning to play any other games in the near future so i think I'm fine.


The top buttons being faster is how I justify it to myself. But if we're being honest I just grew up playing CoD on the ps3. All the defaults back then were the bumpers, not the triggers, so now I just can't shoot with the triggers on anything.


That’s some good shit bruh I too played like this until I had my paddles, jumping and crouching with RT and LT is like having paddles it’s exactly the same


Thanks! Finally someone who doesn't have to vomit just by looking at my settings (hopefully your comment wasn't ment to be sarcastic lol)


I really would like to send you a photo of mine but I can’t seem to find where to that, but honestly I answered this post when it was relatively new but gah damn people be really hating on us


Yeah nobody seems to be experimenting with their controls...


I think you’d have to be really good to win in Apex with this. You’ll ping a lot if you’re solo any, you’re going to ping a lot accidentally and get your team killed. In a more broad sense, this setup will f you over if you try to take it to a game that’s not as accommodating on controls. Most are but there’s a few stragglers. Side note, if you’re new to gaming don’t get discouraged when you get rolled. This game has been out a few years now and it takes a long time and a lot of effort be good unless you’re really gifted.


My biggest issue right now is map knowledge. Most people in pubs suck just like me (I guess lower level player get but in the same lobby) so that's not a big problem. As long as my team stays together I get pretty good results.


Choose the button puncher or default preset over this bro I’m sorry but your ping should not be right joystick


The only major issue I see is sprint on Y. That’s going to really handicap the mobility you can perform if you don’t have paddles I would swap it with your tactical.


You should probably play the game before you decide to change the intended way the devs set it up to be played.


if your actually new just play default


Fire RT, zoom LT, jump LB my man. Crouch B, click in right stick melee I’ve been gaming for thirty years and this my format


X as reload as well.


tf are these settings? Who binds the "attack" to anything but a trigger?


A lot of people..


A lot of shooter games used bumpers for attack and aim during the X360/PS3 era. I believe BO3 was the first COD game to switch that up to make triggers default instead, in 2015.


Feels way faster imo + tap firing just feels better for me


I guess that makes sense. Do you only use single fire/burst weapons? I'd imagine you would be at a disadvantage for auto weapons.


I don't think it's going to be a disadvantage for auto weapons - but yes since my aim/ recoil control is absolutely sh\*t right now, I only use auto weapon for very close fights.


Looks fine to me


Sprint is going to be tough


They can just set it to auto sprint in the settings


Honestly if its good for you then its good


I’m not trying to be mean here, I promise. However, based off you being brand new to gaming and these controls being all over the place, how do you hold your controller?


I guess how it's supposed to held (?) - I somehow get the feeling you guys are all playing with 4 fingers


Stop listening to other people, use what feels best. Same story with sensitivity as well.


Honestly, I’d leave the default settings alone. It’s a largely standard setup shared by lots of games, and most of the controls are where they are for a reason.


This is so bad 😭


Please use the default settings. Please.




If you’re new to gaming I would’ve left the settings alone tried them out first and then adjusted.


Sprint on Y is a war crime. Shoot not being on right trigger is a felony. You are going to open the map in the middle of combat by accident so many times.


You have to be trolling. What the fuck is this shit?


I have the exact same controls, so I’d say this is great.


Please please go back to default. Playing a new game will be miserable and these mappings just don't make sense


Idk, for me the default doesn't seem to make sense. How am I supposed to do multiple things at once? I would never be able to jump/crouch and aim at the same time...


Controller gaming is different from mouse and keyboard. It’s a lot easier to perform multiple precise inputs on keyboard. (Not saying it’s impossible on controller, just a lot harder and you don’t have the precision of a mouse aim) Don’t really have anything to suggest but to play with the stock defaults. You’re making it so much harder for yourself doing it this way


You have the right idea, remapping the jump and crouch if you don't have paddles makes sense. Besides that, put everything back to normal. Also keeping the left stick held down is going to be awkward while trying to use certain legends tactical abilities.


Swap sprint with tactical and melee with ping and you got a pretty good bumper jumper setup.


I guess it’s good as long as you have a controller with 4 back paddles that are mapped to A,B,X,Y


My idea was that with that setup I don't really need back paddles - and if I swap to such a controller (which I def will do if I enjoy playing) I don't have to start from scratch.


just leave them until you get used to it?


I would recommend getting paddles but not having them isn't hindering performance since you use a custom layout. Not having paddles only hinders performance IMO when you need to move your thumb off the right stick to reload, swap weapons, or crouch I use a funky layout too and it does not matter at all to your performance if you're used to it. If I was to recommend anything it would be to make sure you use auto-sprint since Y is so far away from you're thumb. Jump - LT Crouch - R stick (Paddle) Interact/Reload - RT Cycle Weapon - Y (Paddle) Tactical - A Ping - X Everything else is the same as yours


Your suggestion doesn't sound bad either (I especially like the Interact/Reload on RT). It just feels weird to have crouch/jump on a stick - does this compromise your aim?


i thought playing with a scuffed bumper jumper layout was wierd, looks like i lost my title