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90% of mic users in this game are absolute cunts, if I find some chill teammates, I will turn my mic on...


50% cunts. 25% talking to someone else while on open mic the entire game. 15% people I'm convinced have no idea they're even on mic. 10% chill, pleasant, enjoyable human beings.


This is my issue. Crazy loud fucking audio coming in. Children screaming, blaring tv, lawn equipment. I just can’t handle the x factor of other people not being mindful of an open mic.


Yeah I'm sure some of my teammates are actually making useful calls but I'll never know because I muted them after ten seconds of listening to their tiktok or YouTube through a hot mic


When I hear videos through the mic at the beginning of a match, I ask, "are you aware your mic is on?" It fixes it about 30% of the time. Another 40%, I get ignored and they get muted. Another 30% they throw a tantrum. My new policy for handling tantrums is to simply quit (unless it's ranked). They can run a two stack if they're going to act like that. If Respawn won't punish them, I will.


In ranked if someone throw a fit or acts stupid I just mute and at the first scent of possible trouble, aka anyone getting downed while I’m not fully engaged or basically if we’re not easily taking a squad down, I just dip and rat they can spectate a boring game for 30 min


I'm absolutely down with this plan!


Man I felt bad the other day. I had just gotten out of a party with my buddy and forgot my mic was on and started listening to a YouTube video while loading up the next one and my teammate typed “????” In chat. Needless to say I almost had a heart attack and quickly apologized. I’d say 90% of the time I have my headset on but don’t have the energy to deal with negative teammates so I just stay muted and go next. The amount of times that it’s been two nerds basically fondling each others sacks and ganging up on me trying to argue has made me not even try. Only to finish the game with more damage than both of them and being the last alive


Takes about 1 second of mouth breathing for me to mute in champ select honestly


I have kids that are loud and so that's one reason I don't mic. Another is that I'm a woman and some dudes on this game (and many others) get toxic or start making comments that's inappropriate or just rude.


Definitely randoms can be so rude if they realize they got into a game with a women. It’s shocking what we have to endure sometimes


Seconded this. I either get abuse for being a woman or I get abuse for people assuming that only men/boys game and thus my ambiguous sounding voice gets put in with the “shut up squeaker”. It gets tiring quite fast from there.


Man I'm sorry you get that. Must suck. Just know that you're welcome by most people. If you want to mask your voice, there are some programs like voicemod that will lower the pitch of your mic input to make you sound like a guy. I believe some of them have been made by women to help them not standout in online games. It's shameful that people have made that necessary for others, but it exists if you like the idea


Anytime I hear random open mic shit I'll start commenting immediately on all of it. Hear a tv show in the background? Ask what it is. Start making random comments whenever I hear weird dialogue. Tell the other person to shush so I can hear the tv better. Baby screaming? Start commenting on their parenting. If they're not parents, start commenting on their parenting anyway. Anytime I catch people chewing I always type "Mmmm, ASMR stream time. Chew harder daddy" Usually makes them freak out and shut off mic immediately. Although one time me and a dude had a lot of fun after the chewing bit cause he apologized profusely but then did start chewing louder, then we had a fun conversation about cooking! Ended up winning that game weirdly.


“Mmm, ASMR stream time. Chew harder daddy” has me dead, I’ll be stealing that.


I have a bit more tolerance, but I will ask them to control their mic or threaten to mute them. And then follow through.


I mute everyone that doesn't use push-to-talk without a second of hesitation.


This is why I keep my own mic muted. I live next to a really busy street and even with my doors and windows closed, cars roar by every couple of minutes and it’s super fucking obnoxious


You need to squeeze in the percentage of 9-Volters. You hear their smoke detector chirp every 30 seconds.


> 9-Volters. I'd not heard this one till now, hilarious, consider it stolen.


I never understood this. I only played a few seasons but during that time I can guarantee I've heard more people with chirping detectors than I've had in my entire life prior to playing Apex.


I don't understand how they live that way.


Don’t forget you can’t play with 95% of the half decent human beings because they have invites off. So it just makes it a endless cycle of mostly cunts


Teammates (if eminem played apex): Yeah, for those of you that wanna know what we're all about It's like this y'all (c'mon) They 10% suck, 20% no skill, 15% damage counter at absolute nil, 5% pleasure, 50% a pain, And 100% reason to stop playing the game. Edit: Fort Minor, not Eminem.


I think this was Fort Minor, not Eminem.


Lol, I 60% suck, 35% no skill, 70% no damage :( but I’m nice. Would rather play with someone as crap as me if they are nice. I need to practice more


For sure, nice teammates always feel like a dub. Toxic teammates are the worst even when you walk away with a win.


I usually duo with someone. We talk on discord but we keep our mics open then mute each other in game so at least our random can hear us in game while we hear each other In discord. Idk why duos don’t do this.


Me: Anyone have a mic? Well okay. (Proceeds to communicate.) *wins game* Teammate turns on mic: You’re fucking trash, all you did was spend time looting. You’re garbage!! I swear people are so damn weird.


I’ll be honest I’m the teammate in the beginning that’s not offering up that I do have a mic on but if I do need to communicate something I’ll turn it on. At the end of the game though I only say GG or nothing. I’m 30 years old I have plenty of other shit to get mad about then a video game


I wait to see how people act before I talk. 75% of the time they say something sexist or vulgar or violent things they will do to me. 24% I hear omg a female! Chicks play this game? 1% people are normal


I don't know why but I hate when people ask if I have a mic. For some reason it makes me less likely to talk and I have no idea why. I guess it's like I haven't got a chance to read the person yet so I'm not willing to commit to letting them know I can speak. 😆


Most the times I find it's a kid asking and when kids find someone with a mic, they never shut up. Or they are blasting music, or singing, or talking to someone else.


One of my friends says something along the lines of “how’s it going, have you got a mic? Cool if you don’t” just as an intro to communication, and so we know whether to be more accurate with our pings or not (ie, “don’t go in there” *pings*)


If I see the speaker symbol I’ll usually give a little “Ayy what up Marioo, how you doin tonight.” If no speaker I might assume no mic, or I might still say what’s up man got a mic? Either way I try to sound friendly so maybe they’ll wanna chat. My squad mate on the other hand… well he can come off aggressive lol. So I usually try to head him off by extending the olive branch before he can hit the random with “Yo Mario I know you got a mic, turn that bitch on” 😅😅


Naa man I feel that way too. It’s because every time someone asks that question they end being an absolute nob cheese so now your brain subconsciously knows that and makes you not want to engage when you hear that question.


Same here! Even when other people ask because you don’t know the vibe you’re going to get! Lol


Are you me?


Both happen for sure. I remember playing ranked with my friend, and we would switch from private chat to gamechat to make sure we can communicate with the third. That third was muted the whole match until we won. He then proceeded to talk shit about how i stole his main and I'm an asshole for doing that lmao But I've definitely had some morons who'd have their mics on all match, and are annoying the whole way through.


Same here. I usually evaluate them first, see how they act when they are getting shot at and if they aren’t freaking the fuck out and getting pissed I’ll talk. I have had too many teammates who seemed normal at first but as soon as they go down because they wandered off by themselves they start completely losing the plot.


Yeppp. Get lulled into complacency by a random with a good pre-game demeanor, then as soon as they go down they go psychotic…


Exactly. On top of that they don’t even communicate correctly just talking shit and blaming their team for everything


average comp game player unfortunately. I honestly think most people aren't built to play competitive games in a healthy manner, so much cope, so much blaming things other than themselves, not even really having fun, just hitting dopamine centers while also malding, it's toxic as fuck, but they won't stop


Same. I mute my mic until I hear people and they aren’t being dicks.


Just burst out laughing at the use of the word cunts, but in all honesty it’s the best way to summarise the majority of players I end up with.


I don’t agree they are cunts. I do agree that 90% make me mute the other 10%. Even the ones who have their mic on but don’t speak are as annoying as fuck. Playing the radio in the background while their mic is on is super distracting.


I can get down with that


On point comment.


That’s funny I find 10% are cunts. I quite enjoy my interactions. Someone downvoted me because My experience didn’t align with theirs 😂


90% clueless, 10% assholes. Half of the assholes are good.* Apex in a nutshell. *figures may vary depending on servers and time of day


Accurate assessment haha


People say toxic players are the worst part of this game (which is understandable) but most of the time I see people running around like headless chickens. I've never seen any FPS game with so many players having so little game sense. It would be hilarious if they weren't constantly on my team.


It’s a difficult game. Ttk really is a game changer. It takes more thought and people are used to easy shooters like cod. Fuckin love this game. Made it to diamond solo queuing


Yes, Apex has a huge skill ceiling with a relatively high floor. It's not easy to pick up for new players especially with the matchmaking throwing them to the wolves. However, I'm not talking about movement or aim, stuff that can and should be practiced. Game sense is stuff you learn and you don't forget, like: - free looking when dropping so you don't throw yourself on top of 4 squads in ranked and die immediately - proper inventory management so you don't carry 20 syringes and 4 cells - map knowledge: PoI's, rotations, choke points - ring knowledge: hitting beacons to gain intel, knowing where ring is going to close next, locating the best positions in next ring and rotating early and often - knowing your team's composition, abilities and what guns they're running so you don't have 3 people with the exact same ammo types (unless Loba) and ranges - knowledge of immediate threats, how many people left, where they are/could come from, what they're running so you can counter them or position accordingly - knowing which fights to take - not armor swapping in the middle of a fight There's way more than that but I notice so many players who just don't know how to read their opponents (or even their teammates). It's like they have two modes: full send, or run away as soon as one bullet hits them.


My brother (half my age) and I joke that I have negative game sense. Once ended up with 16 mags of shottie ammo and no health LMFAO. Difference is my brother doesn't call me names when I eff up. He's already admitted it's *just* because I'm his sibling and if I was a random he'd be very Concerned for my gameplay lol but ya. Look some of us are genuinely idiots at FPS, I'll be the first to admit that one. My first game was the nineties tomb raider PC release and I promptly spent so much time on it I wasn't allowed to play video games again until I was eighteen and self sufficient.


I don’t usually because i’m a girl and it typically just ends with my feelings getting annihilated by my team


I was 15yrs old when I first used mic in COD, my teammate kept calling me "babygirl". Have never used mic since


COD really taught me how to handle the variety of interactions I'd have with teammates. I've been called some of the nasty things on that game. There's a discord called Girls Gotta Game. They verify and it's been an overall positive experience for me. I mostly play Apex with the women on there, but many play other games like COD too.


Wait 🥺 is that discord open to the public 🥺🥺


Yeah the amount of toxic guys in multiplayer games is insane. If a girl plays bad, they'll bully her for being bad, and if she plays better than them they'll bully her cause she hurt their egos lol. There's no winning.


Lmao true. What fragile egos 🙄 One time this guy got on his mic in Arenas to tell me I'm trash for using an re-45 and I should play with a real gun. I got on my mic to tell him I had more damage with my trash gun than he had. He told me I needed to calm down.........yep.


Lol that dude is nuts, blue RE-45 with a 2x is the best round one pick for its cost imo and I'll fight anyone who trashes it 😤


finally someone agrees!


Oh I’ve found my people. You all have exquisite taste 🤌🏻


Nah, second best, best is the world famous blue mozambique with a 2x. Basically a full auto wingman.


Lmao, I play re-45 till the last round. It’s a laser and anyone who disagrees probably has bad aim.


Hard agree, the re is a perfect sidearm in arenas for the sentinel and can stand it's ground as your main weapon since it means you'll be saving money to spend on abilities or heals


Facts. One guy told me to stop playing and do his dishes while he was dead. So I fired back that “he should do his own dishes, maybe then he’d finally be good at something”. Muted him after that, like I don’t know why anyone thinks they have room to speak when they’re a box. You can’t do shit, please stay in ur box lane and let people who are alive actually play.


There’s also just being straight up ignored, talked over, and questioned on your ability because apparently being a woman means you can’t push buttons on a game as well.


"You never would have lasted in the MW2/Halo lobbies" -🤡


It’s sad the difference it makes if my wife speaks first when we are teamed up with a random vs me.


And that is the exact reason why I only put on my mic if I’m playing with my husband lol. Solo, noooo way.


That or being flirted with and called mommy 🤢🤢


The boys who shit on you in ranked, despite being in the same rank: 🤡


Don’t forget when they die first and still have the audacity to say you’re bad.. then at the end of the game it of course turns out that you carried lol.


I played one round with a girl who was silent for half the match, I think she must have decided we were chill and piped up at that stage, and we did pretty well in the end. Was tempted to add her to my friends list afterwards but didn’t want to come across as one of those weirdos that just adds someone because they’re a girl, so just left it. Unfortunately it can be a dice roll whether you’ll get someone nice or a complete ass in voice chat though


I add people if they are decent and have a mic. Always afraid it comes off creepy. oh whale


You’d probably be good to add. I also add people who are good on mic. But I also just have my friend request locked so no one has to think it’s awkward, because I send the request myself lol.


This definitely mightve been me lmao.


Giiiiiirrrrllll yes. Like all I want is some chill dudes who don't shit on me when they figure out that I am female and not a 13 year old boy. Stop being misogynistic and down right creepy some times with the nasty ass comments and just play the damn game. Stop fucking hot dropping with fiftyleven teams.


With online games it’s honestly either misogyny or people trying to get in your pants. But I also have to say that I have been running with the same group of people since age 15, so 8 years. Granted, most of them are older. But they have genuinely become my friends because they’ve always just treated me like one of them.


This is the really unfortunate part. I’m a guy that mostly just solo queues, but every girl that has gotten on mic has been super friendly and a great teammate. Unfortunately, the girl really only gets on mic when she’s playing with her boyfriend or a guy friend. The worst part is that I can’t blame girls at all for not talking, because people say some heinous shit on voice chat


This. I want to enjoy my game time and it's easier to do that if I pretend to not have a mic and occasionally type rather than reveal I'm a girl.


Yes. And I've internalized that to the point of avoiding coms entirely out of fear of being annoying!


Which fucking sucks that happens to you because your a women , not everyone on this game is like that and one of my 3 stack is a girl and we have a great time.


Almost all the people I 3 stack with are guys and they’re cool so it’s definitely not an “all men are shitty” typa situation. That being said while solo q’ing I find that if I talk in 10 games about 5 of them people are abusive lol.


I'm the same I know all men aren't shitty but all it takes is one "wow your voice is so sexy" for me to auto mute for the next month :)


🤢 Christ people are weird bro. Like what do people like that think you’re going to say? “Oh thanks, you said the password so here’s my address, I’m waiting”….


1000000% same and the few toxic men are enough to deter me from ever talking


I’ve had games where people on mics start out pretty chill, and then become increasingly more aggressive as the game becomes more difficult. Unfortunately, some have just had one too many bad experiences with awful people that they’d rather not bother with the stress. On the other hand, there’s some who can’t concentrate while others are talking to them, and others who aren’t great at relaying or receiving directions.


in my experience the people who talk the most in the beginning become the most toxic when things turn sour


I believe sweaty solo queuers with mics are probably the #1 suspect. I know because thats me. I solo queue my way to masters and the game just naturally brings out the toxicity because of how rough solo is + sometimes teammates dont use mics. As soon as i duo though i will never be toxic. I believe u may also run across toxic duos but if theyre that mad then clearly they suck.


Maybe I’m just lucky, but most people I meet on mic are really nice all the way til the end. Honestly every time someone says good game in mic and doesn’t get mad restores my faith in humanity


I just got out of a match with a guy who had shit music blasting and a fire alarm going off, I asked him to turn his music off and he called me a pussy and told me to stfu. So what’s the point Edit// Just got out of my following match where the dude went down, told the other player (a female) to stop fucking around and help, called her a bitch in the mic and proceeded to call her a bitch to people in his house… Again what’s the point


The thing I learned playing dota and overwatch and call of duty is to just mute them. Like it is instant. Get in the lobby and music is playing, muted. Any bullshit directed at me or a teammate, muted. It has just become reflex for me. The end result is that I don't get tilted or tempted to engage. I don't have to deal with it. And they can still hear my comms so my call outs are still hear and I don't feed the toxicity cycle. My main complaint with Apex chat system is that I can't mute while I am knocked.


Other teammates can still hear you if you’re muted? Something I didn’t know. I thought it was a one way comm




Last night someone had their tik toks loud asf and i told him to pls turn off his mic if hes not talking and same thing happened. I got flamed.


I think we matched with the same guy lmao. Another time someone literally had their kid up to the mic making all sorts of noises. I don’t know if he was letting the kid play or what but my god it was so fucking annoying


I have VC muted hearing someone moan or cry ruins my mood and I’m not trying to have a shit time playing a game that supposed to bring fun


Amen brother!! Or be rude to me!!


My gf does the same she only unmutes if they’ve proven themselves to be non toxic with the pings and coordinated with the team. Otherwise its simply too much of a risk cause gamers treat women like GARBAGE.


If we assume it’s 50/50 good/bad people on mic there’s a 50% chance I have a good teammate who I never hear from again and makes the game slightly better. There’s a 50% chance some dude yells racial slurs at me and makes me never want to game again. Soooo I’ll take 100% chance of not that by muting them


"Wait... Apex is meant to bring FUN?" -Most players I've ever met, probably


Same. I used to mute toxic players and leave the good ones unmuted. That got exhausting very quick and I disabled voice chat completely. Had enough with the slurs and toxicity. Im just trying to have fun and having voice enabled ruins that for me.


I turned off voice com due to too many abusive people. I enjoy the game more. Use pings as much as possible


I work in mental health and at the end of the day I don’t want to deal with some 15 year old with a conduct disorder yet again, so bippity boppity make the talking stoppity.


The fact that most people I run into are kids are why I don't bother turning it on. I'm 26, I don't want to sit there listening to some 15 year old whine at me that I'm trash. Sorry I've got a job and bills to pay so I can't play this 8 hours a day to get good. I'll only turn it on in the rare times there's someone who sounds 20+ and doesn't seem like an asshole.


Lol! Well said.


I play video games so I can avoid talking to people.


i’m a girl and i have social anxiety so pings it is.


Sometimes I get the urge to pop on the mic to say something that doesn't have a ping and then I just say fuck it and spam ping a thing.


This. Good luck out there :)


SAME! I refuse to turn on my mic. Just don’t wanna deal lol


I'm a woman. And I'm ehh at the game. I'll usually respond by typing if there's time. Occasionally I'll use my mic if they're fun as hell and my performance doesn't really matter edit: read some of your other comments, I'll also come off mic if it's an intense fight and need to communicate better than the pings


Same. As a girl who hovers around a 1 KD consistently, I have been treated like shit a lot. I got sick of being talked down to or listening to 12 year olds screaming in my ear. Or, the worst, is when people blast music in the background while playing. I literally never turn on my mic anymore because of these reasons. I will occasionally come off the mic for an important communication but that’s strictly it. I have enough stress being an adult, I don’t need it from gaming too, LOL.


Most of the time people don't even know that mics are on. I've had occasional girls in passing friend groups online and it always reaches this stupid fever pitch. Those guys aren't cool with that though which sucks. I've had great games where its a dude and a girl or two girls running in duos with me as a random. The first one was actually insanely fun because they just wanted to have fun. Ended up being great players used the skeleton bones on the North Forest in KC and such. Second was just some girls talking but they actually called out my play in Gun Run and I said thanks in the chat.


I flip my mic on maybe 30% of the time. I'm also a woman and it's partly people being dicks and partly people being simps and then sometimes, when the Apex Gods are in my favor, it's a regular person that just wants to win the match.


Also a girl gamer, and I concur. Some people can be very immature or aggressive when they play. Sometimes the aggression isn’t even towards me but to the other random on the squad, and it still fires me up. So, I just avoid it all by muting.


It sucks to hear girls can be treated terribly just trying to play some games , I don’t understand the mentality of men and some complex they have. One of my 3 stacks is a girl and she’s a riot we always have a blast running.


Most men are just thirsty and insecure unfortunately. Hence why they always end up acting like a fool online bc a girl is playing video games


I got called a f*ggot too many times. Not worth it.


They love that and the n word.


I got called the n word the other day for.... clutching? In arenas. It was weird. Buncha weirdos


Lol I have to listen while they decide which gendered insult matches my voice the best. I've gotten asked if I was a girl or a boy since 7 so, I guess it's not easy to decide between b*tch, [email protected], or cvnt.


It’s really sad… but I’ve given up on the community. It’s a cesspool of bigotry and misogynistic, neckbearded assholes.


Just toxicity in general. Everyone expects everyone to be a god at the game and if you aren’t here comes the toxicity no matter wether their good or not. Apparently everyone has a 4k20 and if you don’t you’re “trash”. That paired with everyone just raging and being assholes makes for an unpleasant experience


Yeah, I sound like a 12 year old boy, so I can relate.


9/10 it isn’t about not wanting to talk. Volume and sound balancing in this game is **shit**. I rarely ever get teammates whose voice chat works in tangent with gameplay sounds. I either have to pick to hear my teammates or hear the game. As a solo queuer, I’d much rather hear the game. Even if I get a nice teammate, it usually sounds like their mic is inside their mouth or something.


I love that sound when a teammate plays while driving a cabriolet or a motorcycle.


The ping system does it all. No need to hear someone eat Doritos. Listen to a dying smoke detector. Or play shitty music. All examples of last night. Maybe 10 games


It really boggles mind how many teens live in a house with a chirping smoke alarm




The chats were absolutely nuclear in the late 2000s. Nobody wants ti deal with it anymore.


I think the kiddos don't realize how effing old and tired some of us are lolol


The amount of shit talking in Halo 3 and MW2 was enough to last me a lifetime lol


I’m sure there are many others like me who not only don’t talk but also auto-mute everyone else.


It just takes one asshole to ruin ur gaming session. I mute everyone 1st thing. luckily they made Apex totally playable w/o the need to communicate beyond pings.


You're a single serving friend in most cases. I don't want to talk, Unless I have to, Because I'm not interested in the possible conversation. I'm also generally not interested in grouping with my random single serving friends. I have mad anxiety and I'd rather limit it as much as I can.


I’m not looking to chat or make friends even , just simple communication on enemy locations and movement. When there’s 4 teams in the final few rings and spam pinging an enemy location that changes every second doesn’t help.


why don't you join the apex legends discord and use the LFG rather than asking randoms to use their mic. everyone has their own reason for not wanting to use the mic.


Sometimes I'll talk, sometimes I won't. It depends on my mood and what's going on in game. There's a ping system, so I'll often just use that to communicate when not using my mic. Again, a lot of it depends on my mood. I understand you have wants, but I have mine too.


Pings generally handle this unless you have teammates that pay zero attention. I'm down to say "team behind us, bounce" or something if A ping wont cover it and I think it'll actually matter. But 9 times out of 10 my best games and easiest wins, are when we say GG at the end in chat after using nothing but pings. Keep in mind I mean ranked. Unranked? Naw, I ain't talking to anyone for anything.


I just play better when I don't communicate with other players, I'm more concentrate that way


Yea the audio from other people overstimulate me and I perform worse


You're so innocent to think they're shy. Actually they are in their console chat/Discord and communicate between each other while forgetting they have a random third teammate


If game chat was better, I wouldn't use console chat. But its ridiculous that game chat has to cut out at every loading screen for example. That's the the main reason I don't use it. They really need to either up the game chat or get discord integration onto the consoles.


Discord is now integrated with Xbox. You just have to complete 42 steps everytime you want to switch audio to your console !


“Terrified” lol


I've got hella mental health issues so I try not to talk as much as possible.


You’re not alone dude. Asking me what’s wrong is like cracking open a fire hydrant when you only want a sip.


Girl turn their mic on and get ignored/or told to stfu because they’re a girl/ or it becomes a hornfest and now they’re worried about her vagina and not her gameplay Minorities get on the mic and hear nothing but slurs and slander. It’s bad enough little white boys getting on the mic always ni**er this and ni**er that. I can’t IMAGINE what people with genuine accents get if/when they say hi Then most specifically apex legends teammates: You turn on your mic to be nice and instantly someone’s cursing you out and calling you an obscenity. Now let’s say that they don’t instantly berate you with insults and you guys actually touch the ground. They die, because teammates, and now because I got on my mic and said hi before they feel the green light to turn their mic on and curse me out for their bad decision in the game. In the simplest terms of all: People don’t turn their microphones on because the player base in apex legends is toxic as fuck. And it’s simply not worth the high blood pressure/ racial aggression/ sexual harassment/ etc. etc. etc. I get the grievance tho because I’ve made it to Diamond but once I make it there I quit because I solo queue apex legends. I don’t have consistent teammates and I would rather take the Diamond IV ranking every season than go through whatever I might have to just to try and get communication out of another apex player


Maybe some us just done feel like it? Why not get some friends to play with, most people asking why others are "scared to talk on the mic" are not friendly people hence why no friends to keep around and play with, your post already comes off as why won't you talk to me


Racist slurs. I've even had teammates who were completely friendly with me and went a full 180 when they heard me. And I'm extremely anxious. Bothers me for days. I'd rather put myself first and enjoy the game in a way that's comfortable for me.


As a female gamer... it's just best to not lol. Ppl are typically so rude to me. I'm not trash at the game either... so unless it's absolutely needed, I'll stay off mic.


Cause about 75% of the time, when the match ends, if your teammates know you have a mic they start yelling garbage over it about how trash I am etc. Was playing pubs, teammates were nice all match as was I, we got 3rd partied by 4 teams, they both died, and I literally had 0 ammo. As in, none. So I just went for the Rez knowing the game was over. Got called every name in the book for not being able to clutch a 1v3 while I had 0 ammo and was weak from the previous fight, THAT I DID CLUTCH WHILE THEY WERE DOWNED. To add insult to injury the last team that 3rd’ed us was a master trio stack. That’s why I don’t use my mic when I’m playing with Randoms.


Duos who play trios are the worst.




There are plenty of solos unwilling to play together, die and insult you


My child is 9 months old and I have to keep an ear out for her of a night when I get to play for an hour or 2 so I don't play using a headset, sorry in advance Yours sincerely - trash plat pathfinder main


Few reasons for me. I have 2 very young loud children and wouldn’t want to ruin somebody’s game experience by forcing them to listen to pterodactyl screeches. I’m an anxious mess. I’m a woman and don’t want to open myself up to toxic misogyny when I’m simply trying to have fun playing a game I like.


I got called a curry ni**r multiple times so it's a no go for me.


Probably social anxiety, sorry your experience is like this but you’ll find a communicating squad some day


I typically don't have it on because I'm not the talkative type but some of the most fun I've had was chatting with other people. Sure there are the toxic ones so I immediately mute them I don't need that BS in my life. In the end I've been getting more comfortable having my mic on.


Honestly idk never had a decent gaming experience while using my mic.


Lots of people are toxic assholes, easier to keep quiet and avoid them


If you really want useful coms watch ShivFPS and just copy him. He says nothing except for useful call outs and orders his team around with pure Chad energy. If anyone steps out of line he screams at them then mutes them and keeps playing. Don’t say hi at the start of your match. Don’t introduce yourself. Just make (good) callouts and call out plays decisively.


Because I have ✨Anxiety✨


Toxicity, like every day i encounter a person that needs a break from the game and takes it out me or the other teammates for his mistakes and losses lol.


I don’t typically talk until I have to. If I can communicate what I need with pings and my teammates are following along with that or doing what needs to be done with the info, then I don’t need to talk. But, as an example, just last night… I landed in and we killed one team, but my teammate died in the process. Another duo started a fight with us, and in the middle of it I noticed 3 more people coming to join in. I pinged to leave like 3 times and my teammate kept standing and shooting, so then I turned on my mic to only say “there’s two teams, we should go now while we can”. And then my mic went back off because my teammate went with me. That’s about the only communication need I think the ping wheel needs - a “we’re being third partied let’s gtfo”


I don't worry about toxicity, that actually makes me laugh when people go off on one. I'm just not a people person and can't be bothered with all the non game releated stuff like 'so where are you from?' I'm not playing the game to have a conversation, I just wanna kill some bad guys


There is a bunch of possibilities tbh. I rarely talk in FPS games for various reasons. Sometimes, it's because I'm in a discord call with a bunch of friends already and they aren't playing the same game. In that case, I'm not gonna leave my friends Convo for in game chat. Another common reason is that I'm really into the music im listening to and don't have the mental realestate to also join voicechat. I also might just be socially drained if I had to be around a lot of people earlier that day. There is honestly a tonn of reasons.


In D2? That's pretty weird but likely they're a 2 stack in a party. I two stack through diamond often but I always switch to game chat because I can assume at least the random can hear me. If I'm solo queing I'll have my headset on but not speak until I get the feeling the other two aren't annoying/idiots. There's also the issue that game chat is far inferior to party chat. Comms are way too loud. Xbox party filters sound way better and you can customize it.


I'm the same as you once I hit diamond, ill ask if everyone is ready for a dub and see if anyone has a mic. If they reply great but they don't always. I'll do callouts during the match and afterawhile some people will then reply. That said, some people just don't want to talk, some are duod and in discord and some just don't care. It frustrates me when there's no communication in high level ranked bc its such a game changer. It just makes things inefficient. I'm not oblivios to reasons why people don't want to talk but I'm so competitive that I want them to. I don't care if you're a woman, a minority or speaking broken English, I just want to win. I'll never berate my teammates performances or who they are but for every one person like me, there's 20 assholes out there who will do the exact opposite. Those are the people who are ruining things in all honesty.


I don't mind mic-off in pubs, pubs is just for fun anyway. But in Ranked it's a whole other thing. I often find myself just talking to people, chatting about where teams could be etc. with no response. I know they can hear me, because when I say - oh hey if you find a Volt lmk they ping a Volt. But it's kinda annoying because when I try and pull a valk ult to get out of a 7th party the fact my team can't talk back really stifles the ability to play. Leads me to getting more frustrated, because randoms with no-mic will just run and push a 1v3, if they had their mic on they could say 'lets push' and I'd be up for it. But they go down, are likely fuming at me because I didn't back them up - and I'm fuming at them because idk they were going to push


i hate when they keep talking and im trying to hear the footstep audio around me. plus in my opinion you can say all you need to say just by pinging


i love getitng on mic .. i’ve had the best laughs


1. I'm often not in the mood to talk and would rather use pings 2. Ran into Way too many toxic people or trolls on vc 3. The other randoms that I play with often don't use their mics or they have vc muted. There's a bit more but the 3 that I listed are what I usually see the most when ever I play in my experience. It's true that nice/chill teammates exist and I've had good experiences with them when they had mics but at the same time, running into not so great teammates can sort of ruin the mood or just be annoying to deal with in general so I mostly would rather not deal with it.


I'm a naturally quiet guy, my responses are more on the tactical side and sometimes speaking takes longer than the action that is happening, so I just stay quiet and let my allies use their hearing to their advantage over me blabbing. I will unmute myself to give a "nice try" "well done" "good effort" sort of encouragement when it's over just to spread positivity if I enjoyed the players I teamed with.


Honestly , most of the time I have my music on and don’t want to bother everyone with the extra noise. But if I’m playing and I can hear someone else’s music , I will mic up quickly .


People assuming I’m a dude all the time makes it easier to keep my mic off for sure


Way too much experience dealing with fucking cunts in this game and if we get shit on they blame it on the girl on the team. So I keep it muted and do my best to stay aware of what my teammates are doing and use my pings.


Everyone thinks they're a fucking pro and the majority of them race ahead and try to 1 v 3 and when inevitably downed they blame the other two. Or are blasting music or talking on the phone.


Girlie here, and honestly :( I’ve gotten some fairly unsavory reactions when I have my mic on. Sometimes guys are misogynistic, or they’ll make fun of my stats. Then there’s times where they’ll be on mic for halfway through the game so I plug in my mic and speak, and they jus stop talking 😭 .. so I jus leave it off


it’s cause i’m a girl and i don’t wanna make a sandwich <33


My only experience with people that use mics is that they use them to abuse people for their own short comings people very rarely give directions on time or at all then spend the rest of the time shitting on their teammates cos they rushed into something and lost


This game has to have the worst comms of any competitive game I have ever played.


Everyone I’ve ever been paired with who has an open mic has completely turned me off of any desire to communicate aside from pings. No pings aren’t the best. I don’t mute everyone unless they give me a reason to. The few people who communicate the way you do are appreciated and if it was more common than sure maybe I would join in. But the vast majority have fucked it up so bad for me. No I don’t wanna hear your mom of siblings scream. I don’t wanna hear your music. I don’t wanna listen to your tik tok videos. Maybe it’s just me tho


My wife beats me when she hears me having fun


I think it's just from the horror stories I've heard, I usually just have voice chat turned off or I'm in a voice chat with friends, even if they are playing something else. I also have a lot of background noise at my house. Like a 6 year old all up in my business and I don't want to annoy people. Maybe I'll give it a shot though!


in my experience a lot of the times it’s a waste of breath cuz ppl either dont register the comms uve said or just become the most annoying creature the universe has spawned on the mic. i’ll unmute for absolute essentials but other than that i’ll ping my way through a game


I get annoying of edibles tbh


My mic has horrible echo so I only use it when I need to. Plus I smoke weed so I'm constantly coughing throughout the match


So typically if it’s a random they give terrible callouts. I run with a friend I’ve played with since season zero. If we play ranked I must the 3rd. Multiple call outs don’t help me. My right is not always your right and he’s typically not ‘one shot’.


Yeah I don't understand this either. Communication is way too critical to the game. If you're gonna auto mute, go play pubs where it doesn't matter


For me it’s not being “terrified” to use the mic it’s me wanting to focus on the game and I can’t do that with someone making bad calls or a toxic teammate screaming in the mic etc. I’ve found I play a lot better without coms and just pings unless it’s with people I do well with already like a close friend and even then bad coms get me killed a lot when if there was no coms I’d play the fight differently. I guess I’d rather not waste my time and effort communicating and impacting my performance in a negative way with someone I’m only playing with once.


I’m stoned and don’t wanna talk to people I don’t know haha.


Literally, most the player base is toxic AF. From young to old. It gets so annoying so I stopped playing the game with randoms now. Only time i touch the game is when I play with friends


Because I’m very high