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Update❗️ he choked his 20b4k lmao thank god he didn’t deserve those badges at all




You could try playing the first few games on the account. Maybe get her to level 10 or so. It won’t fix the Smurf issues completely but it’ll help at least


Yea that’s what I’m doing lol I’m just dying over and over again trying not to kill anyone because I don’t want the game to be under the impression that she’s getting real good. I am however getting a kill every like 3 games to balence it


What a bro 👏 turning the wraith stereotype around for the rest of us


Yea, I’m also being a loot delivery service to people… doesn’t work out much 😂


I feel this 🤦🏽‍♂️ the pain of bringing someone a mag but they just keep walking past it




Most people have absolutely *zero* spatial awareness, either in-game or in real life. They're the kind of person that will walk right past a "CLOSED" neon sign and hammer on the door of a shop that has no lights on asking someone inside to open up.


smh these people get free stuff but dont get the stuff


It's actually really fun find a squad and just follow them. When they start shooting work on using cover and disengaging and repositioning. You'll die alot but you'll also get better in time too.


Yeah and play with inverted sticks lol


Its so annoying. I run into smurfs all the time in ranked, like level 25 bronze 4’s… I’m assuming they’re wrecking pubs until the SBMM takes over, then they’re like “oh lets go stomp some bronze players then.”


Most likely


Was grinding rank the other day, working on getting out of silver. My team was doing pretty well with a few kills, then we ran into a smurf squads. Their wraith did 3k damage and 15 kills. Absolutely disgusting. They have nothing to do at these ranks but they keep smurfing and ruining ranked for everyone else. And they do the same shit in pub too.


To be fair some people get ranked down after time off. I took two seasons off and came back to Bronze. My first few matches were the weirdest shit ever. It was a mix of kids looking absolutely lost, and tap strafing demons on smurf accounts. I'm not gonna lie some of the kills I got in Bronze and Silver made me feel filthy.


Yeah no in that case it was a full team of level 20 Wraith/Path/BH with way too many damage and movement tech. I understand that diamond trail players can get deranked very far if they didn't play SP, but it was definitely not the case there.


Me and my friend have been playing in bronze lobbies on PC and it’s legit allll smurfs


I know right, I haven’t played in almost two seasons so I was like cool, I will be in bronze, I can warm back up get use to the game again. It’s smurfs and diamond players. I have a 0.5 kd, it’s not fun.


Haha what a loser how does someone choke in a lobby full of level 1-20s


He probably got a taste of his own medicine and became food for other smurfs.




There are other smurfs in the lobby.


You're assuming the lobby us actually balanced?




Haha this comment is underrated, I chuckled out loud, thank you




Fuck smurfs


But honest to got Apex is a terrible first game for somebody to play. Set her up on Titanfall 2 and let her play the campaign. Campaigns are there to help you learn the game in a lower stakes environment with no other players depending on/cursing you. I never would have played apex if I hadn't already put like 4000 hours into the franchise. And I was STILL getting my face ground into the dirt for months cuz of the high TTK.


Bruh playing titanfall and going to apex is like getting... *grounded*


Ah shit, the gravity is beginning to kick in


It's like getting out of a pool after being in it for a while


Underrated comment right here


Odds are that a first time titanfall player won't notice any difference except for the wallruns and double jumps. Once you get into advanced movement is where it becomes an entirely different game. Damn now I want to get back into speedrunning Titanfall 2.


The amount of times I was jumping against walls and trying to slide hop…


Also want to say that they may have had to be in the lobby since there's no cross progression. I just got a PC that can finally run apex and it's not like I could click "I'm actually around level 1100, please put me in tryhard pubs". I just had to knock a ton of people and figured I might as well get the badges since I'm here. Admittedly it was so easy that it was not fun, but I had no other choice


When I migrated to PC from Xbox, I played like a newbie anyways. Learning MnK after years of controller play was rough. I hadn't played an FPS on PC in a decade. Being in the scrub lobbies helped me acclimate.




I can actually vouch for the fact that no, matchmaking doesn't put you in high level lobbies by a couple games, it took me about a dozen+ games on ps5 to actually reach harder lobbies


They contribute to the decline of a game because they don’t want to play with people of their skill level. If people of your skill level are better than them, than why play? Just adapt to it and have fun. I play destiny 2 and PvP has no SPMM so I’m always paired with the best, I don’t complain


Too bad Control isn’t permanent or more regular because it could allow new players like this to easily get used to the game without the stress of the BR mode. And smurfs don’t really affect control. I’ve won games where the enemy team has like 3-4 players with 10+ kills but they’re not playing the objective so we still end up winning plus control can still be fun even if you don’t win.


Yep, I find Control game mode to be quite fun even not winning alot. Since you get to participate quite well with the match, do some kills and be satisfied even you do get killed eventually since you will respawn anyways. I played it quite alot even after coming home from work. I normally don't play sweat plays after work since I'm already mentally drained to be stress out as if I'm still working.


Absolutely. I'm trying to learn PC (lifetime Xbox user) and it would be nice to just focus on combat, instead of looting for 7 minutes and then dying immediately because I'm struggling to run using a keyboard.


Yup control or basically any death match type of mode. Even if they just make an offline mode so new players can play a free roam or campaign or something in kings canyon or a basic map. That would be so cool. Edit: Just wanted to add, Apex Legends in its current state is no way an easy game for a first time fps player to magically start winning. It has a very high learning curve and will require a lot of persistence and practice to get better at. From time to time it will also involve getting shit on by players who've been playing for years. That's just how the games have always been.


Arenas honestly helps with learning the game and what guns you work best with. I play arenas more than the battle royale mode because it's the game mode that I learned the game on in a satisfying way. As a noob playing rampart in arenas against other noobs, it was pretty satisfying to get a 3k in a game where I had no idea what I was doing haha


Yea exactly


Just curious, but what would be your play if you were going to try and play WITH your sister? This is the issue I'm having now that my brother is new trying to get into the game. I'm only average or slightly above (2.5k badge my highest) and even my lobbies SBMM is so far beyond a new player theres no way for us to play together and him learn anything. The Gold ranked lobbies are also too difficult. So my issue is do I make a new account to play in rookie lobbies with him or just accept that we can't play together until he puts in a ton of hours alone??? It's tough when the SBMM is so finely tuned in Apex.


If you have two systems or whatever I say play with them on a new account that’s what I’m gonna do I’m downloading Apex on my switch and letting her play on my Xbox while she wants to


That's how I feel but then realistically im smurfing even at my averageish level. I know it's different than masters preds coming into new lobbies, but idk.


Yea I mean just chill and don’t take a lot of fights let them do a lot of damage and if one goes down then fight


Control helped me improve soooooo much, even if I was mostly getting merked by masters and diamond level players. I wish it was permanent. My average damage in games has increased a lot, as has my kd. When I started on PC I got 0 damage for most games to begin with; now (and I bought a Switch) it's more like 0.8... a drastic improvement


Yeah smurfs ruin the experience for new players. Also why didn’t you start her on an easier fps type of game?? Apex is a fast combat style game for beginners. She’s never played an fps game, it’s normal for her to get destroyed (don’t be weird redditors) until she gets the concept of an fps, I would have chosen something a little bit easier like COD campaign or a halo campaign for starters


She saw I was playing it and wanted to play, I got her in firing range on my acc so she could learn the basics ex: shooting/moving. She said she really liked it so I made her her own account where she can play and not have to go against sweats/ my lobbies.


Unfortunately most higher rank players reach a point where they can’t advance and to feel better, like a god per say or make content, they make new accounts to mop the floor with the new players. It sucks but that’s how apex is at the moment


Yep and it’s sad, on my main account I went against a level 8 with 4K 20b and the 3-3-3 trio kill badge lol


I usually report them (probably doesn’t do much) and call them out via the text to chat feature even if they are my teammates. They usually get all mad saying they aren’t smurfing and stuff but one knows when a Smurf account pops up.


Well,most of the "new players" are smurfs so they are kind of playing at the same level. At least i suppose


Start her in arenas




Loved control, can't wait for it to come back.


That mode is the perfect training [ground](https://youtu.be/HmZj8fmgt1I). I legitimately improved my wingman play noticeably over the course of a weekend. Can't wait for it to return


I liked control better than the base game lol


Can be a good idea but also the matchmaking can be horribly unbalanced! I have a new account on my new Switch, level 13, and I'm getting put on a team of two 130+ players against a team of three 200+ players... no, I'm not just that good at the game lmao


Make her play titan fall 2 single story


Apex is a terrible first game for somebody to play. Set her up on Titanfall 2 and let her play the campaign. Campaigns are there to help you learn the game in a lower stakes environment with no other players depending on/cursing you. I never would have played apex if I hadn't already put like 4000 hours into the franchise first. And I was STILL getting my face ground into the dirt for months cuz of the high TTK.


Maybe you should have tell her that it is a very difficult game and for a beginner, this isn't the best


Is she playing controller? I’d actually recommend Apex Mobile in that case because it’s pretty similar, supports controllers, and you basically get bots for the first 5 or so levels so it’s great for easing you into the game, learning how to position, use abilities, etc.


bro really said don’t be weird


I’d say destiny is an easier FPS to get the hang of than COD or any other


Forgot about destiny tbh


Yea pve is so much easier to learn with. I’d even say go with something like mass effect or borderlands


Borderlands might be a bit too "colorful" for a little girl. Pretty raunchy jokes in that one. Great game for anyone older, though!


who knows what little sister means though. could be 14 and OP’s like 18 lmao. i started playin GTAV with my friends when we were in elementary school, borderlands isnt HORRIBLE, actually pretty funny (but i havent finished it since i have the “200 unfinished single player games syndrome)


Mass Effect is a third person game though.




Yeah tbh a pvp based game is skipping a whole step


I started playing with call of duty and there was really no sbmm. You just got put into a lobby with anyone. Literally could have someone getting a 25k nuke kill steak. And I never thought twice about it. I just played and tried to get a little better each time slowly getting better and higher kill streaks myself


So did myself, she’s a bit younger than I was when I started playing cod so I didn’t want to expose her to that sorta game with all the toxic people and all that so I let her play the game she watched me play which was apex.


Tbh I wouldn’t know anything about that. I’ve always generally muted the lobby but when I do chat . It’s never really that toxic. I thought apex was the most toxic tbh. Since people get really serious in ranked and spam ping


Ohhh boy mw2 and b02 lobby’s were like living hell with the shit you’d hear


I mean, its not really about the game. Instead of trying to find the "safest" game for her, teach her instead how to not let losses affect her. Sucks to run into smurfs but there's not really any point in doing anything but going "oh well just get into another game, you'll get better". Its pretty easy in pubs to just delete the memory as soon as you leave the game


I get your point but it's not quite the same. Apex you load in and you're trying to win for an entire 30 minutes. In cod 90% of the modes dying feeling less shit cause you just respawn instantly anyway. Looting and rotating around for 10-20 minutes to get blown off the server by a smurf seems pretty demoralizing.


If it’s her 1st FPS and 1st game, regardless of who she’s going up against idk if she’d comprehend all of what’s going on. Maybe she should stick around a bit more


why are people giving you shit for letting her play apex as her first fps? she just wanted to play lol


Exactly thank you for actually noticing Lmao


I think it’s more of the fact he said she wouldn’t play again because she got killed. I mean if it’s someones first fps ever do they really expect to win a game of Apex. Give a controller or mouse and keyboard to someone who’s never played an FPS before and they’ll probably struggle just to move around and shoot let alone win, regardless of spending a couple hours in the firing range.


I mean, if she's never played an fps before she was obviously going to die. Probably a lot. Doesn't really matter if she runs into smurfs or not.


I mean, the fun of fighting a decent player and having your throat stomped on by a smurf is kinda a huge difference. Winning isnt the only way to have a good time.


Lol but no one will ever have fun fighting a decent player their first time playing an fps game, unless that other player is also on their first few games.


Right? A decent player might as well be a tournament pro for a first time FPS player. Have you seen someone play a FPS for the first time?? It hurts to watch.


Lol yeah I vividly recall the first month playing Apex (my first FPS) was just me getting loot, getting stomped, repeat. Didn’t get a kill for weeks. But the rush when I finally did get a kill… oof. Unparalleled. It’s just tough because there’s no consistent way to practice without getting sent back to the lobby constantly and re-queuing.


Exactly! An FPS veteran legitimately playing the game for the first time will likely still absolutely stomp her in a fight on pure game sense and aim. That's just going to be the reality of a pvp fps game for a first timer to the genre.


The smurfing is completely out of control the last few seasons, it's honestly sad.




Man, you dont send rookie into blood sport ring. Go with something easier, maybe Serious sam on easy diff levels to she catch up with aiming first


"Needless to say"? If dieing your first game is enough for you to never play again, Apex is not the game for you.


Dying, not dieing.




Wow, I posted it on Facebook and mods took it down in 10 minutes because I showed the name


Smurfex Smurfegends


Apex is anti-nooby now. There is literally no room to improve without getting your ass absolutely wiped. It's more of a learn through studying rather than a learn from trial and error type game.


What is the indication that this is a smurf account?


Took me a while, but I'm guessing the 15 kills and 3000 damage...


Level 6 with kill leader 15 kills probably


Can’t they put a system that puts under level 20’s or so into an automatic account review if they manage a 20 bomb or some shit like its so shady


Smurfing wont be battled because poor streamers cant do their bronze to master challenge every 2 weeks for free content


Ban all smurf accounts pls


I don't see the problem, she got killed?


Hey bro do you play siege or another tactical more slow pace shooter? Maybe she could try that!


Yea I do, she saw I was playing this and wanted to play this so that’s the only reason she’s playing this lmao


You must pass the torch of Siege to another person 😢 just as I have received and I have done...


SIEGE??? are you insane?


What? It's just an ordinary level 6 pla-OH MY GOODNESS.


Make a smurf account and squad up with her but hold back until you spot a player like that and then take them out. I did that with a few of my friends. I was essentially their bodyguard for the first dozen levels.


That’s pretty smart, the thing is I only have 1 Xbox so I’ll have to download apex on my switch and just squad on there


Wonder which streamer this is doing a solo bronze to pred video..


Probably another itztimmy fanboy, I will admit I watch his content sometimes but I don’t like how he smurfs


Love Timmy, never agree with anytime the big streamers smurf.


Yeah smurfs like this is the worst. And I like how they think they are soooo gud... Like no dude you are just abusing the system! Grow up!


Apex is hard. Not a good idea to start playing FPS like that.


Bruh these dumb motherfuckers really out here justifying this dude. Fuck smurfs.


I've noticed the amount of smurfs this season is crazy and annoying


Smurfing is like going back to kindergarten because you can't handle college.


If you care about her mental health, keep her away from toxic online games, dude. I wish someone did that for me when I was young.


Smurfs in this game, or all video games, are like full grown adults playing dodgeball against 1st graders


How is nobody talking about the lack of cross play progression? Just got a PC and felt awful playing pubs to unlock ranked mode. Also don’t have any of my skins or characters unlocked like I did in PS


I think I created multiple smurfs to try and get the 20 4 k but when I got it, I felt nothing, then I felt joy after getting 4K on my main, and I was ecstatic, don’t be like me and create smurfs play on ur main


According to respawn and mostly everyone on this sub there is nothing wrong with smurfing. This was probably a big streamer whose chat goes crazy everytime they do anything.


ppl like this are in my ranked plat lobbies


Because she was killed in her first game? Queue another. Smurf whining is the most obnoxious shit ever.


I dunno. Having such a small dick you need to smurf is also pretty obnoxious.


I think it is justified though. Smurfs are assholes


Your little sister died once and doesn't want to play anymore? How does she even know what a good player looks like? When I was young and dumb I just played and died, and didn't pay attention to stupid shit like this. i'd sooner believe this post is probably you trying to smurf and getting outsmurfed.


She doesn't know what a good player is because OP made up the story for karma after getting killed by a smurf lmao


That is 100% what happened here


If she quits after failing once, that's her problem. Getting up again and learning from mistakes is an important skill to have, not just in a videogame.


Apex needs to exterminate all these Smurfs


I don't understand, how can you tell if it's a smurf account. I'm new to this sub


Sorry, that happened to her. I hope this experience doesn't discourage her. She can come back, taking a few hours each day to improve her skill, and she’ll be a beast before she knows it. Maybe you can activate the dummies and let her fight those. The Devs will not stop smurfs, jerks will continue to smurf, but it is a real tragedy if she gives up a hobby she's interested in.


I used to get shit on in cod as a kid too. Made me want to get better so I’m thankful for it. I get smurfing is a problem but it’s a bit of a weak mindset to not want to improve


Hahahahahhahahahha maybe don’t start her on one of the sweatiest FPS games that’s out then you clown. This Smurf is king scum but you def didn’t do your sister any favors starting her on apex


Smurfs make up half the player base. Jump from one account to another.


100% you were actually just smurfing and got hit by this guy and made up a story about your little sister playing


Yeah maybe don't throw her into the deep end, with a competitive shooter. Start her off on singleplayer or co-op games.


Yep we’re playing the titanfall games now


The issue with smurfing is, how do you make a system that quickly bumps smurfs up to the skill level they’re supposed to be against, without fucking it up for a random player that just gets a lucky match


Get her into Splitgate. Everyone's got the same HP/ttk and you get to respawn quick AF during the match. Its loads of fun and even if she can't figure out portaling, gun play keeps you alive just as well.


Seems like a skill issue. Jk fuck that guy


Oh yea he def has a skill issue lmao he choked the 20b4k against bots


This is just sad


This is sad, hope she wants to give it another go some time


What are Smurfs?


Playing apex on PC for the first time and I’m fighting either Smurfs galore or being fucked over by apex legends’ dogshit matchmaking and fighting masters. Level 21 with an extremely low K:D cause I’ve never played PC until now and I’m fighting gods.


Last year my friend tried but, she was getting stomped so she didn't want to play anymore. It sucks to deal with. Good news is that I've slowly stopped playing.


Yea and she’s been asking me to teach her how to play video games for like a week now and I finally got a chance yesterday and she ran against this, it’s just sad to me


why was her first fps apex, a toxic as hell community that would probably ruin a child's innocence just by proximity


It seems to be his 2,643rd failed attempt at the 4K20B because he’s never been outside and can’t handle SBMM. Loser.


When I moved from PS4 to PC, I faced some people like your sister. I saw somebody who couldn't look around and move at the same time. I felt so bad I popped a couple shots into them and around them to give them some thrill while they tried to shoot at me, then ran off. It was interesting to have about 2/3 of the lobby playing very simplistic, then have an actual veteran fight you could tell instantly when you had to turn off the, "go easy on everyone" and start dodging to get into an actual position to take someone on. Felt bad for the first 10 levels, but the game literally wouldn't let me just jump into ranked so I just had to feel bad lmao. I hope these new players give it more than one chance, it's the reason why my girl won't play and it does really suck that she's so down on it.


I felt you and your sisters pain man. Im just taking a break from apex bc rn. I think it's full of crap, and respawn has a lot of issues to fix.


I do have a Smurf I made (season 3) I never tried for badges I really just made it to help a friend who struggles in silver rank…now I don’t need the smurf cuz he can keep up with me but these type of people should 100% be banned trying hard like that I guarantee he has 10-15 smurfs too


Yea and he choked the 204k so he’s probably gonna be in real lobbies now so he most likely made a different new acc


Lmao sad I know pubs has been ridiculous but cmon this adds on to even more stress on these players trying to learn the game


It's just too easy for xbox players to make a new account and smurf or cheat at whim with no fear of bans


Well for me when i started to play with a friend on the PS it looked the same... i had around 500 hours on PC and was a shooter veteran on Console so my controller aiming is above average. If one does this to just feel good he is an asshole but tbh you cant know.


I played a couple smurf games on my gfs Xbox and felt bad. Can't imagine doing it deliberately. Makes you wonder if they just get the 20b4k and then try to sell the account.






Yeah I hate it too. U want friends to join the game and they absolutely get demolished by some bhopping flying ass valk main that can basically 360 noscope your whole fucking team. I have to rat with them even on normal trios. Not like they are fps players or even have a knowledge about BR type games. But u can’t just start fresh in Apex, if u do it without knowledge or experience they go hard on you.




Smurfs are annoying, but realistically playing a competetive shooter on PC where you only have 1 life as your first FPS expereience isn't really the best move. The entry level is so high, especially on ones that have been out for a while and 90% of the playerbase have been playing the game for 5 years. Console is a much more noob-friendly experience, and something like CoD even better as there's much less punishment for dying etc.


lmao, the game would still put her up against preds, no?


Start her in firing range lol, and she's gotta accept most games you lose. Just try and try again. And maybe stop whining so much


This game is sweaty af, set her up with a campaign like others said or give her bfii offline mode


Yea I’m having her play the titanfall games, she doesn’t seem that uninterested so that’s good


Respawn Devs, hello?


If she's going to play FPS, she should get used to getting her teeth kicked in. I've been playing Apex since season 0 and I still get oooowwwwewned by better players. That's never going to change. However, if you keep playing she should get away from thos smurfs around lv 25-30


That's like giving someone their first drink and it being a long island ice tea 😂


💀 okay yea I get it lmao this wasn’t such a great game to start on


*cue the fumbled reloading nightmares* 🤣


Jesus Christ if apex was the first game I ever played I probably wouldn’t playing video games right now


Ffs i feel so bad for new or bad players


I thought this post was satire until I saw how many kills in the top right corner


Am i missing something? It looks like a normal account to me


15 kills


Welcome to apex,land of smurfers,its pretty common,many accounts they are selled after with the 4k badges,master bages or pred,so its more like a bussins also


I don’t understand why these people play Pubs.


I’m assuming this is some apex pro playing on a Smurf account?


Apex is a horrible first game to learn FPS. Get her to play some story based games to get used to the mechanics and THEN you throw her into cancerous hellscapes like Apex...


Ur sister deserves better :(


Remove SBMM or tone it down a bit and people wouldn’t have to Smurf


I think damage and kill badges should be disabled until you get to like level 50 or something.


Apex was my very first FPS too. Started a little over a year ago. It was harrowing at first- didn’t even get one kill til a month in. I’m still not good, but the game is now much more fun. May be a tough first FPS, but but it’s addictive and crazy fun compared to others I have tried since. I’m almost to level 500 now.


I’ll play with your little sister (if she is 18+ not tryna be weird) but I just started to play too. Im female 27 just a boring wife trying to connect with my brother more lol


just switched to PC feel bad for the ppor noobs getting stomped lmao. #AddCrossProgression


Try Apex mobile w controller , its innocence is still intact for now. At level one everyone is still pretty new too


If ur gonna set sum1 up on a fps try overwatch or paladins or destiny something where she wont instantly get demolished


Why apex as a a starter? Don't get me wrong Apex is one of my favourite games but man it is NOT a good starter. Siege is probably better ngl.


She saw me playing and wanted to play, I told her that it’s challenging and she should try something else before but she said she wanted to play the game you were playing.