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The new ranked system broke the ranked mode. I'm now in gold 4 and I have been experiencing the same shit.


In season 12 top 4.5% was Master, in season 13 top 4.5% is Plat 4. In season 12, 33% of players were Plat 4 to Diamond 4. Now it's 4.5%. In season 13, the top 4.5% of players are spread out over the top 10 ranks. 10 out of 22 ranks. Almost half of the ranks. Because you can only get out of Plat 4 if you're a Pred player. This ranked system is unbelievably terrible. [Stats are here.](https://apexlegendsstatus.com/game-stats/ranked-distribution)


*Me hitting plat 4* Oh yeah, I'm a pred now.


I’m gonna flaunt the fuck outta the plat badge and holospray since I’m not getting the dive trail 🤣🤣🤣


only 343 from plat 3 oof. \#platgang


Plat is the new diamond flaunt that shit my man hahaha


Honestly I feel like the whole issue is that Plats and Golds are getting matched against Masters / Preds in the first place. The top players don't want it either because its bad RP gains for them. They need to fix the matchmaking so Golds and Plats don't get put into Pred lobbies and Preds only face Diamond - Pred players. Who cares if they have to wait a whole minute or two for a game. If they made this change then more people would be able to get to Plat and Diamond because they don't have to worry about being owned by people above their skill level until they hit the higher ranks and would even out the curve a bit. It is crazy to me that they still haven't fixed the matchmaking back to how it was before this season, Preds have faster queue times now then they did with more Diamond / Masters players in previous seasons.


Trust me bro ain’t no pred complaining about getting gold or plat KP LOL. Most of the time they play certain times or certain servers (like switch to EU at nighttime) just to match up against golds and plats. Matchmaking is ass.


Who needs to play Sao Paulo when Sao Paulo comes to you


There is plenty of preds complaining about facing golds. They want a challenge and sweaty endgames. They do not want to be griefed by gold players making dumb plays. Why would preds want to farm golds and gain rp if their competitors can do the same?


Pro players for sure have an issue and maybe some of the more competitive preds. But for the most part, preds don't mind lol.


Can you name who these people are? I'd like to read more of their thoughts.


Almost every actual Pro has complained about it over the first split. I enjoy watching Pred level apex on twitch so I bounce around a lot of their streams and heard the same complaint. They hate having Golds and Plats in their lobby because they make stupid pushes that either get the pros killed by a third party, or if the pros win they complain because the low ranks are only worth like 25% of a Master player.


The casuals won’t believe you. But preds/pros don’t want golds in their games because it makes the lobby a glorified pub. They’re just not a challenge to them. Pros want to be tested.


I've heard complaining on stream from hal, sweet, staynaughty and nafen for sure. I've heard others but I don't exactly remember who.


Look at any pro and their thoughts on the ranked system such as Hal or sweet. The matchmaking sucks for the ranked system.


I literally cannot play on the servers in my country without fighting predators and Masters because switch to my servers so they can specifically grind against silver and golds. It's even a term in the community, ever heard of Sao Paulo servers? While I was playing in gold I would get on average five to seven predators in my lobby that were typically with a master. Granted this is it being worse in the new season but even before that I'd find two to five in my lobbies. I think I even have a clip from last season where I got put into a lobby that was mostly predators


Maybe there’s pro players complaining about golds but the vast majority of pred players without a big name could care less


>Honestly I feel like the whole issue is that Plats and Golds are getting matched against Masters / Preds in the first place. It's definitely a huge problem, but I view this as the symptom rather than the cause. Having fewer players in the high ranks means makes the matchmaking less efficient. >Who cares if they have to wait a whole minute or two for a game This is not the reality of the situation. When this ranked system was first introduced at the beginning of the last split, queues were taking 45 minutes to pop before they loosened the matchmaking to expand outside of diamond. It's not an exaggeration, and I watched it happen. Some might say this is fine, but I don't think it's healthy for the game either. People will compare to League and Dota queues for high rank players, but I don't buy the comparison, because on average their matches take 35-40 minutes whereas an apex match can take anywhere from one to a bit over twenty. And there is no good reason that masters players shouldn't be 3-5% of ranked players aside from people wanting to gatekeep higher ranks. By stratifying high skill players across more ranks, the matchmaking becomes more efficient. Even if there aren't enough masters players to fill the queue, they can at least fill with diamond players. As it stands now, so many players of widely different skill levels are sandwiched in gold, and so few are in plat/diamond (and almost none in masters, since almost everyone over 10k was a pred, even at the end of last split I think), that it makes efficient matchmaking impossible.


It would be a lot more than a couple minutes im pretty sure.


I guess everyone who took probability and statistics has left Respawn at this point. Notice those nice bell curves in the Arenas graphs? That’s how the BR graph should look. Ranked methodology is broken until the graph shows a normal distribution. That’s just math.


It is shocking the number of people unironically arguing that a bell curve rank distribution is *bad* for the game and that 99% of people should be Gold 1 or lower. The fact that I have even seen a single person saying that if you don't like the ranked distribution you should 'get good' is astonishing.


And if you look at the previous seasons, the 'high' number of players in Plat 4 and Diamond 4 are clearly those who got a run of good luck, ranked up, and then got hardstuck. The old ranking but allowing tier demotion would likely have resulted in a proper bell curve centred on Plat 4. They changed too much stuff at once, which screams "I have no idea what I'm doing" when it comes to delicate balancing involving millions of datapoints.


Saying this at the beginning of the change was met with, "You just suck at the game and are seeing your true rank." All they needed to do was the demotion and team share kp. Those 2 changes alone make the game better.


It is only your true rank if the overall distribution is a bell curve. Current BR ranked histogram shows nothing of the sort. So people saying you suck are full of shit.


I think the issue is they changed what the ranks mean and people are having a hard time grasping that. I'm not saying anyone sucks or not. What it took to get out of plat is not what it takes to get out of gold. That's okay to me, people are just annoyed by the notion that each rank is harder and upset that they aren't reaching their previous peak rank... Instead of considering it a whole ranked reboot. Which it was.


The issue is that they messed it up entirely and people were defending it. They made too many changes and none of the ranks unless you grind 8-12 hours daily actually reflect true ranks. All ranks show the dysfunction of too many changes.


Literally comstant dogging any time people said anything about ranked and look at the sub now I wear all those downvotes from last month like a badge of honor lmao


They didn't want to hear it. Whether all 20 teams drop first zone or last zone, it's the same chaos at one point in the match. Weirdest takes I ever saw. People were really blind.


I disagree with the comment of "run of good luck." I don't think you can "luck" yourself into levelling up 4 levels. Maybe they got carried by friends but, again, that's not luck. For me I can notice a clear difference between gold 1 and plat 4 and plat 1 and Diamond 4, my buddy noticed a difference between D1 and masters. So some of these players are just hitting that new rank for the first time and its gonna take time to adjust to the new level of competition.


By that I mean players that are really gold 1/2 skill level, and are really struggling with the amount of plat 1 players they now get matched with, but get 3 or 4 good top 3 finishes with a few kills in a row for the last 500 points to rank up. These players should naturally rank back down and yo-yo a bit, but can't so are locked in plat 4. I know this because I am describing my own skill and experience in previous seasons. Make it to plat 4 through a bit of luck, and then get dunked on for the rest of the season!


My point is I don't think that's luck! The skill gap between Plat and gold lobbies is drastically larger than the skill gap between gold 1 and gold 2. In fact, I think if you can get out of 4, then all you need to do is work on your consistency. I think a lot of players YoYo because currently their skills fall directly in-between gold lobbies and plat lobbies. They better than gold but not as good as plat. And that's okay but I think that's kinda glossed over. It's like someone who dominated college basketball but gets overwhelmed in the NBA. Because there's a large leap of a difference. It's gonna take some time to adjust and improve. That's why personally I liked the demotion protection. (But I can understand why some others don't). Imagine if you graduated college, got your first job. And if you messed up 3 times they fired you and sent you back to school lol thatd be wildly annoying.


>The old ranking but allowing tier demotion would likely have resulted in a proper bell curve centred on Plat 4. This is the only change that was truly needed. Though I like one of their other changes as well: the addition of increased RP entry cost for every x amount of points over 10k to make the #1 pred race more interesting. This also has no effect on anyone who is not a predator, so it's not a game changer for 99.9% of the playerbase.


A run of good luck? You could get to platinum, with ease, without ever firing your gun... You could even get to diamond the same way it just took a while. Old rank system only with demotion added would still just have everyone running around pushing every fight though. A lot of the ranked changes were done to make matches more competitive, incentivize playing slower, picking the right fights, understanding positioning, and going for high placement. The ranked changes definitely went a little too far in that direction but the old system really wasn't good and the matches weren't competitive in any sense of the word. They were just pubs 2.0. Regardless, Respawn are already dialing some of the changes back a bit. They've lowered RP costs and who's to say they won't make further changes next season and beyond, to find the right balance. The big issue in ranked right now is 3-stacking preds ending up in matches with plat players in certain regions/certain times but that's really more an issue with the matchmaking.


The matchmaking is broken because people are not spread over the ranks. They are not spread over the ranks due to the sweeping changes that were made to RP gains. Yeah, the latest changes may help in the new split, but they could have made smaller incremental changes rather than breaking everything and ruining the experience for a lot of people.


I got downvoted to hell last season with all the people trying to say “get gud dude” for not liking how you need to play to consistently get RP. The game is dead to me now. Ranked is awful. Pubs is filled with people that think ranked is awful too. What a sad way for the game to go. Go ahead an appeal to your streamer base… the less than 1% of players. Seems like a good business model.


How can we trust the stats on that page when they don't display personal stats correctly?


Insane reply, just loved reading it. There is no point in having so many ranks when only 4.5% of the player base occupies 10 whole divisions, it's simply not a healthy bell curve. Hope these guys see it and get their heads together. u/el_sanchimoto u/RSPN_Hideouts u/rspn_exgeniar u/lowkeydbjosh u/RSPN_JayBiebs u/RaymeCV


It's always been terrible, last season they still shit on the average player because so many people were bottom feeding plat and diamond lobbies (plat could face preds in rare occasions). This season highlights how much of the skill gap is between preds/master and everyone else. They need longer queue times so they can play with actual masters and preds, probably diamonds. ​ I think ranked matches are better in sub plat than previous seasons, the bottom feeders are mostly in their proper rank, but as soon as you hit plat, you have a higher chance of facing preds which just ruins the match for the average player that doesnt get to play 3+hrs a day


It isn't terrible, plat is the new master. It makes sense because master and diamond had lost all respect. Everyone was posting about how they "ratted to diamond/master without shooting anyone" so they did exactly what everyone asked for and made plat equal to master last season. Now diamond and master has meaning and you can not (realistically) rat to diamond. Imo they were harsh with the changes to lower ranks, but reduced the entry cost massively this split so that should balance it out. Diamond and master should not be easy to achieve for a casual player, and it isn't anymore. Plat is the new diamond and master, people just need to get used to it and wait for old trails to expire for things to some what make sense again. I am totally fine with them reverting to the old system as long as they make dive trails for season 13 permanent like season 2 and 3. I haven't seen any rewards leaks so I think a special badge or permanent dive trails for this season may be a possibility.


>Because you can only get out of Plat 4 if you're a Pred player. That's a bit extreme. It wasn't easy but got out of Plat4 just fine last split, before the changes that made it easier, as a solo queue previously Diamond player. Plat is now both easier and more difficult than S11/S12 Diamond lobbies depending on the specific lobby you're in. People don't realize how much of a difference there was between Plat and Diamond previously and now are discovering when getting to Plat from Gold.


The ranks I stated are going to slowly drift upwards over the split because that's how ranked resets work, everybody goes down suddenly and slowly goes back up. At the start of the split almost *everybody* in Plat 4 would've been a previously Pred/Master player and that will slowly change over time. But according to the stats Plat 3+ today is still the equivalent of high Master to Pred last season, and Plat 4 today is still Master or just below Master from last season.


Guess I'm a Pred player cus I hit D4 wtf


You are climbing while playing against master and preds, so yes. You will probably get pred if you keep playing. Edit: Also currently Diamond 4 is top 0.3% of players which is about what Pred was in Season 12 (0.24%), so yeah, you are already pred pretty much


Yeah I get you. I mean we can compete with masters but as a duo we get stuck because we haven't found a reliable third. Having 3 coordinated people who are also good constantly isn't easy, plus schedules and all that. You basically gotta make Apex your life if you wanna be a Pred and it ain't worth it for me. At least my trail next season will mean something I guess.


I’ve been away from the game for a long time. What did they change that caused all of this? I only played a few ranked matches when they shifted the ranks and then stopped playing all together


> In season 13, the top 4.5% of players are spread out over the top 10 ranks. 10 out of 22 ranks. Almost half of the ranks. Because you can only get out of Plat 4 if you're a Pred player. Well, S12 end bottom Preds were at 27k points, which is a 17k point difference to 10k Master. That could easily fit a couple of full ranks inbetween, so it's not that surprising if you think about it. It's whack that these people are matched together - both now and last season - despite there being such a big gap.


an even distribution of players (s12) in each rank makes perfect sense for matchmaking.


So if I get to plat 3 this split I should take pride in being one of the best? I feel like it's highly doable and I definitely don't feel like one of the best. But I will talk my shit lol.


Statistically if you can get Plat 3 right now you are better than the lower tier master players last season.




Im currently plat 2 100 away from plat 1, duo queue a couple days this season but mostly soloing. I wouldn’t be so frustrated playing the game if matchmaking didn’t put me with people who are still in gold duo queuing with no comms. Had two guys duo queuing, and as soon as the game started they were already talking shit to me about how they were gonna carry, etc, etc. They rush too hard at the first team we see, they get knocked I clean up the last two kills. I mistakenly rez them, they valk Ult, pretend to wait for me, then leave right before I connect to valk. They push another team, get a knock, both die, talk more shit then insta leave. Matchmaking is in a verrrrry weird spot rn for people without teams.


I know this is an unpopular opinion, but last season’s ranked was pretty balanced. Maybe it was a little too easy to hit diamond, but it was a lot closer to balanced than this season.


Diamond player here (never been Pred) I don't think the ranked system is terrible, but it definitely needs work, first and foremost the matchmaker I think is the biggest problem. I definitely think s13 split 1 was far too punishing but a step in the right direction away from S12 where there were over 100k masters and Pred cap was something like 30k, purely because it was too easy to gain RP. The biggest problem with the current ranked system (other than matchmaking) is the fact that the ranked playerbase has declined significantly because people got master last season and instantly think they're a master level player because of that. Because of the highly inflated master numbers last season, a lot of people think this way and end up leaving ranked to go back to pubstomping because their own ego doesn't want to believe they can't be the highest rank when it was achieved in the easiest season to do so. Master is still a good achievement though, I think people should just be happy with their ranked badges and use this season as motivation to get better so they can get them again.


“In season 12, top 4.5% was master” Pro players: Everyone and their mom can get masters! Lets make the game harder! Amazing how apex listens to the top 5% of the community and not the other 95%. At least ranked seemed balanced as a casual player. If they wanted harder games, they had ALGs for that. Even just leaving the KP range and only changing it so people can de-rank themselves would have been a less-harsh change. My sister asks me to play apex with her and I’ve been respectfully declining. I then proceed to draw or do whatever peaceful hobby I can come up with just to be accompanied by her screaming rage in the next room. All of the preds/masters who “can’t hang” in ranked this season have decided to three stack pubs. And even they are losing their pub matches. I’ve never played a game so damn difficult for a solo player. Just thinking about playing apex drains my energy. All of this on top of the constant bugs and complaints I see on the reddit. All of which were barely addressed by EA.


Broke ranked and then trickled over and broke pubs.


I’ve been saying it the new ranked system broke matchmaking in general. I know people complained about the SBMM before but it is non-stop getting fried by Masters and preds this season even in pubs and it sucks the fun out. My stats across the board are on pace to be some of my worst ever.


I am G3 rn but never faced such i think due to servers... In singapore after diamond u dont get games so preds play in Eu Na.. If u can play on high ping try Sg server as G3 ull get silver golds only and rarely below silver..


My first game in plat 4 last night ended after getting absolutely destroyed by a three stack current masters within the space of about five seconds after a teammate got knocked. They all had about six kills a piece and dominated the lobby by the time I ran into them which was the beginning of second ring


Bro I can’t make it out of bronze


Just wait, it’ll even out. /s


Didn’t get my pred badge post update and then played ranked for a few days and basically quit Apex lol Love the game but fuck that haha what’s the point. New ranked mode made the skill gap even bigger. Seasoned preds will ape the whole lobby while everyone else camps. It’s trash


I’m can’t even get past silver and I’m going up against masters


I started playing escape from tarkov instead. It has no matchmaking which makes it way more fun.


I just gave up with ranked since I’m a solo-qer and the new system just isn’t fun anymore. My main goal now is to finish out the battlepass. With Control gone and ranked the way it is, the game is hard to enjoy :/


Don’t play if it’s not fun. The BP is designed to keep you coming back, but if it’s not fun, then you should ask yourself why you’re putting all the hours into it?


The Apex battle passes are dogshit anyway, they would not even be missing out on much. If one thinks the game is unfun and has gone to shit lately make Respawn feel it by not playing. All they care about is that people are logging in every day for their metrics. That and spending money in the store. The only way they'll take notice is by slapping them in the face with a noticable hit to these numbers. Logging in everyday and playing despite not even enjoying it sends them a signal that everything is OK.


Same. I logged on today looking forward to a bit of Control mayhem. LTM has ended, oh :/ Okay... I guess I'll warm up in some Arenas. Ah potato teammates doing 50 damage a round (if I am lucky) while I carry them with 5,000 damage at the end of the game, which we lose because I can't 1v3 three rounds in a row. This game fucking sucked as a solo queuer and now it's so much worse.


>I guess I'll warm up in some Arenas. >Ah potato teammates doing 50 damage a round (if I am lucky) while I carry them with 5,000 damage at the end of the game Sounds like you warmed up.


Fuck, I forgot about the battle pass. This game made me so demotivated I forgot about what I paid for


Luckily the new "event" this week has some BP stars as rewards plus you still have plenty of time (33 days iirc)


Please don’t play if it’s not fun. That’s the only way to get the devs to make real changes. If you keep playing, they have no incentive to do anything.


I am an exceptionally bad player, my career KD is around .75. In the early seasons, like S1 or S2, my ranked KD was actually a bit higher, around .8. My ranked KD this season is .25 LMAO. Now, I've quit ranked altogether so that is a small sample size, but still.


0.75 KD isn’t exceptionally bad. It’s not great, but it’s not terrible either. If you’re less than 0.5 that’s pretty bad, though with the ranked changes I’m not surprised.


i cant even play unranked now, as most diamond/plat players are sick of ranked i guess?? What is happening... I have just played 5 games and died to tap-strafing wall-bouncing masters badged players with 5k kill counters.... Like dude i have played 50 hours of this game over the past two years. How can a casual enjoy this?


You mean to tell me it wasn’t all fixed by reducing the entry cost by 10pts?!?!/s?!?!?¿


When I first read that change, I thought, oh that might help, but then I realized that that's only 1000 RP more that you'll get over 100 games. 1000 RP isn't even a full rank (or quarter of a rank depending on how you use the word).


I mean for me it did it's thing more players Will be at platinum level so it'll be easier to get Diamond


They fucked this up so bad....there literally is too few gold and plats to fill lobbies.


Yeah this happened to me when I queued as a bronze 1 recently. I got killed by an all master ranked squad While my team was comprised of me, bronze 1, a bronze 3, and a rookie 4.


See, im willing to put up with master squads, because i understand matchmaking is difficult, however i think having literally the most highly top ranked players against golds and lower, is a piss take. They should be forced to wait longer for a game with people closer to their skill level. IMO there should be at most a one rank gap between all the squads, so for a game with a squad of all gold players, there should be max of all plat and a min of all silver


There are zero Masters (at the time of this comment) right now because there aren't 750 people on any platform to fill up the Pred rank.


Yeah, the person above must have meant previous masters as shown by their badges. Still though, even at the beginning of a split, it's so weird to me that they've designed a ranked system that allows those sorts of players to be matched against a bronze player.


Master/Pred isn't much of a skill difference really. If you're getting demolished in Gold by Predators, you'll *feel* the same experience vs Masters if you don't look at their badge first. They're just Preds that haven't put in quite as much time into farming the RP.


There's a vast difference between top preds and hardstuck 10k masters. But from a perspective of a gold player, it probably doesn't matter though.


Well yeah, how else are these "good players" supposed to farm RP and boost their rank? If they actually faced people their rank consistently they wouldn't even be #21. It's so annoying. They should get less RP for killing lower ranked players just like lower ranked players gain RP for killing higher ranked players


Bro they do


The problem is placements are everything which is a lot easier when the pred teams steam roll through the lobby


Yeah its getting so annoying, im in silver 3 rn and i just keep getting stomped by people with diamond/master trails. If i start up a match and i get in the ship and look backwards, all i see are constant bright blue trails and purples, occasionally (like one in 4 matches) theres a pred squad) but even without preds playing ranked is just impossible for me, like in what universe am i, a pathy with like 230 kills gonna win against a valk/wraith/oct squad with thousands of kills each????


Sweats be like "Tired of getting shit on by Preds in casual? Go play at your skill level in Ranked." Meanwhile in Ranked:


they prolly insulted you in stream for being trash. it's so cringe to see #1 or whatever wiping a squad of golds or plats then proceed to talk shit about they being bad. then their braindead chat is all POG POG INSANE PLAY AAAAAAAAH


Literally brain dead hive.


Lol thats fucked. here i am plat getting paired with mostly gold 4’s and either hard carrying or being left to fend for myself after they immediately die off drop doing 30 and 4 dmg thinking my games are rough.


Gold 4s or a Gold 4 who has dragged his Bronze 4 teammate into your Plat lobby to fight Predators with. Oh they got instantly bodied by a triple wingman headshot from 250m away? Awesome....


At this point in the second split you know what you've signed up from the moment you hit gold and above last split. Masters/Preds everywhere.


They should go back to season 12 ranked, but with tier demotion. Maybe some minor tweaks.


It's almost like designing ranked around the top 2% of the playerbase was a mistake.


New ranked is cheeks, I gave up after wiping 4 squads, placing 11th because of getting screwed over by having squads in every direction despite trying to land semi cold, and losing RP anyway in GOLD. fuck this game RN


Last split really messed up the system, hopefully a couple more splits of how it works right now helps. The combination of 2.5 rank drop and new stricter rp system with demotion enabled last split lead to this hell. This split is much better though, they didn’t drop people as much (1 rank vs 1.5 normal or 2.5 last split), the cost is lower, and you gain more rp for kp. I think the system this current split is actually working very well, just stinks how split 1 messed up.


> The combination of 2.5 rank drop Honestly this was so brain dead from them. Some of their other changes were bad too, but at least you could forgive them a bit for not foreseeing how they would play out (though they should have). The 2.5 demotion was just beyond stupid. All it was ever going to do was make matchmaking worse. And of course they exacerbated that problem by making it take more RP to rank up, thus increasing the amount of time good players would be climbing ranks they shouldn't be in to begin with.


The match making is so broken now especially for solo que players , plat 4 is basically masters now or shit even pred, so I shouldn’t be getting gold 2 teammates when I’m getting steamrolled buy 20 bomb 4K horizons or the occasional 20,000 apex kills pathfinders


What server do you play on? I’m on EU and have never really had any problem finding plat teammates


I’m on US and this has been my experience as well. I’m probably a high plat player if I was accurately ranked. I’m currently sitting at plat 4 and pretty much every game is just masters/pred trails coming off the ship. Couple that with the fact that I’m a solo queuer, and it’s not been all that fun. I don’t mind it so much because I just got back into the game, so I’m still getting more familiar with playing all the legends and the guns again. If I get demoted to gold again though, I’m pretty easily able to cruise right back into plat. It’s so strange how different the lobbies are. It’s like all of the higher ranked players are just fighting each other in plat and none of them can rank up because they are all still fighting each other in plat.


On ps4 me and a friend are rookie 4, other friends is bronze, we're getting matched with master players in silver, wtf!?!?!?!


They have a masters badge from a previous season? Or are they current masters? Tbf a lot of multiple "masters" players I have on my list either didn't touch Plat or got hardstuck in Plat 4. All those people got removed from my list. Masters badge don't mean shit just like the other pred trail and the old pred badge from Season 3.


If the pros wanted this then fuck em they got it but now go back and give them long queue times bc it is bs tbh


I was silver 3 last night and there were 3 preds in our lobby🤩🤩🤩


Hear me out, bronze, silver & gold queue together, plat diamond queue together, then master and pred.. seems simple enough. No mixing 3's if even 1 is out of your queue. 🤷🏽‍♂️


Lol you know maybe we should all organize and team up to take down preds. Get everyone on discord and just obliterate them. Then once they’re gone every team for themselves


You get to thank the developers for listening to said players bitching about the ranked system.


It's actually just as horrible as rookie/bronze/silver. There's never been more smurfs than now. Every streamer is doing fucking "from this to diamond" etc. streams all the time now. All the fucking time. And... well they get viewers, so I can't blame them, but still it's the worst ever ranked. I like that they tried, but fuck they tried to make it more like some algs shit, not something that casual people would enjoy. It's never a good idea to go full on "what pros want" when it comes to ranked shit.


GitGud. /s


Get a better gaming chair, noob.


Aye it's a load of shit. I'm literally uninstalling it now. Sick of playing games with people who are 10 times better than me. They shouldn't be in the same game as me. I'm just cannon fodder. It you compare me stats this season to previous seasons, they difference is night and day. I'm done with this game. It was good while it lasted.


Just shoot better 🤡


🤣🤣 when i tell you that i was dead before i even realised i was getting shot at, im not exaggerating, these guys were absolute lasers


Nothing humbles you quicker than coming up against a pred lol.


The game is designed to feed the top players. We've known this from the start.


Did you solo q and what server were you on?


Nah in a premade squad with a gold 1 and a gold 4


Harsh. In plat you are going to be thrown to the wolves anyway lol this is just a warmup for lobbys you get if you keep ranking up.


Im pretty used to having to face squads of all master or diamonds, but i really think that having players who are ACTIVELY ranked inside the top 50, vsing golds, is a farce


Yeah, I think that has more to do with you guys being a pre-made. People say it makes no difference but my experience says quite the opposite. You are only one tier away from having nearly no reason to complain about fighting sweats though. I haven't been in plat since last split but as soon as someone in our squad hit plat it got real af.


I never ran into a single diamond/master/Pred player going from plat 4 to diamond 4 this split. Guess I can just consider myself lucky, idk


I wasn't in plat this split so I can not say. I didn't see very many plats and golds in diamond though. Game has been a sweat fest since I hit plat last split haha


Technically the system isn't broke. It's just the ranks haven't had time to balance out which will probably take another season or two. But yeah. Having the worlds best destroy you at a mid rank is frustrating.


Sounds like a good system when it takes 3 seasons and thus 6 splits to be balanced. Did you inhale too much caustic gas?


I’m all for dunking on apex for their faults and errors, especially when it could have easily been avoided, but this is kind of on you sorry to say. This matchmaking issue has been known about since the beginning of the season and even as recent as days ago yet you’ve chosen to play ranked knowing it’s busted. This isn’t to dismiss this horrid issue plaguing the game nor your frustrations because it’s still an annoying problem to deal with, but it easily can be fixed by not playing ranked until they fix it. It’s become too common that people who frequent the sub post about how an extremely common and known issue happens to them when it’s been reported on for weeks/months almost. It makes me feel like people are farming karma at this point


Yes lets not continue to call them out or let people vent at all


Ranked isn't "busted" at all. Ironically, not playing ranked, as you suggest, would make the problem worse. It's as simple as there's not enough preds, masters and diamond players to populate their games so they're either put into lower levels or lower levels are dragged into their games to make the numbers up. This will be a problem until the ranked distribution evens out which sadly will take a good while. Refusing to play ranked is literally the worst thing you could do.


Ranked is broken, and you’ve said exactly what makes it broken; not even predators because of poor distribution which was a calculated choice respawn made at the start of season 13. No, people not playing ranked won’t make it worse because it’s not the majority of the player base who would do so if they took that suggestion. As a ton of people claimed, the Reddit apex base is a small minority of apex as a whole, so the few people who saw my comment no playing apex/ranked for a while won’t do much of anything to the ranked matches other than allow them time away from something they know isn’t up to par. Apex was broken by the end of season 12 and continued even to this recent update, I stopped playing because it makes no sense to put my self through the mental anguish of a game not performing properly and shafting me at every turn which reduces the quality of the time I’m playing. Everyone is free to play when and what they want to, but why is it they find it okay to knowingly enter a part of the game where it is not how it should be/broken, play in an uneven match, and post the result of said match when it’s been posted on for a month and some change? At that point they’re literally doing it to themselves, and as I said come off as they’re farming karma because they know people like you and the other 30+ eat that kind of stuff up. Not to mention, by the logic of the rules that get enforced in this sub, this apparently breaks the witch hunting one. So if you justify them breaking that rule, although I don’t get how it is a witch hunt/call to action, just so they could vent then idk.


Yeah your wrong


You'll have to explain how I'm wrong. What I said is factually correct. Go check the rank distribution for yourself.


Unless the reddit UI is messing up it looks like this guy was commenting on the original comment, not yours. But it's Reddit so it probably glitched on my end.


I fucking hate reddit. The post structure is terrible.


Amen to that brother.


I looked at the image before reading the title and thought that was you😂


I just can’t stop getting destroyed in gold in general




This is exactly why I’ve stopped playing.


I bought myself a whole new gaming setup for this season and quit after 2 weeks lol respawn can lick my dirty taint


you don't have to be good to look good... you just need Apex to place you in lesser ranked matches.




I got diamond my first ever season (last season) so I think it’s fair to say it was probably too easy to get diamond. BUT, the first half of the split this season I absolutely could not get out of gold 2, and early on this split it’s looking about the same


Or maybe it was just right and all where happy :) not sure why Respawn made the change (esp for the worst)... as solo queue now is more tedious then before


I feel like the lobbies I’m in in gold are just as hard or harder than the diamond ones I was in


I got killed by Keon in pubs so I feel your pain


Did they fix something with ranked since the split? I’m going up so easy now.


Ranked was all I ever wanted to play. I rarely played pubs. Now, I’m the opposite. Still grinding ranked but it’s a snooze. The risk/reward of early fights is not worth it, so it’s rotate to beacon, rotate to beacon, find good position for end ring, wait forever, wait some more, kill a few squads as final ring closes, get 200 or so rp and repeat. I miss mid round fights man. This is just boring.


Matchmaking has been and always will be *pathetic*


How are you guys still holding out, it broke my brain weeks ago


* eats popcorn*


Me chilling in plat 1 and yet to meet a pred squad. Masters yes, preds no


💀 and that’s why having more players in higher ranked for distribution purposes is usually better.




Bro atleast it's 69 right?


Izah936 -gamertag


This is why I hop on to play control and leave when it’s gone. The other game modes are trash as far as matchmaking is concerned. I’m only silver and still get masters and predators in my matches. It’s pointless to waste my time playing in a match with those guys because I’ll just play a looting simulation for 15 minutes and then immediately die…if I don’t get dropped on immediately. From what I’ve noticed, high tier players look for those without dive trails and hunt them down. It’s happened to me countless times.


i've bever been so close to quitting the game. what a terrible experience these days are. bad performance, lots of bugs, broken ranked system... it's so sad :(


Last season my teammate had 15k rp on ps4 which was equivalent to top 50 pred on Xbox Sadly it wasn’t enough for pred this season he’s hardstuck d4


Can't get destroyed if u don't bother playing. I'll wait till season 14 to try again. Valorant has taken over for apex right now. Just gotta ignore all the toxic asses and it's fun.


Just another reason for people to participate in No Apex August.


As a rookie 2, I got A MASTERS in my lobby fun, right?


Got to gold stopped playing this ranked nonsense I'll rather play arena over ranked this season


I gave up on ranked Modes in any game a long time ago. It just makes everything more stressful when I just want to game and chill.


The differences between ranks are fucking extreme. I demolish everybody in silver I and can't even get 3 kills in gold IV. Bruh


This is what happens when you suddenly reform the entire ranking system after 12 seasons, those who ratted or got boosted up to Diamond/Masters will get stuck in lower ranks and the result will be almost empty Diamond/Masters lobbies, and because Respawn didn't want Preds to spend extra time waiting for a game, Gold and Plats were thrown into the higher lobbies. In my opinion the best way to fix things is making four separate lobbies: Rookie, Bronze to Silver, Gold to Platinum and Diamond to Predator, this will make matchmaking times longer but I personally don't mind sitting for extra 5 minutes waiting for a game if it guarantees matching me with players on the same level.


I see more reason not to play again on split 2




Totally unrelated but are you using an AOC monitor?


Anyone in Plat 4, Dallas server that wants to get to Dimond or masters . I can play any legend I just need some support. Solo queue is awful. I'll make sure to be the best teammate !


Gotta love it when u load into a ranked game, find out both your teammates are rookie 4, then see a pred trail fly out the back of the dropship


Dealing with this ranked system has me wondering what exactly the problem was with the previous system? Like sure it may have had it's issues but surely it wasn't as fucked as this.




What I got out of this post: -69 😎


They're likely playing outside of their closest region to abuse queues, too.


Ranked was better before. I could achieve diamond and climb a bit higher if I found two good teammates to queue up with, no demotion felt good.


You know, people have said that the new ranked reloaded system isn’t actually that bad, it’s simply the matchmaking. At first I was like, well fuck that, this new system sucks anyway. But the more i think about it, the more those people were correct. Is the new ranked system wayyy harder and more punishing? Yeah, of course it is. But I really don’t think these harsh buy ins would be so bad if we actually got put up against players in the same rank as the rank we’re currently in. Its a difficult situation. I don’t seem to recall previous seasons having as broken match making, like yeah, I’ve been in silver/gold lobbies in prior seasons with the odd diamond sprinkled in there, but never a predator. Of course, the only way they could make this better is by increasing queue times, that *and* the fact that there’s only so many masters/predators on a server at a time. It’s sort of a catch 22. That being said I still do find this season ranked being un-enjoyable. I find myself playing alot more pubs, and arenas this season, weather that’s due to the ranked matchmaking, or the ranked reloaded system, I can’t say 100%. But it’s likely both of this at play together that makes this season ranked such a hassle to play. I say, punish the higher elo players with wait times, surely theres enough people under diamond to fill a lobby with players from each respective rank. Make the Diamond 2+ players have to wait longer queue times rather than punishing people in the lower tiers by having to go up against some of the best players in the world.


Part of the reason I’m doing the no apex strike


What servers are y’all playing on? Bc I’m trying to run into them


You think its bad in gold? Boy, in bronze 95% of players im against are diamond/masters/pred. Im probably half as good as youre average gold player


ur welcome \- devs


They’re probably laughing at how easy ranked is now. Sucks for us who have a life and have other things to do other than game all day, or make a living off of it.


*Sees RP* **Nice**


There shouldn’t be preds in gold lobbies, period. So what if they have to wait a little bit longer queue times. This is not good at the moment.


What server/region are you playing on?


Australian servers


Havent died to a normal team all day. Nothing but smurfs alllll fucking daaaay. Such worthless pieces of shit


The system rn is amazing, the matchmaking is fucking pathetic, but we've always known matchmaking is dogshit in Apex. Same way seasons after seasons they don't fix Audio, Wingman is still incredibly overtuned, and aim assist hasn't been modernized. The game has changed so incredibly little from season 2 its insane. The only thing that changes are the maps. It took them 13 seasons to nerf the Kraber. *Thirteen*


That's bonkers