Lifelines buff, now sending decoys


Oh look, my diamond ranked teammate.


This is like the most relatable thing I’ve seen all day


I had masters and predators like this in my team. No way that account wasn’t bought on ebay or was big bros one.


That's why I get mildly annoyed when people have an irrational fear of dive trails without ever facing then. They aren't all super god level elite. I've never hit master's but I've bodied quite a few last split.


This is actually very true, in fact, I have a Predator/Master trail but never use them lol.


My buddy has a master trail he got back from like season 1 or 2, but his current actual skill level is mid-gold at best. He also has a 20 bomb he got shortly after game release, which he’s not getting remotely close to now, no offense to him. Things were **much** easier back then if you were decent at FPS.


Haha yeah I mean I respect it and take it seriously (I sit up and lean forward in my chair) but you guys aren't invincible lol


Oh def not, especially mine, I have the first pred trail lol, which is like a glorified plat, in that season there we're like 23k pred lmaoo


Whenever i see a pred.. i land near them... Get a gun or two and off i fight... The amount of satisfaction when you kill them or atleast make them one shot is immeasurable.... For a person who's a pubstomper thats how I check my skill level most of the time...


Actually it's good way to earn money... I sold my second acc with 10000 kills on bangalore with 150 heirloom shards for 1000 dollars


Don't expose them. F




Aww she's adorable


I feel I know why we meet people like this. Sometimes, my 6-year-old and 8-year-old play on my account and go into games. 8-year-old has been playing a few years on FPS games, so he is quite decent. Yet, my 6-year-old prefers other types of games and probably looks like this lifeline/AI BOT :)


My 6 year old loaded into a match the other day, she's only allowed to play in the firing range 😂


My 4 year old Likes to play. I set him up in the practice range with bots on but have caught him in real games...he actually has a few wins, teammates must have carried hard.


Also probably doesn’t rage quit when downed


[Same energy](https://i.imgur.com/wM3hN5J.jpg)


You’re a true gem. Escorted this poor lifeline back to their team. 🥺 And I see they compensated you with plenty of lead.


She was an extraordinary specimen, as a Caustic main it was my duty to observe and learn. Who knows what she would've shared with us!


the outcome was inevitable


Your gratitude was acknowledged.


Marvelous. So many willing test subjects.


Lifelines will either sit and chew on crayons or will straight up murder the entire lobby No in between


Same with Bangalore


I got absolutely destroyed the other day by a lifeline with 34k kills


if(b.taken) { rush.b }




*casually rush b


*saunter to b and stand directly in crossfire on cap point


*I’m a bot and this action was performed automatically*


It’s always a Lifeline. Why is it always a Lifeline 🤣🤣🤣


Default lifelines will either be bots, smurfs, or straight up cheaters. Always a wild ride


Probably because shes the character you play the tutorial as and she is also easy to play, so beginners just chose her :)


I think lifeline easy to play for beginners is a misconception. Being a good lifeline requires experience and a specific playstyle. And she has no abilitities which help a beginner in a fight if he makes mistakes. I think bloodhound or bangalore are much better for a new player.


Well the argument is that **lifeline is easy to play as a beginner** and not **how lifeline is not easy to play well**. Her kit is so straightforward compared to some other legends like Crypto or Wattson, it's more beginner friendly to use her as your first legend. Heck, they even added the cancel revive on the teammate she's reviving to teach newbies where to rez. And beginners make mistakes all the time such as positioning and not using time optimally, it's not like playing any other starter legend can automatically reduce the number of mistakes made.


I think it’s more of the “I’ll be the healer of the team” mentality that beginners think will make it easier to dip their toes in Apex’s murky water


Ah the good ol skill floor vs skill ceiling mixup


You're both correct


We going to act like wraiths tactical doesn’t legitimately let you appeal your mistakes though? But yeah I agree generally with what you’re saying.


Well wraiths Q can't solve everything, especially since they nerfed her Q to the point where its not an instant phase like before, where players have to learn to time their phases when disengaging. Also, you can be so out of position ( important to learn in Apex ) that your enemies just follow your phase and kill you when you exit out of it. We are just too desensitised by good players phasing right on time that we sometimes forget that its actually takes around 2 seconds for her to fully phase.


> it's not like playing any other starter legend can automatically reduce the number of mistakes made No reducing the number of mistakes, but helping to survive them. Phasing as Wraith, smoking your feet as bangalore, panic grapple as pathfinder etc.. It's not the best way to play these legends but if a beginner realizes he's out of position these abilities can help to survive. And someone who is new to the game needs to try things out. Lifeline doesn't help with that. She has no abilities that help to reposition or escape, instead teammates will expect you to play a certain way, not die first, not go in first, know when to revive etc. which is a responsibility a new player shouldn't have when he's learning the game. Legends with selfish abilities are better for that or bloodhound because you just press one button which gives your team great value in any situation and then you have an advantage but can still focus on yourself while in a fight


Yep, GamingMerchant pretty much says the same thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYOMbAIdVaE&t=63s


What do you mean by “cancel revive”? I haven’t played this game in a long time


They added a cancel revive to Lifeline's auto revive in case they were ressing you in a bad spot


Abilities you use outside of a fight is what makes her great for beginners. You get to learn while you're not in danger of being shot


Which means you have no abilities while in a fight, which makes it extra hard. I'd rather give gibby to a new player, because he has at least fortified and a gun shield and can bubble himself and buy time if he fucks up. And new players make mistakes all the time while fighting. Any kind of escape or scan ability will help them in a fight until they have enough game sense


In a fight, newbies will be 100% focused on aiming and shooting. Using abilities to help you mid-combat is something you start to think about once you got comfortable with the actual combat. Gibby's downside for newbies is that he's a big boi, and it's easier to get one-clipped playing him when you get caught out in the open with your pants down cause you're a fucking noob. I'm 100% speaking from my own noob experience here - I remember finding Gibby so hard to play because his large hitbox made it seem like it was impossible to win a 1-on-1 fight unless your enemy had an even worse aim than your own terrible aim.


Yea it's this false idea that has be sitting with a bit lifeline on my team who never drops a heal drone, and pushes into a full 3 stack alone instead of picking up an easy rez... I agree that I personally find it easy to play lifeline, for most the beginners with the game sense of a potato, they should just unlock octane and stick to him so it at least acts as a beacon letting the rest of us know what kind of teammate we are getting lol.


Lifeline is easy at all stages lol. Teammate needs healed press Q behind cover and protect him while he heals. Teammate needs rez? Either bait him in the open or wait until he crawls back. Went to use ult? Sit on edge of map and call it in or use it to bait enemies. Lifeline solved there u go


Really? I played my first couple games as pathfinder several seasons ago since he was the friendly robot who guided me through the tutorial...


She is a free legend


Small hitbox


Default skin lifelines are like this or have the biggest balls you ever seen. No in between, can’t say they’re not adorable though


That Lifeline at least knows to stand there to capture zone, so that's better than some players in control


Exactly, in every match half of the team busy doing some tdm oongaboonga stuff


Sadly not wrong


A bot outlived you bro. Also, why would anyone choose lifeline in Control?


You get lifeline for the tutorial and if you que for control right after that you'd still have lifeline. This is the real answer.


I wonder what part of Lifeline's pickrate is due to this very reason.


I have a strong feeling they have hard time buffing or nerfing lifeline due to this simple fact. Does she have a terrible win loss rate because new players play her I also know countless smurfs who play her when they don't have other legends unlocked because she kinda does the most with a super simple kit and can carry if done well. I'm kinda reaching here but I've always felt they have no idea what to do with lifeline because they can't get good data on her without simply saying let's focus on level 100 lifelines and above.


Doc, small hitbox, that’s about it


Also ult gives purple shields early on


Her hitbox isn't even that small anymore.


It’s the smallest in the game


I thought after the rework a few seasons ago that Wattson has the smallest hitbox? It doesn't help that Wattson has the glitchiest animation sets which makes her insanely difficult to beat in a 1v1 against a Wattson that knows how to abuse them.


Lord, as a rev main this pisses me off to no end. Why can’t my boy have the glitchiest animations?


I noticed this the other day in control! I had broken a Wattson's shield and she started doing all this crazy crouch spam and I just couldn't fucking hit her. I was too close to at least, a teammate with a bit of distance finally finished her off but wtf???? Lol


They didn’t change anything about her hitbox size at all


They gave lifeline thicc thigh hit boxes


Yes they did. All the small hitbox legends got enlarged so they could take Low Profile out of the game.


It was just wraith they made bigger


Incorrect: https://www.reddit.com/r/lifelinemains/comments/o746dj/lifeline_hitbox_nerfdzk/ https://esports.gg/news/apex-legends/huge-wattson-buff-coming-in-apex-legends-season-11/ > This has been a common theme for previous low profile legends, with Wraith, Pathfinder and Lifeline all previously receiving hitbox changes in the past. Respawn notes that her hitbox was the smallest in the game after Lifeline received changes to her hitbox and Wattson has now been brought in line with the rest of the legends in-game.


Wattson's hitbox was nerfed not too long ago. Season 11 I think.


I chose her because BP tasks


Do you think this person put any thought into the character they chose? lol they don't even know how to sprint


You can spam her care package pretty easily and ensure your team has 6 purples and golds at any time


You mean feed the enemy team 6 purples and golds...


Probably just a little kid. Still funny tho.


I personally doubt it, but it could be


I don't doubt it. Probably someone gave his controller to his friend/younger sibling to take over until he gets done taking a dump or something.


Highly doubt it. It runs on a pattern, doesn't run into walls, it's looking straight, not up or down and there is no over turning or anything out of order.


Also jumps unnecessarily when there is an obstacle somewhere in front at 0:18 seconds. The bot probably detected the object and jumped, even though it could have just walked right past it. In addition it stopped directly on the flag at the objective.


It also jumps EXACTLY where it needs to and only when it needs to. This is classic pathfinding. I am honestly shocked there are bots.


>This is classic pathfinding No, it's Lifeline. Pathfinder is a robot.


Easy bait but I chuckled 😄


Well clearly by these replies people let actual fetuses play the game so you never know


no i have teammates and enemies do this exact thing. it's programming


Probably is a real person. I stumbled across this guy on Twitch (can't remember his name!) who had a severe disability and he played like this - walking around (never sprinted), kept getting stuck in crouch, bless him. This is why smurfing doesn't sit right with me.


You passed the vibe check ❤️


Haha thanks xD


That's gotta be a child on Nintendo switch lol.


Bot would’ve ran


I'm just upset you gave your gold armor to the enemy for free


It was worth it, I had to see what she does next.


Could be an actual bot. I think people have programmes to level up characters


What we don't know is that this is actually a mirage decoy


I’ve had a theory for a long time that Respawn has developed some insane next level AI for their games and have been adding more bots each season. The things I’ve seen from my teammates, enemies and things on here (especially this clip) have made me wonder about bots in Apex for years now. I can almost feel 100% safe saying bots are in the game and can help explain the amount of horrible teammates you get. What’s easier for quicker matchmaking than having some bots on stand by to help fill in a solo/duo queue team? Nothing. God damn I love Apex but they are so close to truly killing this game if they don’t get this shit, matchmaking and the other long laundry list they need to tackle in order.


Millions of people play this game, and the matchmaking is pretty generous with the range of skill levels it'll stick in a match. Bots would be entirely unneeded.


It might actually be an actual bot or someone using an automated system to boost the account for heirloom.


>boost the account for heirloom. Can you elaborate?


You get a 1 in 500 chance in packs for an heirloom. Now up to level 500 you get X amount of packs every few levels. Seems silly as the odds are so low and you can get all the free packs and not get one. It would be a huge waste of time.


It's not 1 in 500 chance, you are just guaranteed to get one after 500 packs. The chance is way lower than 1/500


Day 1 player here. Maxed out every season's Battlepass. No alts/no smurf accounts/etc, all my play time is on my one account. No heirlooms yet :/


Day 1 player, I just got my shards the other day after being convinced it would never happen, almost cried


I got my shards literally on my 498th pack, meanwhile I have a friend who's played just as long, is roughly the same level, he's gotten shards 4 times.


3k hours on main, probably 1k on alts combined. All my alts got heirlooms before lvl 100, still no heirloom on main.


Somehow this might be worse than never getting any


Well if you've maxed out all your BP, done all the events etc you should've hit 500 packs. If you haven't finished all the events then you are still genuinely not far off from the 500 pack forgiveness. So, soon bro. I promise.


ya, I missed a few of the events late 2021-early 2022 (I would log in enough to push the BP, but my available time was inconsistent/didn't line up with some events).


Feel that, I'm the same. Hell I've played maybe three times this season??? Gonna push through battle pass but other than that life's getting in the way of me being a child lol


Yep because you would only be at like 450 or something at this point I think maxing all events and passes


Protect that lifeline at all costs!!!!!!!


How do you play control?! I can’t find the game mode


The event ended.




Simple, you run into a blender and die repeatedly while doing fuck all to cap objectives or provide support so your team can lose. That’s how you play control.


BF3 Vet: Ah, Metro.


1000 ticket custom server 24/7. Good ol days.


the real good old days is when they didn't nerf the USAS-12 with Frag Round.


I get that it's not a serious game mode but i just fail to see how dying at B's enterance over and over is fun. I much rather cap enemy A or C and hold em, solo if i must...


He’s just on a switch


I just bought an sd card for my switch so I can play on the go. Played my first game today, and that’s what I likely looked like to my teammates..


Wow is kinda curious... it just looks like my random teammates 🤔


They just vibin'




She was on the other team, she was fine lmao


Basically my teammates


Man I haven’t been on Apex in like 2 years. Things look pretty wild.


Better than some of the teammates I get


Are there bots in the game, tho? I had a rampart on my team today that got knocked down 7 times, 5 of those from ring damage, at first i thought it was bc she had no heals but my teammate threw her some and she didn't use them either. Weird af. Bot or just useless teammate?


Useless teammate. There are no bots. If there were, they probably wouldn’t be terrible - Respawn has fairly decent AI from the Titanfall games.


Ohhh, then its a shame we don't have them :c it would be great for filling out incomplete teams


Interestingly enough they actually have a system like this in the Halloween game mode. If your team mate leaves, you get a Prowler to take their place. Unfortunately though, bots are a controversial topic in BR games, so adding them universally would likely get a fair few complaints.


Oh, yeah, i remember that mode! Yeah, people would complain for sure but i'd rather have some people complaining than getting 1 teammate instead of 2 every 10 or so games :c


Did she use crafter beforehand? There is a bug that after crafting you cant use your skills or any kind of healing; you need to interact again with it to solve the issue


Hes a dev on mobile


Bruh that Valk just had to ruin the fun didn’t she XD Typical Valk giving no fucks and shooting anything that moves XD


Reminds me of that Chef Boyardee commercial with the rolling can


Where’s dude going and why was he so laggy damn bro was deffo rubber banding on his screen for sure😭


I saw one these in silver ranked was very confused


Could be a kid. My son is 7 and plays APEX. When he first started he definitely looked like a bot lmao


These Mirage decoys are getting out of hand. Taking on the appearance of other legends ??


“What is your purpose” “you capture B” “oh my god”


Ok who gave their little brother the controller


This video has me in tears, lol this totally reminds me of when my wife started playing this game


I like how true to character you are as caustic. Just observing a subject lol


I've had that EXACT SAME BOT in one of my matches! Default lifeline skin, and it just stood on top of the capture point pole once it got there. I thought it was just a player that went AFK since I wasn't paying too much attention to it during the rest of the match.


of course it’s a lifeline


It was probably a little kid playing relax 😂


Thats just me trying to play on 400 ping


He had a single objective in mind


[I ran into this in arenas](https://www.reddit.com/r/ApexConsole/comments/nbzmb5/pathfinderexe_has_stopped_responding/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) way back when, it was the most confusing but oddly wholesome encounter I’ve had in this game


Even the Grunts from titanfall 2 had better movement


Waiting for the valk to post 'I've met these 2 literal AI bots in control'


We need to strive to be more like whoever pilots this Lifeline. No hussle, just living in the moment


Yeah man it’s super weird, why did the bot follow around that lifeline


Still better than me


My 5 year old nephew plays the same way. Not everyone playing is a teenager or older.


Well they should be, why would a 5 year old play this kind of game?!


Because their older brother or dad plays it.....


Thats not an excuse to have your child play a war themed video game lol


Young boys want to play what their dad or older sibling plays and beg on end to play over and over and over again. Giving them the controller so they can run around and "play" is not a crime. Plus this game has no blood so it isn't even that bad of a "war" themed game. I appreciate the downvote for literally answering your question. You literally just replied 2 mins later after I posted and I guaran-damn-tee you know one else cares about this convo enough to be refreshing anticipating my reply. Weirdo.


Just someone lagging hard


Or it’s the homie that never play games came over and you forced him to play




nah that’s just steve. steve chilling


If they add more bots this game is gonna turn into Pubg


Might of been a 7yr old trying it out 🤣😂🤣


Average teammate shit


My friend also made a script for multiple accounts to move just like this to farm loot boxes for a chance at an heirloom just from his desperation to have one. sadly he didn't get an heirloom to all the accounts he let loose like this.


I’m one with the force and the force is with me


dude, thats me pouring some soda in my glass


Probably a switch player playing in 15fps lol, it will take her 10 years to turn to her side and see what is going on and even if she does she will lose the fight anyways so it probably isnt worth it


Theyre all over fortnite and MW, why not Apex too?


bruh thats just me when I leave my controller alone


Is this on Singapore server? I had a lifeline bot in my arena match. Didn't do anything just roamed around the map.


No, it was on Belgium servers.


At least he's PTFO, unlike a large percentage of actual players in Control


Could be a controller drifting *nvm she jumped


My lag lately probably looks like that. I get stuck and then after 30 seconds, if I’m still tapping buttons, I might end up somewhere entirely new … or dead


Sacrificing as a bullet magnet for all the teammates by taping down W on the keyboard after the parents shout that the meatloaf is done. Actually a hero.


he is trying his best…


This is funny! Idk if it’s a bot or not I have played with people like this who have responded on a mic. Maybe it’s just a really young kid. Idk either way funny asf.


I'm so used to people strafing, wall-jumping, sliding and overrall spasming erratic movement that I think I never saw this basic-running animation.


It would explain how some people achieve pretty much nothing over the course of a match.


This is what control does to you. She's snapped. She doesn't care about the kills or dying, she's committed to getting to that capture point no matter what.


probably just a little kid lol


Jokes aside, there are really bots in the game already??


Can someone tell me what is this good for? Does this bot simply farms level up to get Apex pack. Which might contain a Heirloom then sell the account for money?


That was a lifeline decoy. You got bamboozled.


Why did you record me playing lifeline?


Nah man this is just your typical League of Legends player who's jungler didn't gank. Accidentally booted up the wrong game it would seem.


Bro was on autopilot


She went to stand in B. At least she's playing the objective.