Jump drive worked! We found him boys! The chosen one


Too bad their bullets went right back where they started…


They used to much of their luck


Hilariously, I played Loba last night and it worked in Storm Point, but was completely denied on World's Edge. You can only rely on your 6 inches to escape right now.


What if I only have 5 inches?


Buy higher shoes.


Show off…


Stop bragging, some of us aren’t that lucky… :(


*high five for the 5 inch club*


Whenever it doesn’t work, I always wait 60 seconds and it resets and works for rest of game. It’s why I always use it first thing when the game starts.


That kinda implies it may not be working for the same reason that we are seeing so many no regs: desynchronization.


u mean heels right? right?


stop playing the game until they fix it. It's the only thing they understand.




I thought it was gonna be the jump drive😭


That’s what makes the game so thrilling - you never know which bug might hit you!


Right‽ at first I was like " OO THE DOOR'S GONNA MURDER HER!" And then I was like "maybe the bin won't have any loot" later "JUMP DRIVE IS GONNA FAIL!" "failfailfailfailfailfailAnySecondNowItsGonnaFail" and then like the pathfinder sports caster "A NEW BUG HAS ENTERED THE RING! now ash is invincible"


Always love me an interrobang


same. XD


I knew it was gonna be no reg as soon as they opened that box and had to wait for the items to load in. This game already had so many fucking issues and then they decided to completely fuck it into the ground when they did that big *OpTiMiZaTiOn* update that reduced the game's file size by like 30-40 gb. Been barely playable since then.


TBF OP's lagometer is redder than my ass when gf catches me chosing lobba's skins 😅


Gets her all hot and bothered enough that she pegs you eh? I know the feeling my man


I am sorry, english is not my first language, I sometimes get pegged by accident.




>I sometimes get pegged by accident. We've all been there. >!Wait.!<


“Let’s make the game smaller by taking out everything that makes it work”


A minimized file causing issues hmm no wonder.


Yeah they didn’t need it. I would’ve taken more gigs for stability over this anyday.


It only works when i use it as a joke


Games so broken we all thought it was gonna be jump drive and ended up being something completely different 😂


Lmao excactly


I thought the door was gonna kill her


I’ve been merced just walking through an open door. Shit was hilarious


stop playing the game until they fix it. It's the only thing they understand.


No regs are getting worse


Ash is exclusively terrible. I get no regs on other characters, but have not had a single even exchange with an Ash. Worse than octane and wraith combined. Edit:Spelling


can someone explain what reg really means? I don't fully get it


Registered. As in the server registers the hit and applies damage. She blatantly hit that Ash, but the game server didn't calculate that so that Ash took no damage. Usually has to do with the Loba's game and the Ash's game being out of sync. In this case most likely, the Ash is actually in a different spot in her game than she is in the version of the game Loba's client is rendering and the game server that holds the 'master' version of the game everyone is playing in isnt communicating correctly with all 60 players client's causing such issues.


Any idea what is actually causing this? Or is that beyond what we can speculate on


Internet shit. Packets and pings, synchronous systems not handshaking. Idk. Someone can but I can't.


This 100% looks like latency issues, bad internet by the speedometer symbol. So sick of people blaming the game when its their shitty internet.


Dude I have 200+ Mbps and I STILL get that speedometer icon and game issues. That icon didn't even exist until a couple weeks ago when EA decided they needed an "our servers shit the bed" error code. Edit: Ok, ok, I get it guys. Download speed =/= packet loss or latency. That being said, I have no packet loss and minimal latency. Other games also work great on my connection, apex is the only jank one. All I'm trying to say is that there is something wrong on EA's side and that they need to fix their game.


That's your bandwidth. It has nothing to do with your quality of service. In most cases ISPs straight up lie or misrepresent that number so it's not even reflective of your "top speed", either. Yes, even if you got that number from Speedtest.net or whatever. A car that goes 2000 mph doesn't do you any good if the road to the grocery store is filled with potholes and broken bridges.




If your ISP is customer-friendly, have you asked them what route your data takes from your home connection to the Apex servers? You might have the biggest bandwidth in the country and Apex could (doesn’t, but could) have the best server architecture money can buy, but if your connection passes through a rusty server in the middle of Azerbaijan on the way there, you’re gonna have a bad time.


> but if your connection passes through a rusty server in the middle of Azerbaijan Basically what happened to me with Blizzard games. Ended up running some traceroutes and pathpings to find out wtf was up after someone suggested it online. Had something like 90% packet loss on one of the hops.


I have 600+ Mbps and also have this issue.


Bro I got a full gig and still this connection is still ass, only with this game though


Latency is the time it takes your data to reach their servers, not how much data you can pull down per second.


It's 200 Mbps means your internet is fast but that doesn't say anything about how stable it is. You can still be having packet loss.


This is what pisses me off. Like I can play 99 other games perfectly fine but Apex gets janky and people say it’s just my wifi. Like nah man if everything works in my wifi except Apex it’s an Apex issue not a me issue


Download speed has zero to do with packet loss/desync. You could play buttery smooth on a 1Mb connection, games use very little bandwidth outside of downloading updates.


Download speed has nothing to do with latency lol


Your bandwidth has absolutely nothing to do with this and I’m tired of morons thinking it does. It’s your latency and your packet loss and things like that that matter.


I had a 300 Mbps connection at one point but I constantly got disconnects in Overwatch and horrible lag in diablo 3 and hearthstone. 0 problems in rainbow 6 siege tho my connection was perfect. Turns out my ISP just had a fucked up node that had massive packet loss on the route to blizzard servers Edit: OW to Overwatch and r6s to rainbow 6 siege to ensure there wasn't any confusion.


i don’t think it has anything to do with the internet. i was having ping issues and deleted the game and origin , then redownloaded the game through steam and it fixed the majority of my lag and ping issues. Rust , Halo and Destiny work fine for me , just apex. so not an internet issue


Rust halo and destiny all have different servers in different datacenters/locations, it could just be your internet with specifically apex servers


sounds like an apex server problem then. not my internet , if i can jerk off while streaming 4k porn while downloading steam updates , it’s clearly not an internet problem.


it's just apex fanboys coping


Did you just not even read anything anybody has said?


That's now how routing works on the internet, dude. It's not all one giant highway where you just take the exit for 4k porn or apex legends. They call it the world wide web because it's structure genuinely resembles that.


most FPS have to have a way to sync what you see vs what actually happened there is travel time for all data, IE where on your screen vs where that enemy is actually on the server is going to be off if you have higher latency (or have dropped packet) so most games offer some lag comp, as long as your lag isn't too high it would acknowledge that you hit because they are on your screen even tho you didn't actually send the bullet to that person's actual location because you technically hit them. the problem is how do you make this fair? because if the updates happened in real time, maybe the enemy reacted faster and dodged some shots (or did some other skill / action to prevent it like rounding a corner), unless its a prenerf krab shot that one tapped you that is. so you need to have this gap to be in small enough gap so that it won't be an issue but that means that EVERYONE in the match needs to have similar ping to each other, which is doable when your game is super popular OR you trade off for a long MM time OR you make it so that you get a wider spread of skill level in a lobby. in games like CS or OW, you only need around 10 people but with BRs this now is 60 players if more more depending on the game. it was better because there was more players playing, but they have been trying to stem this issue with looser MM (seeing preds as golds even) but this is the issue, they keep relaxing rules for who can get into lobby x to make it fill faster because otherwise you would get 5 or 10 or more queues and that kills the game faster than anything else.


It could be a whole slew of things. The moment a player does something in their client a fuck up can occur, that gets sent to the main sever, then to another players client. At any point in this entire process there’s like 20 things that can go wrong at varying levels of severity, and about half of them are pretty much guaranteed to go at least slightly wrong


Except this isn't how Apex was coded. Hits get registered on the client, then sent to server, then to the player who gets hit. Otherwise high ping players would never register hits because low ping players would have already moved. Instead we see the opposite - high ping charge rifle daemons who wipe your shield after you take cover. There is a "trust" that the client is truthful, which is why this game is easy to hack.


No reg is no registering shots.


ooh thanks. so can I call it reg if my connection is shitty and it doesn't register? Or do we just call it if it's a bug or smt


it's not a bug. it's a sync issue between players' clients and the server.


Probably not helped by 20hz servers 🙃


It depends, if the server health is the issue, then it's not really a bug but poor infrastructure. If Respawn made some changes to the netcode for some reason, it could be a bug. However, it's more than likely not a bug.


If it looks like it hits on your end and no damage is dealt, you would call it a no reg. The reason behind it being a no reg can be anything.


hit registration. meaning the game identifying that your shots connect




Registered hit, like you can see the ash getting hit by bullets, but they don't do any damage because they are not registering as hits.


The game works with a client (the game on your computer) and a server. A no-reg occurs when your client thinks you've landed some shots so it shows you some blood or impacts on the target but the server disagrees for whatever reason and doesn't register the damage.


He has all 3 connection errors going on at the same time, I don’t think that counts as a reg problem if ops connection is that bad…


You mean "Regs" are becoming more rare.


Actually wondering that Jump Drive worked for you :))


you nearly have all problem icons activated in the top right corner :O so somehow your connection to the server is gimped in that match


OP is south african playing on Belgium servers...


That explains the items blinking into existence when the box opened


The guy has his network stats turned off so we can't see his ping. Judging from the delay in the items spawning in the loot container it looks like he has a pretty bad connection or some desync. The Ash did take damage too, it looked it just registered super late. Judgement: Servers suck but don't be salty OP, you would have lost that fight anyway.


It also looks like the Ash wasn't even aware that OP was there. It's pretty clear that his connection was failing.




They even have their ping turned off... I get it that the servers are trash and the game bugged, heck I just had an endgame where neither my inventory, heals nor abillities were usable without restarting the game and rejoining the match, but this is clearly a connection error from OPs side.


How do you know it's from ops side? I've had a bunch of those icons pop up every day since a couple of days before the split. Some of my friends have had it too. We all have fiber and spotless connection with everything BUT Apex.


I mean I don't know for sure but there's more sign against OP than against the game especially with the info UI turned off.


I also had that happen to me in the endgame. Being knocked also helped. So if you have coms with your team, maybe down yourself with a grenade.


That's good to know, but we sadly would have been wipped instantly if one of us got knocked. Came back fast enough to win the game though. I think the other 2 squads were annoying each other while I was gone.


you have to notice that these "connection error" problems are way out of hand this season, as in, there are too many to be a coincidence that its just people's internet, i've had many this season, and my internet is fine, and other games like warzone and fortnite run smooth without an issue.


This icon has been on consistently for me since the new season started. It's a server issue, I have no problems in any other online game.


iv had the dotte line and the new circle icon since the split started... i changed the DNS to googles DNS on my connection and it has gone down A LOT i still get some lags but not as bad as before. by the way everytime i lag it also lags my audio on discord and makes me sound like a robot


Yeah, you can tell because the items in that first bin take like a half second to show up. That's massive lag, not necessarily a bug with the hit regs.


OOH I CAN FIX THIS, its a bug with the relocators in the new update, it happens if you use them sometimes, just go back into them and then out and it should be fixed


Can confirm, always check your inventory after crafting and if you can't open it use the replicator again


So the ability/heal thing happens to other ppl too....


The bracelet even worked, which is an actual bug.


Yeah this appears to be more of a lag issue than a bug.


Literally never had any problems like this unless my connection was having issues, or the game was having a widespread issue to make it unplayable. (Not currently happening despite the whining from this subreddit) The amount of people playing this game with zero technical skills or knowledge (networking) is IMMENSE. Ignorance prevails heavily on this forum. FUN FACT: I don’t game one WiFi every even though it is 10+x faster than using power over Ethernet because power over ethernet is STABLE. (300Mbps down on WiFi. 30-80 Mbps on power over Ethernet.) If you game on WiFi you’re going to have issues.


You either get to use your tactical or shoot enemies. You choose. Live with it


Next season it’s leaked they are actually just adding 4 new server errors. So we have that to look forward to.


Oh I would be so pissy


I think it's hailarious and redubdant that people keep asking Apex to be fixed. I think it's safe to say it never will be. That's not a priority. I think we all need to wrap our heads around that fact.


Nah why would they when mfs gona spend 150 dollars on a digital knife anyway


That's why I quit lol


Well this person is playing on a shit connection and then blaming it on the company so it’s pretty dumb.


I mean look at just how many symbols you have in the top right corner. Could be servers and you combined.


You had latency and lag spikes throughout that whole encounter. Top right of the screen shows it the whole time. This was your connection.


Why would they fix a broken game that already generates millions of dollars as a broken game.


Why would they fix the game when you mfs are gonna buy overpriced skins and a 150 dollar knife anyway money talks stop buying shit from the store




Yep them greasy neckbeards are gona be the death of this game


I'd say neckbeards and sweats aren't the issue, it's greed from EA/Respawn. They don't give a shit to fix known bugs, they just wanna keep the sweats playing. That's not sweats/nbs fault the game fuckin sucks.


I havent put any money into this game for the last 2 years. "Im doing my part"


The only purchase I've made is the season 10 battle pass and I keep useing the coins from it to buy the next ones "I'm doing my part"


Yeah that is annoying.


is your internet really slow...? seems like more going on here than just "respawn bad"


I have 8-12ms ping and no red connection errors and consistently get no regs, specifically in this season. Something is majorly fucked.


Source Speghetti, its complicated


I too remember when my mom couldn’t pay the internet bill.


Exactly bruh these dudes in here wanna blame everything on apex when this was literally jus shitty wifi


Hate to break it to you OP but you are literally just lagging. Look at the top right corner, you have all the indications + the loot in the bin was super delayed in appearing. The game does have issues with no regs but its usually a few bullets or one pk shot that will no reg. Wraith has a bug with her phase ability and loba has a bug with the q these are known facts. These videos where its just a dude lagging because his connection is glitching doesn't help anyone. It happens to me as well on a gigabit ethernet connection. Online is never gonna be perfect.


You lagging budy


Look at your internet.


Bro you were lagging hard, I mean watch the loot spawn in the loot bin. I don’t think this is the game’s fault.


It’s bc of your internet not the game


Your crappy internet or the server you chose is to blame. I can see your throttle down indicator through the kill feed 😆


Dude had the latency network icon the whole clip. And then all the other ones at various times. Including the new one (whatever it means). During the engagement literally had packet loss and prediction error show up also. Might be the servers. But probably potato internet.


You see that red mark in the top corner... yeah get better internet bud


pretty sure its just lag as you @ some point had 3 connection error symbols


Fix your internet man. Look at your connection and ping issues on the top right. Potato internet


Impossible to know whose fault it is from this clip. I used to never (or almost never, maybe 1/100 games) get lag spikes until last season and this season. Now it happens one in maybe fifteen games or something. Almost every time I experience one, it also affects my teammates at the same time. If it's also affecting my teammates, that's not my internet, it's a server problem.


This has absolutely never happened to me in my life in any game including Apex. OP obviously had a hard choked uplink for their shots to not land there. The inbound traffic looked correct however. Someone uploading enough to choke out the upstream would cause something like this. The fact that the icon was in the corner is enough to say this isn't a normal video in good network circumstances.


I actually have the theory that when this happens, that player is having one of those "packet loss" or similar red icons, and **lagging as hell**. You know? those other videos where the game is lagging with huge spikes? I've experienced that from time to time, and despite being unplayable, I was well aware that people was having a horrible time hitting me, even aiming really far from where I was standing at all times... And I think that's what happening in this cases.


Noooo, it's obviously the game that's broken /s


Feels like the devs buried apex


Can you guys explain what's wrong with the game? I just started playing last week and it seems to work just fine for me.


This subreddit makes it out to be worse then it is. They will regularly spout words like unplayable but even the worst most consistent glitches aren't unplayable worthy. Just play the game and form your own opinions on it, don't pay attention to people here


Don’t pay attention to the idiots in this subreddit. The game is absolutely fine and has some minor bugs just like literally every other online multiplayer game on the market. I play on a stable connection every day and I almost never experience a bug. The video shown here is someone playing on a shit connection and then blaming Respawn for their personal lag issues.


This subreddit is EXTREMELY negative, so take all the constant complaining you see here with a grain of salt. Bugs do exist, and the devs are usually very slow to address them. With the most recent being an issue where Xbox inputs were extremely delayed which took about a month to fix.


It’s all $$$ grabs at this point. And still the train keeps going


Oh man, if only the train LTM was back lol I like that so much more than control


What data center do you play on?


Usually Belgium


Do you normally lag in other games in general? How good is your wifi




I don’t think you can blame homies Wi-Fi for this one lmfaoooo


You see the red symbol on the top right corner? That means he’s lagging. I’m trying to figure out if it’s servers or people’s personal WiFi. Because in NA servers I haven’t had no reg issues except with wraiths phase glitch. But that might not be the case for servers in areas that’s not popular


I usually play from London servers, with wired internet around 500Mb/s, no other game or service or download has any issues. This is an Apex issue, and from what I’ve seen there’s no specific region or pattern to it; it’s an Apex problem.


NA Oregon server has the same issue. Happen multiple time for me that I just stand there since they're no reason to even try anymore.


Shots 1-5: Clearly missed Shots 6-9: Missed due to recoil (Bad spray control). Shots 10-11: Very close, but recoil and inaccuracy make these reasonable misses. Shot 12: Likely didn't actually fire because you were already dead.


Had to scroll wayy too far to find this


Op starts the video with 2 of the problem icons showing. Then drops to 1 and as the fight starts it shows all 3. This was more of your problem then just apex man.


To be honest, it’s season 13. I think if they were able to fix it they would have by now


I think we all just got bamboozled


It might just be the lag that you have


As soon as you fix your internet.


It’s cuz of ur internet


thats your internet


Be good if you had your connection data available, could be able to tell a lot more with that.


Bro holster your weapon, sheesh. Max out your movement


You have some very obvious connection issues


Just get a better gaming chair, this is clearly a skill issue


Can *you* please buy a better gaming chair?🤦‍♂️


OP blaming devs when it’s a connection problem on his end, right?


Look i agree the game needs work but this is clearly just lag


Your connection is bad and you move like a bot. The most likely scenario was you dying anyway.


Stop playing their game, stop giving them your money. Everyone complains but continues to support this dumpster fire.


You're lagging but yes


At least your bracelet worked, that's already a lot


Happened to me yesterday... Also couldn't access my inventory, nor use my abilities


Who would have guessed playing with a shit connection can actually affect your experience in negative ways


Look at the network indicators on the top right lighting up. Is this not just OPs terrible connection at fault?


Looks like your connection got wrecked way before you even engaged. Servers and stuff do need giving but without your network stats display, I think this one is on you a bit.


This goes to the entire apex community when I say this. Don’t want a broken game? Don’t play a broken game until it’s no longer a broken game. Don’t care bad enough to stop playing? Don’t complain.


Who else was expecting jump drive to just not work?


Titanfall players: first time?


Quick tip. You can holster your gun to run faster.


how can you move like this


Hit reg Bracelet Pick one


Fun fact. Apex servers have the same tick rate as Minecraft servers...


I'm fairly certain that this is your connection quality not Respawn's servers, although I agree they are hot dogshit.


Fix your router my dude


It would require them to care about their playerbase.


How about I just assumed this was gonna be a failed bracelet


I know sometimes I just be shooting ghost bullets. 👻


Let me aggregate and paraphrase all the dumbshit hot takes from today's patch thread: "git gud, people having dozens of good games dont care if one or two are buggy" "only 2% of players actually have any problems at all" "you only see complaints on the subreddit and thats a tiny fraction of the playerbase" "the ranked rework is great just 'git gud 2: braindeath boogaloo'" "the world doesnt revolve around xbox players" "its way more difficult to fix than you think and its definitely not a respawn problem *checks notes* some indie game also has problems"




That doesn't really mean anything, considering you get those same icons if the server is drunk and shitting itself


Just want to point out that OP is south african playing on Belgium servers.




EVERY CONNECTION ICON IS ACTIVE! of course the game isn't going to work 100%, you have a shit connection.


Mfr playing on 20000 ping and getting upset cause "Apex gaem broken! >:("


100% no software company can solve your shitty internet. [https://dotesports.com/news/apex-legends-connection-symbols-explained](https://dotesports.com/news/apex-legends-connection-symbols-explained) Any time you see the speedometer or 3 squares it's very likely it's your internet connection.


Can this redditor please fix their internet connections?


This is probably because your network connection is dogshit


You are simply asking to much. You got the bracelet to work that game so you can't possibly expect to have shots register also.


the game is literally telling you your internet connection sucks.