*There's a vast and densely populated universe between how good you think you are and how good you actually are*


Oh that’s my favorite horizon’s quip.




I’m so confused, y was this downvoted lol


Shut up


What I do big dawg?


Who knows but we are a hive mind


I just leave then sorry


No no you must become one with us




Yeaaaaaaah it is


Replying with a this isn't really a good reply. If you agree with someone just upvote that comments


Punch him


Twist his dick !!


Give em the ol' dick-twist!


Don’t threaten them with a good time!


And i think im shit, and according to my k/d ratio of 2.7, i think im right.


imagine judging thorugh kd


Jumps down half a second not moving …straight line walking … my teammate is dog shit… realistically he’s just a trash can with a face cam


Trash can with a face cam sounds like a good gamer tag tbh




Horizon main here, regardless of whether that was a friendly or enemy Horizon ult, it pulls in players all the same. The only difference is that if it's friendly it wont' damage you. Watched the clip multiple times and the Horizon on *his* team said, "Unleashing my singularity" so that seems to be a friendly Horizon Ult. Bottom Line, he lost his 1v1 fair and square. The enemy Horizon outplayed him and was definitely not "ratting". Ratting would be hiding in a corner in an unsuspecting spot where's no combat and shooting someone in the back when they rotate through. That's literally not what happened here. They're also playing duos, did he seriously think the Rampart was playing Solo?


Also ratting is a valid strategy. It’s boring but hey you do what gets you points especially in ranked.


I am actually shocked by the amount of people who look up to Twitch steamers, as if they where gaming gods or something. They are just a person, who decided to stream. Turning on a webcam does not make you skilled.


I only watch the top 10 preds because Of the gameplay iq and how they rotate or play out certain scenarios. These streamers kill grinding legends are actually garbage pub stompers


Not sure how the new the ranked with the new system is looking but the top pred team got slaughtered by Hals team, only watching high rated teams won't always get you the best gameplay, watching pros would most likely get you the best game play.


Hal was the number 2 Pred last split. He is one of those top ten Preds


There's nothing wrong with looking up to twitch streamers, there's something wrong with looking up to people like this guy


> realistically he’s just a trash can with a face cam poetic lol so true


But likely better than the guy commenting so his insecurity kicks in and needs to be a sheep and follower everyone else on the wah wah train.


You do know he’s the number 1 Loba right? He would piss on us all in this Reddit page🤣 guys pred every season, moved from console to pc and still decimates lobbies…


Fax. Scrappy is an awesome playe. Gives great tips on how to improve but he gets way too caught up in the competitiveness of the game.


Everyone does. Apex is probably one of the most competitive games right now and will stay that way for a while. I think calling someone dog shit is the normal now? Problem with majority of the people in this reddit community they’re the ones that get shit on by them and take it to heart..


This is not exclusive to streamers. This is a common response to defend yourself no matter what the root issue was. People suck.


Lol seriously. People act like they don't say the same shit anytime they die or have "bad" teammates. Everyone in here rages just as much as streamers, we just don't have a camera on us.


My main rage line is "I'm so shit at this game" then proceed to immediately ready up and go again


Same! “Why am I so *bad*?!” *readys up*


Worst part is I've been saying it for 13 seasons...


Always fun to see people play duo in any 3 man team games, and then get to listen to how everything wrong what the third randoms fault.


Not everyone acts like this. For me it was reminiscent of a younger version of myself but getting older definitely helped


Never said everyone. Just said this is common. Most people do grow out of it if they do react in this way.


Yeh, sorry didn't mean to misquote you. I was just watching Sweet after I read this thread and the first thing I see, him getting out played by a team (he missed a lot of shots and dies). It was 100% a fight he could have won if he played better but the first thing he does is comment on how bad the enemies movement is, etc


That guys a fuckin clown I’ve watched him before he’s just a cringe dude in general


They call their killer trash after literally loosing fair and square


From what it sounds like he said and what appears on screen. He says "it was my teammates ult, mf ratted behind the vent" When he dies, it does appear bullets come from behind him. I think he thought the Loba's teammate was his teammates ult (being right next to the only vent he could be talking about) and that was who shot him from the back, prompting him to say what he said. Even if that's the case, he's still blaming his poor gameplay on others which is wack.


It was his teammates ult


People are imitative creatures. Derpy probably watches ALGS clips over and over until he feels like he's genburten. Betcha when he plays ranked and hits somebody for 18 he breaks into saying "OH I SHIT ON THEM I SHIT ON THEM I SHIT ON THEM"


"Don't get my banner."


mf probably beams someone with the 301 and thinks he's an aimbot god


It’s why I pick it up


Scrappy is almost always very toxic. I just wish the “number one Loba” that he claims to be was someone else because watching him is disheartening as a Loba main


Watch Princess. She’s an amazing loba main and is super fun to watch. She’s like my fave streamer right now!


Omg same!! She’s so funny and I love her so much. Literally so wholesome and she’s so talented with Loba. I would even say her play-style and tips helped me improve so much with Loba.


same lol. Watching her play loba has really helped me a lot as well! Her bracelet throws are god tier


He says hes the #1 Loba?bro couldnt hit 3 shots with r99


He is the number 1 loba. I just find him extremely toxic to even watch


He is number 1 but only because of the grind, not skill.


I don’t like scrappy AT ALL but he is pretty damn good


Yeah he is not a newbie, but what I am saying is, if Loba was the top picked legend, he would not be the #1 Loba for very long.


He’s actually insane and would probably hold number 1. It’s a pubs game, you think he’s going to be sweating like he would in a pred game? Pubs means nothing. This guys a solid pred player every season, held it console and doing the same in pc lobbies lol


Dude, stop obsessing over some random asshole, there are hundreds of good players who are not massive cunts, go support them instead.


On console. Which probably shouldn't count let's be honest


1. Who is this? 2. Y’all watch ppl who stream in Domestic Violence attire? 3. Dude tryna be the DSP of Apex? You ran chin 1st into a reloaded Flatline but the Flatline user is “trash” & “rattling”.




he’s scrappy, top 1 loba with multiple preds


Top loba cause nobody good plays loba. Sincerely - a loba main


Crying like this? Could never.


Lil Scrappy has lil pp


“Lil scrappy pp”


Ego and insecurity


Ratting? This man knew exactly where he was and straight lined him across a platform and dropped on him when horizon has zero stumble


ego. Yea that's the answer


Yeah streamers have massive fragile egos. Nice wigg once pushed to a spot solo where he knew might be enemies, he dies 1v3, the enemies wipe the rest of his team and he cries about the enemies being bad kids as he usually does. I asked him what does it make you then and he just straight up banned me from the channel lul.


Yea they die and then say the person that killed them and is dogshit. Or says "that's a stupid push" Obviously it wasn't stupid if it killed you lol I got perma banned from Diego channel cause I commented and said he always has an excuse for when he dies and talks shit on his killer. He didn't like that lol


There are times where people are stupid for killing you like denying coexistence in endgames where a fight obviosly ends in a third and both squads dead. This is a really specofic scenario though.


Most of the times it is a stupid push, just because they kill the other squad doesn't make it smart lol because in doing so they kill themselves too


I agree. But, my point was the streamer got killed and then proceeds to call that player dogshit and gets mad.


Who wouldn't get mad at a squad throwing everything to just kill you and lose in the process?


Well because most of the time it’s their response to every death, not just a scenario when someone does a bad push or a squad throws to kill them. I believe that is the point trying to be made here. They never compliment the opponent on a great play that resolves in their death etc… it’s just always complaints and downgrading whomever killed them.


That's just stupid then, i haven't seen the streamers i watch do that a lot though


I’m sure it depends a lot on the streamer. I watch some who don’t do that as well, they’re just humble and fun to watch.


99% of streamers when they kill someone: "you're dogshit, an actual bot, why do you even play?" 99% of streamers when they get killed by someone: "stupid fucking , what play is that? what are you doing? why are you there? you're so bad oH mY gOd" I don't think I've ever seen a streamer that not once either shit on how bad the enemy is when they kill them, or bitch about how the enemy is lucky & stupid when they got killed by them


r/apexlegends moment




Its a video game lol


These people get paid for playing so no its not just a video game to them


Imagine getting this pissed off at a real job. Youd get fired.


I get way more pissed off about work stuff than this. Of course it's quite normal in the trucking industry to hear people loudly swear. Sometimes you deal with mind numbing stupid people and just need to let the rage out.


You're missing my point. Streamer dies, then talks a big shit. They can never just accept loss. Starting to seem like you're one of these people lol


Bruh in the circumstance i juat explained it is perfectly valid to be mad, even in other circumstances where to get ratted on, but yeah in majority of the circumstances it isn't right, but for me its not that serious


Streamer is half a map away from the rest of their team because ego then dies and gets mad at his "dogshit teammates" because they couldn't handle a 3 vs 1.


I can’t stand NiceWigg and his fake nice guy persona.


Yeah for me the "these kids are so bad" x1000 times per stream was so bad.


Yeah I have had similar experience too. I dont get why people take it so seriously. They think they dictate how the game ought to be played.


Who do you objectively think is “taking it seriously” here? The dude who was streaming and muttered some excuse for dying or the dude who edited and posted a video for validation? Where is the line for doxxing/shit posts on this sub?


Why do you even care? Getting worked up to the point of making a reddit post only to shit on a random dude because he trash talks random enemies is weird as hell too. Inb4 "le streamers/pros are influencing kids and making them act like that in my team too!!!" comment.


Im not worked up lol but you sure seem like you are


Nah, I'm just curious about why the hell people care so much about random dudes on the internet trash talking random enemies, especially in this sub. What's the point of downloading and posting videos solely to call them things orders of magnitude worse than what they say?


Did you read the headline? "Why do streamers constantly have to be toxic to try and defend themselves?" Its a question. Its a problematic culture. Try being a girl in game lol same issue


Holy fuck if you can't take a lil bit of trash talking dont watch lmao


Sure it was Wigg and not one of his mods? He's pretty down to earth from my expierence.


They think they are demi gods


I’m convinced people who immediately blame everyone and everything else for their poor gameplay and bad decision making during a fight actually think the L they take affects real-life hit points. PSA: For y’all that don’t know, when you go down and your mates are still fighting, shut the hell up unless you’re telling me you’ve gone down and/or where the enemy is.** **Pinging incessantly isn’t considered proper communication and if you do this I hate you.


goes behind cover for 0.25 seconds=Ratting


How can you rat mid gun fight when they only had about 2 seconds out of view?


Every one is toxic bruh, it’s just that these guys record them selves doing it


What’s with this place and this streamer/pro player Boogieman lmao. Everyone gets frustrated when they get killed in a game, this isn’t exclusive to streamers lol. Some people show it differently than others. Hell I can pull up a thread on this very reddit finding people complaining about how brain dead their teammates are, when in actuality it’s probably not always the teammate but their fault. Streaming isn’t something special these days, anyone can stream these days it’s widely publicly accepted and easy to do. Modern consoles even let you do them straight from the console no equipment required.


Someone called me dogwater online! REDDIT NEED TO KNOW


Lmao I am convinced your average redditor would literally quit playing games for life if they were around during 2006-2010 during the COD4/Halo 3 haydays. Like the stuff people say these days is a complete tame joke compared to the legitimate horrible things thrown around on a daily basis back then. You die once while in a game of S&D in COD4 and your opponents are calling you all kinds horrible things and your teammates are doing the same. And people didn’t get banned for speaking that way like they do now.


Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men...


Ok but why did he jump down? Horizon had no cover from them down there, he could have just stayed up top and downed her instead of trying to chase which is basically what his teammate did and it worked.


Sturke on YouTube is the same.


Only bad streamers do this.


Not even ranked lol 😂


Damn those beams are crazy on controller. Also tracked him thru the vortex when he couldn't even see the horizon. Aim assist shouldn't track thru limited vision like that


I got 40k+ lifetime kills. Im just decent at the game. Check my instagram @ EssenDeez


He’s a no name streamer playing pubs. Why do y’all even care? He’s a trash player lol


Because they're self important crybabies.


This is why I play with no mic. Keep my toxicity to myself lol.


That’s scrappy for you lol. He’s almost always toxic for some reason. I understand getting frustrated at the game but he’s 99% of the time like this. But I do think it’s a little unfair to group all streamers and call them toxic. There are many streamers that are really good at the game and make their streams worthwhile to watch. Nicewigg, Lulu, Princess, miltia are some of the streamers who I watch and they are pretty non toxic and wholesome Edit: also toddyquest is amazing as well! He’s not regular but he’s hilarious af


I'd say it is a fair statement to call streamers generally toxic as the majority of the TTV teammates I get flame the team when they run in solo and die to a full team. Conversely it's a minority experience where someone with TTV in their name is actually useful and positive vibes


Do you seriously think normal people don't say shit like that as well when they are killed? It's not a streamer thing.


Yeah. This whole "holier than thou" attitude that this sub has gets old really fast. Feels like every other week I see a post trying to demonize someone because they got mad after dying for 5 seconds on camera.


OP is literally a streamer himself, but he's generalizing all streamers for that good good /r/apexlegends streamer bad karma


r/apexlegends picking a new streamer every week to witch hunt for doing the same things pretty much every gamer does


No its just letting that streamer know that just cause you stream, you are no better than anyone.


Because people praise them for doing slightly above average things every once in a while and most of them ban or time out negative people in their chat. When you have people watching you and constantly telling you how good you are you’ll get a god complex even though they can control what gets said in their chat. Combine that with them having a younger audience who likes people being edgy and you get people being dickheads because that’s what they think people want


ew, he's on controller pretending to be good AND has a ego.


His fault for giving up height and taking fall stun vs a horizon that’s staring at him from below what’d he expect


PC lobby and 3/4 players in this clip are all using controller smfh


Nah u just trash


Average controller pub “stomper”


lol controller


Meh. Streamer, non streamer, makes no difference to me. Guy puts a camera in their face while playing the same game I do and all a sudden feel entitled. Hold that L


Always the first ones that go down and then immediately call someone else a shit ass player.


It’s the ones that make dumb decisions alone without any communication that are the first to talk shit (or D/C)


Now that’s more of a trash player who blames team mates and/or the game on his own failures, who happens to be a streamer


That dive out of ring was the most bot shit I've ever seen Literally just stay on the high ground homeslice it has direct LoS on the place the other guy wants to go


It's not streamers are extreme at this. Community is mostly like this. Streamers are only in front of camera so you can see them doing this. It doesn't mean most other players different because we don't see them. People who don't see eachother can be much more mean because we don't see their emotions and reactions


Who tf even watches this guy


I never understand people calling someone a rat for playing cover… you were shooting him and he moved behind cover, that is not ratting 😂


just don't watch ugly little crybaby fucks like this




The amount of controller players on PC is worrisome.


How did he zoom forward after he hit the ground? I can’t see a nade marker behind him. Was he cheating?


Horizon’s passive


The streamer was a Loba. He shouldn’t be able to zoom forward there when he falls


When he jumps down on the horizon? He quick grapples the zip line I think


Seems like it’s from way too far away. Seems unnatural but yeah I guess he was within reach of it


He could have slide jumped of ledge to rope to ape versus his trash movement


So he’s a garbage can, is what I’m getting from this


I saw 0 ratting. He got smacked in the wide open while out of zone.


"Daily subskies" there's just no way that's a real thing. Say it ain't so..


Most not all , but most are fucking self conceded twats. I mean think about it they think people wanna stare at they face all day while they play some video game and talk shit . They ain’t getting very far in real life . People need to stop supporting this bull shit


Imagine how many white beater wearing, controller using players are out there. Trash.


Hes using .6 aim assist and thinks he is good lmaoaoao.


the audacity of people on controller calling others terrible is quite funny to me.


They need to learn more words "dogshit" it's the only thing that comes out from their mouth everytime they need to cry about someone outplaying them lmao


"teammates fault" ? the teammate is right ulting the enemy, then lases and kills the enemy horizon jumping down with jump fatigue running straight at the enemy with more health than you is the real reason lol


Sad you died after that. Wp.


Does he think he's tough for getting a cringe tattoo on his arm as if that means muscle




I would feel the same if I was playing apex for 8 hours everyday. everyone gets tilted so stop acting innocent when you see someone else rage




Its sped up the 4 seconds


Imagine being a pubs streamer and thinking you’re good lol


Ego mostly. Find a streamer thats truly positive. There's prob 3. They all mostly shit on A) Aim assist B) certian legends like Rev/Rampart/etc C) console players D) all the above.


is this your first day on the internet? welcome to gaming.


ive been gaming since forever and you dont have to be a douchebag to have fun :) not cursing up a storm and calling everyone trash is more fun for all parties involved.


As someone that's been playing online fps since quake 1... you DONT have to be toxic. If you get outplayed take it in stride and go next. Not that big of a deal. A little shit talking is great between friends or even rivals... but calling someone dogshit because you lost by making a dumb play and paying for it isnt. He shouldn't have dropped down. There was no cover to play. He could've held height, healed, and pushed after. He deserved the loss. People should start taking responsibility for their actions. With that said, even I thought that horizon was his teammate. I'd have lost this fight myself.


The horizon Ult was his teammate's, he just tried to make a dumb out of ring push that didn't pay off


its all good. i just cant stand the "you couldnt handle a mw2 lobby" type people. they act like someone calling them slurs and them talking shit back was their golden age of playing online multiplayer games and someone calling them out on being toxic is being a snowflake that cant handle their "heated moment"


Yes blame "streamers" and not just everyone with a big ego


Which a lot of time seems to be... Streamers? Huh funny


No, it doesnt. You just hate streamers. Tons of people are toxic in game chat and dont stream.


He never said it was only streamers, he said the MAJORITY are streamers


Do you mean the majority of streamers are toxic? There is no way someone can really make the claim that the majority of toxic players come from the extremely small percentage of the pop. that are also streamers.


Thats because the ones who dont stream arent seen as often.


Are you really crying about that? That was the most generic shit talking I’ve ever heard. How does that hurt your feelings


It’s kinda shitty to blame everyone else except yourself because you just can’t fathom making a mistake


No clue why people watch these 🤡’s play video games.


u killed a guy and went to his stream to look for his reaction Isnt this also a little weird to do


y’all hating on him in the comments are exactly why there is so much toxicity everywhere. Y’all are toxic here while he is toxic in his stream, what’s the difference?


Maybe because their fan base is toxic and attacks everyone for no reason.


this dude likes to say the n word alot and i’m fairly certain hes white lol


Most streamers are cringe af. Any bozo with a cam and pc can stream. They think it automatically makes them a god gamer lol. Bum


Unhealthy egotistical people. I'm so surprised how people can even support such people


This is Scrappy for anyone wondering he's #1 for kills on Loba and just like any other human he rages and talks shit like the rest of us he just so happens to do it infront of a camera He's definitely cracked I don't watch him but have watch him do some collabs with other apex YouTubers and streamers and he's definitely a skilled player and just like any pro or cracked ttv they have their good days and bad days


Cause they don't play for fun, they play for money


Why do people even care? Have some of you never lost a fight and talked shit about it afterwards? There's no way everyone in this thread praises the people they get shit on by every game. I'm not gonna pull the toxic Halo 3/Modern Warfare lobby card but this was super tame and not even worth clipping or posting (unless your intent was to farm easy karma from a sub that has a serious hate-boner for streamers).


Tbh no, just shrug it off, lol. Wouldn't calling the guy that killed you trash imply that you're even worse?


You guys are soft now adays. He called him a shit player. Relax. You talk when you die. It’s not like he through a book of slurs at him and said his mom is dead🤣




Y'all are soft 🤣 he clled them a shit player, that's it. I've heard worst shit out of a 12 year old's mouth 🤣


Put some respect on Scraps name. This isn’t just “some streamer” he’s the number one loba for a reason. Dudes goated.