I think most solo queuers will agree with this.


As a solo queuer, i agree to this


As a solo queuer I agree


As a solo queuer I


This way




As a solo queuer


Just say it!


I also agree


As a solo and duo queuer, I agree with this


This solo queued does not agree. I’ve found Duos to be accommodating and wanting to play as a team while a whole squad of solo ques seems to be playing selfishly and not moving/playing as a team.


It's all or nothing. Either they are both shitheads or they're both nice people. I would rather two independent 50/50 tosses for how many shitheads I have than a single roll. That's also assuming that you're equally likely to get solos who don't talk as duos in discord, which is a hard sell.


This. Either their both Awsome or both blow. Usually it’s the latter.


Then I guess you got lucky. I mostly get people who don’t ping and just run and do whatever and having me follow them around, no idea what their plan is.


This is rare I would say, the duos I played with are not necessarily assholes but they still play around themselves more than they play with me.


My first ever win was with a duo of a guy and a girl, I was new to the game so I could barely shoot straight, still, they were very nice and also patient, they gave me tips and instructed me on how to play and use my character abilities effectively. All this even though I didn't have a mic. I think about them all the time now when playing Apex. Be like these guys, people.


Yeah the thing is, I've been playing since launch, and I think a lot of these helpful types of players have probably moved on. I think the game has a much larger toxic base now that is slowly pushing out more and more of the reasonable people, and leaving us with the dregs.


I desperately try to do this with my duo because there's already so much toxicity in apex


As a solo queuer, I wouldn't notice the difference, I play with people on mute anyway.


This. This is how i was able to stomach the climb to diamond. Otherwise breaking out of plat 4 was brutally toxic.


As a solo queuer in s12 I disagree with this. My teammates already having communication and synergy is awesome.


Some of the best squads I've played with didn't have a mic. Just pingged alot and we were all on the same wavelength about pushing/repositioning as a result


Those really are the best squads. The game has most of the communication you’ll need. So when three randos link up and sync well via pings….. and win!? It’s a magical moment y’all lol


Yesss. I've said this a couple times to friends I've had amazing games with no mics/people who dont talk, but have great pings. Feels like some times all the talking leads to over thinking situations


Sometimes no mic/pinging is faster, and mic chatter can be too loud to hear over


Best squads you played with would have been even better if they could communicate more. Thats a simple fact that pings will never match immediate verbal communication


I agree. Sometimes my duo is really funny and I very much enjoy their energy/company. I also appreciate when both of them are good players who are willing to work with me for the good of the squad, the types of teammates who will give you covering fire while you're fixing your shield instead of just being like... fuck this third guy and haul ass as far away as possible. ​ More so to OP's point, there are a couple times where people are rude or jerks or you can tell like you're literally just a bot/accessory to their already complete friendship, but I'd argue that these types of teammates are few and far between, and that's a problem with them as people, not a problem with matchmaking. I'd also argue that if anyone is a solo queue player and isn't ready to experience this or isn't fit for the occasions where this will happen they should probably just get some friends and then they would never run the risk of getting stuck with disagreeable teammates. Also I feel like there's literally no guarantee even in a solo queue mode that your teammates still wont be like... fuck these other two guys I'm here for ***me.*** I'd argue it's actually more likely that three strictly solo queue players wouldn't give one single shit about ***team***work.


That synergy is rarely helpful. 2 out of 10 times my duos were actually great teammates and we rolled the lobbies. 8 out of 10 times the duo was a hardstuck D4 with his dogshit hardstuck Plat IV console friend and I had to carry the whole time. Duos can be your best teammates, or your worst. In my experience, they have been my worst.


Solo queuing in general, is a miserable endeavor in this game. I can count the number of times on my one hand, the amount of positive experiences i've had in the last month.


Quite literally on a single hand sadly


Well the month did start 5 hours before your comment to be fair


Had a duo both drop solo so I followed them and one said “ah shit, (my name) is coming with us” like. Bro. It’s a team game, wtf


What the fuck lmao, I just don't understand some people


Same, Yesterday dude wrote in chat " drop solo. don't come to us" Ranked duos are their own kind of people.




That’s when you follow them around constantly shooting your gun to tell everyone where they are.


I’d follow them around Forsure


I did drop with them. We won 3v3. But they still tried to run from me. I did let them to get some distance and after that they valked out without me. they still spammed "don't come" in the chat btw. Idk what was that tbh.


Just blow the game for them. I'll take the losses for granted.


I don't get why you'd want to play 2v3 in ranked all the time, are they trying to derank or something? Even if your third sucks, even if they get beamed right away, that's seconds of you and your friend not getting shot, information on enemy location, and forcing a reload.


You know, I would have absolutely left them alone and I would have found myself a nice hidden corner on some obscure part of the map where I could spam voicelines and emotes the moment they got downed and finished. To not receive the penalty, they have to stay there until their banner expires... you can fit _a lot_ of annoying voicelines in 90 seconds.


The teammate is staying with us in the team game?! Are you kidding me?!


I think you are missing Respawn's point. The match making is not skill based, but retention based. That means respawn puts you, an "adicted" player who will not stop playing the game, with several "newbs", who will stop playing the game if they do not receive enough wins to train their brains into craving the game. So chances are, every duo you ge paired with will have one member who is a bit below your skill level, but decent, then their partner, who is a skill-less newb who provides little to no use in the match. This retention based match making system, while very frustrating for long time solo players, is a VERY good system to bring in and keep new players. And I absolutely hate it.


Yup, bringing new players into my master lobbies is a great experience! Where they both die before you touch the ground, then you face master 3 stacks with wall or air hacks. /s


I hate respawns matchmaking with a passion. I'm very lucky to have a friend group that is usually pretty good at games but in APEX there are four of us who are usually master level. Trying to play with our other friends in pubs is hell, I can't help someone who's new at the game or hasn't played since season 0-3 when I'm getting insta pushed by 3 stack preds while our friends is asking about which guns are good these days, how new characters play etc. Usually just ends in our other friends just wanting to switch games or only play apex during when there are LTM or control (why the hell isn't control perm yet). They really need to tone down the "retention based" bullshit in pubs. It might keep some of us who enjoy the game around but it is certainly not keeping people who want to play with their friends.


And I can already imagine that if you hadn't followed them, they would have blamed you for not "staying with the team".. We have to admit that in Apex (just like any other games) there are a lot of people that are really clinically mentally deviant.. 😅 Sadly.


I understand why you'd want to play trios with only one friend on your squad so you get a random, but that's just stupid on its face. They should have been playing duos lol Also isn't there just a feature where you can have no rando and play with two people in duos? Like seriously, wtf?


Ill follow these people just to piss them off. A lot seem to think everyone shares their lack of attention span and will just stop following if they continually run.


I may get downvoted for this, but I believe that Duos shouldn't be allowed to play ranked.


So either solo que only or 3 stack only? If it’s just me and my homie in no ranked for us at all only pubs?


Well pretty much. If Solo Qs don't want to have you as teammates then who is going to be your 3rd?


If solo Q wants control over who they drop with, they should make some fucking friends.


I was with a pre made duo, I was having a good game, pretty much carrying the pair of them. One of them died and I got the Rez myself. I went down and they let me die so that the guy I rezzed could take my red armour and weapons. They both died immediately after.


Almost every time you are better off with that loot than both of them combined. I swear that should be an act that you can report others for. Definitely happened to me a handful of times


It's crazy to me because my buddy and I drop duo all the time and spend a lot of time making sure the third dosen't feel like that or get boned on gear. I guess I never realized it happens the other way a ton more. To my solo homies out there, there are duos that are good people too!


Maybe reporting for sabotage would work


It pisses me off when they assume I’m gonna steal their loot. Cuz more often than not *they* turn out to be the loot thieves and just assume everyone else pulls the same shit


You loot one crate then next thing you hear “omg loot goblin” when you are fresh out of ammo, heals, and everything else?!


And dont you dare ask for anything. Noooo no, dont even think about it!


Like the two tribes in the Great Divide episode of Avatar


I’m sorry your duos have been so shit. My buddy and I try to be good teammates to our solo, sometimes even following them into a foolish battle just to try and keep them alive. There are some of us out there that aren’t all bad.


I'm mostly solo but sometimes a duo(never a trio sadly) and we always have amazing times with our third most of the time. Always make convo even if we end up losing


Eyyy. Legit me and my buddy are the same. We like the third because we aren’t good enough to go 2v3 every fuckin fight. We need the a decent third rando at times. Sorry about the bad duos out there, OP.


My duo plays the same. The only time I leave people to die are situations like we had last night where our rampart took all 4 golds after the trials. I was on lifeline and she crazy pinged wanting me to run in and save her when she couldn't even let me have the backpack. I'm pro at risky rezzing but without the bag, we'll just both end up boxes anyways...if I had even made it to her with my nice white shield. If they're gonna literally steal everything, I'm leaving them. They're greedy and selfish and usually leave right when I reach them so I die for nothing anyways. If not, I'll do everything I can to save them or die trying. I know my teammate will give me cover and I'll try some crazy shit to keep our 3rd from leaving. I cannot express how sick of playing 2v3 we are. Every match, ranked or pubs. We almost never get to play this game on level ground. We're always the short squad and I do whatever I can to prevent that. Our old 3rd won't play with us anymore because his gf doesn't like me and I just want an actual chance at winning instead of constantly being stuck 2v3 and 2v6 when we inevitably run into teamers.


Following solos into a battle you call your gonna lose before you go in been there 🤣👍


Lol yep. Me to my buddy, “this rando’s pushing, I’m going to help him. We’re both gonna die.”


Me and my buddy try to do the same. I usually solo Q and definitely think OPs problems have more to do with Solo Qing


Had a game last split on Storm Point where we ended up reaching second place because we lost the last fight against the squad. Duo immediately blamed the loss on me and said I choked. Post game stats I'm at 2.4k dmg with 4 kills, other dude is at 1.8k with 3 kills, and his buddy is at 400dmg with 1 kill. Duos are definitely an issue, especially when there's a massive skill gap between the two players in the duo. At Plat 1 last split I was still getting paired with Gold 4 and Plat 4 duos who thought they could compete against Diamonds and higher. This split I don't even feel like playing just because I know I'm gonna be stuck with duos who expect to get hard carried to Diamond.


I couldn’t agree more. The whole “one decent friend with an absolute bot friend” has become a trope I have seen far too much. When I see a Plat 4 and Gold 4 teammates I immediately think “welp that’s GG” hahaha Try and carry your friend to a certain rank all you like but please don’t bring others down in the process you know? Also Plat 1 last split is an accomplishment, good work!


I’ve been considering playing ranked with my buddy but haven’t for this reason


The skill gap one is an issue. I have resigned myself to play at their pace and just occupy myself making up scenarios on how we will die in the match. I usually end such matches with like with like 2K damage and 1 kill because they DO NOT finish fights at all. They would crack shields and I’d ping to push and get no back up and I can’t push alone because I know if I get knocked they won’t even bother.


I often play with my friend who is worse than me because it's fun to play with your friends, but I never que ranked or trios to ruin our teammates experience because it's not fair on our random, we just play casual duos. ( I have a 1.7kd he has 0.8)


Duos are the plague for SoloQ players. I soloQ and everytime I notice there is a duo with me I just assume they are gonna play their own game and I proceed to be glued to them. We are in a middle of a fight? Better look at the minimap every 3 second because they might have decided to disengage without telling me. One of the duo is knocked? better prepare to go rat mode because chances are the other friend is gonna suicide. I am knocked? Be prepared to watch rest of the game. Yesterday I hade one game with a duo. And one of them ran head first alone into every fight. Me and the other guy kept winning fights but we ressed him twice with beacon and I revived him like three times.


>We are in a middle of a fight? Better look at the minimap every 3 second because they might have decided to disengage without telling me. This is what drives me up the wall. Helping a knocked teammate get up. Defend him while he heals. Taking the fights. Next thing i realise i\`m on my own and both the full health and shield randoms have run away without saying anything. Had a match where the duo hid in one building (big disadvantage of a place) while I had soome high ground close by and could watch everything happen. Kept telling them to come to me and just as they finally agreed, 2 squads landed on their building and killed them (and me, as I rushed over to help - stupid me). Ratting is still really popular and its ruining the soloq experience along with no solo Q options.


Man that sucks. It is such a funny feeling when you are in a fight with duos and you ping, say stuff and call stuff and you start going "why is nothing happening?" and then you see the mini map and yeah... nothing is happening because they already left and actually you are about to die because the enemy is collapsing on you.


They even blame you when they get knocked.


You will be surrounded by 4 teams and it is still your fault somehow??


Seriously. Had this happen to me. Some team caught me off guard and broke my shield, so I ran away and pinged them to retreat with me because not only did the opposing team have the high ground on us, they had more health now too. This dumbass decides to push anyway with a white shield and gets mad when he and his buddy get downed and I don't go back for them when there's a whole team waiting for me to do so. .\_.


I muted mic comms a year ago and it has saved me so much grief. If you need to tell me something use pings. I do not need to be told I suck when you guys push into a building while I'm healing, get knocked, and then I can't win the 1v3 just because you broke one of their shields.


I agree but I do have to give credit to the good dou's out there. I have had the pleasure of meeting many cool ones and they are often the ones that invite me to group up.


Yes absolutely. Once in a blue moon I will get a good duo and it is great to see. A breathe of fresh air if anything, unfortunately that is so rare to see


Very rare to cone across they usually wanking each other off


One of my favorite instances that happened earlier this week: I am paired up with a duo (matching gamertags) one of them dies and gets thirsted. Me and the other teammate finish the squad. I, naturally, grab banner, and run to respawn beacon right by us (you know, to revive our teammate). As I revive them, the other teammate goes on mic and yells “Why the fuck would you do that?! They are AFK!!” I say “how was I supposed to know that?!l Then a team pushed us while the whole time he is saying “you completely sold dumbass, way to go” I am like ??????


Yesterday I had a game where I matched with a duo, we landed hot(ish,3 other teams) and I go get my loot. This genius of a team mate lands right next to me and decides to steal EVERYTHING, I mean I got a syringe and an arc while he's packing 2 guns and every type of ammo, like he's trying to set up a collection. That's cool , I'll go get a gun in a local box. However, He then proceeds to ape a whole team , gets dropped, obviously and decides to shout at me "Great job horizon". His buddy decides to ape them then and gets knocked, I somehow do a squad wipe and get the revives , no thanks needed. Following this, I third party a fight but keep my distance and high ground, and I get some knocks and these two guys think the best idea is to go inbetween the two teams and act out a scene from John wick. Instantly thirsted. They're instantly on the mic, "Great job horizon" and other nonsense I can't remember. I eventually die to a full team but not until I get like 1300 with 4/5 kills in the short few minutes of gameplay. My teammates? 60 damage and just about 300 damage. How is it the solos fault that you both have no common sense between ye?


So common for randoms to push between many teams and die immediately and after that blame YOU for not pushing with them.. even if u warned them.


Like wtf, I’ve had the exact same situation before, like is it mandatory for duo players to afk after they die XDD


That's so not cool, they should of told you over game chat or text. Also WHO GOES AFK IN RANKED?!?!


I recorded the 53 games it took for me to soloq from g4 to p4 last split, and around 80%-90% of them I was paired with a duo. I determined whether a pair was a duo or not through things like matching club tags, one sided voice chat, console + pc pairing, or just straight up asking. Given these numbers, it wouldn't take many more solo players quitting to render duos unplayable, breaking queues entirely. I've been meaning to write a post with my findings just haven't had a chance yet.


You should because (at least I am) very interested to read more into that. I am sure others will be too!


I've been meaning to, just hard to find the time! [Small preview of my Google sheets data](https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/237865940203601921/992367362047225896/Screenshot_20220701-025325_Sheets.jpg) can be provided here at least.


Doing god's work. Truly a gentleman and a scholar.


Fully agreed. Duos have always seen me as another stupid random in their "perfect" team between the two of them. They always ignore me, until I prove I'm actually better than them, or that I prove that I can at least be as good as them. They give up on you before they even know you.


Their ego is probably the worst part of it. Since they are squaded up they are convinced they are superior than the “random”. When in reality the random is waaaayy better than the both of them


I understand that you can get shitty randoms sometimes, but you shouldn't expect them to be bad from the beginning, yeah.


No you’re right, and I always like to give benefit of the doubt, but after a while it just gets exhausting. I still try to keep an open mind though


You can find this same kind of inflated ego with the sweaty soloQs who ignore all communication and play their own game then blame their team for their death. I honestly think competitive games breed these kinds of attitudes no matter if it's solo players or duos.


Finally, someone said this.


From the other perspective, as a duo, me and my teammate have yet to have even one competent solo teammate that listens and plays with us rather than as a solo. This just goes both ways, there are bad sides to both.


I play solo, as a duo, and rarely as a 3 stack and I can say that in my experience it is always the Solo Q Sally who thinks they're the best thing to happen on God's Green Earth. They'll constantly take the worst fights, ignore all attempts at communications, never once listen to you ping, and then blame you when you rotate away instead of taking a losing fight with them. They'll swear up and down that they're carrying the team with their measly 100 damage, and then get on reddit to complain that duos are ruining their solo experience


Duos are always zzzz


Don't forget that they talk over discord or some other app, never using the ping system and only speak in-game when they died.


i constantly duo queue but because of this exact reason i try to be the very best / kindest teammate that solo will have all day. we always make scary banner grabs and give them the good loot, we also have a seperate voice channel and only talk to them if they need voice specifically. i hope i've made someones games a little better <3




sorry if i phrased it weirdly, but i mean that we do talk in the situations that cant be communicated well enough by pings only.


I get duos where one is one rank lower than me and the other is 2 ranks lower than his friend. Sometimes they aren't bad, but most of the time, like in 95%, It doesn't matter what rank they have, they are always toxic af and die on drop. So say what you want, but I started landing solo near them and try to play kinda around them and not fully invest in them. Most of the time it's not even possible to play around them because they die even before I land lmao. And the moment they die they start flaming on the mic with racial slurs, and if I call them an idiot in chat I will get banned for "hate speech and harassment". I don't care anymore if in ~5% of the time one or both of them might be decent humans. I refuse to take the chance, and refuse to carry random toxic idiots.


Even though I hate it I will drop with my squad more often than not as its always easier to win fights as a full team, unless its an obvious death, in which case i\`ll dropoo nearby and work my way in to clean up the scraps from the multiple team fights going on. Then pick up their banners....


Totally agree. I can understand having a good duo every now and then and thats great but people who soloq will act differently towards the other two soloq players compared to a pre made duo. I cant count how many times in Gold (this season) and Plat (last season) have I been knocked and both teammates loot before reviving me (if they even do..) and how often your banner gets left behind because they dont want to bother. I can ask for shields 30 times and get no response while a teammate with gold shield has 8 cells 4 batteries. I learnt to always go down last but they will get mad if you arent getting their banners and the second they fall. When I happen to get a solo q team in these ranks its harder to communicate but they understand what to do and never get mad.


Hard agree, I only solo ranked and 9/10 times I get a duo queue with me they're in a private chat so we can't communicate and we normally die because they can't hear me telling them a third party is coming and we should bolt. They just keep inting other 3 stacks and we die. Ranked needs a big matchmaking overhaul imo, especially for anything below diamond.


I haven’t been playing since the input lag fucked everything. But just before then I had a match with a duo. We were fighting and I knocked one and towards the end of the fight got downed as I pushed in for the kill. It worked and we won the fight and the duo survived. They then healed up, that’s fine, and looted, ok, and then ran right past me and left me to die. Completely out of the blue. We’d not communicated in any way and did well until I got downed in that fight. Just fucked off and left me. Despite me typing in chat “you forgot something” as they were running off into the distance. Shitheads.


Yup, they'll run off with 0 comms, 0 pings, fight the first team they see 2v3 then blame you. Classic duo story


It's worse in arenas because they're buddies they go to rez their friend and throw and leave me to 1v3 which we probably would've won as I down two and leave the last guy low. Another thing is they blame you for the loss even though you have 3k more damage than them in combination. But then again it's really the apex matchmaking to blame for pairing two silvers with a diamond


Arenas is a completely different beast don’t get me started hahahaha One time I’m pushing ranked arenas and my teammate is 0/0 at round 3 (we are losing 0/2) the mic goes on and it’s a kid. Not like a 12 year squeaker but a LITERAL TODDLER. I am like wtf and I hear the mic muffling and it’s a man saying “hey sorry I let my daughter play a few while I smoked but let’s win this”. We did not win it. Like why are you going to go in ranked and do that?! I don’t understand!!


Yh people just do anything on ranked arenas and somehow they get queued up with me


I get the rant but the opposite is also true, and unfortunately empathy will get you eliminated. I’ll occasionally queue up with a buddy and the random 3rd just does his own thing gets knocked. Too many early exit from lobbies trying to help them so now we just peace out.


I wish solo queuers would stick to my teammate and I. Most of our losses are trailing to bail out the random cause they start running into a 1v3 with no sense of self preservation


I feel you.


yup 100%


Yup, totally agree as a solo queuer. They are the worst. They barely make any calls, immediately mute you for no reason, often act as if they were better, they always take the lead (even if it's really bad) and they, basically, ALWAYS blame you. They will blame you for low DMG even if you tell them you are not ready for the fight (and then it turns out you did more, lol), they will blame you for separating even if they suddenly start running in different direction without saying a word, etc...


How would you fill duo teams then? I can understand you but this wouldn't work.




Because people want to play with their friends, and maybe they don't allways have 2 who play apex or have time. I know 0 games like that. Which are they?


To add to this, when it’s a duo there’s a high chance they are in a party chat which means comms are fucked — they’re not hearing me and I’m not hearing them. The ping system isn’t bad, but there isn’t a 1-shot call out so we can’t focus on a particular enemy which can end up costing us a fight.


I usually play ranked with my husband, and I’m admittedly not a great player. Most of the solos we encounter are at higher levels than us, who then proceed to call us trash/dumb if we’re unable to rez/we die to another team that they pushed. It’s frustrating. We always drop to a solo ping if they do, but most of the time they don’t ping a spot so we choose one. Idk, it goes both ways.


I've had some good luck and bad luck with my Random Duo teammates. ​ Some have been super wholesome, and I would request for them to add me to their party for one more round if we do well. We usually pick up another top 3 or win when I do this. ​ On the other hand, I wish I could mark bad teammates with "Do not pair with player again" so that I wouldn't have to go through the torture of asshole duos.


Had the most delusional duo with me two days ago. One of them was a streamer (2 viewers) and wanted to talk smack after being downed while he was out of position. So I camped until top 3 and then ran into the last two teams to make him mald.


The best ones are the ones that have the clan tags on them. Those duos are something else


Us solo q want all games to be solo 1 but nope.


I fully agree. I don't understand why these duos don't play duos. What is the point of playing trios when the solo is ignored. Only yesterday, a premade duo completely ignored me to the point of, I kept asking for a light mag, stock, the usual and about 5 mins in a went by a bin which one of them opened and there was a light mag and oh that barrel I asked for. Thanks for the ping...not. It got worse, no pings to where we was going in fact, not a single ping. One Path, one Octane, well they left me behind. They started a fight then lost the battle, then you know what happened next.... They both jumped on mic and started having a go at me, like it was my fault you both ignored me, left me behind and started a fight with 2v3 because.. Yeah left me behind idiots, did you forget. Solo Q is just horrible, not all of the time, but definitely the majority and this goes for ranked and casual.


Great way to put it. Like you will be playing Mirage paired up with a Valk and Path, hear a fight on top of a building, they will fly up there, then yell at you for not being with them because you have to take the stairs?!


Some servers don't have the players to support duos. I have to use Oregon or salt lake city to play duos as Sydney often has 2 people in queue.. myself and my mate. So there's that. Not excusing the shitty behaviour of others. I would love to play duos without lag (which sometimes is absolutely awful and others is tolerable), alas I cannot.


He’s talking about ranked, not pubs


Applies to both for sure, but in ranked especially when it’s supposed to be competitive and all is a whole new level of frustration


Oh trust me, if duo ranked was a thing I would much rather play that. Being down one player 90% of the time and fighting 2vs3 constantly gets old really quickly. My girlfriend and I always try our best to be good team mates and not be like the shitty duos that you hate to play with, but unfortunately most solo players are rubbish, too.


Its about time they added a freelance playlist.


That would be amazing.


i usually play a duo with a friend and we never trust randoms, they go on their own way, start their own fights and usually start trash talking us when they die on the other end of the map. Trust issue go both ways


just ask them to use ingame chat


4 days ago, playing pubs on World's Edge, teammate goes down at Fragment and me (Lifeline) and his buddy were already engaged in a fight. Downed guy starts saying, "pick me up Lifeline you piece of shit". He said that just as I was running away from the fight to pick him up. I was literally in front of him. And then I just stopped in my tracks as he hurled abuses at me yet again for no reason and I went back to finish off the remaining people. For the rest of the game (which didn't last that long) the dude with the mic just kept calling me trash and pos for not picking him up 1 microsecond after he was downed. I usually never engage in conversations with randos but this time I spoke and told him he didn't have to be so rude. But of course the pro player had to hurl abuses again and asking what my age is (as if that is going to make any difference). After a few minutes, him (a Valk, forgot to mention) and his buddy fly off somewhere without me and then get killed. :\\


I don’t let that shit fly with my duo partner. He fucks up I let him know. I fuck up I’ll say I fucking suck at the game and ask why I even play because I suck, out loud to my team.😂 My duo partner always overextends and I’m usually Rampart, so I tell him to play with his teams role. I can’t run full speed into a fight like you can effectively on a whim.


My mind is on my next game the moment i saw i am queued with a duo in ranked, it is always a fucking hotdrop die in 30seconds speedrun


Bro wtf is going on I’m plat 4 I keep getting duos player One of them is silver


I feel lucky 9/10 of my duos haven been normal


True, but yeah, good luck with that.


The duos never ping. They never fucking ping where the fuck they are heading. They do it so fucking often, I've now picked up a new skill unseen in the casual landscape: Constantly consulting the minimap for teammate movement....


Destiny implemented a freelance option which I think apex would benefit from adding. It gives you the option to join a solo queue only lobby, granted on destiny it’s only 6 or 8 people in that lobby so idk if that’d work for apex or not.


I had a duo w key on the top of fragment bridge in gold rank tonight and it was like watching a car crash in slow motion. I don't want to be a bad teammate by not blindly aping with my team but I don't want to be dead being a good teammate, either.


I have it go both ways. Sometimes we get eliminated as a duo because our solo does something dumb as shit and we try and grab his banner. Other times our solo vibes perfectly with us and we end up winning 2 or 3 in a row after we invite him/her


Completely agree. I hate seeing teammates with the same tags, I know odds are they're going to throw the game. They make decisions between themselves and communicate literally nothing. One will die and the other will run in 3 vs 1 in an attempt to res their friend, then blame me when they die after making such an idiotic decision. Having two randoms I have a far higher chance of winning. Sadly, this season, the vast majority of my games I end up stuck with duos.


i have learned to not care at all what my teammates are doing. you’ll often die trying to help them and they don’t make a single effort to help you. you get one chance to do something weird and i’m leaving you out to dry for being a poo poo head.


While I do agree with alot of this can we also acknowledge the solo who queues with obvious duos but chooses to hot drop solo then scream at his team for not playing right 🙄




Is this just a problem in lower ranks? In plat or higher they know how much of a disadvantage it will be if they don't revive you or just generally be d\*cks. The only thing I've experienced is them pinging items for each other and then ignoring when i dibs stuff. lol


My favorite is when the duo is in party chat, so they’ll be running together making plays instead of communicating with you.


The only possible solution to this is Ranked Duos. How else would a duo queue get to play ranked without a solo fill?


I’d suggest using some form of looking for group. Yes it’s shitty a lot of the time but over the past six months I’ve made a few consistent friends who I can usually join when I play before work every day. Since pre-season 1 I’ve only made 1-2 friends off solo queueing who we continued on to play more games. Many more off LFG. Sadly solo queuing is in a horrible state and gives such a disadvantage


Not only that they think they’re the best players in the game. They ego everything. Push into fights when we know there’s a team trailing us to third party. And most of the time one of them ain’t even the same rank and clearly can’t hang. Also more often than not the have you muted so you have no communication with them other than pings. I feel like in ranked you should have to have a full stack or only be able to queue up solo.


I can deal with duos... Sometimes. Just start putting me with people that have mics, and stop linking me up with people 6+ ranks below me! Last day of the solid at Gold 1, I could only ever find bronze teammates, and it's starting this split the same way


My buddy and I have to play ranked as a duo now since our 3rd works weekends now. We are extremely un toxic to the solo we get. When they have a mic we com and get along as a team 90% of the time. On the flip side sometimes we get toxic solos that are already ready for us to be bad teammates and start off by being toxic for no reason. But I do understand the sentiment here. When I solo queue ranked and get duos I rarely find duos like us that are friendly.


I mostly play in a duo. We always try to protect our random. Even if our random takes off on their own and one of us isn't ready the other usually follows the solo to baby sit them so they don't get jumped. We also try to get banners if reasonably possible. We are actually trying to be MORE selfish because so often it's our 3rd that gets us killed when we become too dedicated to saving them in bad situations when they simply aren't communicating or listening. We talk on mic and ping. 50% of the time they completely ignore us ("hey horizon let's pull back. Horizon we gotta go, we been here too long. Horizonnnn we about to get 3rd partied we're leavinggggg, byeee") and then boom 4 squads show up and we get focused. but the other 50% of the time they either talk back or at least just acknowledge our comms/pings. Those games go well. We try to link up if the chemistry is good. Good ones exist.


Tbh problem with duos is, they don't communicate and act like you don't exist. It sucks. You're just a placeholder to them or a meatshield


I solo Q and duo Q in ranked and I think it’s just a case of everyone being frustrated. I have as many idiot solo randoms when I duo Q as I get idiot premade duos when I solo Q. Having a good premade duo with comms when I solo Q is by far the best experience though.


I think you have valid points that there are duos that are selfish, but I’ve experienced things differently, although it may be due to the fact that I rock triple masters badges as they see me as a more competent teammate as opposed to random badges slapped on. It may also be due to being in higher ranked lobbies that they actually have their heads straight that a team of 3 working together is much better than having a weak link. Nonetheless, I always play to make sure my teammates are comfortable and have all their needs satisfied, even if they take all the best loot because I trust myself to win fights with less loot and better looted teammates than to keep better loot and have teammates with less confident loot. It’s a psychological and strategy game to me which makes this game enjoyable despite the many issues. It’s also important to note that i play on console and I’ve probably had a 75% rate that my duos are actually competent and selfless which really does not reflect the majority of the community experience, but that may be an entirely different scenario where lower ranked who have a false sense of ego and pride in their abilities. To answer OP question, i understand what they mean, but also I have found much success from the coordination and synergy between a premade duo than two solo queuer randoms, especially if the randoms dont have mics/ have negative energy.


If I get teamed up with a duo, they rarely communicate. Like they clearly are on Discord or something because they just out of the blue run a certain way without letting me know. And most of the time, even when they notice that I am using my mic, they just won't talk in-game


I'm play solo que, and had a GREAT duo the other night, we were all on a mic communicating well, rotating well. Wish I could have played longer as it was my last game of the night, because it was extremely fun.


Without any racist meaning but french pre made are the worst you can get. They always talk to each other about everyday shit using in game voice chat and I can't hear anything from the game. Like does France don't have discord? It's free. But Germans are bad too, especially if they find out that you are German too..


Is this on console or PC, because I haven't experienced anything like this on PC.


I’m 50/50, I Solo Q a lot and I think having at least some communication even if it’s not you communicating is important. As long as they still are pinging stuff for me I could care less if they reserve the purple for their teammate. Usually I get on their good side because I run a sniper and I’ll farm armor for the team which usually makes them a little more giving. I’ve noticed if you can severely outperform the duo there’s a good chance you’re getting an invite the next game so I play like I’m trying to make Varsity lol


Just grab their banners and keep them hostage 😂


I played a lot with my friend and whenever we had a random, we’d try and mirror the respect we got. If we were playing a game of tag and chasing our teammate the entire match, I’m probably not going to try very hard to res. But if we’re all working as a team, I’ll do my best. My friend and I tho played quite a bit together so we learned how we played and learned where to make up where the other lacked. We’d do well for ourselves for sure


I always ask randoms what they need when I play because I know you need the team to work together one gets knocked most of the time you just get rolled. I've played on both ends as a solo and as a duo and as a duo the solo always runs off and dies on his own somewhere and as a solo I agree with you duos do loot for each other but then some times you do get really good team mates just luck of the draw really


Hoenstly I either duo or three man but it's a lot to do with not trusting the random but we never just leave people high and dry, we just worry about us first then help a random find stuff. I mostly run Lifeline so if I see our random is good I'll give them my purple stuff from my drop and help them find anything they need.


The biggest reason I wouldn't want to play with a duo as a solo queue is that the duo typically has 1 guy that is at the right rank (let's say plat 4) but the other guy is hard stuck at gold 4 and doesn't belong in the game whatsoever and gets runover every fight without contributing much of anything.


This reminds me of a match I played in ranked WE a few seasons back where I was playing in Plat IV, and I get matched up with a duo, one of which is also Plat IV and the other is like Gold III. We dropped Skyhook and the Gold dude went down immediately and literally started cussing me out because he had dropped in a different building than I did so I was automatically the worst player in the game. Long story short, his teammate died trying to grab his banner so I had to 1v3 and obviously failed, so the dude projected his insecurities onto me, HARD. It was one of the most frustrating teammate interactions I've ever had in Apex.


Okay…but every duo needs a solo. So they have to pair up all the duos and solos until they run out of duos.


Maybe ive gotten some great luck while solo queuing but got damn I fucking love getting a premade duo when Im on my own. Unfortunately my mic doesnt work on Apex after hours of trying and chatting with support. So when i get a premade duo they tend to have mics to comm each other. I also dont have the best game sense since Im sort of new but feel like Im a great fragger so as long as I stick with the fellas we do great. However if I ever get 2 other solos. Its usually dead silent, one guy drops opposite side of map or pushes too early without a word and it inevitably fails. I find it interesting that this isnt how others view the situation On the other hand when i queue as a duo and we get a random, I always try my best to type and ping comms as much as i can but because the audio in the game is so awful I’ll either mute the random because they’re hot miccing or the rando just starts going off on us because they decided to wander off alone or do some stupid shit. Maybe some of yall are just super unlucky with your random queues or might need to reevalute who the real problem on the team is O.o


Totally agree. Another duo behavior that triggers me is if one of them goes down, the other will completely throw the game to get his buddy up. Sometimes you need to reset or run, but nah that’s not an option. If I go down? They have no problem considering their options


I hate how they’re always in party chat instead of game chat




There is a setting where it does it automatically. It's so great. Randos suck 70 percent of the time.


Yeah every time I see the two identical clan tags I’m like shit well can we just hot drop and die and get this over with already?? Especially if they are talking to each other in game chat and have music playing in the background


I agree, though I've rarely ever experienced the toxicity you're talking about. My main gripe is when they're clearly in a discord/party chat and making calls that I have no idea about. They don't ping cuz they're on voice, and it leaves me in the dark about what they're trying to do.


Personally, I do not care what my duo premade are doing with loot. My own issue is related to competence. If both of you suck, talking to each other without the ability to interact with your teammate will only make the match suck harder for you. Also, if you are in a ranked match, I don’t care what experience you have had with randoms before, the fact that you have decided to ignore the comms of your random means you are throwing. If you don’t want a random, get a third.


Yep, most of the time they just do their own thing anyway and the worst thing is if you get downed first, they won't even try to revive you.


I've been complaining this for seasons and never made it to the top of this sub. DUOS shouldn't be allowed to play ranked, either full 3-stack or Solo Queue, the nature of Duos can be chaotic and they don't usually create synergy with the random Solo Queuer. 2 seasons ago when I was Solo Queuing to Master I got paired with a dogshit duo, the dude took my main (horizon) and they dropped solo on the dropship, I asked "Wtf are you doing?" "We don't want to play with the random because he usually don't do what we ask to do" "Ok, I follow you, tell me what to do" I said to them They started to insult me for no logic reason, they picked up a fight on drop and they lost it so hard that I started to make fun of them, as expected, insults started to escalate. I was a D4 back then and the duo was D2, they made fun of me for being a hardstuck D4 and piece of shit, I eventually climbed to Masters Solo Queuing 2 days after, that incident. Respawn recently said that they are planning to do something to improve the Solo Queue experience, they said they don't plan to implement the RP forgiveness for Solo Queuers so it seems logical to me that they have to implement a Solo Queue mode.


I think I would like this, With the changes to ranked it's gotten worse in the fact that we get put with someone who is ranked up because their partner is in silver and they are in gold. All of the sudden you are in a plat (which is almost like masters now) but ranked with someone who is legitimately in silver. Thus making it even harder.